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How to do simple hairstyles at home

Sometimes you don't have time to go to the beauty salon, held a last-minute exit or do not have enough budget to change hairstyle whenever you together with friends or have a date. Then, you can learn how to do simple hairstyles at home, in a few minutes and without having to be a professional of the hair. Learn more in the following article.

How to do simple hairstyles at home

Typical and simple hairstyles to do in two minutes:

Many times we have only a little to open the mind and be guided by imagination, but in other cases, with the basics and well-known (and some variants), the results can be wonderful. The easiest hairstyles include:

High ponytail: it is more than simple to do and best of all is that it serves both for a formal event (Festival, meeting) and informal (exit to the beach with friends, disco, etc). It is a very practical and comfortable hairstyle, takes you few seconds nothing else to do it and is an easy way to change your hairstyle. For a variation, try do with straight hair and waves in motion. The bucleadora, sends rollers to change a little.
Braid: Braids have mil and a variable. It is a great hairstyle to add to your daily looks, both to leave and to go to a formal meeting because they are always well. Day by day you can also use them. If you dare, you can try a braid to the side either a sewn braid.
Mono: It does not have no time and help you look extremely beautiful on any occasion. Is super easy and sophisticated, yet elegant. So you can take it at any time, both day and night. In addition, a monkey or "impeller" have different heights and can hold with various accessories, as well as also leave loops or strands loose to the sides.
Collected with braid: is really very nice and is easy to do. Combines with a monkey or a ponytail low if you want something a little more elaborate. He collected with Braid is very elegant, ideal to go to an event or meeting at night. It is also very nice for picnics or to spend the day in the field, everything depends on the clothes that you feel.
Side ponytail: can make it directly to the side or well to raise it then lower it to where you like best. It is easy to do, quick and will keep under "your orders" rebellious hair. If you have the hair with curlers, arm them a little more to make them more beautiful. If you have straight hair, you can use the bucleadora to form waves.
Collected on the side: it is one more elegant hairstyle, easy to make and you shall be you very well on several occasions. Instead of a large monno, performs one low cost and subject with many clips. If you have bangs, you can leave more long either certain sections on the other side, loose.
"Urban waves": is one description more interesting for this hairstyle, because seeing him you will identify it without problems. It is ideal for the summer, because it looks like being relaxed on the beach with hair to the wind, without too much work to comb it and "fit it". Clearly it is a look that draws attention and you can use it to go to the office. It's some waves to the sides, without that they are even among if.
Casual Bob: Is another messy hairstyle deliberately and very informal, but which goes wonders both a party and a labor meeting. And you can look with a very short hair. Only have to cut the sides of unbalanced way, take it over on its side, shred, etc.
Monkey with bangs: A hairstyle that is very popular because it gives the feeling of being a professional in any field opposite. It is spectacular to assist civilian your best friend or a lunch with coworkers, as well as for an interview to seek employment or a christening party. The height of the monkey must be intermediate and bangs well straight but slightly desflecado.
Victorian curls: you can take a little more than time but there is no doubt that call the attention and you will be very nice. A proposal of exotic, not to pass desaparecibida and requires a large amount of fixative. Charming and captivating are the two words that you define when you see come to the party. And don't forget good-laden attachments, both earrings and necklaces.
Wild waves: for those that have good long hair, a great option is to take it loose and with some waves, which never go out of fashion. You can make them with a bucleadora or with brush and hair dryer. The important thing is that they must be natural and not super armed as if freshly sales of beauty salon.
Headbands and ribbons: maybe you don't like to do hairstyles because they are not well or have no patience. Then, you can take advantage of different accessories. The headbands well fine and a tone that combines with the outfit or 'kit' wallet, belt and shoes is the "boom" of the catwalks. You can take the hair loose or attached, but nothing too elaborate. Monkeys, ribbons or headbands you choose will take care of this. And best of all is that there are thousands of designs and models in stores to choose from depending on the occasion or your style.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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