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How to make homemade masks with rollers

You may want to change the look or have waves without defining. To enjoy a beautiful hairstyle every day or for a special occasion, don't hesitate to read the following article, where you will learn how to make rollers with homemade masks and tricks you can count on.

How to make homemade masks with rollers

Tips and recipes for arm curls:

You have the perfect curls without using the bucleadora or hair dryer may seem a utopia, but it is not at all. There are many ways to achieve this goal without your hair suffer mechanical "bashing" of these tools. If you have straight hair or waves are not they are very well defined, please pay attention to the following recommendations and homemade masks:

An excellent method to achieve a wonderful curves in your hair is to make "turnstiles" as tight as you can, when the hair is still wet, i.e. When you bathe. Dry it a little so that it not ruffle water and hold with a clip for one or two hours. When begins to dry, drop them and stir so you have more volume.
If your hair has light waves can pass a toothed comb widths when the hair is wet so untangle it and avoid breaking strands. Then separated by locks, bend them with your fingers, holding approximately one minute. Repeat with all the hair and leave it to dry only.
Our grandmothers or mothers had no bucleadora or hair dryer and could also show off some wonderful curls. The key were the tubes or "bobby pins". Question in a place is dedicate to sell items for beauty salon and consults with the largest of the family how to place them. It is very easy but at the same time have their secrets. It entangles each strand and sleeps with them since, securing with a network or handkerchief. In the morning, remove carefully each of the tubes and see how have formed you the curls so amazing.
Another way to get waves (to which they have very straight hair) is to braid it when it is wet. You can sleep with this hairstyle through the night and the next day you will have a "hair" wonderful and with volume. A good braid French, starting it up from the scalp as you can is what is recommended. If you have long hair you can divide it by sections.
Make homemade masks for your hair, thus eliminating frizz and enjoy some armed and beautiful undulations. Heat two tablespoons of olive oil with half a cup of honey. Massage with this mixture first scalp and then moving towards the tips. Cover hair with a plastic cap. Lets spend half an hour and wash it with a good shampoo sulfate free. Honey may slightly lighten your hair color.
Essential and natural oils serve you to build perfect curls. You only have to heat a cup of olive or coconut oil and apply evenly throughout the hair. Place Cap shower or hot towel for half an hour to help that oil is better absorbed by the strands of hair. Washing with cold water and repeat three times a week. Then, a little dry the hair so that it does not release water and take advantage of any of the techniques explained previously for arm curls.
Did you know that diet has a lot to do with your curls? So, because if you drink sufficient amount of water per day (two litres at least) you can moisturize your body and see also beautiful on the outside. In addition, add fish oil (natural or tablets), more fruits and vegetables to your daily diet.
Performs a weekly deep treatment. This will make the hair look more beautiful, healthy and malleable, leaving aside the "injuries" sustained by the dryer or any product that you use. Mix the pulp of a whole avocado with a tablespoon of olive oil. Add a teaspoon of powder for baking and apply on the hair. Leave to act for 15 minutes and then rinse. Wash as usual and choose a technique to enhance the sticks that will be comfortable and effective.
If you have wavy hair, but rollers not "arm themselves" alone, affect you much frizz and the rebellious hairs are your nightmare, follow these steps: wash it with shampoo and conditioner to your hair type. Rinse well and before leaving the shower brush with a good wide-toothed comb to make it uncoil under water. Thus hair still wet and will have more force when drying. Press well to remove the water. Dry with towel holding with one hand and with the other, putting together the strands of hair. Press gently so that the curls will form, you never use the dryer.
You must ensure that you does not squirt but to continue to keep the moisture. You can apply a mousse or else directly arming the curl as if they were monkeys or small wheels, holding with tweezers. Leave the buckles half an hour at least. Disarm a one the monkeys, carefully. When you have the hair, gently bobs his head sideways. You can assemble them better with your fingers.
Another good option is, once you leave the shower and dry you hair with a towel, turn your head down so that the hair is "hanging" on the ground. Press from the tips up, with hand, armando "piles" with a closed fist and putting pressure up to the height of the scalp.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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