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Symptoms of a stomach ulcer

Too much acid food, wrong diet and factors such as stress or anxiety, can cause us gastric ulcers. A fairly common reality in our present, because our life habits - sometimes negative-, that are worth knowing. Will you join us?

Symptoms of a stomach ulcer

1- Recognize the symptoms of a stomach ulcer:

Occasionally, we ignore many things that occur in our body. There are times that the daily pressure, obligations and duty to family or employment make us undergo high realities that occur in ourselves. You feed poorly and in a hurry, leave the stress to embrace your life without having moments of calm where you can be yourself and enjoy your hobbies.Our body demands a balance between emotional and physical, there where always provide you the best nutrients. Did you know, for example, that our digestive system is who receives more the negative effects of stress or anxiety? It is often said that acts as our second brain, that is why you see so often damaged, being precisely one of those effects so common ulcers. Wounds of our daily lives, that affect our bodies. Now let's look at its main symptoms.

1. Attending your abdominal pains:

Especially focusing on the abdomen discomfort and the areas between the breastbone and the navel. They can be brief discomfort of greater or lesser intensity. You know, for example, which now is usually more evidence this pain? Especially when we have the stomach empty, just between meals. We feel a burning pain that we burn. It is true that an antacid can relieve you, but it is very characteristic feel these inflammations in the evening or simply when hungry.

2. Small symptoms that form the picture of a stomach ulcer:

Sometimes we can get one or two symptoms of the here presented, but with time these slight feelings can become persistent to increase in gravity experimenting, on many occasions, all of them. We must keep that in mind and observe if it is rather persistent.
Have many gas and belching.
Have seasons that are going hunger and lose weight.
Have a feeling of fullness after eating and have trouble drinking liquids. It costs us and tired us - for example - drink a whole glass of water.
Daily tiredness and exhaustion.
Having nausea by the tricks and ill-feeling.

Symptoms of a stomach ulcer

3. Symptoms of a serious ulcer:

It must also take into account those cases in which the symptoms already warn of a serious ulcer. Features considered serious and that we must be convinced of going to the doctor as soon as possible. Notes:

Dark stool, with traces of blood.
Feel like vomiting almost every day, persistent anguish that, on occasions, ends with a vomiting where it appears a bit of blood. Aspects such as these should convince us immediately to go to the doctor.

2- Food tips for treating stomach ulcers:

Firstly, we must take into account all those foods that can hurt us. Either directly or indirectly there are components which, like salt, are capable of causing us problems such as high blood pressure or inflammation which, in one way or another affect our ulcer. So, in addition to the treatment prescribed by us doctor is basic to you add it with these tips.

Not recommended food:

Avoid salt and sugar.
Sweets are also negative, including chocolate, candies...
It replaces white flour by the integral
Better constrains or prevents drinking sugary sodas and even juice shops, since you just have vitamins and have too much sugar.
It limits the consumption of coffee and avoid alcohol.
Dairy products are not recommended.
Avoid eating the viscera, such as kidneys, heart...
The salted and pickled nor sit us very well if you have ulcers.

Symptoms of a stomach ulcer

Recommended food:

They are great calls alkaline vegetables, such as artichokes, spinach, leeks, Zucchini, cabbage, celery, Endive, mushrooms, lettuce, pumpkin, cauliflower, cabbage... nor passes by high recommended spices such as oregano.
Do not neglect nor infusions of mint, lemon balm, licorice, thyme, mint, gentian and melisa. They are very digestive, soft, protective and anti-inflammatory. We can take them twice a day after meals and so warm, that are not very hot, will help you feel better. Do not be afraid to put them a little bit of lemon, which although it is normally a citric acid acts as a good protector.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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