Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Tips for gaining weight healthy

Although the most common is that people want to lose weight, the truth is that there are many people who find it difficult to achieve the opposite: weight gain.
In this article we offer some tips that will help you gain weight in a healthy way, changing some things in our food, certain habits or even learning to relax. In this way we will achieve a balanced weight without that so negatively affects our health.

Tips for gaining weight healthy

1- Healthy fats:

There is a bad habit of recommending too thin people that they consume all excess fat. However, someone who cost fatten not nothing should you consume harmful fats, that they not only won't make you gain weight but that will affect her health, will cause you problems of analytical, skin or oily hair, acne, etc.
Therefore, we recommend daily consume a good amount of healthy fats that we will obtain the following food:

First cold-pressed vegetable oils: olive, flax, Sesame, coconut, etc.
Dried fruits, especially macadamia nuts and pine nuts
Avocado, a fruit with a high content fatty but very digestive and Element
Fish such as tuna or salmon, with a high content of essential fatty acids
Egg, especially the yolk, which contains a higher fat content
Dairy integers, if we tolerate them well and they do not cause problems such as excessive mucus or skin problems
Good quality red meat once a week

2- Healthy bowel:

The intestine is the organ where nutrients are assimilated, and when it is not operating correctly, it is possible that person is above or below its weight, regardless of what you eat. Therefore, we have to follow the following tips:
If you have constipation, increase the consumption of fiber, we eat prunes, flax seeds, we will drink water during the day, etc.
If you have diarrhea take astringent herbal teas such as green tea or will resort to a supplement like charcoal. Also appreciate if perhaps some food is causing us an allergic reaction or intolerance (such as gluten or lactose) or whether it is due rather to stress or emotional
We will control that we suffer not parasites and take regular probiotics.

Tips for gaining weight healthy

3- Dinners:

When we give tips to lose weight we recommend light dinner. In this case do not recommend copious dinner, since that would be detrimental to our liver and our rest, but we can choose some foods containing healthy fats as which we have quoted in the first point. And above all don't we skip us never dinner.

4- A vitamin cocktail:

Each morning, in fasting, we'll take a glass of juice in which we will include a teaspoon of each of the following supplements:
Brewer's yeast
Wheat germ
Pollen powder
Soy lecithin
Also add you a tablespoon of honey of good quality
This cocktail is loaded with vitamins and helps us to go gradually gaining weight.

5- Eat several times a day:

It is essential that we not jump any food, and will try to eat something always to mid-morning and half late, as a handful of nuts and dried fruit, a sandwich and a milkshake of banana, milk and honey, etc.

6- Beware of nerves:

Many people nervous character, which tend to be very active and can not rest even for a moment, don't they realize that speed increases your metabolism and that that character is what prevents them from gaining weight. We recommend these people take it with a little more calm, take a NAP or rest during the day and, if necessary, take some kind of relaxing natural supplement based on Passionflower, lemon balm, Linden or even Bach flowers.

Tips for gaining weight healthy

7- Sleep well:

Sleep and the hours needed is also essential so the body can get their ideal weight, both if we need as if we have, since the night the body regenerates and balances. For this reason if we suffer insomnia we have to treat it naturally, and always give the necessary priority to our night's rest.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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