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Poultices of ginger to care for kidneys

The kidneys are weakened by eating too much animal protein, abusing salt, drink little water, go cold in the lumbar area, among other reasons. For this reason, they need that, from time to time, we devote to our attention with natural remedies.
In this article you will learn a simple and home treatment you can do yourself to protecting, strengthening your kidneys and thus prevent kidney disease in the most natural way: the poultices of ginger.

Poultices of ginger to care for kidneys

1- Why ginger?

Ginger (Zingiber Official), used since ancient times in the East, has a very distinctive flavor: slightly sweet, refreshing and spicy. The part that we usually use for its medicinal properties is known as Rhizome.
This root has many beneficial properties for our health, especially for women. Let's take a look at some of them:

It improves circulation.
Combat fluid retention.
It helps to prevent infections and raises defenses.
It helps in the prevention of ovarian, prostate and colon cancer.
Improves digestion.
It increases metabolism.
Combat nausea and dizziness.
It brings heat to our body.
It relieves pains and throat inflammations.
It has an expectorant function, which helps us to eliminate mucus.
Relieves migraines.
Relieves menstrual cramps.
It protects our cardiovascular health.

2- Ginger and kidney:

In the case of these poultices that we propose, ginger stands out for its high calorific potential, so if we take it as if we apply it externally. We especially recommend to shivery people in those cold weather. In times of heat we must have in mind that can increase sweating, but in this case will always be beneficial, because the kidneys always benefit with heat applied directly on the back, since they are bodies which tend to cool down. In addition, Ginger is recommended in the natural treatment of painful and/or inflammatory diseases, which will alleviate the inconvenience that we have in short time.
In short, this treatment that we propose will improve blood flow in the area, relax it, will relieve discomfort and will contribute to a better elimination of toxins.

3- Why should we care for the kidneys?

The kidneys are organs that removed a large amount of toxins from our body, so it will always be healthy to take care of them naturally and especially those who suffer stones, uric acid, urinary tract infections or fluid retention. It is also a good remedy for those who suffer from muscle aches in that area of the back.

4- Preparation of the poultice:

Poultices of ginger to care for kidneys

What will we need?

We will need the main ingredient, ginger, which can be used in two ways:
3 tablespoons of ginger powder either 5 tablespoons of grated fresh ginger
In addition, the following materials:
A pan
Two small towels
Either a large towel and a blanket
How do we do it?
Choose any of the two options and introduce the ginger in a gauze or fine cloth, which we will attach with a thread as if it were a packet.
We will put this packet in a pan with two liters of water, bring to boiling point and turning the fire.
With the help of a wooden spoon we pressed well the pledge so that you release all infused ginger.
In that water, fire off already, we will also introduce two small towels.

Poultices of ginger to care for kidneys

5- How are they enforced? 

We will need someone else apply it to us. You should wear rubber gloves to avoid burns.
The person knock you upside down with lumbar and dorsal area discovered.
We will apply first of all one of the wipes, well drained, covering all the outdoor back area. It should be hot but not burning.
Top place a dry towel to keep warm.
When cool change the towel on the other hand we have in the pot.
We will be alternating the wipes at the time in which to cool. If it is necessary we will light the fire to heat the water.
We will carry out this treatment between 15 and 30 minutes.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated. 


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