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5 products that you should never use on the skin of the face

The skin is the largest organ we have and we know that is always exposed to many factors that can affect your health. Climate, feeding, hydration, life habits and many products of beauty that we use, are factors that can influence the State of the skin, either positively or negatively, depending on the care that we have.
The more delicate parts of the skin, are the skin of the face and neck, in these areas tends to have more risk of a problem, since in addition to being more sensitive, they are also parts where more products often use. Many dermatologists and cosmetologists, suggest that some products can damage the skin, since they present an unfavorable reaction that the dry, favors the appearance of acne and other skin problems. Then you name 5 of the products that you should never use on your skin, if you want to look always radiant.

5 products that you should never use on the skin of the face

1- Vinegar:

Many tricks of beauty suggest using vinegar for problems such as acne or a fungus, have, however, not is recommended to apply it on the skin since the acetic acid in vinegar may cause damage in this area, especially if you have sensitive skin, wounds, cuts or burns. Use vinegar directly on the skin, also can promote dryness; Therefore, if you want to use this product on the skin, recommended is dilute it in equal parts with water. If it applied a burning sensation is felt, best to immediately discontinue its use. In any case, this product is not of the most recommended for the care of the skin, so if possible you should dismiss it completely.

2- Vegetable shortening:

David Colbert, aesthetic dermatologist in New York, suggests to use shortening to the skin, can have negative effects that will not be for nothing nice on the skin care. It is true that many products of beauty for skin use vegetable fats as ingredients to nourish and hydrate. However, the specialist says that this product is heavy to the skin of the face, since it clogs pores and favors the appearance of acne.

5 products that you should never use on the skin of the face

3- Sprays and shampoos for hair:

An old trick to supposedly secure makeup, is applying hair sprays in the face and get a long-lasting makeup. The truth is that this will only be dry skin, since these products have high contents of shellac and alcohol, which are not good for the skin. The same applies to those people who used shampoos to clean her face, these products have chemical ingredients that are not suitable for the skin, causing irritation and dryness.

4- Creams with retinol:

Retinol is an ingredient that is promoted as an active anti-acne and anti-aging; However, its use is not recommended since it is very strong for the skin, slimming it and can make it more sensitive. In addition, in some cases found that this product can produce a redness in the skin and may even cause skin rash.

5- Pure Vitamin E:

It is true that vitamin E is good for our body and even many cosmetic companies use it in their products. However you should avoid the use of its oil directly on the skin as this can clog the pores and develop breakouts. Also have been known cases of reactions such as burning, swelling, and/or redness to use this product in the skin.

5 products that you should never use on the skin of the face


Remember that not all skin types react just to use different products; Therefore, before using any type of product for the skin, is good to read its recommendations and/or apply only a small amount in any area of the body, to observe adverse reactions.
Before you buy any product from magazine or on the market, check you don't have alcohol or any compound that affects your skin such as retinol.
There are different types of skin and it is important to learn how to identify what is in each one. It is important to assist the dermatologist, he provides advice on the most recommended according to your type of skin products.
There are many natural ingredients that help moisturize and take care of the skin in a healthy and effective way. If you want to avoid chemical and expensive creams on the market, are also a good choice for skin care. That Yes, very well consultation on the treatment of natural beauty products, to check that they don't have any adverse reactions.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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