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Food and habits that cause early wrinkles

Although it is believed that wrinkles are the result of aging, recent research indicates that not only the passage of time cause those marks and "grooves" on the skin, especially on the face. Food and certain unhealthy habits are causing this problem, a real 'nightmare' for women.
What you should know is that wrinkles are due to aging, it is not correct is that aging is when we meet years, since there is either premature or induced and that is what must be avoided. At the same time add the fact that with age the cell division becomes slower and causes that elastin, hydrogen and humidity decrease in skin, it gives as a result, the dreaded "wrinkles".

Food and habits that cause early wrinkles

1- Types of wrinkles:

Wrinkles can be classified into three groups according to their origin, appearance or depth:

Gravitational wrinkles: are caused by gravity because the force acts on the skin and the "pulls" down. This resistance is determined each person's genes and the type of dermis that has, as well as care to provide you. One of most common gravitational wrinkles are which are located on the sides of the mouth, pulling down the lips.
Dynamic wrinkles: the origin is the movement of the muscles in the face, i.e., those used to smile, talk, smoking, etc. Patterns of movement are those who cause a different wrinkle on each person. For example, if you drink with Sorbet or mate is taken, shall be a different wrinkle than if gesticulate a lot to talk about. Become even more evident if the elastin and collagen are lost. Above the lip, forehead and "Crow's feet" in the outline of the eyes are the best known.
Wrinkles of mixed origin: are caused by a combination of the two previous groups, i.e., gravity and motion. An example are clear neck, appearing by gravity, and the repetition of the gesture of "affirming".

Food and habits that cause early wrinkles

2- What are the habits that cause wrinkles?

In addition to the natural effect of the skin and the passage of time, some people have wrinkles being younger than others. The reason? Not bring healthy habits in your life, since causing marks on the face are:

Alcoholic beverages: the deterioration of a person drinking every day or enough on weekends, for example, makes that they left two years into the normal life of skin.
Sedentary lifestyle: it is proven that the lack of weekly exercise causes wrinkles on the skin.
Insomnia: not sleep well is linked to premature aging of the dermis, since sleep stimulates the production of a hormone that helps produce and reduce the renewal of collagen.
Excess of Sun: If you go bronceandote, the rays of the Sun will make your lines to increase, as well as cause thickening of the dermis, stains and even the chance of developing skin cancer.
Cigarette: this is a very bad habit for several reasons. In relation to wrinkles, because nicotine doesn't allow the skin to "breathe". Also, "beep" cigarette makes mark more wrinkles around the mouth, especially on the upper lip.
Stress: the symptoms are similar to the insomnia. Being nervous or under pressure is synonymous with aged faces, appearance of wrinkles, rods and alopecia.
No breakfast: is a very frequent and "current" mistake of society, that no breakfast as expected, due to lack of time or custom. The first meal of the day should be the most important of the day and if it's healthy or balanced, much better.
Anger: people who build up resentment and old accusations presented an increase in the activity of your nervous system, which worsens their quality of sleep and its aesthetics.
Sweets: A food that is not only based on sugars cause obesity and overweight, but there also increased risk of developing diabetes, wrinkles and acne.
Diseases: some ailments in particular can cause wrinkles, either by side effect of medication or disease itself. The balance of the body is sometimes difficult to maintain.
Sudden weight loss: those who have overweight and slim quickly, not only show changes in relation to the kilos, but also to that seem to "older". Subcutaneous fat is by filling the grooves and it may seem that the skin is smooth, so to lose weight, this completely changes.

Food and habits that cause early wrinkles

3- Foods that cause wrinkles:

The main enemy of the skin beautiful and younger are sugars. But attention, not only desserts, chocolates or sweets, but all food that causes "glycation", i.e., a reaction between carbohydrates, proteins and fats, at high temperatures. Prevents marinate meat, Cook the fish with potatoes, reduce the amount of food made over high heat (always fire low- to -moderate, but take more time to prepare) and not to drink plenty of fluids during meals.
Instead, consume more vegetables and fruits instead of sugars, because the first eliminate the free radicals that cause the seconds. And they are also rich in antioxidants, not fattening and delicious. You can wear your several years more youthful face.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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