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The 5 best foods to reduce uric acid

Do you have a high level of uric acid? Joints hurt you and become inflamed, like for example the fingers? It would be appropriate that in addition to follow medical guidelines, you improve your diet with these tips. Would you like to know how the following vegetables can you help?

The 5 best foods to reduce uric acid

Appropriate fruit to lower your uric acid:

We know, sometimes we eat poorly. We have inadequate power and life habits which, in the end, we pass a major Bill. But, why is the uric acid actually formed. You should keep in mind that there are certain foods that end up in our body synthesizing called purines, waste resulting from the anchovies, salami, meat hunting, livers and even beverages such as soda. They crystallize and form a sort of crystallites that depart from the kidney to the bloodstream and are concentrated in the joints, inflaming them and causing great pain.
Very characteristic, for example, is the swelling of the toe of the foot, hands, knees. We can suffer the dreaded drop, for example, and it can become very severe and painful. Can we treat it? Since then. We will have to follow medical guidelines and take the medication we prescribe, but just as basic it is to correct our food and our diet. What if we try it? What if we start including these foods in our diet? Great, here we go!

1. The healthy artichokes:

Possibly from the best vegetables to reduce the uric acid. Its secret is that are diuretic and are ideal for the Elimination of toxins, preventing fluid retention. In addition, we must not forget that they provide us with many minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. They are rich in fiber, protein and always wonderful fatty acids.
And what can we do to benefit from the artichokes? Boil them, then drink the resulting broth of the cooking, and how not, to serve the artichoke with a drizzle of olive oil and Apple Cider vinegar. Delicious!

2. Ancient remedy, the onion:

Do not hesitate to consume it. If in ancient times it was used to get rid of many diseases, why not include it in our usual manner dishes? Since then. It's great to reduce the levels of uric acid in our blood, so slowly down the hyperuricemia. And even more, will allow us to lower triglycerides. Great as you can see.
But... do you know what is the best way for onion helps to reduce cholesterol? Takes note. What we do is Cook a couple of not-very-large onions. Peel them and open them in two pieces. Once are already soft, separates the resulting water and put it in a bottle along with the juice of half a lemon. This is what drink throughout a day. Very easy.

The 5 best foods to reduce uric acid

3. Tasty pumpkin:

Are you passionate about squash? It is excellent and very healthy. One of those vegetables greatly diuretics that will allow us to eliminate uric acid through urination. It will make us delete all that spare us and us is harmful, that is why it is worth inclusion in our diet. It is worth to bake them, such as the above. Also in the oven it is delicious and very appropriate. It passes by high pumpkin seeds are also very healthy.

4. The celery, always medicinal:

Do you know what can help us celery? This product always tasty and combine so well in our dishes, it has an alkalizing effect in the blood that allows us to go reducing and eliminating uric acid in a natural way. It cleans our blood, cleanses toxic and is also ideal for go losing weight. Once more, to serve us from it, what we do is boil it in water.

5. The delicious carrots:

Another essential vegetables for all those people who have uric acid. As well as tasty and suitable for many of our dishes, carrots have alkalizing effects very effective to remove excess these purines and crystals which are stored in our joints. You can get rich juices, if you combine for example two medium-sized carrots with a beet and raisins for the Blender, you will get an excellent natural juice for your dinner. Do you feel like?

The 5 best foods to reduce uric acid

Don't forget it!

Remember first and foremost also limit consumption of meats of hunting, entrails, sausages, beer, anchovies, sardines, seafood... Get some exercise and mentalizing you to care for your health full. Little by little you will be feeling better. But remember, always follow the advice of your doctor and also add to your diet fruits suitable as cherries, citrus, or blueberries. They are rich in vitamin C, essential for reducing your uric acid levels.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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