Tuesday, August 4, 2015

What is anxiety and how to overcome it?

Do you have anxiety? Many people would respond that Yes, but nevertheless they could not explain exactly what is. And without knowing it, it is still difficult to find a solution. Natural remedies, relaxing plants, emotional therapy, exercise, nutritional supplements.
Good tips to reduce anxiety there are many, but in this article you will truly learn what is anxiety, which will also lead to the only way we have to remove it from our daily life and improve our physical and emotional health of the most natural and effective way.

What is anxiety and how to overcome it?

1- It is not your enemy:

In general when we are suffering from any health problems, both physical and emotional, often react as if we were before an enemy. However, many natural medicine specialists have explained to us that our body always tends to try to survive, and precisely is forced to call attention to our bad habits with what we know as diseases.
For example, if you have fever we must understand that our organism is raising the temperature of the body to combat the harmful germs that we want to make sick.
If we have a headache possibly we are doing too much mental effort or have a glut of toxins in our body.
Similarly, the anxiety also appears so we understand something about ourselves.

2- It is a Messenger:

The anxiety has appeared in your life to tell you something that you are denying something that don't want to listen to or accept, but however know that it is true. Sounds you any of these phrases?
I don't really enjoy with what I do
I feel overloaded, work beyond my means
There is something that prevents me from being happy
I'm not doing what you desire
I care too much what family or friends think of me
I can hardly assume commitments or responsibilities
I want to make a major change but I don't dare
I feel that I don't control my life
People who suffer anxiety tend to have some of these feelings, but most don't have come to raise, or perhaps have done so but have not paid attention to him.

What is anxiety and how to overcome it?

3- Then, what is:

For this reason we can say that anxiety is a self-defense mechanism, a smart way that we talk to ourselves, compel us to listen to us. If we suffer anxiety we have to know that there is something that we must change. Real change related to our environment, our way of life or the people who surround us.
Until we do not change that we will not remove it from our lives, by many conventional or natural treatments that we do.

4- The fear of anxiety:

One of the biggest problems that people suffering from anxiety have is that they are afraid of. It feel when they are nervous and that generates still more anxiety. When we realize this detail and be able to maintain the serenity we realize that we have already won him lot.
Perhaps we feel tremors, cold sweat, it accelerates the heart, we have, it costs us to breathe, lose vision or us low. What can we do at this time of crisis? Sit, breathe deep and not give more importance than it has. When we're already calmer will be the time to reflect on the cause that the has originad

What is anxiety and how to overcome it?

5- Pre-broadcast signals:

Our body is giving us listings until we suffer the anxiety for the first time. If we learn to detect them we can also prevent future anxiety:

Tendency to suffer recurrent diseases
Impatience and lack of control
If you are experiencing some of these symptoms or you're starting to notice the anxiety we recommend you start to consider changes in your life. In this way it you can kill in the most natural way, improve your quality of life and preventing other more serious diseases in the future.
If we learn to observe our body and listen to ourselves, our body won't need to go us warning repeatedly. There is no more natural and effective medicine that put this into practice.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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