Thursday, August 20, 2015

Take care of yourself to change your life

How many times we worry about others (children, couple, parents, friends) and don't think about ourselves? Are you leaving from worrying about what really matters to you? In the following article you will know some more than interesting tips. Take care of yourself to change your life starting today!

Take care of yourself to change your life

1- Take care of yourself: health first:

You arrive in your home after a busy work day, don't feel like you to prepare dinner and then, to call the delivery. This scene is repeated several times in the week. Then, it is not strange when you feel bad, heavy, with headache, tired. Health is essential in our life, more important than anything else. For this reason, it is vital to take care of her. How? Conducting the following tips:

Consume more fruits and vegetables:

If you are not used, you can add a bit to your diet vegetables. For dessert, opt for seasonal fruit. They are the healthiest foods that exist, they give you a lot of vitamins, minerals and proteins. You will feel more than good and you don't have to cook too much if you don't like it: a delicious salad and you'll be doing you a great favor.

Leave fried foods and fats:

The typical fast food you eat at lunch or dinner becomes fat around your abdomen and mostly in your veins. Junk food is not good for health in any sense, especially if you eat it quite often. This is to eliminate a little saturated fat, high-salt snacks, sausages, sweets and processed foods.

Leave smoking or drinking alcohol:

The cigarette is one of the worst vices or addiction that can be have many negative consequences for the organism. It causes cancer of lung, kidney, heart problems, among others. On the other hand, alcohol is good only if it is consumed in a balanced manner, i.e., no more than one cup per meal. Alcoholism causes liver diseases such as cirrhosis.

Drink plenty of water:

The measure, surely already know it, is two liters of water per day. Although it is also true that at certain times of the year, such as in summer, we need to hydrate ourselves more. For this reason, do not hesitate to drink three liters. The same when you do sport. And remember that in addition to water you can consume herbal teas and fruit juices.

You sleep more:

If we dream, we can not work properly, we lack the forces and energies. Some people need more time than others to sleep, so you must determine for yourself how many are the hours that help you to be more awake. Remember that the body needs some routine, so try to go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day, including the weekend.

Do exercise:

This is the last of the tips they can take care of your health to help you change your day to day. Maybe not like you too go to the gym and lift weights, but be in count that there are thousands of options to put your skeleton in motion. Walk through the Park, dancing, bicycling, swimming or step beam anda. The alternatives are endless. Sure you will find what you love.

Take care of yourself to change your life

2- Take care of yourself: and the mind?

In addition to take care of our bodies to feel full and happy, it is good that we should change certain habits that will help us to improve on the emotional and mental level. Some interesting tips:

You spend time with people who make you well:

This may perhaps sound a bit strange, but the truth is that not all people that surround us are good for us. Surround yourself with those that actually you spend so great, that you appreciate, want the best for you, you can talk without problems, make you feel more alive and accept you such as you are.

Facing your problems:

Hide when the obstacles are on the road either 'plant white flag' without even trying is not good. Problems are not must set you, but your reaction to them. Into action, it takes small steps in the right direction.

Be honest with yourself:

In addition to being it with others, you need to be with your inner self. You will help you to know you better, to know where you stand and how to continue. Take some time each day to realize what happens to you. Take advantage when you're just, relax and respond to certain questions such as for example, do I feel? I what? How can I change it? You will have a better understanding of what happens to you and how to act.

Be happy:

It may seem a utopia, but it is not at all. When was the last time you did something that glad you, only to you and not the others? Take advantage of the small pleasures of life, from ice cream to walk barefoot in the grass, play with a child or stay all Sunday in pajamas at home watching the rain out of the window. Look for those details that make life so wonderful. You don't have to spend any money.

Be yourself:

Be genuine today is an act of rebellion and revolution. Do not try to be someone you're not, you'll notice how simple is everything as well. Not having to pretend to others, love you and respect you as you are, recognizing your skills and making effort to change your mistakes. Be sincere and not import you will say that.

Take care of yourself to change your life

Live the present:

If you are very focused on what happened yesterday or forward of what may occur in the future, you will be forgetting the most important, i.e. the present, which as its name implies, is a gift that we cannot miss at all. Learn how to be here and now, to appreciate the beauty of every morning without thinking in the evening, enjoy on Monday without having the mind set on Friday.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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