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10 Habits to be more happy

It is possible to "Be happy as a worm". Do you remember when she was the last time you laughed out loud, to hurt the stomach? Or when did you feel full for the good things that happen you daily? If you think that sadness or dissatisfaction are dominating your life, read this article to know the best habits to be more happy.

How to be happier?

10 Habits to be more happy

Spend more time in the open air:

If all week you are locked up in an office or on a floor without a tree around, weekends take advantage to go to a park, a village surrounded by nature, to the beach. Spend time outdoors will make you're better mood, your mental health will thank you. The green color, is scientifically proven, generates not only happiness, but also positive and emotional stability. And in addition, go to a site where the silence is the only sound, you will relax and lower your stress levels. Take Sun for a few minutes will help you to produce vitamin D, closely related to good health, but also to be happy and to eliminate depression.

Exude more:

Tend not to be very physical exercise lovers, however, this has many advantages, as well as helping us if we want to lose weight or tone up the muscles. Basically, because it allows us to release toxins. A session of training or at least one walk around a park will make you to eliminate the toxicity in your body, which translates into happiness and production of hormones that fight disease. As if outside little, your skin will look much nicer, you will free up tensions and to the night "will sleep like an Angel".

More Sleep:

No matter the amount of activities you do every day, it is necessary that you sleep between 7 and 8 hours (!) overnight. And if you have the possibility of enjoying a NAP, do not hesitate. Sleep is associated with good humour, optimism and productivity. Spare the hours of sleep, on the other hand, causes depression, irritability, headache, etc. If possible, try to comply with hours to go to bed and get up, so the mind and body are used.


You don't need trips to Tibet and enter in a temple full of monks of skinhead. You can meditate at home when you have a few minutes each day. Or find you the perfect place and the ideal time to do it. Some choose to practice meditation in the early morning to feel more full and happy all day, others choose to meditate when the sun sets to remove all the bad vibes of the day. It is up to you. At the beginning it will be difficult to "leave blank mind", but little by little you will succeed.

10 Habits to be more happy

Get a new hobby:

A hobby is mentally stimulating, as well as being something fun that you removed from the routine. A hobby will lead you to be happier, because it will increase your self-confidence, will allow you to make friends, enjoy quality time doing something that you like, set aside the sedentary lifestyle, fulfill a dream, etc. If you always wanted to learn French, make taekwondo, or playing the piano, this is the perfect time!

Listen to positive music:

It may be the kind of music that you like, disco, electronica, salsa and pop. The important thing is that it makes you feel good. Put it at full volume when you are in your House and you order or prepare dinner, put the headphones and enjoy it when you go in the morning to work, make sure your life is always music. Thus you can reduce stress and be more happy. And if you feel like dancing don't you repress it!

Write what happens:

All people have issues and concerns. A good way to find a relief or a solution is writing on the subject. You will feel more relieved than if you take a daily (no one has to read it). Record the negative thoughts you have, get a ball with the paper and throw it away. With this "symbolic" Act, the brain will realize that what was written on this sheet is not good for you. You don't need to be a perfect writer, notes what appears in your head and not think about the syntax or spelling errors.

Be grateful:

How long that you don't say "thank you"? Being grateful and having an attitude of gratitude is really very important to be happy. And that word that sometimes seems so difficult that out of our lips, is the treatment that exists. You not only have to tell someone else, but yourself. Thanks for the good things you have (which are really many), feel happy for affection, health, home, work, projects, the bed in which you sleep and food from your plate. Be grateful of life will allow you to experience more than positive emotions.

Best friend:

Do the following exercise: analyzes your attitudes as a friend and indicates whether that is what you want to receive from your friends. Do you are partner, listeners, to advise them, you are when you need? What things you would change your personality in the role of friend? Do you think that your friends are happy at your side? Friends are the family we choose, and that choice is mutual. If you feel happy with them, they also feel full with you. Cultivated friendship daily, show your feelings with your friends.

10 Habits to be more happy

Spread joy everywhere:

Do you want to be really happy? It then offers happiness wherever you go. No long faces, complaints and insults in the street. Always with a smile on your lips, a "thank you" and an attitude positive. Without a doubt, you will not fit in your environment, but you also set a precedent. People will want to imitate you will feel happy at your side, will start to smile if smile you. Remember that whatever you give, you receive it in return.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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