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How to make oatmeal for shower SOAP bags

Oats is fashionable. We love its flavor and all large properties that gives us our health, a super cereal which not we can do without in our daily diet. But did you know that it is also a great ally for the health of your skin? Its therapeutic principles are known since antiquity, that is why we want to teach you a simple and economic benefit from her way.

1- Oatmeal for skin of silk: knows their large estates:

How to make oatmeal for shower SOAP bags

1. Cleaning action:

Oatmeal is a natural ingredient that you cleanse your skin in an exceptional way. Thanks to it, removing all traces of impurity absorbing it, preventing build-up of waste in our pores getting deep and exceptional cleaning and the most interesting thing that you cannot miss, thanks to oats we achieve skin structure is maintained in balanced way, taking care of the pH due to proteins containing.

2. Avoid dehydration of the skin:

So, thanks to the oats, and their lipid, were able to provide a very adequate moisture for the skin preventing at all times its dehydration, protecting it from external aggressions and maintaining its protective barrier.

How to make oatmeal for shower SOAP bags

3. Oats, a great exfoliant:

Thanks to its moisturizing and its effective cleaning effect, oats rises like a great solution to eliminate dead cells and impurities from the skin. In this way we can say goodbye pimples, grain, MUDs and other imperfections.
We can not overlook another one of the great virtues of oat: allows us to decrease and to treat acne, controlling the production of sebum, the typical brightness of skins... fats an ideal remedy that you can not miss. We recommend it to you.

4. Suitable for skin irritations:

Simply great: its soothing action makes oats very suitable if you have for example any irritation, or more serious cases such as for example eczema, itching, dermatitis, rashes or psoriasis... has a soothing and curative action, caring for all these damages suffered, any of us can someday in our skin slowly.

5. Relaxing effect of oats:

The relaxing effects of oats for the muscles have been known since antiquity. A relaxing bath that we use oatmeal SOAP or these bags we are going to teach you how to prepare, stands as an ideal way of toning your muscles, relax, get a sedative action where in addition, let's take care of those most sensitive and dry skin.

2- Make your own bags of oats for the shower:

How to make oatmeal for shower SOAP bags

What do I need?

We will make two bags of oats for the shower, so we will need the following:

2 cups oats
Two bags of fabric. They must be of muslin, Voile or organza. Sometimes these bags gift so common cloth that we offer can serve us. It is important to take a loop for tying.
Half grated SOAP. It that you like, we can also use one of oatmeal, but we recommend one that is simply perfect: rosehip SOAP. You can find it at natural stores or perfumeries. Only half pill.
Essential oil. The one that you like. We are going to use one also rosehip.

How elaborate the pouches of oatmeal?

It is very easy, you will see, first thing we need to do is choose our fabric bags. They must have a medium-sized, you fit at least in the Palm of the hand. You think you're going to use as SOAP for your skin, hence the size should be suitable, also in order to contain a cup of oatmeal.
Once you have chosen, we leave them aside and look for a bowl or a bowl. What should we do with him? Then carry out the therapeutic blend that will go on the inside of the bags. Let fall the two cups of oatmeal, then, grate the middle bar of SOAP. Use a grater and view by dropping those small pieces of oats. With average just us.
Now let's drop also 10 drops of essential oil. Choose the one you like. But for that the odor is more or less balanced care that are not very disparate SOAP and drops of essential oil. Let know you that there is also who at this point add some dried herbs, such as lavender, orange or even rosemary leaves. You can include anything you want, provided that these plants have therapeutic actions that are good for skin.
I have almost ready. You only need divide the contents and fill two bags. Tie them well with the loop. Remember that after each use, it is necessary to put them in a place where you the Sun and the air to allow to dry properly. Obviously the use is limited. When notes just smelling, or that the OAT has become almost flour, it will be time to prepare new bags. You'll see what beautiful your skin that look.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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