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8 Tips for slimming your face

How I can remove that fat that accumulates for example in our cheeks or Chin? Sometimes we can lose weight, but yet our face remains little round and with volume, a trait that muddies our beauty and want to correct. Advice can follow to lose weight or a little tune our face? We will explain you.

8 Tips for slimming your face

1- Is the face possible to slim?

Know you, obviously who wants to wear a thinner face also need to lose weight in your body, since one thing is associated with the other. But there are occasions in which, while our body have an acceptable line, our face begins to swell a little more, to show off some more overweight cheeks, with a little more than Gill.
The causes of this are often most of the time due to fluid retention and even to the effect of certain medications. To get a face thinner and less bulky, we will have to have an impact on two aspects:

Our food.
Facial gymnastics.
Firming creams.
You don't need to go to a surgeon, not at all. We assure you that with a little effort and focusing on these points, we can get it. Anyway, if you take medication and see that your face is now more swollen, consult your doctor to rule out as a side effect. Keep in mind that medications such as cortisone for example, change the appearance of people in a big way

2- Tips to lose weight in your face:

8 Tips for slimming your face

1. Prevent fluid retention:

As usual, we will begin to keep a proper diet. One of the main causes that sometimes show a more Coated face than usual, is fluid retention. We bloat us. Are swollen cheeks, dark circles, our eyelids... What can we do? A depurative diet. Remove the salt. Eliminate sugar, sweets, refined flour, red meat, salted fish... starts the day with a glass of warm water with lemon for breakfast after, for example a bowl of oatmeal with grapes or plums, or some fruit red if you are able.
It is ideal for example to drink pineapple juice, that do salad of papaya and green tea every afternoon. All us cleanses, ago to remove toxins, that we avoid fluid retention. Try to at least take a diet of juices and vegetables for four days a month. It is always very flattering to drain and detoxify our body.

2. Drink two liters of water a day:

Hidratacion-hidratacion - hydration. It is essential that we maintain our well hydrated body this we provide our organs to perform cleansing duties in a more comfortable way, we avoid withholding, the kidneys function better... If you see that it costs you to drink water, add a few drops of lemon.

3. Appropriate infusions:

There are first of all 3 infusions that you will serve as a great help to debug, to burn fat and to balance our body. The first is the infusion of ginger. We can take it twice a day. Grate the root to get a teaspoon, or purchase infusion prepared at your retailer. Bring it to a boil in a cup of water and allow it to rest. Ideal for the morning and afternoon.
The second infusion have already mentioned you it, is green tea. A great antioxidant and a good cleanser. The third is the infusion of eucalyptus. It helps our circulation, eliminates toxins and is ideally suited for certain diets. You can also take two a day.

4. Firming homemade cream for the face:

Firming creams for the face there are many on the market. You can choose one that will be most beneficial or you like more. We, for our part, we recommend a home with totally natural elements, notes:

A natural yogurt without sugar
Two tablespoons of oat
Three tablespoons of orange juice
A capsulita of vitamin E (you can buy them in drug stores)
You do not have more than mix all ingredients well and apply it on your face at night (2 times per week). An upward massage and leave to act for 15 minutes. Then, remove with cold water.

8 Tips for slimming your face

5. Exercises to lose weight face:

1. The exaggerated smile. We already know that smile is good, but this time we are going to cope with the mirror and in the most exaggerated way possible. In this way we exercise most of the muscles of your face. Repeat 15 times. Very easy right?
2. Exercise of the "fish face". Quiet, obviously we will do these exercises when we are alone and in front of our mirror. It's a simple gymnastic facial to practice every day to tone and remove some fat from our cheeks and jowl. The face of fish consists of sucking the cheeks, as doing one side of fish. The lips are very pursed and similar to a peak. We will try to keep this position for 5 to 10 seconds, relax and repeat 5 times again it.
3. Fill the mouth of air. Very easy also, what we will do is take air until the cheeks are inflated. We maintain them for 10 seconds and release the air. How many times repeat you? between 8 and 12 times.
4. The vowels. Another fun exercise. We will begin by contracting and relaxing the muscles of the face to a mirror. We will start pronouncing the letter 'A' (but without voice, only with the gesture), we will do it with force. Then, repeat it with the letters "E", "O" and "U". It is ideal to repeat it 10 times with each letter.
Simple exercises to our face that you can repeat each day. Little by little you will see the results.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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