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How to improve the health and appearance of your nails

It is very important be addressed the fingernails, because they reflect the cleanliness and beauty body, in addition to your physical health.

Best tips for fair complexion

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How to prevent and treat ingrown hairs

They are really very painful and unsightly addition. They appear mostly hair removal with wax or Shaver. They appear as small balls that are infected, these are the hairs that did not grow or were deleted correctly. They may become a serious problem, so in addition to treat them, it is necessary to avoid them. Discover how to prevent and treat hair embodied in the following article.

How to prevent and treat ingrown hairs

1- Tips to prevent and treat ingrown hairs:

Pay attention to the type of hair removal. Some suggest that wax makes the hairs will embody more easily and others claim that happens to the Shaver. In the case of wax, what it does is weaken the roots of the hair follicles, so that hair will not have enough strength to grow and go through the skin. Shaving can also cause hairs incarcerated organs by not removing them from root.
Take care of the skin. When the hair follicles are hampered with fat, dead skin cells, dirt and germs, it is more difficult for the hair to grow. Therefore performs a weekly exfoliation, cleansing and moisturizing skin daily and using products non-comedogenic that prevent the pores "plugging".
Shave properly. If that is the chosen method of hair removal, pay attention to the following steps: soften your skin with water, SOAP or shaving foam (the same that men use), not you shaving against the direction of hair incarnate, performs a slight pressure during the passage of the Shaver and used a new machine every time (or even change it every two or three passes).
Do not use tight clothing. This will make the skin is tight and does not have the ability to "breathe", as well as neither of which the hairs grow below the dermis. This can lead to ingrown hairs. Especially avoid clothes to the body when you just finish yourself shaving or epilating. At the same time, it is advisable to use clothing of cotton and no other material (such as synthetic).
Eliminate germs after waxing. It uses natural antiseptics such as tea tree oil to prevent infections. This same product can be used a few hours before plucking.
Dilate pores, using hot water or steam bath. A towel wet in hot or with hair dryer can also be applied in the legs. So it will be easier to "break" the hairs.
Avoid the same wax several times if it is that you depilas in your House. In aesthetics and hair removal centers, what they do is reuse the wax for days or weeks. Therefore we recommend the "Spanish" system that can be used only once.
Dip a cotton ball in witch hazel and apply on the skin where the hair you have incarnated. This home remedy is very good to calm irritated skin and help remove the hairs. It serves at the same time to reduce the redness and inflammation. It is a product that exfoliates, moisturizes and unclogs blocked pores. It is used before and after hair removal.
Remove the surface of hair played with a pair of pliers. You should know that the hairs become "trapped" under the first layer of the dermis and therefore can be removed by scraping gently. Lift the hair with care, but not booting it, because you irritarĂ¡s even more area and you can infect it. Don't forget to have clean hands (wash with neutral SOAP) and apply a little alcohol or hydrogen peroxide in the clip before use.
Prevent hair embodied during the summer or sports. Perspiration and the training, the rubbing of the thighs or legs, certain clothes, heat, etc can help embody the hairs, therefore it is recommended to use vaseline, talcum powder or cornstarch to prevent irritation. When you finish exercising, you properly rinse so hair follicles "breathe" rather new.
Apply the gel of a stalk of aloe vera, a natural remedy to ingrown hairs. Place each night in the affected area and let stand. The best is to have an Aloe plant at home, open a stem and remove the pulp. Creams and lotions are also sold, but you need more time in which to effect. Be sure to not contain alcohol because it will irritate and burn enough.
Choose some oils like Chamomile or lavender. Question the amount and if it is necessary to dilute with water because some of these products are very strong and damage or burn the skin. You can mix more than one oil for superior results.

How to prevent and treat ingrown hairs

2- Steps to remove a hair incarnate:

Wash the area with mild soap and water, remove with cool or lukewarm water.
Exfoliate well the area where hair has embodied, once in the morning and another in the afternoon, so the hair will be "loose". This must be done gently to avoid irritation or bleeding. It should only be to remove skin dead, grease or dirt.
Apply a cloth, cloth or canvas that is hot (not burning) on where the hair became flesh for a few minutes, to soften the skin.
Use a clip that has been previously sterilized with alcohol or boiling water.
Stretch the skin tight and take hair from the root with the clip to remove it with a quick "flip".
At the end, use an antiseptic such as aloe vera or tea tree oil.
Repeat this operation if you suffer from hair embodied frequently or if you have in several areas of the body.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

Five medicinal plants that help you lose weight

Some herbs such as green tea, red tea, ginger, dandelion or horsetail have very beneficial effects on our health, one of which is the help us lose weight if we combine it with a healthy diet and daily exercise.
In this article you will learn the benefits of these plants as well as the best way to take them to help you lose weight faster, without sacrifice and gradually, to avoid subsequent rebound or other health problems.

Five medicinal plants that help you lose weight

1- Green tea:

The famous and healthy green tea is known for its slimming properties for several reasons. The main is that it speeds up the metabolism by stimulating properties, which facilitates a greater expenditure of energy and loss of calories. On the other hand, it helps to burn fat and remove liquids, so its effects are very complete.
We recommend not to abuse green tea in cases of constipation, it is astringent, and in cases of anemia, because that prevents part of the assimilation of iron in meals.

2- Red tea:

Actually the red tea comes from the same plant as green tea, but unlike this, red has passed a long process of fermentation. For this reason the red tea is even more slimming than green tea, although it is also more stimulating and it may not be the best option for people who suffer from insomnia or nervousness. We recommend you opt for one of the two depending on our case.

Five medicinal plants that help you lose weight

3- Ponytail:

For those who should be its overweight in part to an excess of fluid retention, we recommend consumption of horsetail, since it is mainly diuretic. This plant can increase up to 30% the amount of urine, but is also very healthy also because it helps eliminate toxins.
This plant is easily found during the summer in damp places, next to rivers, lakes or swamps, especially in clay soils. The most used part is the stem, not the leaves, which is left to dry in bunches hanging.

4- Dandelion:

Dandelion is one of the more cleansing medicinal plants that exist, and so that an organism has a balanced weight must also release toxins that accumulate on it. Dandelion, in addition, is a diuretic, helps us to properly digest fats and regulates glucose levels.

5- Ginger:

Ginger is a super food, with medicinal properties since antiquity, which in this case helps us to lose weight thanks to speeds up the metabolism, improves the digestive process, is a powerful fat burner and regulates glucose levels.

Five medicinal plants that help you lose weight

How do we take them?

To benefit from these medicinal plants we must take them every day in the form of infusion, at the rate of three glasses a day, or summary, which we buy in health food stores and take along with several glasses of water a day.
We will start to drink the liquid in fasting, at least two vessels, and the rest take you morning or middle late. We will avoid taking it before going to bed to avoid having to urinate during the night and also to not interrupt sleep by stimulating content of teas.
We can add always a little lemon juice drinks, to boost their profits, and if we want to sweeten will exclusively with stevia so add calories.
Although some dietitians recommend the cold drinks to increase the expenditure of calories, the truth is that that cold can harm the liver, therefore not recommended in any case. We opt for the hot, warm, or cool drinks.


It is important to note that no medicinal plant acts miraculously. These plants are remedies which in fact complement a healthy diet and daily exercise routine. The effects are not immediate, but however will be gradual and natural for our organism, and therefore also will help us to avoid the dreaded rebound effect or effects on our health.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

Homemade creams for the hair

The majority of women (adults, adolescents and children) who have hair curly and unwieldy, suffer daily for combing. And sometimes even may look something tousled, when they can not fix the hair properly. This leads them to pick it up with a fork or any clip.
Many dream of having straight, silky and shiny hair. They try to use certain tools and treatments that all they do is damage the hair and wither it to the point of losing life and lucidity.
Therefore, it has been shown that you apart from the Genetics (a factor that influences the type of hair), hair also must beware very well so you can have a nicer way - depending on our tastes. Here we offer you the following homemade recipes to make your own relaxer.

1- Homemade cream with olive oil:

Homemade creams for the hair


-30 grams of olive oil.
-A capsule of jasmine oil
-30 grams of ammonia-free conditioner.


To the mix, you'll get a cream with a silky consistency. Before using the conditioner you use always, put this mix of means to ends and leave on for a few minutes. Rinse well and then brush your hair normally, but do not use the dryer.
Use a styling cream that does not contain salt so it not too drying your hair: avoid damage when you apply each of these creams to leave your hair smooth, soft and manageable.

2- Homemade cream of coconut:

Homemade creams for the hair

You need to perform the preparation of this cream is the following:


-Medium fresh coconut
-1 tablespoon of ground oats
-1 tablespoon of starch
 1/2 -Cup milk


It enters the processing all ingredients (except starch), and then passes the mixture through a sieve. The starch is dissolved in a little water and then take it to the range to the other mixture (you must stir it all before). Continuously stir everything until it is the consistency of a cream.
Apply the cream on your hair and leave it on for 25 minutes. Then wash your hair normally with a mild shampoo.


It is not a secret to anyone that these creams will not effect immediately. You have to be consistent with your application so the effect emerges and also so that it extends when already have more or less smooth hair. It is not others use the iron to minimize the frizz that remains when you leave it to dry in the open air. You can also use homemade natural creams to prevent this from occurring in your hair.
Remember to use the iron and the hair dryer to a moderate temperature when you go to use them, because you can damage the cuticle of the hair, causing you get dull and lifeless.
Try this easy and useful homemade recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.

Alternatives for mayonnaise low in fat

Mayonnaise is the dressing for excellence around the world. Used for hundreds of preparations and recipes. The truth is that it can bring some problems to health, due to the amount of fat that has (for egg).
Don't need to be vegan to prepare these "alternative" mayonnaise, but if you want to take care of our body's cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, obesity and excess grease in the skin. Read the following article where you will learn natural recipes for this dressing.

Alternatives for mayonnaise low in fat

1- Recipe for mayonnaise without egg:

One of the advantages that presents this mayonnaise is that it can be heated and does not hurt the stomach (such as that purchased in the market), having no egg you can add broths and up to boil it. The ingredients that you will need are:

1 cup milk
olive oil
Place in Blender jar milk with salt, begins to mix and you'll slowly adding the olive oil, until you get a thick paste. Pour in the refrigerator in a jar or airtight container, if possible in glass. You can keep it several days because it will not sour. It is an excellent idea to take a day of field or the beach, for example. If you want to make it lighter, you can use skim or soy milk. Other options are to add chopped spring onion, garlic or mustard-up to change the flavor a bit.

2- Vegan mayonnaise recipe:

The name is "vegan" and you can use it in salads, sandwiches, cakes, fillings, etc. It is very simple to do and does not carry any ingredients of animal origin. What you'll need is:

1 potato
1 carrot
the juice of a lemon
3 tablespoons oil
1 tablespoon mustard
Peel, wash, cut and boiled potato. Peel, wash and cut the carrot. Squeezing the lemon. Blend all ingredients (along with oil and mustard) to obtain a homogeneous paste. Stored in a container covered tightly in the refrigerator. A variant is the vegan of sugar beet. Instead of using potato carrying a purple vegetable, which moves crude. It looks good with rice.

Alternatives for mayonnaise low in fat

3- Another vegan mayonnaise recipe:

The ingredients needed are:
1 cup of sunflower oil
Cup of soy milk
half a clove of garlic
the juice of a lemon (or equivalent vinegar)
salt to taste
Place the soy milk, salt, oil and the garlic in the Blender jar. Thoroughly mix at minimum speed. Once they are well mixed, removed so the oil emulsifies. Lastly, add the lemon juice and beat a little more until it thickens. The variants in this case are beetroot or cooked carrots, mustard or avocado. Each one is a different color.

4- Carrots mayonnaise recipe:

This option is really delicious and will give you a taste to your meals. As the other recipes, you need almost no preparation or ingredients. The only thing that you'll need in this case is:

750 grams of carrots
1/4 Cup of olive oil, corn or sunflower
1 clove garlic (if you like softer can put medium)
1 pinch of salt
the juice of a lemon
Peel and cut the carrots into thin slices. Cook until they are tender, but not very cooked. Let cool a bit and blend with other ingredients. You'll get a paste homogenous and soft orange. If you want more flavor, add more oil. You can refrigerate for a week, but do not freeze it because it will lose its taste and its form.

5- Lighter mayonnaise recipe:

It's a yogurt mayonnaise, which is much more light and healthy that you buy at the grocery store or to which is made with many eggs. In this case, it is very simple and you will not run the risk of "cut" to the beat. The ingredients are:

1 pot of yogurt
a few drops of lemon juice
a pinch of salt
a spoonful of oil
Place all items in the Blender jar and mix well until you obtain a homogeneous and creamy paste. Stored in a container and take to the refrigerator. That is all. You can add some variants, such as finely chopped parsley and pepper, for a stronger flavor, or a stalk of celery chopped fine, for a fresher taste. All are low-calorie and ideal for those who are dieting.

Alternatives for mayonnaise low in fat

6- PEAR and hazelnut mayonnaise recipe:

This version is rather fruity, soft, different and delicious. It may be that detail that will make your dishes irresistible. You can combine it with fresh, vegetable asparagus steamed, sandwiches or salads. There are who prefer to do it as an accompaniment to a bite, with toast or bread slices. The ingredients needed are:

1 egg
1 clove of garlic
100 ml sunflower oil
1 large PEAR
20 hazelnuts
Peel the PEAR and what can remove shell hazelnuts (if not buy them peeled). Place both together with the other ingredients in the Blender jar and mix until you get the same texture as a "common" mayonnaise. Season to taste and finally add the nutmeg.
Try the tasty,easy and best recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.

Zumoterapia - Anti-cancer Juice-therapy

For many the term "Zumoterapia" or "Juice-therapy" is something new, because the Word as such has not become as famous as its objective. The truth is that the "juice-therapy", has been used for many years as a method that complements very well the diet, weight loss plans or the prevention of many diseases. He is consuming juice 100% natural made with fruits, vegetables or both.
The juices are characterized by revitalizing, detoxifying and healing, to such an extent that is considered that they can help prevent chronic diseases like different types of cancers. This consideration is based on the fact that fruits and vegetables have anti-cancer properties, thanks to its high levels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
The juice-therapy is one of the most effective ways to leverage all the benefits of fruits and vegetables, anti-cancer, that are usually recommended to consume raw to take advantage of all its properties. In addition, juices are easier to eat and offer us the possibility to combine the properties of fruits and vegetables at the same time, so that in this way we has its benefits.

Zumoterapia - Anti-cancer Juice-therapy

1- What kind of fruits and vegetables used in the juice-therapy ?

The juice-therapy are used in most fruits and vegetables, especially those that are rich in water, vitamin C, and Greens. As in this case the purpose of the juice-therapy is to prevent cancer, you then mentioned the fruits and vegetables that you can take into account.

Fruits and vegetables Red:

The tomatoes and the peppers have a substance called lycopene, which is responsible for helping to prevent cell damage, besides having a large amount of antioxidants. Red fruits like strawberries, raspberries and cherries, also have large amount of antioxidants and vitamins that help prevent especially cancer of the prostate, stomach and esophagus

Zumoterapia - Anti-cancer Juice-therapy

Orange fruit:

Fruits Orange pineapple, Orange, papaya, among others, contains a substance called beta-cryptoxanthin, which is an antioxidant that helps prevent cancer of the cervix.

Green vegetables:

As for example the spinach, cucumbers, broccoli, cabbage and chard, contain a large amount of antioxidants that have been taken result in the prevention of breast cancer.

White green vegetables:

Among these we can include garlic, artichokes and onions, which are characterized by allicin and flavonoids, which are key to the prevention of different types of cancers, as well as having cardioprotective properties.

Zumoterapia - Anti-cancer Juice-therapy

2- Important things you should keep in mind about the juice-therapy:

Juices are not the same as Smoothies: juice is usually prepared in a blender, which separates the fiber pulp. Shake by hand, mix the pulp and fiber in a same liquid, also usually supplemented with yogurt or milk. This means, that the juice has an advantage plus, since it is digested more easily, so all its nutrients are best assimilated by our body.
Juices provide good amount of nutrients: studies have shown that many times the development of cancer is due to the absence of certain nutrients in our body, which are almost always present in fruits and vegetables. In addition, many cancers develop because of poor diet, as for example the rich in fat, sugar and refined foods. Juices will allow us to take advantage of all the nutrients of fruits and vegetables, including anti-cancer properties that they have. In addition, these juices also function as purifying that help us to cleanse our body of all those toxins that can lead to the development of cancer.
Consume juice does not increase weight: although it depends on the type of food that is used for juice and their respective calories, most of the juices do not poses a risk to gain weight, provided avoid refined sugars and sweeteners. Many times, the natural juices offer the plus to help activate the metabolism to make us lose weight more easily.
Preferably should be freshly prepared: good fresh juices are recommended to take advantage of all of its properties without problems. Although we can keep the juice for hours and even days, contact with the light and air can make losing important parts of your vitamins and minerals.
The ideal is to take them in fasting or during breakfast: to enhance its detoxifying effects and revitalizing action, recommended drinking the juice in fasting or as a part of the breakfast. You can obviously also be consumed during the rest of the day.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

5 Quick Breakfasts, easy and healthy

Breakfast is the most necessary day food because it is that breaks the fast of the night and gives us the energy to start the day well. If you are looking for quick and easy breakfast options prepare are also healthy check the following proposals and choose the one you like.

5 Quick Breakfasts, easy and healthy

1- Scrambled eggs and avocado sandwich:

Sometimes, simple is better. In this single recipe you need:

2 slices of lightly toasted whole grain bread.
crushed avocado.
Salt and pepper to taste.
Two eggs.
Cooking oil spray.


It covers one of the slices of bread with avocado, add a little salt and pepper for flavor.
In a pan prepare the two scrambled eggs.
Place the eggs on the avocado and place the other slice of bread.

2- Integral pancakes with blackberries:

The ideal alternative to a Saturday morning where you want to eat something nutritious, rich and that not fattening. This recipe also contains flakes of oats, which will give you that touch of fiber requiring a good breakfast. This recipe is for 12 pancakes and you need:

5 Quick Breakfasts, easy and healthy


1 1/4 cups quick cooking oats flakes.
1/2 Cup of whole wheat flour.
3 tablespoons brown sugar.
1/2 teaspoon baking powder.
1/4 teaspoon of baking soda.
1 pinch of salt.
1 cup whey low-fat.
1 egg.
1 egg-white.
1 teaspoon of melted unsalted butter.
1 teaspoon fresh lemon rind.
1 cup fresh blueberries or blackberries.
1/2 Cup of maple syrup.


A bowl combine oats, flour, sugar, powder flakes baking, baking soda and salt.
Another bowl, combine buttermilk, egg, egg white, butter and lemon zest. Pour in the buttermilk with oats, stir until blended.
Gently beat the blueberries with a rubber spatula and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
Preheat oven to 200 °, in a pan spray cooking oil and separates the mixture into 12 equal portions and sprinkle to create the pancakes.
Enter the tray in the oven and let Cook on one side for 3 minutes or until they leave the first bubbles.
Turn the pancakes so the other side to cook.
When the pancakes are ready, serve and pour a little maple syrup.

3- Peanut butter and Banana Smoothie:

The milkshakes or smoothies are a perfect option to carry them with us at any time of the day. In this case it is enough to liquefy 1 frozen banana, 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, 1 cup of milk of almonds and a couple of ice cubes. Once ready, you can take it in a container to the gym or go take it in the car on the way to work.

4- Fruit with yogurt:

One of the easiest breakfasts, are healthy and delicious fruit with yogurt. Mix a cup of yogurt low-fat or Greek yogurt with a portion of natural seasonal fruit. With this recipe you must be careful to avoid the excesses that may affect blood glucose levels, particularly if you're diabetic.

5 Quick Breakfasts, easy and healthy

5- Burritos:

If you want to include a Mexican dish in your diet but don't know if it will be good idea because you think that it will have high-fat, this alternative will surprise you. For a lot you'll need:
Vegetable oil spray.
2 eggs.
2 integral tortillas.
1/4 Cup cheese, low-fat.
1/4 Cup drained beans.
Sauce to taste.


Spray vegetable oil spray in a frying pan.
Stir the eggs in the skillet when the oil is hot.
When the eggs are well cooked, Divide them and place them in tortillas.
Sprinkle cheese over eggs.
Divide beans in two parts and Serve of eggs and cheese.
Roll each tortilla and messes up the microwave oven for 30 minutes.

The perfect breakfast are not complicated:

These quick breakfast that you've listed are very nutritious since they contain elements of all the food groups. It is important to monitor portions to avoid unbalance our diet.
Try the tasty,easy and best recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.

How to clean the colon and burn fat with flax seed

There are many properties that are known so far from the seeds of flax or also called linseed. It is a home remedy for different applications, being one of the most valued the ability of the colon cleanse and burn fat. Do you want to know how? Find out in the following article.
To be able to give us an idea, intestines (or colon) have as work remove fecal deposits and parasites. But the problem is that we don't always do a total evacuation and wastes accumulate, which can cause certain diseases mainly from the toxins that pollute the blood, causing irreparable damage to the body.
Some of these problems are: constipation, diabetes, accelerated metabolism, liver or kidney disease, problems with vision or hearing, arthritis, cancer, lack of growth of hair and nails or skin dull and lifeless.

How to clean the colon and burn fat with flax seed

1- Relationship between the colon cleansing and weight loss:

Perhaps many people do not understand why if you want to lose weight should first do a colon cleanse. Well, it is good then to know that not everything we eat is "be" in our body. That part of waste as it was said before, it accumulates in the intestine means being more bloated and unhealthy, especially if you intake everyday is unbalanced, too many white flour, refined sugars and fats.
These bad habits also cause abdominal pain, discomfort, overweight and allergies, as well as indigestion or slow disposal of the waste.
From the moment that you decide to do a colon cleanse to lose weight and remove everything that has been saved in your intestines, it is necessary to change your diet for healthier food, more quantity of fruits and vegetables, fiber, whole grains and nuts.

2- What are the properties of flax seeds?

Flax or linseed is a potent anti-cancer drug and at the same time, has the ability to block the path of estrogen, having a stimulating effect in this hormone (this is for Omega 3 fatty acids). Flax seed contains a substance that regulates the pressure and the function of blood, being very good to balance the metabolism of fats, the energy and calcium.
For his part, flaxseed contains much dietary fiber, rather than any other cereal, still a super food along with other components listed previously. It is really advisable to diets to lose weight, lower cholesterol, and prevent constipation.
As if that weren't enough, flax reduces the risk of colon, breast, prostate and lung cancer. You have very good effects in these diseases:
fluid retention.
formation of sperm.
glandular malfunctions.
Visual problems.
among others.

How to clean the colon and burn fat with flax seed

3- How to use flax for the colon cleanse and lose weight:

Enemas or colon cleansing for a small portion of the intestine, served about 50 centimeters, in addition to require certain specific elements and be especially suitable in the subject. Therefore, a good way to clean colon is eating seeds or flour flax for three consecutive weeks.
This treatment is used to cleanse the bowel completely, whether "excess" mucus and faecal deposits and parasites, but retains the intestinal microflora. Follow this technique will help you lose weight and burn fat more quickly. It will have a positive effect in the regulation of the lipid metabolism.
Flax meal is easily absorbed to remove toxins from the body, reducing cholesterol, fats and blood sugar. The cleaning of the colon with linen is indicated for people with:

inflammation in the upper respiratory or gastrointestinal tract.
stomach, gastritis, colitis or ulcer of duodenum ulcer.
diseases or infections in the urinary tract, pyelonephritis or cystitis.
excessive body weight, or disorders of the fat of metabolism.
During three weeks in a row, instead of breakfast consumes the following ready:
First week: one tablespoon of flax seed with 100 ml of kefir flour (you can get it in dietary or health food stores).
Second week: two tablespoons of flour of ground flaxseed with 100 ml of kefir.
Third week: three tablespoons flour flaxseed with 150 ml of kefir.
During the day, it is advisable to consume food as healthy as possible, better if it is raw, more vegetables and fruits, whole grains, mineral water and dried fruit. In the case that not get kefir, use Greek or natural yogurt better if it is home made.

How to clean the colon and burn fat with flax seed

4- Another recipe with linen for weight loss and the colon cleanse:

This preparation should be consumed every day for a full month. It will help you to reduce about 4 kilos if you accompany it with a healthy diet, exercise and water (two litres per day). You have to boil a tablespoon of flax seeds in a cup of water, when the water is as "Gummy" is ready. Strain and drink the liquid before breakfast. Prepare the portion you want to consume each day. It will make you go more to the bathroom because it is a natural laxative.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

Natural Juices to detoxify your kidneys

If we want to enjoy good health we must pay attention to all our organs and take food or supplements from time to time that help us to clean them, especially after the Christmas excesses.
In this article you will learn why it is so important to purify kidneys and how can taking natural juices from fruit and vegetables which, in addition to be very beneficial also you will be surprised by its delicious taste.

Natural Juices to detoxify your kidneys

1- Why should we detoxify them?

The kidneys are organs that are in charge of cleaning the blood of potentially harmful substances in urine and regulate the fluids of the body, among other functions. They are vital organs, i.e., essential to life, and therefore we must take care of them and keep them with a diet healthy and balanced, promptly, with purges based on foods and supplements that help us clean in more depth.

2- Natural juices:

Natural juices are a healthy and easy way to obtain a large amount of nutrients in small amounts.
We recommend you start the day with one of these juices and you will see how in a week you will notice the difference. You will feel lighter because eliminating excess fluids, you will have more energy and vitality, and help alleviate or prevent every kind of kidney disease.
You can choose one of them or go alternating them and combining them.

3- Apple and celery juice:

Celery is one of the more diuretic vegetables that there are, and thanks to its delicate flavor, although we propose it for this recipe it is true that we can include it in any juice. In this case we mix it with Apple, not only because we will thus give you a sweeter taste, but because it is one of the most complete fruits, we can combine it with any food and also helps us to relieve kidney disease.


A branch of celery green and fresh, including the trunk and leaves
3 apples (if they are ecological we can blend with the skin)
You can optionally add some fresh mint leaves.

Natural Juices to detoxify your kidneys

4- Lettuce and fennel juice:

This surprising combination hides a delicious flavor and many properties, in addition to offering us a different way to eat lettuce, especially for those who do not digest it well.
Lettuce has great diuretic properties, but also helps regulate the nervous system, by the this is a juice that is ideal for afternoon or evening.
Fennel, with its special flavor, will give a sweet touch and help us remove extra fluids.


5 well washed dark or green lettuce leaves (avoid the Iceberg variety, which barely contains nutrients)
A piece of fresh fennel root
A teaspoon of honey

5- Tomato juice, onion and sea water:

The Onion is one of the most beneficial for our kidneys. In this case we will combine it with the tomato, a vegetable rich in potassium, and prepare it with a bit of sea water. Sea water works as a very balanced natural supplement.
Although it is salty, the truth is that it contains all the minerals you need our body in their fair proportion, and also is a regulator of fluids of our body, because it helps our kidneys to remove more liquid.


4 ripe tomatoes
Medium onion
1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
4 tablespoons of sea water

Natural Juices to detoxify your kidneys

Other tips:

The kidneys are, along with the liver, the only bodies that can benefit much direct heat application, since they tend to cool down. In addition, the kidneys are closely related to our energy levels, and apply heat will increase our well-being and vitality.
We can do it for half an hour a day, using an electrical mat, a bag of water, Moxa, massage or by warming up well throughout the area with natural wool.
We will have this Council especially into account in cold times.
In addition we will try to avoid everything that affects our kidneys:
Milk and dairy products
White sugar
Protein should be limited, especially of animal origin, since it implies a strain to the kidneys.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

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How to make an economic and natural lip balm?

Usually, the lips tend to be one of the parts of the body that suffer most transformations due to the abrupt changes of weather. Either cold, Sun, wind, or other factors, the lips are affected and, sometimes, this makes that part of your face does not have brightness or attractive.
Speaking of the lips, we know that the problem is not just aesthetic. When those annoying alterations are experienced, lips tend to crack, which can cause burning and inevitable discomfort.
It is very important to know that the lips are the gateway of our digestive system and that, Furthermore, they are a very thin area of our body that must be hydrated and protected.

How to make an economic and natural lip balm?

1- What can you do?

First of all, you must start by hydrated well. Together, we recommend using a lip balm that you be more careful in that sensitive area. In this case, we have a very favorable option: create your own guard in a simple, economical way and to your own liking, without leaving home.

2- How to do it?

To make your lip balm, you don't need much. You must only have the following ingredients at hand:

1. Beeswax and honey. With its properties moisturizers and antiseptic, the improvement of consistency in the surface of the skin and its protective action in terms of the rays of the Sun.
2. Butter or cocoa butter. It acts as the main ingredient in our protector. In addition to its ultra hidratante property, provides softness and helps combat the irritation.
3. Olive or almond oil. With its anti-inflammatory action and its significant contributions of hydration and skin elasticity.
4. A clean small bowl.
* Optional: Vitamin E or B. With antioxidant properties and a power special to fight bacteria and viruses and protect the skin.

How to make an economic and natural lip balm?

3- Preparing our lip balm...

First, we will resort to traditional bath. What you should do is to take a bowl of water (a casserole) to put all of the mixture to heat.
Later, mix ingredients in certain quantities. Pour 3 tablespoons of olive oil into the container. Likewise, put 3 of beeswax and 4 butter cocoa or which have decided to use.
If you decide to use any of the two vitamins (either drops or Tablet), crush the Tablet until it becomes a powder or grab the bottle of drops.
Pour 5 drops (or powder that you have obtained) of vitamin, stir and add a teaspoon of honey.
Taking everything together, leave it to warm while you return the mixture between short intervals.
When all the ingredients to form a well defined homogeneous mixture, turn off the fire.
Pour the contents of the pan into the Bowl clean. Wait a few hours until it is completely cold and voila! You will have your homemade lip balm.

Note: If you wish, you can add a good fragrance to your lip balm, whether of coconut, vanilla or a scent that you like. The only thing you need to do is add it to the Pan while everything is heating up. You can also give some color to your protector, adding your favorite tune. It's simple!, you should only add a few pieces of your lipstick before removing it from the fire and let that they melted; This will give you a special glow to your creation.

How to make an economic and natural lip balm?

Your advantage:

In addition to the elaboration of the balm is very simple, this can last up to six months (even when it has no preservatives or preservatives). And, not sufficing, the recipe is very economical and can be prepared and modified to your liking.
Try this easy and useful homemade recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.

How to make a natural toothpaste?

The interest of persons to obtain natural products has increased lately. And, certainly, when you have the possibility to prepare your own products in a natural way, you can be sure that these will not be harmful for your body. Also, you'll know what you're using or consuming.
In this case, we want to offer you a simple, homemade recipe to make your own toothpaste coming, as well as being natural, much more economic than that usually buy.

1- How to do it?

How to make a natural toothpaste?

We will give you 3 options to prepare your toothpaste. You can choose which suits your preferences.

Toothpaste with baking soda and coconut:

For this recipe, you need the following ingredients:

1. Coconut oil.
2. Sodium bicarbonate.
3. Mint chopped or cinnamon (to taste)
4. Edible essence of Mint. In this case, you can use approximately 20 drops of the essence. The amount varies depending on the flavour desired.

How do you do it?

First, you must put all the elements in a container, except the essence of Mint. You must add this between certain periods of time, until you reach the desired point, according to the taste you want.
Pasta must purchase a liquid appearance due to the effect of coconut oil, which is melting with temperature.
Having your pasta in the State you want, we recommend to keep it in the refrigerator. This formula will allow you to not only enjoy fresh breath, but it will give you a nice flavor. In addition, you will have antibacterial agents, provided by coconut oil.

How to make a natural toothpaste?

Toothpaste-based herbal infusion:

To develop this toothpaste will need natural ingredients, such as:

1. Baking soda
2. Hydrogen peroxide (3% hydrogen peroxide)
3. Salt
4. Outpouring of aromatic herbs (Sage, mint, thyme, stevia, lavender, peppermint) use one of these or more. That also depends on the flavor that you want to give (the essential herb is Mint). Herbs will not only taste, but it will provide its antiseptic medicinal properties.

How to do it?

It is very simple. First, mix 4 tablespoons of baking soda, 3 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide in a bowl and a tablespoon of salt, stir well until your mixture attains a homogeneous appearance and a texture similar to the pasta. After having your mix with those conditions, the infusion of herbs can add to your creation: will give you delicious, natural taste and aroma.

How to make a natural toothpaste?

Maximum cleaning toothpaste:

Now we are going to develop a toothpaste that seems to transport us to the sea, with clean conditions. You will need the following items:

1. Water.
2. Sea salt.
3. Peppermint oil.
4. Baking soda.

How do you do it?

The procedure is even simpler than the previous pastes. You simply mix all the ingredients until you obtain a homogeneous mix you purchased aspect of pasta. As you're mixing, you will know if you need more water; If so, add a little.
This procedure is very important that you stir well and that, by having list your pasta, you have in mind the following: it is not recommended that you use it every day, since, in addition to having a taste salty not very nice, it may cause damage to your tooth enamel. The best use that you can give is to apply it once a week to achieve the particular purpose of this paste: offer deep cleaning your teeth.

How to make a natural toothpaste?


The fact of developing your own toothpaste herbal and natural products is making you be more careful in your oral cavity. It is also acting with healthy in your oral hygiene, leaning even anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of some of the herbs you use. In addition, with this you are preventing the toxic effects of certain artificial products, very often implemented in toothpastes.
On the other hand, you should be aware that (as used in toothpastes) fluorine along will not be more than a toxic element that instead of giving strength to your teeth, it can be cause of dubious effects.
Try this easy and useful homemade recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.

8 Healing benefits of grape seeds

There are who avoids them, who prefer to remove them when you are eating grapes. But it is a big mistake, may surprise you, but grape seeds contain incredible benefits to our health. Locked up as little treasures are hidden great remedies for our organism, our beauty, youth and even to lose weight. We are confident that you will love to know more about the grape seeds.
In natural medicine, grape seed rise as an indispensable resource for treating many problems. So much so that the pharmaceutical industries always have been warily this element, since as something natural and accessible to all, you can not patent to benefit economically from it. Why are sure that few foods contain as many benefits as the grape seeds.

 Small natural allies: benefits of grape seeds:

8 Healing benefits of grape seeds


Grape seed is rich in elements called phenolic, tococerol, and Proanthocyanidins, which are major antioxidants for our organism. They protect our body from free radicals, helping us that our tissues and organs are protected against these elements. The most impressive thing is that thanks to these antioxidants, vitamin C and E and beta-carotene, its properties remain in our body for three days, effectively combating these harmful elements.

Protect us from pollution:

It may seem strange to you, but it is shown that the grape seeds will help us protect our body from contamination, and even the effect of tobacco. If you're a passive smoker will protect you, as well as of the effects of stress.

It improves circulation and cleanses the blood:

The grape seeds improves our blood circulation, preventing thrombus and harmonizing our tension. The flavonoids present in them, also allow us to strengthen the blood vessels, provide them with vigor and strength. Also, get to purify the blood of excess drugs and other harmful elements. Grape seeds are very beneficial for people who suffer from any heart problem.

8 Healing benefits of grape seeds

Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory:

Properties to solve our inflammations or infections, are widely tested. Helps us if we suffer from arthritis, dermatitis, skin, sinusitis, colitis, gastritis, urine infection problems, and even cleanses us the intestines.

Health hair, prevents alopecia:

The grape seeds help us take care of our hair in many and important aspects. Strengthens it and avoids its fall. What it does is improve circulation and strengthen blood vessels, thus helping to prevent hair loss.


Thanks to their great antioxidant grape seed rise as a natural supplement that can help prevent various types of cancer, including skin, prostate and breast.

It improves our vision:

Its virtues are also well known to take care of our eyes. Thanks to its high content in vitamin e. the grape seeds help us to improve our visual acuity, resolving our eyes fatigue also by the effect of computers, television, or when we are many hours reading. In addition helps us in these eye diseases associated with diabetes, diabetes.

8 Healing benefits of grape seeds

Skin care:

Eat grape seeds will help us to have a lot more young and healthy skin. They contain collagen and resveratrol, essential to fight against aging and for example, soften our lines of expression. Therefore, that many creams have been developed with them to reduce stretch marks, acne and improve our elasticity. It stimulates the production of collagen, gives more elasticity to the skin, moisturizes and gives strength to the hair and combats acne.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

Have you achieved your ideal weight? Learn to keep it!

After a diet, it is not necessary to follow strict guidelines, but instead it is essential to learn how to feed us balanced to not return to quickly regain lost weight.
We review some simple tips that teach us to eat better, in a healthy, balanced way and with joy, and avoiding the unnecessary suffering and obsessions.

Have you achieved your ideal weight? Learn to keep it!

1- How many meals a day?

Between three and five meals a day is ideal; depends on you. Although we have heard many things about this point, the truth is that it depends on your metabolism, the amount of eat, the exercise you do, your schedules, etc. It is not good to be too many hours without eating, but it is not be eating all the time. It is very healthy to let us daily hours where lunch is when we have enough hunger, but do not over tighten.

2- Between hours:

One of the risks to regain the lost weight is the eating between meals, since we are generally aware that we should eat healthy, but lost us the appetite that suddenly comes without that we have nothing in the fridge, or when we are away from home. How do we solve?
We always bring in the bag some healthy food snacks between meals, as a fruit, nuts or dried fruit, cereal, juice, etc. bars
On the other hand, if we are at home we have the great advantage of always have tasty things ready in the refrigerator, since we can prepare them in more quantity for several days. We are looking for healthy things that we like a lot, which are attractive:

Fruit salad with juice
Vegetable sandwich
Mixed salad (raw carrot or cucumber veggies) with yogurt room
Smoothie fruit and vegetable drink
Guacamole (avocado cream)

3- If we eat out:

Suffer from another problem that usually cause the lost kilos to recover persons who are forced to eat each day outside the home. We will try to always bring us our own food, but if not possible, we will look for the healthier choice. If we have to eat at a restaurant we will try one of the dishes is always salad, and we will be alternating one protein or carbohydrates. We can avoid bread, usually what we eat without even realizing, and we'll take care with desserts. In this case we can alternate between fruit, pudding, yogurt, etc., or if we have exceeded the previous dishes, simply opt for a digestive infusion.

Have you achieved your ideal weight? Learn to keep it!

4- Get your exceptions:

The problem of too strict diets is that they are difficult to cope with and in the end who makes them is it stressed and becomes just abusing everything what has not eaten. So once we have achieved weight ideal should plan us exceptions will allow us. For example, we can eat light during and the week and instead treat us any weekend. Another way to compensate is that after a meal or over dinner, the next day we base our menus mainly on fruits and vegetables.
There are also those who prepare first and second healthy dishes and instead give away any dessert from time to time.
According to our preferences, we will get our exceptions, which are very healthy because we reward and improve our State of mind, but we will continue trying to meet our planning.

5- Not obsessed with weight:

The negative part of watch our diet is that we can give the food more importance which has to reach, and be continually thinking of her. On the other hand, to keep us in our weight we should learn to have a healthy relationship with food, without hunger, without eating out of control, without thinking all the time about it.
In some cases we may need the help of a professional or some emotional therapy (such as Bach flower or homeopathy) that help us to not become obsessed with weight, that is the best way to keep it.

Have you achieved your ideal weight? Learn to keep it!

6- The dinners are fattening:

Finally, we will try that dinners are always light, especially if we have exceeded during the day. What we eat from the afternoon in general as not spend it, so the body it leads directly "to the reserves". In addition, that will help us to better sleep and get up with energy and appetite.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

How to treat skin rashes

Also known as "rash" rashes are a condition that inflames the skin, develop stains with relief and produce an itching or burning sensation. They are not contagious and usually occur in the months of summer, or intense heat, combined with fat, bacteria, dust or skin dry, resulting in a substance thick it blocked sweat glands. The medical term is "miliaria".

How to treat skin rashes

1- Symptoms and causes of rash:

The rash appears in any person and at any age, in the neck, waist, chest, back and genitals, mostly. It is red and scratching violently blisters or pustules may occur at. The skin when it is affected by this type of rash itchy enough, can cause irritability and restlessness. It usually goes away within 5 or 7 days and others may appear to.
Factors that trigger the rash include:

Excessive exposure to the Sun (UVA and UVB) rays
Much sweating during exercise
Lot of clothes
Lack of hygiene or cleaning of perspiration
Use of synthetics
Food poisoning
Acidity of stomach
Side effects of certain medications
Consumption of too much greasy food, or at any time
Drinking alcohol
Irritating articles (chains, earrings, bracelets, etc.)
Humid and warm climate
Natural remedies for rash
Take a bath of immersion with a few tablespoons of baking soda or oatmeal. Soak the area for an hour approximately. Both elements act directly on the skin and relieve the symptoms of the rash, such as itching and inflammation.
Boil a handful of flakes of oatmeal with a little water until a paste forms. Wait for it to cool and place on a cloth or clean gauze. Applied as a compress on the affected skin.
Place the shell of a watermelon in the refrigerator, wipe gently in the area with rash to relieve redness, heat and itching.
Make an infusion of Chamomile and soak a cotton ball once it has cooled a little. It serves to clean the affected area and also to soothe the symptoms.
Apply a stalk of aloe vera pulp directly on the rash to relieve redness and prevent dryness of the skin.
Mix cornstarch with water to form a paste. Apply gently in the affected area and leave on until it dries completely. With a taolla soaked in cold water, then remove to cleaning without rubbing, delicately.
Mix some leaves of Mallow with butter to a paste. Apply a sterile gauze and placed in the area where the rash appeared. Allow a few minutes to relieve the itching and soften the skin.
Two stalks of celery in half a litre of water, boil for 10 minutes. Drain and soak gauze or cotton fabrics which shall then apply some pressure (without pain) in the rash area. Secure with tape or a bandage and leave on overnight.
Apply cold compresses made with ice cubes, directly in the area of the rash, to relieve the heat and itching of the skin instantly. Also it is advised to take a bath with cold water (the maximum bearable).
Soaking gauzes, sterilized in a mixture made with three parts of boiled water and alcohol. This serves to heal faster and prevent it from becoming infected.
Mix two tablespoons of sandalwood powder with two tablespoons of coriander powder. Then two tablespoons rose water. Be a homogeneous paste. Throughout the affected area and allow to dry. Wash with cold water.
Make a paste with Green Clay and water and place in the eruptions of the skin to reduce the redness and itching.
Wash and step on some shells and banana (banana) and applied to the rash. Wrap the area with a cloth and hold firmly. Leave at least two hours to make this fruit allantoin detach their anti-inflammatory properties and anti fungal.
Apply a few drops of extract of Witch Hazel on the rash. You can also soak a cotton ball and place on the affected area. This home remedy soothes the itching, dry rashes and blisters with pus is.
Chop a cucumber into small pieces and place in a blender or processor. Stir to make a paste and apply on the skin. Wrap with fabric and leaving a full day to act. This vegetable is an excellent anti-inflammatory.
Make an infusion with some seeds of amaranth, leave to cool, soak a cotton ball and apply in the eruptions, as if it were a compress. Repeat several times a day (at least three, morning, afternoon and evening).

How to treat skin rashes

Make an infusion of Marigold, an excellent remedy for dermatitis, Burns, the eczema, rashes and hives. Apply through a gauze soaked in the affected area.
Apply a poultice with an onion crushed and macerated with a splash of Apple Cider vinegar. You can also leave the bulb of this plant diluted in water all night and soak a cotton ball in the resulting liquid. The onion has excellent soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.
Make a decoction of the root and dandelion leaves (half a teaspoon of each), boiling and let stand for a few minutes. It is indicated to treat many skin conditions such as acne, the eczema and rashes.
Prepare an infusion of a spoonful of fresh or dried thyme by half a liter of water. Apply on the affected area to minimize the frequent symptoms of rashes.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

How to remove wrinkles under the eyes

Collagen and elastin are fibers of proteins in skin cells that give strength and elasticity. The fibers form a network that, push or pull the skin young and healthy - which contains much collagen-this retrieves easy and fast; the production of collagen and elastin is exhausted with the passage of time, therefore skin is becoming thinner and loses ability to recovery, although the majority of changes in the skin are caused by the Sun. The area under the eyes is largely vulnerable to damage caused by this, since the skin in this area is very fine and your face - directly or indirectly - is exposed to the Sun all day.
However, something that you probably didn't know is that the wrinkles under the eyes are determined in large part by inheritance; While it is very little that can be done to change your innate pattern of wrinkles, behaviors that can significantly reduce the severity of wrinkles under the eyes can be adopted. Discover them!

How to remove wrinkles under the eyes

1- Tips and remedies for wrinkles under the eyes:

The avocado has always been and will be a very healthy food for their high content in vitamin E. It is a stimulant for the formation of collagen, which helps the skin fight ageing; help with problems in dermatitis and grains; Avocado face mask will help to moisturize the skin around the eyes and give fatty acids that will benefit this area. With the passage of time, you will see that the vitamin B and E will return you a beautiful skin.
The good night's sleep is very important. When we deprive of sleep, this has effects almost immediate and very noticeable, are bags in the eyes causing the skin from drying out and wrinkling.
Take plenty of water. Remember that this is very important to keep us hydrated, therefore also apply to the skin of our face. When we use a moisturizer will prevent dryness and wrinkles under the eyes.
Extend a little petroleum jelly on the contour of the eyes before sleeping will allow moisturize, soften and sweeten the lines of expression.
Mix some olive oil, milk and rose water. Apply with a cotton ball on the contour of the eyes. This will help us to relax and enhance the area immediately.
Beware! No stretch the skin when applying creams or masks. Apply in small touches until the skin absorb the product; so the results are notable should be consistent.

How to remove wrinkles under the eyes

Use a shadow of eyes that will attract the light and reflect it. It is better if it's a cream, since to be moisturizing softens the expression. The powders are not recommended, since they dry out the skin and accentuate lines.
To relax the look and make that the eyes remain young longer, you can make a little exercise: when you feel a strain on the eyes, you must close and rest a few seconds. Then make that can until you feel the stretched muscles. Repeat the operation several times.
Don't forget it! The part near the eyes is very sensitive, therefore not be rubbing, scratching or mistreat.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

Natural drinks for mental fatigue

Mental fatigue. There are times where hurts it most accused so: work and personal responsibilities, periods of stress or simple exhaustion, determine a State to which hard to cope. What such if we include in our diet following natural juices? You'll love them!

1- Juice oatmeal, banana and honey:

Natural drinks for mental fatigue

What do I need?

A ripe banana
oat flakes
Greek yogurt
skim milk
two tablespoons of honey
A little cinnamon powder

How do I make my drink for mental fatigue?

The preparation of this oatmeal-Banana Smoothie is very easy and also very effectively combat our mental fatigue. So you do not have that first put the oats soak in a bowl of warm water, thus we allow that stays more squishy.
Passed this time, strain the remaining water and let oat flakes. The next step is to take the plantain, cut it into small pieces and put it in to a blender along with oat flakes. Also add skim milk, and Greek yogurt. As you know this type of yogurt is the most healthy, suitable for the immune system and to bring good bacteria to our intestine.
It processes all the ingredients and finally adds a bit of honey and a little cinnamon on top. It would be ideal that take you cold. Refreshes you, you hydrate and, in addition, banana, honey and oats act as wonderful energy to our organism. Rich minerals that will revitalize your mind and make you feel better.

2- Carrots, beetroot and Apple juice:

Natural drinks for mental fatigue

What do I need?

A beet or beetroot medium
A Green Apple
A carrot
Medium cucumber
A glass of water

How do I prepare my juice for fatigue?

This juice is really delicious, you'll love it and you will notice how reduces your mental fatigue. And how prepare you? It would be appropriate that you had always hand green delicious apples. They are perfect to reduce fat and cholesterol keep controlled. Combined with the beets and carrots, configured a revitalizing natural juice rich in vitamins and minerals. It is a natural tonic for our body, to purge toxins from the kidneys and liver.
But in addition, its combination of vitamins and minerals is very suitable for combat classic fatigue that we have in these days of high stress. You do not have more than wash all the fruit and vegetables and cut them into small pieces to be better included in the mixer. Cucumber, for example, will help you stay hydrated, hence it worthwhile to include even half. Get well homogeneous juice and take it at room temperature, or even cold, will make you feel very good.

3- Drink almond, melon and grapes:

Natural drinks for mental fatigue

What do I need?

Two cuts of melon, the variety of season that suits you
Drink almond, a glass
10 grapes, seedless

How do I prepare my juice for mental fatigue?

This juice is highly recommended to start the morning. If you have set up with a light headache, apathy and that typical mental fatigue which makes that we have no desire to face the day, don't miss the opportunity to prepare this simple remedy.
So it would be appropriate that you had already list the drink of almonds. In many supermarkets sell it already prepared, but if you're that tends to make it with your special recipe, better than best. You know that almond is one of the healthiest fruits that exist, in this case we are interested in particular for his contribution in magnesium, well suited to combat tiredness, headache, pain joint... is really healthy, as well as the drink that is made of them.
We will need two cuts of melon, which is seasonal and that more you like, but whenever is cool. Do not take any juice that sell in stores in general, they will lose many of their properties. Always fresh and freshly made. Cut the melon into small pieces and put it in the blender.
We will also include some grapes, about 10, and the water of almonds. Remember to remove the skin and seeds, so the juice will be easier to drink, though as you know, the skin of the grape also has great properties. Then get a good homogeneous juice and drink it fresh. It is invigorating, delicious and ideal to reduce your mental fatigue. Never fails.
Try this easy and useful homemade recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.

Remedy with ginger for pain joint

There are many people who suffer from pain joint, which is a medical condition that we must somehow get used. But there are various remedies that will help you have a better quality of life, and this advice based on Ginger is very effective. Discover it.

Remedy with ginger for pain joint

1- Joint pain:

Is it possible to resolve and heal pain joint? Unfortunately to this day do not you can cure, but we can treat it and live a little better, with more quality. Arthritis, arthritis or rheumatism, are these realities so common that they compel us often have to take anti-inflammatory or painkillers, those medicinal products which, in the long run, can pass us Bill, particularly in the kidneys and liver.
As you know, the joints are those joints between bones that give us mobility and elasticity. They are whether time coated oppor cartilage, the tissue that Yes we can regenerate through adequate food. But do we suffer this pain joint? sometimes genetic factors weigh much, also wear, the passage of time, less collagen, loss of resistance, infections, injuries and even still undetermined causes, cause this reality so prevalent among the population.
That is why from our space, I encourage that you put on your medical evidence to be able to go treating the problem articulate from the beginning; Meanwhile, at home, we can go on the following and simple advice. Here we go...

Remedy with ginger for pain joint

2- Remedy with ginger for pain joint:

Ginger is one of the medicinal plants with larger properties. Used since antiquity, it is famous for its digestive properties and above all to reduce the pain and inflammation caused by arthritis. His secret? have a few elements called gingerols. As usual has always been their use to treat the pain, there are many studies on the matter to verify that, indeed, ginger may offer benefits for those who suffer from arthritis.
And it is so? Since then. In 2007, the University of Arizona conducted studies on the anti-inflammatory properties of ginger. It was clearly noted that the gingerols effectively reduced the production of chemicals that contribute to inflammation. Very suitable as you can see.
But there's more, also at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University showed that ginger compounds can suppress inflammatory chemicals enough to avoid the classic medication. So it is worth

Remedy with ginger for pain joint

How to prepare a remedy for the pain to articulate with ginger:

A tablespoon of grated fresh ginger
A glass of water
Two spoonful of honey
A little bit of cinnamon
In any of our articles you have already spoken of large properties of cinnamon and honey to combat pain joint. Combined acting as a powerful anti-inflammatory ideal to take in the morning. If to this we add the ginger, you will have a great remedy that will allow you to mitigate and alleviate pain. It is worthwhile taking it about two times a day to see how we feel, because as you say, you can very well substitute a pain medication. We always appreciate the natural for the sake of our health.
You don't have more to make a decoction with ginger, drop a little bit of honey and sprinkle with cinnamon. Or if you prefer, add a piece of a wand of cinnamon. It has more properties. Ideal to start the day, and then, very appropriate that implied mid-afternoon. We try it?
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

How to discover our degree of body acidity?

Did you know that each organ and area of our body has a specific degree of acidity and that when this is altered is when diseases appear? This grade is called pH and goes from more alkaline levels to the more acidic. In this article you will learn what is pH, is measured through the urine and saliva and help to prevent health problems in general.

How to discover our degree of body acidity?

1- What is the pH?

PH is a scale from 0 to 14 which helps us to measure the degree of acidity or alkalinity. In this way, as we get closer to 0 there are more acidity, while there as we go up to 14 more alkalinity. The values that are around 7 considered neutral.
For example, some soaps are called neutral pH, or even specify pH 5.5 on the label, precisely because that is our skin's pH. So in this article we will specify some of these issues so that we learn how to properly care for our body.

2- A body, different pH:

Although we generally say that the cause of many diseases is an excess of acidity, caused by a poor diet, bad habits, pollution, stress, etc., the truth is that the ideal is that each organ is balanced, in its healthy pH. For example, the stomach is naturally acid content in hydrochloric acid. If is not acid enough not could digest certain foods.
On the other hand, the saliva can sometimes give more alkaline values. Finally, the blood is the fluid of the body which has more constant values, approximately 7.4.

How to discover our degree of body acidity?

3- How we know our pH?

The easiest way to find parts of our body pH is through a test strips that are often marketed in pharmacies and just wetting them will see appear the corresponding to the pH color, such as we can decipher with the help of the indicator that accompanies it. In this way we can find out our urine and our saliva pH.

4- Urine:

It is quite common to measure the pH of the urine to detect diseases. In a healthy person, the pH is between the 4.5 and 8, so it is slightly acidic.
If it is higher than 8 could indicate that we are suffering from a urinary tract infection, but we will only confirm it if we suffer the symptoms, since sodium bicarbonate or some foods also could give more alkaline values.
If it is lower that 4.5 might indicate that we are suffering from gout, but it can also occur in a power which we have abused the meat or in a period of fasting.

5- Saliva:

Saliva tends to have a pH around 6.5 and 7. If we find values more acids could be originating in the stomach, caused by poor digestion. These alterations do not only affect our health in general but rather to alter the pH of saliva, us predispose problems such as tooth decay and gingivitis, among others. So the solution is to improve the digestion.

How to discover our degree of body acidity?

6- Skin:

As we have said, the pH of the skin is 5.5, fairly neutral to slightly acidic. Therefore it is essential that we use products that are not too aggressive with the skin, containing natural ingredients and avoid the paraffin and other petroleum, sodium lauryl sulfate and parabens. The detergent substances, for example, often have values around the 10, so are quite aggressive for our skin if we do not protect us with gloves.
On the other hand, to combat the harmful effects on our skin can finish the showers throwing us on hair and skin a mixture of one part of Apple Cider vinegar for 3 parts of water. Vinegar, in addition to having many properties, helps us to slightly acidify our skin while protecting it and leaves it soft and balanced.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.