Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Increases your defenses with tangerine marmalade homemade

Our immune system is sometimes affected by the change of weather, stress, or a deficient diet that always just altering our health. Keep at an optimal level our defenses is a daily necessity, with them we will do against many diseases and we will have a better quality of life. What if we got it through a tasty Marmalade Tangerine?
The Mandarin is an excellent source of vitamin C, and not only that, has vitamin A, folic acid, and less sugar than the Orange. It is therefore a natural and affordable ally so that you're raising your defenses in a simple and tasty at the same time. Tangerine jam recipe does not have excessive complications, is easy to make and you can benefit you and your family.

1- How to know if I have lowered defenses?

Increases your defenses with tangerine marmalade homemade


There are times throughout the year that we are a little different and we don't know why. We wake up with tiredness and headache. We feel weak and in a bad mood.
They can get us pupae in the lips, and appear even more dry.
Any injury takes longer to heal
We are more likely to catch colds and flus.
hair is more fragile.
We have more muscle aches without knowing how, without having carried out particular stress or exercise.

Why us defenses fall?

A poor diet is certainly a direct effect to lower our defenses. If we limit ourselves to eating industrial foods we have hurry, because our job duties do not allow us to have time to Cook, because we are looking for something fast which satisfy hunger, little by little our nutrients will go down and end up getting sick.
Having a few kilos more, is sometimes another determining factor. The presenciad of fats in the body affects directly to our health, appear inflammations, we lowered defenses... is imperative that we not take much weight and not accumulate fat.
Lack of exercise and sedentary lifestyle is another key element for diminish the defenses. When our body is oxygenated, when blood flows with more lightness, when our endorphins rise... all this translates into an immune system stronger and more resistant to diseases.
Stress, anxiety, emotional problems are dimensions that also directly affect our defenses. We weaken our body is filled with toxins, appears the hormone stress, cortisol, an element that directly affects our immune system.
Sleeping fewer hours of the right is also a negative factor for our health and our defenses. The body needs to recover from the daily work, and if we don't get that physical and mental recovery, the effects are also in our immune system.

2- Tangerine jam recipe to raise defenses:

Increases your defenses with tangerine marmalade homemade


500 grams of peeled tangerines
The grated peel of a Tangerine
The juice of half a lemon
250 grams of sugar


We started stripping for mandarins, except one who use it to scratch your skin. Thus the Jam will have a more intense flavor. Also remove the skinned segments and the pips if you had them.
Grate the skin of Mandarin. If you don't want to scratch it, you can make very thin strips. They provide flavor and decorate the great Marmalade.
Once you have already prepared all the segments of Tangerine and seedless, put them into the pot and add the lemon juice with the grated peel of Mandarin. In this step there who passes first the content by the Blender to a fine paste, since it is possible that Tangerine segments not dump all in cooking. Do it as you want.
It is the time also already in the pot, add the sugar. It is normal to add between 45 and 65% sugar by weight of this fruit. We have put the half (500 grams of Tangerine, 250 grams of sugar). But you can adjust the measures as you wish. We remind you that in spite of everything, this jam will be a tad bitter due to the strips that we've added skin. If you do not want this flavor, you can do without it.
Put to heat the pot over medium heat and see removing that content not sticking. Hard cooking 30 minutes, anyway see testing jam to see if it is to your liking.
Let jam stand for 15 minutes. Then, take it to a few jars previously neutered. For better conservation of the jam, remember to close the pot tightly and boil them in water and upside down for 20 minutes. In this way will remain in good condition for longer so you consume it and take care of your defenses. Your breakfast you can take every day along with a toasted integral.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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