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4 natural fruit drinks to treat the hypertension

Hypertension, or high stress, is that evil silent that progresses to bringing serious consequences. Perform continuous checks and improve our habits of life is worth. Incorporate these tasty smoothies into your diet will help you greatly reduce your high blood pressure. Do you feel like?

4 natural fruit drinks to treat the hypertension

1- Hypertension, a silent enemy:

If your doctor has diagnosed you have tension high, no doubt will proposed you that you change some things in your life. There are who do not receive medication and prompted, simply, do some exercise, to change their eating habits, which allow smoking, etc. If they have prescribed appropriate drugs to treat hypertension, would need also not you trips either and you combines them with habits right in your day to day, because the fact of medicate us already tells us that the problem is not so banal as we might think.
The elevation of the blood pressure levels occurs when our hearts pressure stronger and inadequate on the arteries. Your contractions are stronger and your relaxation is not within normal limits. And never you have overlooked, because the consequences of hypertension are usually very dangerous:
Risks to the brain: high tension leads to the arteries become narrow and rigid, blood flow is insufficient and causes the appearance of cerebral infarctions, such as such as stroke.
Risks to kidneys: This artery stiffness before designated ago that blood will not so suitable to the kidneys, and may lead to kidney failure. And with it, the risk of having to live with dialysis, an existence that is attached to a machine that will replace the function of the kidneys. It's something that nobody wants.
Risk to the heart: is an overload, rigid arteries do not work properly and can suffer a heart attack or any other type of injury of greater or lesser severity, or it may even lead to a chronic disease such as heart failure.
Other conditions to consider: risks of the arteries of our legs are overloaded. We will feel more tired, with risk of thrombosis. High pressure also affects the health of our vision and even the health of the pancreas can alter. Without forgetting, that high blood pressure usually causes many headaches.

2- Natural fruit drinks to treat the hypertension:

4 natural fruit drinks to treat the hypertension

1. Smoothie of apple and cinnamon:

A Green Apple
A glass of drink of oatmeal
One teaspoon of cinnamon powder
You know how beneficial that is Apple for our health in general and especially for the heart. It is excellent for regulating stress and reduce the level of cholesterol. Combined with always proper drink of oatmeal and cinnamon undoubtedly get one treatment more than ideal to start the day.
You don't have more to wash the Apple - does not need that you peel it - and blending it with oats and the tablespoon of cinnamon. Mix well, and you'll see that it is so excellent to start the day.

2. Strawberry and Banana Smoothie:

8 strawberries
A banana
3 nuts
Half a glass of water or skimmed milk
This smoothie is so energetic as ideal for treating hypertension. Strawberries are a great treasure full of antioxidants etc to regulate blood pressure. For his part, banana, rich in potassium and tryptophan, rises like this fruit suitable for our heart. And what can we say of the walnuts? They are fantastic! That remedy that doctors prescribe us everyday. To do this, you do not have more than well blending fruits and nuts, thus obtaining an excellent drink.

3. Liquefied of spinach, carrots and celery:

A carrot
A sprig of celery
5 spinach
A glass of water
Very healthy for your lunch or your dinner. This blending of vegetable stands as the most optimal mode to go regulating our hypertension. You will get also rich vitamins and minerals, you favor your heart health and that your arteries are elastic and healthy, thus avoiding their hardening.
Remember to thoroughly clean the vegetables, then insert them in your blender with a glass of water. Thus we will obtain a more homogeneous and easy to drink smoothie. We encourage you to try it and see how little by little, your voltage will be regulating. is excellent!

4 natural fruit drinks to treat the hypertension

4. Orange, pear and kiwi Smoothie:

The juice of an orange
A kiwi
Half a glass of water
A medium-sized PEAR
Do you ever tried the combination of pera-naranja - kiwi? Ideal, may it seem you something strange, but they are certainly three fruits more than excellent to treat hypertension. If we take it 3 times a week for breakfast, we start the day in the best possible way. And how we will prepare? Important thing is that it is always freshly made. First get the orange juice, then blend the PEAR and kiwi, and mix it in a glass of water. The flavor is simply Super.
If you combine these smoothies with a good diet rich in fruits, vegetables, water and avoid salt in each of your dishes, you'll see how every day you'll find much better. Your health is worth it.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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