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How to prevent and treat pain in your elbows

Epicondylitis, popularly known as "tennis elbow" or "golfers elbow", is a disease that affects this bone and that can be very painful. But attention, affecting not only athletes who train these two disciplines, but also those that make sudden movements or efforts with his arms. Find out how to prevent and treat pain in your elbows in the following article.
The elbow is an area to which we tend not to pay much attention, both externally and internally. However, there are muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves tied and struggling to get a place. Expand and collapse the elbows can be the cause of pain, if we do so without attention or abruptly.

How to prevent and treat pain in your elbows

1- Elbow pain: what to know:

Even though it is said that it is a syndrome of tennis players or golfers, the truth is that about 5% of the population suffers from epicondylitis. And this percentage increases in people who have jobs with flexion and extension repetitive, such as a Cook, a lumberjack or a worker.
Trying to open a bottle, squeeze a ball, spend many hours with the flexed elbow, lifting bags or weights, load a child, walking a hyper dog... are just some of the ways to go wearing out your elbows.
Factors associated with the development of tennis/golfer elbow are
Female sex (women tend to suffer more inflammation joints and laxitudes than men).
Age (as time goes on, the tissues, muscles and tendons are losing strength and endurance).
Overweight (excess fatty tissue secretes different inflammatory chemicals).
Smoke (because it prevents the oxygenation and proper blood flow to tissues).
Repetitive loads (as stated before, according to the work that you have).
Sudden flexion and extension (think of when you take our dog for a walk and this sees another dog and strip to play and in the movement which makes the elbow).

How to prevent and treat pain in your elbows

By what elbow "Tennis" or "golfer"?:

Many believe that it is due to these athletes have to do several movements with your arms and elbows to practice their discipline, but it is not only due to this. There is also a scientific explanation, as are the same areas of the elbow that is hurt or damaged.
In the case of those who do tennis, suffer from lateral epicondylitis and those who practice golf, half epicondylitis. Pain is typically to be sharp at a specific point and increase with the movement that caused it.
In this way, the tennis player or golfer feel no pain (or this is less) when resting or doing other exercise that does not involve using the elbow. When they resume training, the pain increases. In more severe cases, pain extends the forearm, i.e. to the biceps or triceps, when tissues, nerves or joints are swollen in their entirety.
Since there are 16 muscles that cross the elbow joint and bind to blood vessels, nerves and ligaments, it is vital to pay attention to sudden or repetitive movements that we do with arms. Injuries are caused by an excessive burden, both Flex and extend and pick up objects by force.
(Golfers elbow) average pain can result from an injury in the medial ligament of the elbow and occurs when the flexor muscles move much.
Side pain (tennis elbow), is ten times more frequent than medium and may result from a collateral ligament injury. It occurs when objects are taken with force, turns the Palm of the hand out and is applying pressure with the knuckles or wrist.

How to prevent and treat pain in your elbows

Natural treatment for elbow pain:

The most effective and immediate method is the use of ice. It is used to control the inflammation and reduce the pain. Put some cubes of ice in a cloth and applied to the elbow, for several minutes. Never do it directly on the skin because you can burn.
Some experts say that certain exercises that is contrary to those who produced the pain must be made. For example, the eccentric allows you to resist a specific weight to go slightly stretching the elbow and serves to redo the tissues.
It may seem strange, but the regular movement of the elbow joint can help in the recovery. In this way, it will remain lubricated and will gradually be strengthened. The routine must be simple, light and non-repeating.
Healthy eating is the third way of healing of a sore elbow. As we always say, the power is vital to promote the health and recovery of disease or infirmity.
Your diet should be rich in nutrients. For this reason, please do not hesitate to add fruits and vegetables raw, proteins of plant origin first and second animal, vitamins A and C, zinc, copper and anti-inflammatory foods (fish such as salmon that provide fatty acids omega 3, ginger, turmeric).
At the same time, it limits or eliminates foods that help to inflammation as it is the case of the white flour, refined sugar, fried foods, preparations, frozen foods, etc.
It is advisable to also make a good preparation of the muscles before train or compete. The same once ends the day.
If you have this problem for your work, do not hesitate to rest several times during the day, doing the opposite movement, for example, if you continually Flex the elbow, extend it for one minute every two or three hours.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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