Tuesday, August 18, 2015

If you want to lose weight, forget about counting calories

Those who decide to follow a diet to lose weight tend to focus on values-caloric food as if it was the most reliable way of controlling food to lose weight.
However, more and more studies show that this is a wrong and damaging way of planning our diet. In this article you will learn why.

If you want to lose weight, forget about counting calories

1- Calories are just one fact:

Calories of a food are as important as its content in other nutritional values: fat, protein, fiber, carbohydrates, etc. It is not the same to consume 100 calories of fruit than cake, since the body non digested and assimilate the nutrients in the same way. For example, without we consume a food such as avocado, is very caloric but also rich in healthy fats and fiber, our body assimilate more easily those fats and fiber containing also help to better delete what you don't need.
On the other hand, if we consume a food rich in sugars, harmful fats and refined flour, possibly our body will detect it immediately as food to be stored, since it will give you many fewer nutrients.

2- Are there foods that thin?

We say that there are foods that slim because the calories that wears the body to digest them are higher than the calories that contain. This shows that with these foods not should we count calories, since eating them we would be actually spending more energy, i.e., slimming.
These foods, that spend more calories than contain, are known as negative calories foods, and are mainly fruits and vegetables, such as which they quote below:




Red fruits
We therefore recommend that our diet is based largely on these foods.

If you want to lose weight, forget about counting calories

3- Fat, good fat bad:

Calories are generally proportional to the fat content of food; However, also in the type of fat foods are differentiable, and always choose those that are natural and beneficial. On the other hand, fats are essential for our body and also to promote the Elimination of fatty deposits of our body, so remove them from the diet would be a big mistake.

Examples of healthy fats:

First cold-pressed vegetable oils
Dried fruits
Blue fish
Egg yolk

Examples of harmful fats:

Red meat and sausages
Margarine and other trans fats
Fried foods
Dairy products

4- Fiber:

We can not assess the calorie content of a food regardless of whether it has or not insoluble fiber. The fiber itself not nurtures us, but it helps that the food not fattening us both.
It is satiating properties, so we won't need to eat so much, and also helps eliminate everything the body does not need.
For example, if we have given us a whim (cake, ice cream, sweet), this fatten less if we also eat a food rich in fiber, such as for example an Apple.
What are the foods that contain fiber naturally?
Dried fruits
Whole grain cereal
If we increase our intake of foods rich in fiber it is possible to notice initially some seemingly negative, such as bloating, gas or even constipation symptoms. These symptoms are temporary, while our body adapts to these foods. We will avoid them if we chewing them well and drinking water sufficient outside meals.

If you want to lose weight, forget about counting calories

Final tips:

All explained in this article recommend forget counting calories and instead devote your efforts to choose natural, healthy foods that provide you all the necessary nutrients.
The power must be balanced. We must not consume fewer calories or less fat, but choose more quality food. A lack of healthy fats may lead us, for example, premature ageing of the skin, dryness of the scalp, a drop of defenses, constipation, etc.
We must not overdo the protein of animal origin, as proposed by other diets, since this can damage the operation of our liver and kidneys and eventually cause the dreaded rebound effect.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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