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Lose weight naturally with water of oats

Few foods can be as healthy as the oats. Studies on it tell us that it is a wonderful metabolic regulator, i.e. you purge all that which of our body and will also cover shortages. Taking care of our heart, our intestines, not forgetting of course, which helps us to go lose weight week would like to know how?
FDA (food and drug US Administration) tells us that it is one of the healthier foods that can be found, a source of energy and vitality that we should include in our diet daily. It would therefore in a very natural way which go to losing weight without suffering too much and even less, go hungry. We will explain you.

1- Benefits of oats:

Lose weight naturally with water of oats

1. Reduces cholesterol and takes care of our heart:

Simply take an infusion of oats in fasting for lowering cholesterol. Its rich oils omega 6 and linoleic acid, are fatty calls good, able to reduce bad cholesterol and take care of our heart.

2. Low calorie:

Oats has very few calories and has a satiating effect. Its fats are very healthy, it contains fiber, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and fibre. It is definitely a super food.

3. Cleansing:

There are a few amino acids that induces us to produce lecithin in the liver, which is necessary to help us debug our organism. Consuming oats will allow us to clean the walls of the arteries, dragging through the fiber, fat deposits that form on them.

4. Control of sugar:

The Oatmeal is highly recommended for diabetics. Their soluble fiber improves the digestion of starch and keeps blood sugar levels stable. A wonderful ally in these cases.

Lose weight naturally with water of oats

5. Improving digestion:

Oats reduces our bile acids, facilitating transit and avoiding constipation. Besides its carbohydrates are slow absorption, which gives us a feeling of fullness perfect for go losing kilos and not have the need to eat between meals, or eat too much.

6. It is anti-cancer:

There are many studies that have been made on the matter, concluding that certain phytochemicals of oats, it helps us to protect ourselves against cancer, hence it is highly recommended to consume it on a daily basis.

2- Why may we oats water lose weight?

Water oatmeal in fasting helps us to lose weight because its composition, based on vitamins, minerals and fiber, gives us a satiating feeling that we won't need to snack between hours, or eating large amounts of food.
The Agency provides beneficial properties as, little by little, we will lose weight.
Oats removes all the toxins that our body is generating and storing. If we are nurturing us through his water, he will give us proteins, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
It is also diuretic, prevents the accumulation of fluids in our body and make us feel better.

3- How do I take water from oatmeal to go to lose weight?

Lose weight naturally with water of oats

1. How often I take it?

Making oatmeal in fasting to lose weight for a month followed. This will allow us to be satiated and empty for almost all morning and will give us the energy and fiber needed to start the day. You can also take another glass before your main meals.

2. How do I take it?

Grab a cup of oatmeal, a stick of cinnamon and two liters of water.
In the Blender, put the oats accompanied by a glass of water, and get a good homogeneous mixture. You can then include already the rest of water, cinnamon, and the sweetener that you want, either stevia or two teaspoons of honey. If you see that there is still some stroke of oats, you can strain it. Then, put the water in the refrigerator, so it have all-day. Start Breakfast with a glass, then, is ideal to drink it before meals will help you to be well nourished and quenched.

3. Example of a day diet with water of oats:

Breakfast: a glass of water for oatmeal, an Apple and an infusion.
Food: 1 glass of oat drink water. Salad with spinach, asparagus and nines and a Turkey Breast.
Snack: a green tea.
Dinner: a glass of water for oatmeal. Aubergines baked and slices of beet with a splash of lemon. For dessert an Apple with cinnamon.
As you can see, the most important thing is start the day with that glass of water of oats, and include it as a beverage in your meals, always balanced and without committing excesses. If you eat it in this way for a month, you will see as you're losing weight.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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