Monday, August 10, 2015

Smoothies to shrink your belly

Smoothies have been becoming fashion increasingly more because of its fruity taste, creamy texture, their irresistible appearance and its healthy properties. They are the ideal alternative to take a mid-morning or mid-afternoon irrespective of flours, sugars and processed products.
We shared three irresistible smoothies, one green, one yellow and one Orange, which also have the property of combat swelling of belly to improve our digestive function and intestinal transit.

Smoothies to shrink your belly

1- 100% healthy smoothies to shrink your belly:

Smoothies are usually prepared with fruits, fresh, frozen, or concentrate, and mixed with dairy products or ice cream. Since that in this article we present are the healthier version, without therefore lose flavor, we offer some alternatives to make them the most digestive and possible light:
Instead of milk or yogurt, we will use a drink or cream vegetable rice, oats, coconut, or spelt, which you can find in any dietary or organic supermarket.
Instead sweeten with sugar we use agave, honey or refined stevia extract syrup.
The fruits that we use will be fresh and, if possible, ecological.

2- What do we contribute?:

These smoothie recipes provide us with large amounts of fruit and/or vegetables that we will be able to modify according to our tastes.
They are very nutritious, rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, but however not get fat if that does not help us to lose weight, they are also very satiating. They are the ideal snack morning or to media later, or even to surprise the guests at lunch or dinner. In this case we will try to serve them in wide glasses or cups, we will decorate them with any ingredient containing and, optionally, with a little vegetable cream of rice, oatmeal or coconut.
Smoothies can be taken at any age. For children they are an original and nutritious way of giving them fruit, and both his case and the people who make important physical effort can add them also nuts ground, to make sure the daily dose of protein.

Smoothies to shrink your belly

3- Green Smoothie:

Green leafy vegetables are very rich in magnesium and fiber, helps us to purify the body and act as regulators of the nervous system. It is a way to "drink" us a good Salad from early in the morning but enjoying the sweet taste of the smoothie. In addition, the avocado brings the creaminess and fatty acids essential for health.
If we take this smoothie in the morning we will improve intestinal transit in a natural way, without having to take laxatives.

What ingredients do we need?:

Avocado (including, if we, the zest of the seed)
Fresh spinach
Well ripe plantain
Drink vegetable or Apple juice
Agave, honey or stevia syrup
We baet the ingredients well and serve them in a wide glass, which we decorate with a slice of Apple or banana.

4- Yellow Smoothie:

Yellow smoothie is an ideal remedy to improve our digestion, help us to avoid fluid retention, activate your metabolism and even help in slimming diets.
This smoothie tastes refreshing, tropical and slightly spicy, ideal for times of heat. We will need to add a vegetable cream to give you the creaminess of the drink

Very ripe pineapple
Juice of ginger or ginger in powder
Coco powder
Vegetable oats, rice or Coconut cream
Purified stevia
In addition, we can use the skin of pineapple, which also has many beneficial health properties, boiling it for 15 minutes and letting it stand for another 5 minutes. We can also include this decoction in our smoothies.

Smoothies to shrink your belly

5- Orange smoothie:

The orange smoothie recommend especially to people suffering from intestinal problems such as constipation, diarrhea, colitis, parasites, etc. Its flavor, in addition, still delicious in addition to its health benefits.

We will need:

Papaya (including some of its seeds, with anti-parasitic properties
Flax seeds (put to soak in a little water during the night. This water also add to the smoothie)
Vegetable drink
Organic Orange Peel (use only a small piece)
Agave, honey or purified stevia syrup
We beat the ingredients until you consider that the papaya and flax seeds are well ground. We can decorate with some peeling of Orange, whole or chopped
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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