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5 Easy ways to clean your kidneys

It is worth remembering that our kidneys purify all our blood daily, eliminating waste and toxins. Don't miss overlooked this important role, since it depends on our health and our quality of life. What if we learn 5 ways to keep them healthy and clean?

5 Easy ways to clean your kidneys

1- The importance of cleaning your kidneys:

The kidneys are never stopped a moment. Filter, purify, remove foreign objects and excess salt, release hormones and, in turn, control blood pressure, and the important balance of electrolytes in the body. There are many people who do not remember the importance of these organs and without knowing, they commit excesses or simply do not care their habits of life. In the end, there comes a time when problems arise. Creatinine, rises functionality is lost and we fail to properly filter blood. We feel tired and sick. We have to think that life can become very complicated if we are undergoing dialysis. Sure that you know someone who lives this reality and understand the importance of keeping your kidneys healthy, clean and strong. So... What if we start today the same?

2- Symptoms that your kidneys may have a problem:

Each person will show one or more symptoms of the referenced here, we have to take them into account whenever it is something constant. I.e., there are days in which we feel more tired or swelling us legs. It is normal, but if it is rather persistent and also added discomfort or the constant urge to urinate, we should see a doctor.
Feel a nearly continuous fatigue
Have swollen legs, especially in the ankles
It bites us all over the body, we feel nervous.
Eager to urinate much more than usual
We lose appetite, feel vomiting and dizziness.
Fall asleep us hands and legs.
We looking forward to sleeping almost constantly.
There are parts of our skin that gets a little darker.

3- 5 ways to clean your kidneys:

5 Easy ways to clean your kidneys

1. The remedy of baking soda:

Sure you've already heard this recommendation. Bicarbonate acts as an electrolyte of natural origin, which allows us to control and regulate the acidity of the blood (pH level). When we have a kidney problem is very common that we suffer what is known as a renal acidosis which alters the functioning kidney. Baking soda is going to allow you to maintain an optimal balance avoiding the acidosis, in addition to this, shall ensure that there are no stones, improving also the functionality of the kidneys. It would be so ideal that you took a glass of water with a small teaspoon of bicarbonate dissolved, three times a week.

2. The benefits of Apple Cider vinegar:

In this case, Apple Cider vinegar has an acid which is beneficial for the kidneys. At first glance it may seem contradictory what we don't want is to raise the level of acidity of the blood, but what really makes apple cider vinegar is facilitate digestion, helping to purify and detoxify. It is worth then drink a glass of water with one teaspoon of this remedy after your main meal. We try it?

3. The best natural herbs for kidneys:

Phytotherapy is an ideal mechanism to clean your kidneys, filter, reduce swelling and prevent that kidney stones are formed. And what are the best plants to take a good tea or infusion mid-afternoon? Notes:

Basil, is an excellent toning of the kidneys, perfect to avoid painful stones. You can get an infusion with 5 sheets and then add a tablespoon of honey.
Dandelion: one of the best herbs to take care of our digestion, liver and kidneys. It is one of the best phyto-toxins. Simply make an infusion with two tablespoons and boil for 15 minutes. Once a day, perfect.
Ginger: If you're a devotee of ginger you're in luck. He is considered one of the best natural roots ideal to deal with aspects such as inflammation, pain, infections... also cleanses and strengthens liver and kidneys.

4. The best fruits, the best juices:

Watermelon: it is considered a healing fruit and a natural medicine for kidney. And why? because it has lots of water and above all, because it allows us to clean the blood and tissues. Remember that it is better to eat it fresh.
Pomegranate Juice: thanks to its astringent and acidic virtues make this juice that essential piece that you can not ignore.

5 Easy ways to clean your kidneys

5. A tablespoon of olive oil with lemon in the morning:

As you may know, olive oil is rich in oleic acid, an acid with anti-inflammatory properties perfect to take care of our body. Another fact to keep in mind is that you have perfect monounsaturated fats to avoid and prevent oxidation. If you mix this morning scoop with a few drops of lemon juice, you'll be fighting to avoid, in addition, kidney stones. So, and if we already start to put it into practice?
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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