Monday, August 31, 2015

4 Tricks to make your makeup last longer

I am sure that you have ever. Exit with a flawless makeup and, after two hours, disappear. Your eye shadow, your base, blush and how not, lipstick. Would you like to learn simple tricks to make your makeup last eight hours in good condition? We will explain you.
Sometimes we devote much time to our makeup. But after few hours, either by the heat, or the sweat of our skin, makes you go blurring to disappear, blurring our eyes, and leaving us sometimes worst aspect. It is something annoying that has easy solution if you follow these guidelines you indicate below. We are confident that you will come in really handy.

1- Simple tips to make your makeup last more:

4 Tricks to make your makeup last longer

1. A good cleaning:

It is essential that before make-up, we become a good cleaning of skin by removing any traces of previous makeup. E important also that our skin is hydrated, only then will be able to properly maintain applications, shadows, bases and flushes. And do we do? Very easy to hydrate and prepare our skin is by using Chamomile. Ideal if we prepare an infusion with two bags of Chamomile with half a glass of water. Once made, leave it in the refrigerator 10 minutes to cool. Then we take an milkweed and we will clean our skin, this will re-enable the circulation, clean and hydrated. It is great.

2. Small trick after applying Foundation:

A trick that makeup artists use is that, after applying your makeup cream base, such as the BB Cream and your powder compacts to qualify Glitters, you lightly spray your face with a vaporizer with mineral water and aloe vera or Aloe Vera. Do it very mildly, as a light rain. Once done, again applying the powder compacts. In this way the makeup adheres and lasts a lot longer. To prepare this sprayer, you don't have to boil a cup of mineral water with a tablespoon of aloe juice. Mix well. Once ready, take it to the refrigerator to cool, and then, from there, to a practical vaporizer which have always at hand. You go wonderfully.

3. Trick to make your mask eyelashes longer:

Very easy and practical. Before covering your lashes with mascara or your tabs mask, apply a bit of talcum powder. Very little, but carefully, leaving a few powder in them. Then normally apply mascara and you'll see how you lasts all day unless you run and stop those classic spots that gives us a weary air.
Keep in mind also that to make mascara adhere and last longer, we must correctly remove previous remains of the mascara, and it is something that sometimes we do not correctly. If you're that commonly used masks waterproof, you should know that they are very difficult to remove, often leaving trace and what you can do to gradually lose the tabs. Be careful with them. We recommend that to properly remove the mascara, you use a mixture of two components: coconut oil and olive oil. Just a little of this mixture that the tabs are clean, hydrated and that we also favour their growth. Very easy!

4 Tricks to make your makeup last longer

4. Trick to make your lip pencil last more:

We know that lipstick is the first thing that disappears from our makeup. Talk, drink, eat... and immediately disappears from our mouth color. In the market you have type waterproof fixing lipsticks that last a lot, but are also difficult to remove. But an easy way that last longer, is taking the lips hydrated and free of crusts. How much healthier, better the lipstick adheres. An ideal way of taking care of them is to do a treatment every night. How? Applies in the first place a lip balm in them, for then, you put sugar on them. Then, take an milkweed soaked with an infusion of Chamomile and start rubbing on the lips. In this way we exfoliate them of dead skins. Very easy. Then apply a balm on them again and sleeps well all night. You will wake up in the morning with a beautiful mouth ready to apply your favorite lipstick pencil.
Apply these simple tips and you'll see how to enjoy more of your makeup.


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