Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The best Detox tea

As we know, our body tends to stay different toxins that can severely affect our health. Therefore, it is very important to be able to eliminate them to so enjoy good health. Therefore, that here are the best detoxifying teas, which are very easy to prepare.

The best Detox tea

1- Infusion of grapefruit or grapefruit:

This type of infusion is perfect to decrease appetite, raising the feeling of satiety, that it stimulates the digestion. In this way we can even lose weight. Its preparation is very simple: just add a few slices of grapefruit in boiling water and then crush them. The infusion should be drinking instantly.

2- Thyme infusion:

Thyme infusion cleanses the body and helps to have better digestion, fighting overweight and other ailments. In addition, many people use it as an anti-cellulite very effective and to counteract the menstrual cramps. This infusion preparation consists of adding a tablespoon of thyme to one cup of water boiling and let stand for ten minutes.

3- Infusion of dandelion:

This infusion can help us to cleanse our liver, besides that it has a powerful diuretic effect. It is also very effective in cases of constipation. To prepare it just, you must add a tablespoon of dandelion in a cup of water boiling and let sit there for ten minutes. Finally strain the infusion and drunk at the time.

The best Detox tea

4- Lemon infusion:

Lemon is one of the most wonderful fruits that exist. Although many people don't know it, this citrus has multiple benefits for our health. In this case, an infusion of lemon is ideal to detoxify our body, because it is a highly effective natural antiseptic. Also, it can be used in cases of fever or diarrhea pictures. Its preparation is equal to other herbal teas.

5- Infusion of celery:

This vegetable contains a large number of essential oils, so it is a very good option to detoxify our body. One of its biggest benefits are its diuretic effect and its acceleration of intestinal transit. Its preparation consists of adding a few pieces of the stalk of celery in a cup of water boiling and let them sit there for ten minutes.

6- Infusion of laurel:

Laurel is a good foil for detoxify our bodies. It serves mainly for the renal system, stimulating diuresis, in addition to avoid fluid retention. In this case just add a few leaves of laurel to a cup of water boiling and let stand for ten minutes.

The best Detox tea

7- Tea infusion:

Although infusions are mainly characterized by being prepared with other ingredients that is not tea, the fact is that tea can be added to any type of infusion to get more benefits. As we know, tea in general is a highly beneficial for our body, especially the green tea product. The latter is purifying and detoxifying, besides that it combats aging. Its preparation is equal to any other infusion.
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