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Lose weight easily leaving eat flour

At breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. At all times we eat foods containing flour, such as bread, pastries and pasta, since they allow us to cook something quick and satiating. But this abuse, in addition to not being healthy, promotes an increase in weight.
In this article you will learn why this happens and what ways we can avoid it, which will allow us to lose weight quickly, without suffering and benefiting our health in general.

Lose weight easily leaving eat flour

1- We eat too many flours:

A balanced diet is based on consuming proportionately the necessary quantities of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Within the carbohydrates we find vegetables, fruits and cereals and starches. The problem is that currently we abuse of cereals, in particular their flours, and eat small amounts of vegetables. Most of the day we eat of bread, pizzas, pasta, biscuits and all kinds of pastries.

2- Why meals fattening us?

Actually our body needs to eat cereals, since they provide energy for a long period of time, especially if they are integral. The problem is to eat them in excess, or in the evening, already that that energy no longer will spend and will therefore accumulate in the form of fat deposits.

Lose weight easily leaving eat flour

3- Gluten intolerance:

Most of the meals come from cereals containing gluten, such as wheat, oats, rye, spelt, even though not everyone has as much. On the other hand, others such as rice, corn or buckwheat does not contain gluten.
Today many people are suffering from some degree of intolerance to gluten, which is not the same as the allergy to gluten or celiac disease. A celiac person immediately suffers allergic reaction; on the other hand, who have intolerance does not suffer the symptoms at the time, but that with the passage of time will suffer health problems that don't usually this cause. In this case the food is not digested or is assimilated properly, which can lead to, among other problems, weight imbalances. People who are gluten intolerant, when they eliminate gluten from their diets, quickly notice a great improvement and also to perceive as its weight is easily balanced.
Other symptoms of gluten intolerance:

Recurrent diarrhea or constipation
Bad digestions
Dermatological problems such as Hyperkeratosis pilar
Menstrual disorders
Obesity or lack of weight
If we suspect that we suffer from gluten intolerance we recommend to consult a doctor, which will recommend us to perform the necessary tests to prove it.

Lose weight easily leaving eat flour

4- Ideas to reduce the flour:

There are on the market some kitchenware that allow to make Spaghetti from vegetables, as for example of the zucchini. With this tool we can turn what would be a plate of vegetables in a false but delicious pasta dish, flavoring it with tomato sauce, cheese and oregano.
When making biscuits we can surprise us with the possibilities that give us legumes. Did you know that you can prepare a delicious and healthy vegetables and chocolate cake? Simply replace the flour by flour of legumes or vegetables cooked and crushed. The result surprised the entire family.
Gluten intolerant people may also notice great benefits if they dispense completely with gluten flour and replaced them with others free of gluten as rice, corn or garbanzo. With these flours can be cooked like that with each other and make breads, cakes, pizzas, crepes, etc.
Bread is one of the foods that are most difficult to replace, since it is the staple food in many cultures. The first step is to reduce the quantity, and gradually go replacing it with other similar foods with less flour, as for example the pancakes of rice or corn. We can also learn to develop chips based on seeds (chia, flax, sunflower). We grind the seeds, mix them with a little water to make a paste, which we will extend in a baking tray and bake to temperature very low, at about 50 degrees, 30 minutes, until it attains a crunchy texture.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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