Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Combat fluid retention in a month

Many times we think that we have gained a few extra pounds but actually the problem is that we are holding liquids. Perhaps we have abused the salty foods, we have overloaded kidney, have any hormonal imbalance or we are not draining properly. Therefore we present a natural and simple plan so that you eliminate all that liquid that makes you feel heavy and swollen.
You see in this article how to get it in a month, following these tips power and with the help of natural supplements.

Combat fluid retention in a month

1- Onion broth:

Food that we will most benefit in this cure for a month is going to be the onion, which is a medical food used since ancient times for its potent diuretic effect but also for being anti-inflammatory, which will help us to improve the status of a possible kidney swollen. Its effects are mild and it has no contraindications and, therefore, it will be our main ally.
Each day we will prepare an onion broth. If we want to do more, we will avoid us having to do each day.
The other great benefit of this stock is that to make it tasty we salter with sea water, which is currently sold in dietary and some supermarkets. Sea water not only does not have the harmful effects of common salt, but it also has the property of eliminating excess fluids. So we can use it to salt many of our dishes.


1 liter of water.
3 large onions.
1 glass of sea water.
We surrounded the onions and water for at least half an hour. You can season it with a little lemon juice.

How do we take it?

We need to move this stock drinking throughout the day, but always separate meals. It is better take it a half hour before each meal.
We can use the cooked onions to prepare creams of vegetables or sauces.

2- A grapefruit a day:

The grapefruit is a very cleansing citric that benefits both our kidney to our liver, and therefore we recommend eating a grapefruit a day during the 30 days this cure.
The best moments are in fasting, a while before breakfast, or before bed, separated from the dinner.
If your taste is too bitter for us we can add a bit of cinnamon and honey.

Combat fluid retention in a month

3- Natural supplements:

There are two herbs that will help us to enhance the diuretic effects of this cure: green tea and the ponytail.
Green tea: we will also help to remove excess fat in our bodies. It has slightly stimulatory effects and has been shown to have anticancer effects.
Horsetail: in addition to diuretic also helps to reduce inflammation of the kidney and improve the State of our hair, skin and nails thanks to its Silicon content
We could take them in infusion, but if with the onion broth we are not able to make more liquid, we can also take them as a supplement, in the form of capsules, tincture or capsules.
We can choose one or another, or good alternate them in the 30 days that will last our diuretic diet.

4- Harmful food:

As we follow this simple treatment also will be important to avoid all those foods that harm our kidneys and cause more water retention. They are as follows:
Common salt: we may use some sea salt, but will avoid the common salt or table salt.
Pre-cooked and fried foods.
Canned foods.
Coffee and tea.
Cola drinks.

5- Heat to the kidney:

As we have said previously, the organs more we will have to take care of if we have fluid retention are kidneys. These bodies, which are also related to our energy levels, often suffer from especially in cold weather, and one of its most visible symptoms is pain in the lumbar region.
Whether we suffer this pain as if not, it will be a great help that we apply every night some of local heat over that area, more or less in the middle of the back. We can do it with a hot water bottle or an electrical mat, for 15-30 minutes, before going to sleep.

Combat fluid retention in a month

6- Be careful with diuretics:

We recommend this natural cure before taking diuretic drugs, which have side effects such as excessive sensitivity or nervousness. In case of having to take by prescription, we also recommend taking foods rich in potassium, which counteracts these effects, as for example:
Vegetable broth
Try the tasty,easy and best recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.


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