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The best seeds to lose weight

There is no miracle diets and we know it. Weight loss requires some effort and above all, take adequate nutrition which not only help us to burn fat, but also to take care of our health. And fiber, is essential. That is why today we want to talk to you about the best seeds to lose weight. Small treasures rich in health that you should not miss.

The best seeds to lose weight

1- The seeds for weight loss:

One aspect that we must be clear is that the fiber is essential to take care of our body, help you to be well regulated, that the digestive tract to work properly helping to eliminate what we don't want. Also key to lose weight in a healthy way.
Did you know for example, that maintain a diet with a high content of fiber may also provide some protection against diabetes? Or that protects us against heart disease? It's also perfect to allow us to maintain balanced cholesterol levels. And not to forget, how not, which seeds are the richest in fiber of nature, and in addition to providing us with energy, offering us these extremely useful for our bacterial flora bacteria. And you don't have to remember that they are delicious... because don't the pipes, or pumpkin seeds like who?
When it comes to help us lose weight, we must say, that it's a more than perfect partners. Help us to burn fat, give us a satiating effect, accelerate our metabolism, and are perfect to consume both salads, smoothies, as in simple snacks. But let's see what are the best seeds to lose weight, see taking note:

1. Chia seeds:

Surely you've heard of them. Chia seeds with very rich in both soluble and insoluble fiber. They are perfect to speed up our metabolism and go down weight little by little, whenever you take them regularly. In addition, have to take into account that chia seeds are great for any circulatory problems since it has a high percentage of acids omega 3 and omega-6 acids. Fatty acids that reduce bad cholesterol and triglycerides and that you don't forget it, raises so-called good cholesterol, or HDL.
And what should we do to lose weight with Chia? Very easy, you can find it at natural stores and in normal shops. Just take from two to three teaspoons of chia a day, accompanying your salads, yogurts, milkshakes... and even Jello.

The best seeds to lose weight

2. Seeds of flax or linseed:

Sure you already heard from seeds of flax. And why they are so famous? well, these small natural elements have large amount of dietary fiber, are, so to speak, the richest plant source of fatty acids called omega 3 and the richest source of weak estrogen, which makes it in a super food. Simply ideal.
According to the experts, if we consume flax we will have the most fiber than if we take any other cereal. Thanks to him we avoid constipation, lower cholesterol, and got a wonderful dose of omega-3, which exceeds even the of any fish. How do without then a daily dose of flax or flax?
It is easy to find flax seeds in any natural store. You can consume it the way you want, with yogurt, salads, smoothies... and is delicious!

3. Mustard seeds:

They are tasty and you can use them as a delicious spice which combine with fish, meats, salads... more perfect than one complement that will provide omega-3, calcium, fiber, iron, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, protein, selenium and zinc. They are also a very digestive seeds, since it has the healthy property of stimulating the production of gastric juices.
You won't have any problem to find mustard seeds, since it's a very common culinary complement that is used for an infinite number of dishes. You can get salads to delicious dishes with salmon, Turkey, or chicken (always lean meats).

The best seeds to lose weight

4. Sunflower seeds:

Do not sunflower seeds love who? They are a classic, but that Yes, never the tomes accompanied salt. We already know that they are so delicious, but the salt will not help us to lose weight, on the contrary, we will suffer from greater retention of liquids and our kidneys will suffer. So forget the salt in the sunflower seeds.
And why are they good for weight loss? Why are satiating, because they speed up the metabolism, because they are extremely healthy thanks to its content of acids oleic, linoleic, Palmitic, stearic, arachic and lecithin... all this helps us to reduce bad cholesterol, increasing levels of the good. Not to mention that it is a good ally of the liver.
Fiber having sunflower seeds help us to reduce the absorption of cholesterol in our intestines and fats that should not stay in our body. But eye, only can take a small handful a day, we just two tablespoons a day. From this amount, the caloric level would be too high. It is the balance to be able to benefit from their properties to help us lose weight. Remember, only two tablespoons. You can take them as a snack, after your breakfast for a midday snack.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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