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Uses of salt as a beauty treatment

You'll be surprised if you knew the variety of uses and benefits that has salt, and like many of these benefits can be included in your beauty routine. The truth is that the salt does not have a good advertising and however conceals a great variety of treasures that will be grateful for our health. Thus, in this article we will tell you what salt can do for you / as.

Uses of salt as a beauty treatment

1- Properties of salt to enhance your beauty:

How we named it above salt possesses a wide variety of applications to improve our beauty, especially in the appearance of our skin.


After giving you a bath and when you meet the skin still wet, sprinkle a little salt on your hands and then rub it very soft on your arm and your legs. Massage with salt will help with the removal of dead skin cells and improve the blood circulation.

Toning Facial:

You can also try the following to reduce the oily appearance of skin. Put water warm in a bottle with sprayer (two parts of cold water for one hot water) and add to this mix a tablespoon of sea salt. Make sure that it is not very hot and rociala in your face avoiding falling in your eyes; then with a towel, he proceeds to dry with a few brief taps.

Puffy eyes:

Proceed to mix a teaspoon of salt marina in a bowl with hot water. Then wet a few flakes of cotton into the water, sit back and get them in the eyes for at least 10 minutes; You must not open your eyes to prevent irritation. Finish the process by rinsing you with cold water.

Uses of salt as a beauty treatment

Your foot bath:

After our long days of work we always tend to end with our feet very exhausted and salt may be the solution to the fatigue and that pain in the heels. All you need is hot water and three to four tablespoons of salt; proceeds to submerge your feet in the water and leave them there until the water temperature is not to your liking.

Anti-dandruff treatment:

Salt is also a very good product to combat and eliminate dirt and grease. To carry out this treatment we recommend that you review your scalp so you sure don't have a scar. It now carries a salt shaker containing sea salt to your bathroom and before wash with shampoo, sprinkle a little salt over your head and massage you very smooth and delicate; attempts that massage of truth is delicate so that the grains of salt does not cause small wounds that will then be very unbearable.

It removes lacquer:

Salt can also help us in the days in which night we noticed that there is an excess of lacquer in our hair. Mix a liter of water, 1 cup of lemon juice and a cup of Epsom Salt; cover and let it sit for 24 hours, the next day, pour into the hair (when completely dry), keep it 20 minutes and then wash it in the usual way.

2- More "sophisticated":

Uses of salt as a beauty treatment

Whiskey therapy of salt:

This therapy contains or is made with salt, whisky, oil palm, coconut and wheat; This therapy brings a healthy tone to the skin and helps to keep hair healthy and soft. It is very ideal for men especially; Although women can use it also.

Cava salt therapy:

This therapy is made with salt mountain, cava, coconut oil and Palm tree; It can be reinforced with a natural aroma of Cedar that stimulates the blood circulation, the Elimination of cellulite and water retention problems. It also helps the skin tissues, preventing aging and restoring them.

Wine salt therapy:

It acts as an excellent antioxidant and equal to the Cava therapy is very suitable to prevent ageing; It also helps to restore tissues and strengthen the cardiovascular system. This therapy contains salt mountain, red wine and solid coconut and palm oil.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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