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Medicinal plants that will relieve your hand pain

Do you suffer from pain in their hands? Then you know how disabling our day to day. Nocturnal cramps, numbness of fingers... we can do to prevent it? In many cases it is almost inevitable to submit to an operation, we know it. However, there are several herbs that can help you. We invite you to discover them with us in the following article.

Medicinal plants that will relieve your hand pain

1- How can herbs help me to ease the pain of hands?

Pain in the hand can be extended to the wrists and fingers. It is a very common reality, especially among us women. The causes can be varied and, no doubt, you know more or less what is due.
Let's do a brief review and also know how medicinal plants can help us:

Carpal tunnel: is that pain so characteristic that it happens by the median nerve, which pressed the carpal tunnel in the wrist. As you know, it causes the classic tingling and numbness of the fingers, especially at night. And the pain is very high, we know it. But how can herbs help you? There are many species that are useful to reduce both inflammation and the pain of carpal tunnel.
Rheumatoid arthritis: another very common reality that we will have to get used to live. It is a disease of the cartilage of the joints. Causes painful inflammation in the soft tissues that are both joint to its around. The cause of what is happening is not clear: the passage of time, wear, hereditary factors... There is nothing to resolve it, hence we should follow palliative treatments. Medicinal plants can help us to reduce pain, inflammation and also to nourish the cartilage.
Arthritis of the thumb: with the passage of time, it is common to suffer from osteoarthritis. Especially in the articulation of the wrist and the base of the thumb. This wear causes much pain and renders us incapable of day to day. Medicinal plants very well lessen the suffering and can serve us even substitute for pain medication.
Tendonitis: A bad move, charge something with too much weight or a small accident, can give as a result one of the tendons of the hand break. The pain is very relevant. How can medicinal plants help us? To lower inflammation, reduce the numbness and pain.

2- Medicinal plants that relieve the pain of hands:

Medicinal plants that will relieve your hand pain

1. The turmeric:

Simply ideal for treating the pain of your hands, whatever its origin: articulate, carpal tunnel, tendinitis... We explain why:

It has strong anti-inflammatory properties and acts at the level of the entire organism.
Turmeric is suitable for pain joint. He is considered the best natural resource to control the symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
It has multiple benefits, in addition to treat inflammation. It is a great antioxidant and has minerals and vitamins that will allow you to restore the cartilage that surrounds your joints.
It is a good supplement to take daily. The best are two infusions a day, with a small tea as a teaspoon.

2. Ginger:

You have spoken many times of the benefits of ginger. You know that it is more than ideal to treat as common as pain realities joint and rheumatic, hence we recommend it strongly:
Ginger is the most widely used since antiquity anti-inflammatory and anti rheumatic agent.
Ginger extract acts directly on the issues joint and rheumatic. It is very effective for treating the pain of hands.
It reduces swelling and inflammation, so it is very suitable if you suffer, for example, of tendinitis.
You can make an infusion and take two cups a day. Grate the root to get a scoop and carry it to the tea with a glass of water boiling. It is perfect.

3. Burdock root:

Do you know it? You can easily find burdock in natural stores. Pharmacies also tend to sell it in the form of tablets to treat pain joints. Here are the benefits:

Burdock provides us with a good treasure trove of essential fatty acids which take care of our cartilages, feed them and reduce the pain.
It is a perfect plant for pain to articulate.
It is a natural resource that will reduce inflammation.
The most appropriate is to eat as dry and chopped burdock root. Just a spoonful, to put it to fire slow for about 10 minutes. Let stand another 5 minutes and accompany it with a little honey.

Medicinal plants that will relieve your hand pain

4. The white willow:

White willow is not so well known. You can find it in the form of tablets or ready to take in infusion in natural stores and pharmacies. But how you can help us with the pain of hands? Notes:

It is a great pain reliever, very similar to aspirin.
It has anti-inflammatory properties.
It is very useful in the treatment of muscle pain or joint.
To take it, the ideal is to make a decoction with the equivalent of a tablespoon. Combined with Mint or Ginger is usually taken and has good flavor. It is worth to try it.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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