Thursday, August 27, 2015

How to overcome anxiety

You're about to get married, you graduate from College, you have a business meeting or an interview which can change your professional life. There are many reasons why we may feel anxious. The good news is that there are several natural methods that will help you overcome anxiety. Meet them in the next article.

How to overcome anxiety

Change your habits to reduce anxiety:

This is the first step that you have available and must meet if you want to stop being anxious or nervous. Among these changes we can highlight the following.

Eliminate the anxiety-causing foods:

Our food is more linked to how we feel. There are foods or ingredients that may be increasing your anxiety levels and not you noticed it. One of them is the coffee, an energizing par excellence and that is missing in any office. If you drink much coffee on a daily basis, you can opt for decaffeinated or Deglaze it with milk.
On the other hand, full of sugars and starch foods are not good either in your situation. Perhaps you think that ice cream, cookies or candies can be an excellent option to reduce stress, however, the relief is not only passed, but it also has counterproductive effects in the medium term. The best is to eat more fruits and vegetables.
And, thirdly, we have the spirit, which while it dissipates the tension instantly, its consequences can be quite negative. If glasses go once every now and then with your colleagues there is no problem, but not an output of several times a week.

Increasing foods that improve your mood:

In addition to the indicated before, you have to know that there are different foods that make us be happier. A balanced diet, for example, is very important, because having adequate nutrients the body be able to defend the anxiety. The recommended are foods that have many antioxidants, as the case of blueberries, that will help you cheer up and at the same time is reduce the hormones that cause stress. Also those who have good amounts of potassium and magnesium, such as almonds, pumpkin seeds, bitter chocolate, or bran.

How to overcome anxiety

Do exercise:

Did you know that a good session of physical activity can eliminate the anxiety of your body? And, in addition, exercise will bring you a great feeling of well-being for several hours once you finish the routine. For example, you can choose to cardiovascular exercise like biking or running, also boxing, weightlifting or aerobics classes.
Yoga, although it seems very quiet, really allows you to work all the muscles of the body. At the same time the quietness of the room where you practice it will result in an excellent remedy for anxiety. If you're not exercising or think that you don't have time to do this, you can at least go out walking with your dog or play with your kids, go shopping on foot or go to work by bike.

Breathe deeply:

Deep and conscious breathing is one of the best ways to reduce anxiety and stress. The majority of people perform a shallow breathing (of chest), where enters air in the lungs rapidly and then exhaled. If you feel very anxious, just close your eyes, get a deep breath through your nose, imagining how to enter the air to your body, achieves that your stomach is full. Keep the air for a few seconds and then breathe out slowly. It is repeat this sequence at least five times.

Do something that you love:

Anxiety is often caused by a lack of relaxing or rewarding activities. If we had us all day working or fulfilling obligations, more likely that we do days missing for the holiday or weekend. This means that we focus on the future and not enjoy the present, a common problem in the anxious. Then, if you like to read, read. If you like to sleep, sleep. If you like to do crafts, make crafts. If you love to dance, dance. If you want to paint, paint. All that hobby or pastime makes you happy is welcome. It will be a great therapy to eliminate anxiety.

Create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation:

If you live with your family or partner, ask them to go even for an hour, or take advantage when there is nobody at home. Your home is your den, your refuge, the site where all the problems of work disappear. He lights candles, incense or stoves with essential oils. Give you an immersion bath or a hot shower, put soothing music, lie down on the couch to read or look out the window while you drink a tea. Get everything that calms you and do not allow you to think about bringing your anxiety.

How to overcome anxiety

You vacate your agenda:

Perhaps during the workday, you have a lot of tasks or activities to do and that increases your anxiety out of the office. However, many events that we have post-trabajo may also be doing ourselves wrong and increase our anxiety levels. For example, if three times a week are going to College, stay Friday with friends for dinner once a week going to eat with your parents,Saturday you spend it shopping, cleaning or visiting loved ones Sunday you take advantage of to make your kids look to their grandparents, you will every day during the lunch hour to do gymnastics... When do you have time to rest?
Your personal relationships are important, but that will do not become a burden on your agenda. It devotes a day or at least a few hours to "do nothing", rests more, do not pretend that your days will have 30 hours, you are a human being and at some point your body will start to complain so much loading activities.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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