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Can stress be prevented?

Stress is one of the great evils of our day. Affects very negatively in our day to day, generating problems such as anxiety or depression, insomnia, disorders of appetite, let-down defenses, nervous tics, muscle tension, etc. But that also increasingly is emerging more their influence on chronic and degenerative diseases. These are sufficient reasons to prevent it.
In this article you will learn what you can do to prevent the stress when you start noticing the first symptoms or even before, because that is the best time to tackle this problem without having to suffer its consequences.

Can stress be prevented?

1- But... What is stress?

Stress is a State of fatigue or mental exhaustion caused by being subjected to a high demand for yield beyond our means. This requirement can come from others or ourselves, consciously or unconsciously.
Stress leads to mental and physical disorders such as those which we have quoted above and usually trigger, in the long run, multiple diseases. In many cases the disease appears precisely when stress disappears.

2- Mood:

One of the first symptoms of stress include changes in our State of mind. All we can have a bad day or react badly to any situation, but when we noticed that we do so in a recurrent way, sometimes for no apparent reason, or even if it us our people around, we will have to take into account that perhaps we are experiencing a situation that is beyond us.

Can stress be prevented?

3- Physical exercise:

Formerly worked many hours a day but the job was much more physical in general. With the passage of the years, work is increasingly has intellectualized, and is precisely here where the stress arises. When the body is very tired you can retrieve resting, but when it is the mind that is exhausted, the recovery is not so simple. In addition, in many cases head still working during the night unless we can avoid it, and so it appears the insomnia and the morning cansandio.
Physical exercise is, in fact, a regulator of the nervous system, and fail to realize it can worsen a situation of stress.
Each person must find the kind of exercise that suits you according to its Constitution, age, rhythm of life, etc. You might exercise more intense, such as jogging or cycling, or more relaxed, like yoga or tai chi.

4- Appetite disorders:

The digestive system is very sensitive and is often easily be affected when our State of mind is not good. There are those who suffer heartburn or heartburn, who cannot eat because closes the stomach, who eat by anxiety, who suffer from constipation, etc. And if our digestion does not work correctly, that also will affect our well-being and mood. Therefore, before the first symptoms we find natural remedies for our trouble, and not to leave to go to more.

5- Beware of defenses:

It is very common in people living stressed that when they finally have a few days of vacation or rest, just then a disease appears to them: a cold, a flu, gastroenteritis, etc. Our body's defenses have been keeping our body while they have felt the emergency situation involving stress, but declined in when the body have been relaxed.
That is why, as usual, during the peak of stress or just before a rest period, we recommend to take foods and natural supplements that can help us to raise the defenses:

Vitamin C

Can stress be prevented?

6- To realize:

But ultimately, most importantly to prevent stress consists precisely in realizing that one is suffering from it. Many people often say they feel stressed, but the truth is that it is not serious to have days with too much work, but live with the feeling that one fails to meet what is expected of it. Sometimes a person might be stressed for reasons personal or family; us issues does not always work.
When one gives account should reassess goals you have, what their priorities, and how you can arrange to get every day what is proposed, without the necessity of living increasingly overloaded and frustrated.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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