Monday, August 17, 2015

Tips, recommendations and remedies for not biting your nails

The onychophagy is a problem of psychological type, which is usually related to the improper behaviour of a State of anxiety, boredom or fear manifestation. Often, people are not given account is biting your nails and this activity increases in periods of greater exposure to the trigger, for example, unemployment, and a loving break, the Organization of wedding preparations for a long journey. It's a way of auto punish or as a way of channeling the sufferings.
People who have this problem not only bite the nails but also tend to nibble around skin soft tissues and cuticle, causing damage and pain. Children and young people are more vulnerable to onychophagy, since your prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for impulse control is not yet fully developed.

Tips, recommendations and remedies for not biting your nails

1- Nail-biter, not only a problem of appearances:

The onychophagy has a direct health relationship since the fact of eating or biting your nails can produce:
Injured or bleeding into the cuticles
Infections by fungi or bacteria
Deformity or enfleshment of nails
Dental problems such as tooth decay or enamel wear
Injury to the gums and mouth ulcers by the spread of germs
Diseases in the stomach (when the nails are swallowed)
Disadvantages lung if the nail is embedded in the pharynx or is sucked
Aware is one of the most effective remedies to stop biting nails, since, as I said previously, the person does not notice your "activity". Psychologists suggest that the best thing is:
Identify what situations or times of the day jogging habit of biting nails (touching the nail, scratching them, pass them by clothing)
Know what are the reasons that cause or stimulate take fingers in their mouth (study, read, watch television or computer, nerves, discussions, anxiety)
Become aware of situations that prevent keep the habit (sports, eat a fruit, out walking, solve problems, work more, painted nails)
Be self-critical about the State of the nails (are ugly, they are horrible, fingers are deformed, I can not paint me as I am, I'm embarrassed show my hands, etc).

Tips, recommendations and remedies for not biting your nails

2- Habits to stop eating your nails:

Some of these tips can help you to set aside this bad habit
Paint nails: many people hate the taste of enamel, so keep them painted, even though they are short, can be a good way to not eat them. Men can use a transparent glaze. The women also, since a dark color with tiny nails is not very nice, but that is a matter of taste. In pharmacies and perfumeries specifically created glazes are achieved to avoid the onychophagy, because they know and smell bad.
Put false nails: nail sculpted or false, i.e. acrylic can help prevent the bad habit. The problem is that this practice can weaken quite real nails, since liman enough and placed different products over.
Search for a substitute: A candy, chewing gum, stick or fruit can help to avoid the anxiety of biting something; something similar to what happens with people that they are trying to quit smoking.
Put a guard: there is a kind of latex gloves that are placed on the fingers separately. Wool gloves can be used in winter.
Seek help: If the problem is due to anxiety or stress problems, ask for consultation with a professional can be helpful. Also a good idea to ask family and friends which make some kind of comment if you see that the person with this problem is eating nails.
Set achievable goals: if it seems to be impossible to stop eating nails, you can start slowly. For example, first with one hand. This method has the benefit of seeing the difference between a bite and the other in growth.

Tips, recommendations and remedies for not biting your nails

3- Home remedies for the onychophagy:

It is true that failure to eat or nail-biter is not a simple task, because it is not always something conscious. Some homemade recipes are very effective in this goal that takes its time
Pour two tablespoons of Valerian in a cup with boiling water, cover and let cool. Strain and drink a cup a day. It is a soothing natural that will leave side anxiety and stress, cause of this bad habit.
Pour two tablespoons of passion flower in a cup with boiling water. Cover and let cool, then strain and drink a Cup.
Chew a piece of root ginger wash. This will serve to reduce the anxiety that makes you eat or bite your nails.
Chew chewing sugar-free gum or any diet candies to avoid tooth decay and weight gain.
Coat your nails with lemon juice to avoid carrying them to the mouth. You can also rub a clove of garlic or a spicy chili sauce in them. Many choose to throw some cut well small cloves of garlic inside the enamel and paint as usual
It carries out a diet rich in vitamin B and Omega 3 fatty acids, which are found in certain foods such as milk, nuts, oatmeal, chocolate and fish.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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