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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

8 medicinal herbs you can grow at home

Are you taking your first steps in the art of planting and garden? Would you like to start having your own plants in pots? Then, you can not miss the next article, where you will know what are the herbs you can grow at home and how make the most of them.
Perhaps you've noticed that some connection is missing you with nature on your floor in the heart of the city, or that drugs are not only expensive, but increasingly bring you fewer effects. The good news is that you can grow your own plants and herbs! Get a little dirty hands and into action: you won't regret it.

8 medicinal herbs you can grow at home Tips for planting Thyme Pilgrim Mint sage Dandelion Basil Parsley

1-Tips for planting medicinal herbs at home

As a first step, it is good to start from the base, i.e. zero. Some people buy or receive gift a plant and then not know what to do with it. Remember that they are living beings that can suffer changes of atmosphere, as happens with you to the move. Then, to avoid the plant stress and get sick, always it is good to start from seed.
Other tips for planting at home: do not place many seeds in the same container, because each one needs a particular space. The ideal would be that you had a pot for each seed. If that species in particular has a high level of failure at planting, you can place two or three, but you always have to choose which is better adapted.
Always use good-quality land, of dark black, organic, made composting. If you don't have your own, you can buy it in the nursery. You will have all the substrates and components needed by your herbs.
Pay attention to the specific requirements of each species. Although herbs do not tend to be very demanding in terms of Sun and irrigation, nor you can forget them for weeks, because they dry up. Don't overdo with the water that you miss them, because you can rot them.

2-What herbs you can grow at home?


It is one of the most simple planting medicinal herbs and offers a lot of leaves to enjoy in our meals. Do not place more than two cuttings (other plant parts) in the same pot, because it is very productive. Don't like you much direct sun and need plenty of water. It is sensitive to the cold, so it is ideal for a space within the House (the sill of the kitchen, for example).
Basil tea or juice alleviates digestive problems, flatulence, colds, bronchitis, stomach pains, intestinal spasms, fever, conjunctivitis, and imbalances in the nervous system.


It is a condiment that can not miss in your home, and not want it to set aside when you find out all of its properties. It is a powerful antiseptic used to disinfect and soothe wounds. In antiquity, the Romans put it in the bath water. Planted seed and is used as a poultice for external use. You can make an infusion with leaves and enjoy a relaxing foot bath or add in shampoo for a delicious aroma into your hair.

8 medicinal herbs you can grow at home Tips for planting Thyme Pilgrim Mint sage Dandelion Basil Parsley


It has an unmistakable aroma and is a wild plant that grows everywhere. It is very good for digestive problems if you consume it as tea after the meal. It is also used to treat skin irritation, headache, colds, toothache (chewed the leaf in this case), insomnia (infusion) and insect bites.


It is a vitamin C-rich plant, and grows especially in summer from seed. It is an excellent remedy for dandruff and to reduce skin oiliness (prepares a tonic along with lavender and Mint milk). It also serves to eliminate acne and wrinkles, rinse your mouth and wash the eyes with infections. And, as if it wasn't enough, it is delicious for your dishes.


In Greece, it was believed that this plant helped stimulate memory. The flowers are lilac and open in the spring. In the summer is when grown. It is an effective remedy against dandruff, tonic for hair, facial treatments, to reduce the oiliness of the skin, used to give hot rubs and seasoning sauces, soups and meats.


Used to tonify the nervous system, relieve digestive problems, diarrhea, vomiting, dyspepsia, colds, gout, fever, rheumatism and nasal congestion. In addition, Sage heal ulcers and activates blood circulation. It is also effective in patients with diabetes since it reduces blood sugar levels. It is used for cramps bowel, arthritis and in the ancient Egypt is believed to have the capacity to ensure the fertility of women. It has been discovered in modern times has estrogenic effects, all related to the female reproductive system.


It grows naturally in many gardens. Its flower is sweet and its leaves can be eaten in salads. It can be planted in any soil, contributes a large amount of iron and calcium (more than spinach), stimulates liver activity, removes toxins more easily, reduce gases and increases the flow of bile.

8 medicinal herbs you can grow at home Tips for planting Thyme Pilgrim Mint sage Dandelion Basil Parsley


It has similar properties to the Mint, and it can be planted without problems in pots or in the garden. Fits almost all climates, but you need enough light and humidity. It is a very good home remedy for diarrhea, stomach cramps, the flatulence, menstrual cramps, nervousness, anxiety and sleep disorders.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

Super tips for look bushier eyelashes

To who you would not look bushier eyelashes? We love to embellish them, also to take care of them... Whatever just to get a dramatic look with which fall in and transmit the maximum health and optimism.
But quiet, you don't have to spend a fortune on cosmetics to treat them. There are simple home tricks that are great for every day. We invite you to discover them with us.

Super tips for look bushier eyelashes Beware the curlers and the waterproof mascara Treatment with castor oil

1-We'll start with a good power:

Maybe you're one of those people that has rather thin and depopulated eyelashes. Nothing, there are many women who can solve this problem. It is clear, for example, that the genetic factor determines most of our features.
Now, using a power supply appropriate and specific makeup tricks can get it. And no, we will not use false eyelashes at all. With a little time and a few good habits, we will achieve our goal. It is best to start on the inside.
Dermatologists of the Madrid Institute of Dermatology and aesthetics (IMDEA) remind us that a diet well balanced where there are no fat and where we raise our consumption of vitamin A, B, C and E, will allow us to look more populated, bright and long eyelashes. Why not follow your advice?
The almonds. What if we take 6 almonds a day? They are rich in vitamin E, perfect to nourish the hair follicles of the tab. They also have polyphenol, an antioxidant that prevents that they fall us.
Olive oil. Sure that you already knew them. Olive oil strengthens the lashes and gives us lots of vitamin E, as well as antioxidants able to fight aging and the weakness of the same.
The beans. Natural source of iron, zinc, and b-complex vitamins and what offer us these items for the health of our eyelashes? Strengthen them, nourish them, it brings them oxygen...They are excellent.
Broccoli. Few vegetables are as healthy for our basic functions, in addition to our beauty. For example, did you know that broccoli brings you keratin? Thanks to it, your lashes will be more dense, strong and elastic.
Avocado. There are many studies that claim that eating half avocado a day brings us more than 20 vitamins and minerals. All of them are ideal to get a bushier eyelashes.

2-Easy tricks of beauty for bushier eyelashes:

Super tips for look bushier eyelashes Beware the curlers and the waterproof mascara Treatment with castor oil

1. Brush eyelashes by night:

Something as easy as cash. Think of your lashes as in your hair. Something very effective to stimulate its growth it is brushing them. Thus, we eliminate dead cells and stimulate circulation in the area. A daily routine with good results.

2. Treatment with castor oil:

Foolproof, effective and cost-effective. It is worth always have it at home and in your set of beauty. Few oils are so useful for our eyelashes like castor oil, a natural resource with which to achieve maximum hydration in our eyelashes.
To benefit from it is enough to give you a little massage with a cotton bud well steeped in the oil. If you do it at night after having brushed, you'll see how your tabs look gradually, bushier.

3. The trick of talcum powder:

This fantastic trick is one of the secrets of make-up artists of the stars. It is so simple that you will be surprised:
First we take the mascara and apply it in the tips of the eyelashes, making sure that they are well separated.
We then gently sprinkle the lashes with talcum powder. In this way we give density. You can apply it with another mascara brush, as you see in the image below. It is easier.
When already covered (take care that you do not enter the eye), again applied mascara. You know it's best, to make the tabs look more dense, to apply from the same root and upwards. You never leave tips, because it is this detail that gives you more length to them.

4. Does the mascara should always be black?

Sometimes, this is the question of gold. The truth is that no, not always. There are several resources that can serve us very well to look bushier eyelashes:
With transparent glitter mascara. It provides light, density and a spectacular look especially for the morning. If you correct your dark circles well, you will get a very chic.
Brown combined with black mascara: another trick of makeup artists. From root to half tab, we use Brown mascara. Then probes delicately bordered them with black mascara, this mode look long and bushy. Have you tried it already? It is sensational.

Super tips for look bushier eyelashes Beware the curlers and the waterproof mascara Treatment with castor oil

5. Beware the curlers and the waterproof mascara:

We know that curlers offer us a beautiful touch in look, but should not be abused. Do it all day punish eyelashes and run the risk of weakening them. If for whatever, you are forced to curl them always, remember to hydrate them at least twice a day with petroleum jelly or castor oil.
The same happens with waterproof mascara. We know that due to its composition it lasts much longer, and even we can go to the pool or the beach with him without that disappears. But what is your problem? That it is hard to remove, since are always small product lines that can damage the flange.
It is best not to abuse these two elements. Otherwise, and to conclude, these simple tips are as easy as economic, effective tips for all of us. With them you will gain no doubt more bushy and beautiful eyelashes.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

Acne and blackheads: 3 ways that green tea can help you

Acne and blackheads, pimples on forehead or nose... don't have to be teenager to suffer them. It is so common that we never try creams and various treatments to forget these small imperfections in our skin.
But did you know that something as economic and healthy green tea as it can become our best ally? We offer you three simple strategies that you will really well to get rid of acne and blackheads.

Acne and blackheads: 3 ways that green tea can help you Steam bath clay mask Homemade remedies

1-White clay mask and green tea:

Have you already discovered the benefits of using a white clay for your skin? So it is, white clay, also known as "kaolin", it is a natural remedy that is ideal for making beauty masks. It has a high power disinfecting and purifying, perfect to treat blackheads and acne problems.
This mask with white clay and green tea acts as a great astringent, treats acne, blackheads and offers us a healthy and luminous skin. But where can we get white clay? Herbalists and natural stores. And does not face, quite the opposite. It is normal to buy it in powder. You will see that it is thus easier to perform our masks.
To make this remedy what we do first is infusion with 3 teabags green with half a glass of water. It uses chlorine-free water if possible, since it will be more beneficial. If you can't find it, it's not okay.
It then includes the white clay powder. You must see the quantities, since what we want is to get a paste thick enough to be able to apply it on the face. Removes well, and shape. Once list - and when it is warm - apply it on your face, there where you have acne and blackheads.
Leave it on for 15 minutes, and then rinse with fresh water. It is ideal if you use it twice a week.

Acne and blackheads: 3 ways that green tea can help you Steam bath clay mask Homemade remedies

2-Tonic of green tea and apple cider vinegar:

This tonic is excellent for use in the evenings three times a week. It is a very powerful combination against acne and blackheads that can not miss in your beauty routine.
But why to vinegar Apple? Basically because Apple Cider vinegar is also ideal for swelling, remove blackheads and balance the pH of the skin.
For this purpose, we will again need an infusion of green tea. Slightly less than half a glass of water (100ml) with 3 green tea bags. Add a teaspoon of Apple Cider vinegar - very little - and carries all of the mixture to a vaporizer.
Put it in the fridge and in this way you can use it two days in a row. Shake well before use, apply on your face and allows it to act at least half an hour. Then again wash your face and apply your moisturizer ever. Very easy!

Acne and blackheads: 3 ways that green tea can help you Steam bath clay mask Homemade remedies

3-Steam bath with green tea:

Another as easy as original option. This remedy is very effective to get blackheads and acne to disappear in an efficient manner. To achieve this, you do not have to follow these guidelines. Notes:
Heat water in a pot and when it is boiling, put 5 green tea bags.Once you have the infusion, place your face over the pot and cover the head with a cloth so that the steam comes. Remember to extinguish the fire before for not to burn you and put you in a place where you are comfortable.
But eye, the face you do not much near to not burn yourself.
Leave the steam to penetrate your skin. You'll see how nice it is and how well you will if you do it twice a week.
To conclude, tell you that it is also very successful to follow the traditional way, that is, drink green tea every afternoon. In this way, we will also achieve combat acne and blackheads from within. Maybe you can start today itself?
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

How to make juice for detoxing

To eliminate toxins from our body, we feel much more vital, more energy, not sick us both, our skin looks healthier, as well as nails and hair, lower weight and our vital organs (like the liver) work best. This article learn how to juice for detoxing. To which most delicious!

How to make juice for detoxing Recipe in english juice Detoxify the body Help lose weight.Improve the quality of sleep.Improve the appearance of hair and skin.Prevent diseases.

1-What debug the organism?

If you follow a cleansing routine and eat food with ability to eliminate toxins, as you said before, your health in general it will benefit. Substances which are harmful will be expelled through the urine, feces and sweat.
It is good to know that our body's health depends largely on the excretory organs, i.e., those that have the ability to remove toxins. This important function are: skin, kidneys, liver, lungs and intestine.
It has been found that 80% of the diseases we suffer daily are due to the ingestion of toxins through the food. These negative compounds for our organism cannot be eliminated all because they accumulate in the 'big five' (five excretory organs).
Foods that do not allow a good elimination of toxins are alcohol, meat, dairy, white flour, refined sugars, industrialized products. Also smoking and sedentary lifestyle are added to this list. To be able to cleanse the body of toxins, we have at our disposal the fruits, vegetables, and germinated seeds.
Consume detoxifying juices natural load to the body of vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidants that are responsible for removing all the bad. Some of the benefits of purging the organism are:
Strengthen the immune system.

Help lose weight.

Improve the quality of sleep.

Improve the appearance of hair and skin.

Increase the amount of energy and vitality.

Prevent diseases.

Provide antioxidants.

2-Juice to detoxify the body

Pay attention to the following recipes of purifying juices that can help you eliminate everything bad that accumulates in your body:
Depurative herbal juice recipe


2 large tomatoes.
1 large cucumber.
2 tablespoons parsley.
2 tablespoons cilantro.
1 tablespoon Rosemary.
1 tablespoon Basil.
3 cloves of garlic.
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper.

How to prepare it?

Cut the tomato in cubes or cubes and put it in the blender. Peel cucumber, cut into slices and also take it to the blender. Add the spices (with the exception of cayenne pepper). Crush well, passes into a glass and sprinkle with pepper.
Citric depurative juice recipe


1 pomelo or grapefruit large.
1 Green Apple.
1 lemon
1 orange.

How to prepare it?

Squeeze the juice of grapefruit, lemon and orange. Peel and core the Apple. Put everything in a blender and blend to form a homogeneous mixture. Stir well before drinking.
Depurative juice of apples, berries and lemon recipe:


2 Green apples.
1/2Cup (113 g) blueberries or berries.

How to prepare it?

Wash all ingredients, Peel the Apple, core and short diced, squeeze the lemon juice and placed alongside the whole cranberries in Blender. Mix well and drink.
Depurative juice of Apple, pear, cranberry and celery recipe


2 red apples.
1 pear.
1/2 Cup blueberries.
1 stalk of celery.
1 cucumber.

How to make juice for detoxing Recipe in english juice Detoxify the body Help lose weight.Improve the quality of sleep.Improve the appearance of hair and skin.Prevent diseases.

How to prepare it?

Peel the apples, pear and cucumber. Cut fruit into cubes and sliced vegetables. Add everything into a blender and mix well before drinking.
Depurative juice of plums and pears recipe


¾ cup chopped (150 g) plums.
2 green pears peeled, cored and cut into cubes.
a grapefruit or grapefruit juice.
the 1/2 lemon juice.
a stalk of celery cut into slices.

How to prepare it?

Put everything in a blender, mix and drink immediately.
Depurative juice of vegetables recipe


¾ Cup raw spinach leaves.
1/2 Cup Romaine lettuce leaves.
1 stalk celery, sliced.
three sheets of raw chard.

How to prepare it?

Appends all the elements in a blender, mix well and drink.

Depurative juice of Apple and vegetable recipe:

It allows you to remove toxins from the body and you should drink every morning on an empty stomach.


1 Green Apple cored, peeled and cut into cubes.
1/2 liter of coconut water.
1 cup diced pineapple
1 handful of raw spinach leaves.
1 handful of raw chard leaves.
1 stick of celery, cut into slices.
the juice of 1 lemon.

How to prepare it?

How to put all in a blender.? You can add water so that it is not so thick and if you want to speed up the process of bowel cleaning, pour a tablespoon of flax seed before blending.

How to make juice for detoxing Recipe in english juice Detoxify the body Help lose weight.Improve the quality of sleep.Improve the appearance of hair and skin.Prevent diseases.

Depurative juice from berries recipe:

The red fruits are the best antioxidants that exist, have immediate effects that are noticeable on the skin.
1/2 Cup blueberries.
6 strawberries cut in half.
1/2 Cup of blackberries.
1/2 Cup of raspberries.
How to prepare it?
You put everything in a blender, add a little water and mix well. If it is too thick, add more water.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

How to make the banana split (banana boat)

The banana split, also known as banana boat, is a dessert classic American cuisine, that with over a century of history-- its origins date back to 1907 - still remains fresh in the memory and palate of everyone.
The banana split very reminiscent of us all that ' 50s wave that triggered the "Vaseline" film and the bar-cafe American style of the 1980s. This dessert was born from the creativity of a young man from Ohio and was popularized by the restaurant chain Walgreens, place which included it on their menu.
The banana split is the combination, without skimping on portions of two slices of banana served in an elongated dish and, among them, large portions of ice cream, chocolate and strawberry, pieces of fruit and nuts, much whipped cream and chocolate, caramel and strawberry topping. Not to mention that the classic banana split is a cherry or cherry on top.
It is a dessert to share. Their portions are large and easily two people can eat and be satisfied.
The banana split has thousands of versions. There are those who make a rich cake of this recipe, which consists in having all the ingredients on a base of crushed cookie or brownie, also have become popular it in bites of banana split, short presentation of a single bite.
Finally, the presentation you decide. Today we will give you the classic, simple and delicious recipe for the banana split.

Ingredients for the banana split:

How to make the banana split (banana boat) American cuisine dessert Chocolate Strawberry ice cream Smoothie Recipe in english

Ingredients for a serving:

A banana
Ice cream ice cream
Chocolate ice cream
Strawberry ice cream
Fresh strawberries, kiwi and peach cut in Macedonia or medium-sized cubes
Pieces of walnuts, almonds and dried fruits that you want
Strawberry Syrup
Chocolate syrup
Caramel syrup
Whipped cream or whipped
Three cherries

Preparation of banana split ice cream:

This is a fairly simple dessert and just assemble and arrange the ingredients in a dish or Cup oval.
Take container where you serve the banana split, cut the banana into two horizontal pieces and place one on each edge of the plate.
With a large spoon to serve ice cream, take a portion of every flavor of ice cream and arrange it over the plate, between the two pieces of banana.
Sprinkle the fruit cut into medium cubes on the edges of the plate and the balls of ice cream.
Assemble the cream with a bit of powdered sugar. Put three to five tablespoons of this sugar.
It then serves the whipped cream or whipped cream on each of the portions of ice cream, making a similar to the one of the cupcakes decorated.
Add syrup on the banana split lines, add the pieces of dried fruit.
Finally, place the cherry or cherry in syrup on top of our dessert and... to eat and share!
The pieces of banana can also caramelize them and serve them hot to make contrast with ice cream.

How to make the banana split (banana boat) American cuisine dessert Chocolate Strawberry ice cream Smoothie Recipe in english

Banana split Smoothie:

The banana split can also be a fairly nutritious drink that you can consume in the mornings to supplement breakfast or after a long workout or race.
How to prepare it? In a blender add the banana and unites with yogurt ice cream low calorie or yogurt, Add strawberries, peach, honey and a few ice cubes.
In a glass or Cup where you previously placed chocolate and Strawberry Syrup served smoothie and garnish with pieces of walnuts and cherry.
We encourage you to perform some of these easy and tasty versions of the banana split.
Try this tasty,easy and best recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.

Monday, March 30, 2015

The 8 best exfoliants for skin

So you can have a face or any other part of the body beautiful, healthy and young, you must meet with a routine of daily cleaning and exfoliation deep once a week.
In this way, eliminating dead skin cells and other impurities that give the tone off so ugly. You know what are the best exfoliants for skin and turns your home into a beauty salon.

The 8 best natural exfoliants for skin sensitive oily dry skin care beauty tips

1-Exfoliation of the skin: why it matters:

Industrial cosmetics that we often use, especially the women, is damaging to our skin health. This is because it contains a large number of substances and components which can be toxic.
The epidermis, i.e. the more superficial part of our skin, is made up of millions of layers of cells. Some new van born and other older, dying. Thus, the exfoliation serves to remove the cells that are dead, even though they are a protective barrier, also preventing that there is a feedback in the lower layers.
When we exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells, this looks much more beautiful, lit, and young. The frequency that we must "meet" to exfoliate can determine depending on several factors, but if long ago that you don't do one (or you've never done), it can be useful to repeat it once a week.
Everything will also depend on the damage that has been on your skin and the type (sensitive, oily, dry), because it is more or less dirty, or you will resist better or worse the cleanings. If you have oily skin you should make you weekly exfoliation to remove all the oiliness and avoid the appearance of acne, blackheads, etc.
Dry or sensitive skins do not "support" so-frequent peels, therefore once a month would be ideal. You must always pay attention to the reaction that produces this treatment and perhaps seek another alternative if skin redness or dry even more. The good news is that there are several natural recipes for Exfoliating.

2-The best natural exfoliates for skin:

Take a look at the following list with natural exfoliants and home remedies to remove all impurities from the skin, both the face and any other part of the body:

1.Green Clay:

It is indicated for people with sensitive skin because it is very soft, removes only the most superficial layer of the dermis and do not damage the fabric. Any type of clay can be used if we do not promptly find of green, but this is better because it also has the ability to absorb toxic substances. In addition to other beneficial properties, Green Clay is purifying, regenerating and healing.
Dilute it in a little olive oil or Calendula. You have to keep a thick texture. Apply in a circular motion on the skin that you want to exfoliate. Leave to act for a few minutes and rinse with plenty of warm water. Then place a moisturizing cream (it can be yogurt or milk).


Another alternative for sensitive skins, since it softens and inflamed area. You can buy in powder or in flakes or flakes (in dietary or health food stores).
Mix with a little water to make a thick texture. Applied to the skin with small circles, gently. Rinse off with plenty of water and tones with a moisturizer. Their trace elements will leave your skin more beautiful.

3.Himalayan salt (Pink):

It is a perfect recipe if you have fat or resistant, skin or too aged and dirty. It is a very strong exfoliation, so be careful if you apply it when there is Sun or day. Best at sunset. This salt is rich in minerals, that is better than the others. However, don't worry if you can't find it, you can use the coarse salt or marine. It will serve to nourish the deeper layers and heal.
Mix a handful with a tablespoon of oil of olive or avocado (for dry skin), wheat germ (for mature skin), jojoba (for oily skin) and neem (for skin with acne).
It applies in the area you want to exfoliate with gentle circles. Wash well and then apply a bit of essential oil of jasmine or lavender (for dry or aging skin) or thyme or Chamomile (for oily skin or acne).

4.Poppy seeds:

They are rich in fatty acids, which are beneficial for the skin, as well as other trace elements. It is a strong exfoliant, so it is not recommended for very sensitive dermis. When mixed with vegetable oil, can remove several layers of dead skin.
The amounts are a handful of seeds and a tablespoon of oil. Apply with circular movements. Remove with plenty of water. Don't forget to hydrate.

5.Banana sugar:

These two elements combined not only are delicious as a dessert, but it will also serve to exfoliate the skin and leave it soft and beautiful. For this recipe you need to:
a banana
three tablespoons of sugar and optional
1/4 tablespoon of vanilla extract.
Crush the banana with a fork and then add the other two ingredients. Mix well and when it becomes viscous, applied to the skin. It is not recommended for the face, but for the rest of the body. If you want to exfoliate your face, use only banana. Rinse with warm water.

6.Sugar oil:

You can do more of this recipe and store it in a glass vial sealed to be used often need to. The ingredients are:
Four tablespoons of sugar
two tablespoons of olive oil
(optional) 15 drops of your favorite essential oil.
Mix everything in the flask and applied to the skin. Then rinse with warm water.

The 8 best natural exfoliants for skin sensitive oily dry skin care beauty tips

7.Coconut sugar:

Another recipe that could be a delicious dessert. In this case, we will use it to leave the beautiful skin. Mix half a cup of coconut oil with half a cup of sugar (preferably morena) and half a tablespoon of vanilla extract. It applies in the face with gentle circular movements. Rinse and apply moisturizer.

8.Peppermint sugar:

This exfoliant is to the lips. It will remove all the dead skin, moisturize and aromatizing also. You'll need:
half a tablespoon of sugar powder or glass
half a tablespoon of olive oil
3 drops of peppermint oil.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

How to make a chocolate and Mint lip balm

Make a lip balm at home is as easy as fun. And if we make it with chocolate and Mint? The combination is as attractive as beneficial to the health of our lips. Softens, tones, moisturizes and treats any type of inflammation. You have this kind of balm lipstick every day in your bag will provide you such as indispensable and attractive protection that already don't you can do without. Do you dare to do it at home?

1-What do I need to make my chocolate and Peppermint lip balm?

How to make a chocolate and Mint lip balm Sexy lips healthy lips Recipe in english

Cocoa Butter:

You can find it in many stores of natural beauty or health food shops. It's a butter made from the seeds of the cacao tree. Thanks to its properties, we will get more elastic, soft and supple lips. In addition to cocoa butter, for our lip balm we will need a bit of grated dark chocolate, the equivalent of a tablespoon.


You can also find it in natural beauty stores, it is not expensive and you can have multiple uses in your day to day. What gives us in our lip balm? Hydration and nutrition, as well as antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Nor do we ignore that has vitamin A, great for getting healthy and attractive lips.

How to make a chocolate and Mint lip balm Sexy lips healthy lips Recipe in english

Essential oil of Peppermint:

We can find the essential oil of peppermint in many places: beauty shops, natural stores or health food stores... It is very suitable for our health in general and also for resources of beauty as this lip balm.
You know, moreover, that the Mint is a great antibacterial, rising up as an excellent antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-microbial. What else can we losing? Simply wonderful, and in addition, this peppermint oil is nothing expensive, on the contrary.

Vitamin E Oil:

You can find it in capsules, both pharmacies and natural stores. Vitamin E protects, nourishes and is a great emollient for everything related to cosmetics for its antioxidant properties.
As we are going to use very little, you will notice that have vitamin E at home is very profitable. It is useful for our hair, our fingernails...

2-How to make my chocolate and Mint lip balm:

Quantities to obtain more or less 1.5 oz (40 g) lip balm
1 tablespoon of cocoa butter.
1 tablespoon of dark chocolate, grated (15 mg).
1 teaspoon (5 g) grated beeswax.
15 drops of peppermint essential oil.
2 drops of oil of vitamin E.

How to make a chocolate and Mint lip balm Sexy lips healthy lips Recipe in english


You will need a small pot or a small pot to make this balm. There is who uses a small jug type for these purposes related to beauty. But don't worry, you will get well whatever it is that you use to take him to the fire. Once you've chosen the Pan, add the grated chocolate, cocoa butter and beeswax. Put it to fire until it is completely melted and you've earned a good homogeneous mixture.
Excellent. Removes this pan from the fire and add the peppermint oil and vitamin E, while little by little remove. Very easy!
Immediately pour this mixture in the little boat of glass you've chosen, until it cools. Find a container that look like that you see in the image above, since they are easier to use in every day. Take care that these jars are very clean.
Next? It allows it to cool in the refrigerator completely before plugging it. In a couple of hours you have it ready. You see what a good smell!
If you see that it has been somewhat fluid, you will have to heat it and add a little more of beeswax. On the other hand, if you see that it is very hard, we will add a little Mint essential oil.
This lip balm lasts for many weeks. You can carry in the bag all day and go to use it. It shall be you really well.
If you usually have lips very cracked and somewhat damaged, we recommend that you try the rosehip lip balm. It is very healing for these cases, since it provides very moisturizing properties that give very good results. To make it just to replace cocoa butter with white beeswax.
In this case you include chocolate or peppermint oil, instead add two drops of essential oil of roses. The result is fantastic. And you want to know one trick more? If you want to have something in color your lip balm, add during the cooking a piece of beet. It gives a very attractive result.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

6 essential tips to reduce jowls

Jowls or double chin is a problem that affects many women, some of them not even overweight but yes that would want to eliminate the fat that accumulates in the bottom of the Chin, since it disfigures quite the appearance of our face.
In this article we offer some simple exercises and natural tips that, if you do them daily during a season, allow you to naturally reduce jowls. Discover them!

6 essential tips to reduce jowls double chin Exercise with a ball sun rays neck

1-What is the double chin?

Gill is a thick layer of fat that hangs under the Chin, and that can vary in size depending on several aspects: the overweight, sagging of the tissues, age, etc.
There are options for cosmetic surgery, but there are also some exercises that you can do at home to go it preventing and reducing. But we have to be consistent and have a little patience. We will look for 10 minutes every day to carry out the following exercises that we offer you, and also take into account the habits that will help you to remove it.

2-Neck movements:

The exercises simpler, and at the same time that help us also improve possible neck pain or neck, are as follows:
Sitting or standing, carries the look and head toward the ceiling, by lifting the Chin, and when you're at the limit then purse your lips and hold the position for a few seconds. You will notice as the entire neck is stretched.
Gently leads the head to one side, hold a few seconds and then take it to the other.

3-Exercise with a ball:

Place a ball of tennis under the Chin and sustain it by pressing it against the chest. We will be making pressure and releasing the force repeatedly. In this way will be able to exert force in an area that have flabby.

4-Chew gum:

Chewing gum is a curious and simple exercise that will also help strengthen all the muscles. We can get used to do it a couple of times every day, trying to mobilize enough area and make it even opening the mouth. We will do this preferably being alone and will avoid that chewing gum is sugar, not contribute to overweight or dental problems.

6 essential tips to reduce jowls double chin Exercise with a ball sun rays neck

5-Watch your diet:

If your chin is a genetic issue, since your parents or grandparents have also, you must not lose hope. Soon you must begin with these exercises and do them consistently.
The dewlap is very related to overweight. If this is your case, and you know that you have an excess of fat in your body, we recommend that in addition to these exercises you also carry a healthy and balanced diet.
You must not avoid fats, since these are also essential in our diet, but yes you should avoid those that are harmful (fried, pastries, sausages, etc.) and choose the beneficial (oil pressure cold, avocado, nuts, fish, egg yolk, etc.).
You should also avoid sudden changes in weight, which affected by the accumulation of fat in areas that we want less and because contribute to increase the sagging of the tissues.

6-Gives firmness to your neck:

Sagging is a fundamental issue to also fight to get a firm skin under the Chin. The exercises help us to invigorate that area, but we should also not forget of hydrate ourselves always neck with the same moisturizing cream that we use for the face.
Once a week we should also perform an exfoliation with a natural peeling to remove excess dead cells and promote skin renewal. We can prepare homemade Scrubs with ingredients that we all have at home, and so will still be more natural and economic.

6 essential tips to reduce jowls double chin Exercise with a ball sun rays neck

7-Avoid excessive sun rays:

Finally we have to avoid another of the causes of the deterioration of the dewlap, which is the damage that makes us abusive and continued exposure to the Sun's rays.
An exhibition of exaggerated at times of maximum radiation and for several hours, causes destruction of collagen and elastin, the aging of the skin and loss of firmness. Always avoid the noon hours, always use sunscreen and continuously refresh yourself with cold water. You can also wear a perfect Tan, but healthier.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

Cubes of aloe and rose hips for Burns

Mild home burns, are unfortunately fairly common especially when we're cooking or when we sunbathe in excess and apply a protective lotion. In the majority of cases we make the mistake of doing nothing, since we do not consider them important. However, they are an aggression to our body and in some cases could leave scar or become infected.
In this article you will learn how you can develop a simple home remedy, which will allow you to always have the best medicinal plants to treat minor burns.

Cubes of aloe and rose hips for Burns Instant cube Homemade remedies for minor burn treatment

1-Instant cube for Burns:

One of the best ways we have of certain fresh foods always have hand at anything, any day of the year is to freeze them.
In this case, the remedy will be also very effective because, to be frozen, the cold will also act combating excessive heat of the burn.
This solution is also excellent because it allows us to have several servings and can thus use one without having to thaw everything.
Then you will learn the properties of the two selected plants and the procedure for making this simple remedy.

2-Aloe vera:

Aloe vera, also known as Aloe Vera, is one of the best plants for treating burns, thanks to its excellent anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and healing properties. It is widely used for skin problems and even many doctors recommend it today.
In addition, your application form a kind of protective coating over the burn and, thanks to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, also helps to prevent any type of infection.
It is advisable to always have an aloe plant vera at home as, while aloe vera gels are sold, the truth is that they contain many other ingredients, and are therefore not as effective.

Cubes of aloe and rose hips for Burns Instant cube Homemade remedies for minor burn treatment


Rosehip Oil is rich in essential fatty acids (omega-6, omega-3 acid, linoleic), antioxidants and vitamins A, C and E. It is one of the most used in cosmetics for the mature or too dry, skin thanks to its high nutritive and regenerating power.
On the other hand, if the burn covers enough space or in a highly visible area, its continued use improves the texture of the skin and increases elasticity, healing, and even the color.
This oil is sold in health food stores and stores of natural cosmetic products, and we must specify that it is always first cold extraction, which is the format that best maintains its medicinal properties.


To prepare these cubes, we will need the following ingredients:
20 Ml of rosehip oil pure.
20 ml of pure rose hip oil.
A stalk of aloe vera: we'll make it really aloe vera, and not an aloe of another variety, since they do not have the same properties.

Steps to follow:

We Peel the stalk of aloe vera and put gel in a bowl.
Add the oil and stir well mix.
If we want to have a more uniform texture, we can beat it with a hand mixer, but this step is not essential.
We fill an ice bucket and place it in the freezer.

How applied it:

The first step once we have suffered burn will be always put it under the cold water tap for a few minutes.
When we notice that it softens the burning, we will proceed to dry the skin and apply one of the cubes directly on the burn.
We will wait a couple of minutes until the skin absorb the remedy and to dry.
We will apply it between three and five times a day until your cure. Though thawed, we can keep using it as an ointment.
After a few days can still only use rosehip oil.

Cubes of aloe and rose hips for Burns Instant cube Homemade remedies for minor burn treatment


Although this remedy is very effective, we must always pay attention to the type of burn, to analyze if it has only affected the most upper layer of the skin or deeper. This remedy is intended only for mild Burns, so, if you think that they are more serious, you must see a doctor immediately for proper treatment.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

Orange tiramisu

The recipe for tiramisu without eggs orange is a less caloric version of this dessert of traditional Italian, ideal for those who want to avoid consuming raw eggs and add a fruity touch that gives a twist to this classic autumn dessert.

Orange tiramisu  mascarpone soletillas  ristretto Dessert Recipe in english

The tiramisu, born in the North of Italy, has an uncertain geographical origin. Tuscany, Venetian and Piedmont are disputed his creation, however, keep close relationship with the nobility. Curious, since the ingredients are far from unattainable and willing to hand, insurance already in our pantry.
Another legend surrounding the tiramisu, is that it places him in the bars and brothels of Treviso, where soldiers of the last century were tempted by the host of the place, with this attractive "snack". "Go, take love, I give you something that a ' you strip your '", Word, the latter, that would just mean "snack".
Well loaded coffee (espresso), biscuits of ladyfingers, mascarpone and cocoa, are the basis of this sweet that it has won the hearts of all lovers of pastry.
The Orange tiramisu is a cool, easy-to-make dessert and which days will win in taste. The secret to keep this sweet form, is kept in the refrigerator at least three hours before eating it.
Mascarpone can be replaced with another cream cheese. There are those who do a mixture of two parts cheese cream, a yogurt. Perhaps the result is slightly different in taste if we use these substitutes, but they will not negatively affect our Orange tiramisu recipe.
We take into account that in some places it is not easy to get the mascarpone, so note this other preparation to get a fake mascarpone cheese: cheese, ricotta, cream and sugar. Mix and get a delicious and with less fat cream.
Without further ADO, let's live to prepare this marvel of the sweet Italy, with which we will give the finishing touch to our meals.

Let's prepare the Orange tiramisu!


200 g or 40 cupcakes ladyfingers
150 gr of sugar
180 ml of coffee Espresso or ristretto
180 ml of orange juice
200 g of liquid cream to mount
Cocoa powder
Coffee or almond liqueur
Orange Zest

Orange tiramisu  mascarpone soletillas  ristretto Dessert Recipe in english

Tiramisu of Orange, step by step:

Let's start our preparation with ingredients and utensils to be used in our table. The order in the kitchen we save preparation time.
Now, let's make our well loaded coffee.
In a slow cooker we have sugar with orange juice until sugar is dissolved, without leave to thicken.
In a bowl we mounted the cream with a beater and incorporate manual slowly the syrup and orange zest to taste.
In a bowl, we combine coffee and liqueur tablespoons. Subsequently, we got wet cookies type template (ladyfingers cake) into the liquid and have a refractory container.
If the refractory is round we can have the soletillas vertically around mold, then set a layer of biscuits in the bottom of the Pan and cover with the cream of mascarpone and orange. It is recommended to cover the mold with plastic wrap to then remove our tiramisu of Orange without problems.
Cover with another layer of soletillas bathed in the coffee mixture.
Back to top with mascarpone cream and so we to make a third and final coat of soletillas and mascarpone.
Finally, we add a thick enough Orange syrup to make it solidify in the refrigerator, where our tiramisu should remain for at least three hours before eating it. Although if you leave it for the next day, you trust us, waiting will be worth the effort. It will be firmer and the flavors will have integrated more templates.
Another alternative of decoration is to Sprinkle cocoa on the tiramisu from Orange, decorate with candied orange wheels, Orange marmalade or cover the cake with melted chocolate of coverage.
If you want to make tiramisu with eggs, you must replace the whipped by two eggs yolks beaten with sugar, make this mixture to water bath, so the yolk will cook and avoid consuming any product infected with bacteria.
After you join to this mix, four clear of eggs on the verge of snow until all the ingredients.
Try this tasty,easy and best recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.

3 Simple tricks to clarify the hair - try them!

Lighten the hair in a simple and natural way? Yes, it is possible. Either because we want to change the "look" or, simply, because we want to try another option, these tricks will come really handy in your day to day. You not only get a somewhat softer hair color, but also take care of it and it will look brighter. Do we test them today itself?

3 Simple tricks to clarify the hair naturally Rinse the hair massage mask

1-Rinse the hair with chamomile:

First we have to point out that through these natural tricks, your hair will not acquire a blond hue, for example, if you are brunette. What we got is to clarify a little your tone, that look brighter and with a color a little more relaxed. If you're clear chestnut you can get a more golden tone, for example.
Clarified this first aspect, you will point out now that Chamomile is the most widely used hair lightener. In addition, to enhance its natural properties, we add lemon.
Lemon is the most effective in clarifying our mane, but long-term something dry hair. That is why we combined with chamomile, because that is what we protect much better. How do we do? Very easy. Heat two cups of water and add two small bags of infusion of chamomile tea. When it comes to the boil, take it to the refrigerator.
Once cold, add the juice of half a lemon. We will apply on wet hair with a steamer. Allows you to act 20 minutes and then washed with your regular shampoo and a good conditioner to keep hydrated. What do we do two times per week? You see how good you are going!

3 Simple tricks to clarify the hair naturally Rinse the hair massage mask

2-Rinse the hair with a mask of egg, beer and lemon:

Another excellent choice. It is worth applying it twice a week. As you can see, we will again use lemon, since which, as you know, is excellent to get a key at our hair and rinse it of course. But do not use it only: lemon has astringent properties that long-term can damage your hair. Beware!
So we will help other ingredients which, in addition to helping us clarify a little color, provide us nutrition, shine and silkiness. Beer and egg are simply perfect.
How do we do it? Notes:
We beat the egg about to snow (white only).
Once ready, add half a glass of beer but without alcohol.
Well, remove and add the juice of half a lemon.
Next step? Apply this mixture to your damp hair by a massage. Allows you to act for 20 minutes, then wash your hair normally and then use a good conditioner. You'll see that it shines through your hair and how, little by little, as you will see a little more faint.

3 Simple tricks to clarify the hair naturally Rinse the hair massage mask

3-Rinse the hair with honey, lemon and Apple Cider vinegar:

You'll love this option. It's easy and you get great results that you will see every day. Once again, the lemon will not miss us. We will combine it with two great elements to try and lighten the hair. Do not miss the guidelines that we follow:
Heat a cup of water and add two tablespoons of honey.
Once you have come to a boil, drop two tablespoons of vinegar Apple and juice of half a lemon.
It removes well and is prepared to your refrigerator. Leave it to cool a few minutes and apply to your damp hair.
You can use a vaporizer to make you easier. Applied with a massage and leave to act, once again, for 20 minutes.
The next thing we will do is to wash our hair with normal using a moisturizing cream or a conditioner. The result is exceptional.
In conclusion. Indicimos once more in that, if your hair is very dark, you won't get a light brown, for example. These tricks dulls the color and the demeaning, but they are not going to change the tonality completely. Used on a regular basis will ensure that you have more flash, reflected a clearer light and look more beautiful.
Also indicate you that you should be careful with the lemon and refuse to use it alone. It dries much hair. It is best to combine it with what you have indicated and always finish the wash with a moisturizing cream that acts as a protective.
And how many times a week we can use these simple tricks? About twice a week. Something easy and effective with what you won't clarify the hair and green with that nuance so attractive and refreshing that many times we look like in our hair. Are you ready?
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

The best exercises for sciatic nerve pain relief

The sciatic nerve is a big nerve that extends from the bottom of the back to the leg. Sciatica is a condition that affects the sciatic nerve and causing severe pain in the back of the back and legs. This problem occurs when the sciatic nerve is clamp or is irritated by an understanding of the disks. By itself is not that sciatica is a disease, but it is a symptom clear of problems like herniated disc or spinal stenosis.
Sciatic nerve pain is very uncomfortable and can prevent the person to do their daily activities for a time that can last up to 8 weeks. However, if during this period some care and exercises are taken into account, this pain can diminish and disappear completely in less time.

The best exercises to relieve sciatic nerve pain relief  at home Muscular strength Stretching exercise Low impact aerobics

1-Exercises that you can perform at home to relieve sciatic nerve pain:

Although often patients with sciatic nerve pain can rest a day or two, the best way to combat the sciatic nerve pain is with a good routine of exercises and movements that work the affected area to improve day by day. Although rest can momentarily reduce the medical condition, the truth is that extend long inactivity can worsen this condition. For this reason, it is important to do exercises and work areas that can help strengthen your back and discs of the spine.
To go to the doctor, it is likely that you send us with a physical therapist, depending on the severity of the problem. However, at home we also can make some exercises that can be key to reduce and eliminate this problem. This exercise plan should be:

2-Muscular strength exercises:

The exercises which help to strengthen the muscles of the abdominal and back provide more support to the back and improve the condition of sciatica. Ideally, the patient to submit to a routine of gentle strengthening and stretching exercises to recover quickly from the sciatic nerve pain.

3-According to the diagnostic exercises:

To go to the specialist, this will have an exercise plan that will adapt to the underlying cause of the sciatic pain of the patient, such as a herniated lumbar disc and spinal stenosis. In this sense, it is important to have the diagnosis, since the wrong exercise may worsen the sciatic pain and prolong it.

The best exercises to relieve sciatic nerve pain relief  at home Muscular strength Stretching exercise Low impact aerobics

4-Stretching exercises:

A good routine to relieve sciatica pain, regardless of its cause, must include the following stretching exercises:
The piriformis muscle stretches.
Lower back stretches.
Hamstring stretches.

5-Exercises for sciatica:

As we mentioned before, ideally perform an exercise routine according to the type of cause that causes the sciatic nerve pain. With this in mind, the recommended exercises are as follows:
Sciatica for herniated disc:
Extension exercises.
Back flexion exercises.
Upper back extension exercises.
Curl ups or push-ups, abdominal, aimed at strengthening the abdominal muscles.
Sciatica from spinal stenosis:
Dorsal flexion exercises.
March supine.
Curl ups or abdominal flexions.
Sciatica due to degenerative disc problems:
March supine.
The bridge (bridging) exercises.

6-Low impact aerobics:

In addition to taking into account the specific exercises to relieve sciatica depending on its cause, we must also include a bit of aerobic exercise, which will help to reduce this problem and contribute to the health of the body in general. One of the best exercises for the lower back is to walk. Practice this exercise for 30 minutes can provide all the benefits of an aerobic exercise session. To improve the condition of the sciatic nerve, you can increase the aerobic activity with cycling, jogging or hike faster.

The best exercises to relieve sciatic nerve pain relief  at home Muscular strength Stretching exercise Low impact aerobics

7-To take into account:

It is very important to do the sciatica exercises correctly, since, otherwise, they may be ineffective and may even aggravate the problem. At a general level, it is recommended to learn these exercises under the supervision of a trained health professional, such as a physiotherapist, chiropractor or Physiatrist.
It should seek to maintain good posture when walking and sitting.
Avoid excessive calorie consumption, since excess weight can aggravate this condition.
Sciatica may significantly affect the performance of people. To treat it, we recommend watching the following infusions. They'll love
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

The best way to lose weight according to your body type

The majority of people who want to lose weight it is not clear what type of body or which is the most effective way of achieving their objectives taking this aspect into account. It is true that there are multiple ways to lose weight regardless of body type, but many times this is the explanation of why some routines work for him more to some people than others.
If we are talking about in general terms, the majority of women want to lose weight certain areas of your body that are where it tends to accumulate fat; however, few of them have in mind your body type to achieve the goals.
You've come to ask what kind of body you have and if this is important when it comes to losing weight? If you have not already done you this question and you've never had it in mind, we invite you to know the following 6 types of body that will help you identify what is yours and what kind of program is right you should weight loss.

The best way to lose weight according to your body type

The best way to lose weight according to your body type pear-shaped Hourglass inverted triangle Apple shape diamond rectangular shape Cardiovascular exercise Resistance exercises

The "pear-shaped" type body:

This form of body also receives the name of "the pear-shaped" and is characterized by loading additional weight in the lower part of the body, especially in the area of the hips, rear and thighs. In the meantime, the bust and waist tend to be small.

Cardiovascular exercise: 

in this case the person should focus their aerobic exercise in the lower part of your body to be able to release the additional weight that accumulates there. For these cases it is ideal walking, the elliptical or bike. The climbing is not recommended because this type of machines can increase the size of the legs.
Resistance exercises: cardio exercises must be complemented with weight on shoulders, front and side weights lifting. Recommended between 6-8 repetitions per session.

The "rectangular shape" type body:

This body shape is characterized by its lack of symmetry, as it has shoulders and hips are too wide, although the figure is athletic. This body type is also known as "square" and in this case the person should focus on minimizing the waist.
Cardiovascular exercise: for these cases it is recommended to increase the use of inclined treadmill or climbing, as they are machines that can help to work the symmetry of the body.
Resistance exercises: in this case troops are exercises of the inner part of the legs, to put an end to assaults and extensions. They are made of 6 to 8 repetitions using moderate and hard weight.

The best way to lose weight according to your body type pear-shaped Hourglass inverted triangle Apple shape diamond rectangular shape Cardiovascular exercise Resistance exercises

Type "Hourglass" body:

It is genetically the most favored and it is also known as "the hourglass". It is characterized by having a weight and height appropriate to the shape of the body. For experts this type of body is the 'perfect', because it has the advantage that evenly distributes the weight that wins and also fits perfectly when you lose fat.
Cardiovascular exercise: must be balanced by body type. Everyone feel it very well, but you must not focus only on one type of exercise. Combines several and you will keep fit.
Resistance Exercises: this body type is the most suitable for the practice of the physical preparation and the bodybuilding. The combined routines you can feel very well, because in addition to controlling the fat easily while shaving.

Body of the type "Apple shape":

Also popularly known as the "Apple", characterized by thin legs, large bust and weight gain in the abdominal area.
Cardiovascular exercise: it is recommended to increase the use of treadmill or climbing and avoid the use of bikes since they tend to lose more weight the legs. Other cardio exercises you also feel very well: we encourage you to dance, run or jump rope.
Resistance training: should focus on the legs to achieve a balance with the upper part of the body. Makes 6 to 8 repetitions of squats and leg press.

Body type "diamond":

It is characterized by a high metabolism which allows you to gain weight easily. It is slim and your measurements of your top, chest, hips and waist, are almost equal.
Cardiovascular exercise: it most advisable is to use the climber. The excess of this kind of exercise should be avoided. In this case the body should concentrate their physical work in the resistance.
Resistance exercises: training should be short and intense. Focus on working a muscle group every week. The movements should be compounds such as bench press, press front, squatting or shoulder, among other press. Make 6 to 8 repetitions.

The best way to lose weight according to your body type pear-shaped Hourglass inverted triangle Apple shape diamond rectangular shape Cardiovascular exercise Resistance exercises

Body type "inverted triangle":

It is also known as"cone", as characterized by have shoulders wider than the hips. They are usually women of big bust, thin legs and narrow hips.
Cardiovascular Exercises: you should dig in the burning of calories and use mainly the treadmill to work in the enlargement of the legs. Performs all types of cardio, less the elliptical bike, because it would streamline even more legs.

Resistance exercises: 

these exercises should focus on strength for leg movements, such as the squat, strides, elevation, extension and in general exercises for hips and legs. To shape it is recommended to make 6-8 repetitions of assaults and leg extensions. It complements these exercises with moderate weights.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

How to remove pimples and blackheads naturally

Pimples and blackheads have become one of the most frequent among adolescents and adults headaches, because although they do not affect health, yes they are bad seen aesthetically. Both the pimples and blackheads can occur for many reasons, such as e.g. bacteria, exposure to pollutants, hormonal changes, the use of makeup just right, the lack of hygiene and excess fat in the skin. Luckily, nowadays there are a lot of treatments that can help to combat these problems to achieve a smooth, free from grease and smooth skin.
We know that in the market there is a considerable amount of drugs and products that promise to help remove pimples and blackheads. However, these treatments tend to be quite expensive and not all cases are as effective as they promise. For this reason, today we want to share with you a routine special cleaning and home treatments to combat pimples and blackheads of a more healthy and economical way. Obviously keep in mind that to get results you need to be consistent with your application.

1-Routine cleaning to remove pimples and blackheads:

How to remove pimples and blackheads naturally Routine cleaning Homemade mask Clean your skin

Clean your skin twice a day:

exposure to toxins and pollutants from the atmosphere can make our skin to get dirty but we don't realize it. As a result, pimples and blackheads appear more frequently. In this case it is convenient to wash the face very well in the mornings and in the evenings, in such a way that you eliminate all types of makeup, bacteria, dirt and excess oil in the skin.

Apply a natural tonic in your skin:

the Witch Hazel you can serve as one of the best alternative natural tonic industrial. This natural product works as a tonic and an excellent astringent for the skin, which helps to balance the levels of fat and dry pimples and blackheads. Use it daily to keep your skin soft and clean.

Performs session of vaporization:

vaporize the skin will help us attract the impurities outward from the bottom of the skin, which helps clean it deeply. For this you must fill a container with boiling water, cover your head with a towel and keep the face over the bowl, so that steam penetrates into the pores. We can do this 2 or 3 times a week.

Performs an exfoliation:

exfoliation is an essential step to combat pimples and blackheads, and doing a cleanse deep. This step helps to remove dead skin cells and removes all types of dirt that may affect our beauty. To make an Exfoliating cream homemade can mix slightly oatmeal with honey and make circular massages for the affected areas.

2-Natural treatments to remove pimples and blackheads:

How to remove pimples and blackheads naturally Routine cleaning Homemade mask Clean your skin

Homemade mask with egg and lemon:

This powerful mask helps us to fight pimples and blackheads, since it contains lemon, which functions as a natural astringent that promotes skin cleaning and the Elimination of bacteria. It also contains egg, which helps us to combat the excesses of grease in the skin and leaves a smoother texture.


1 egg-white.
Drops of lemon juice.

What should you do?

Mix both ingredients and apply on face for 20 minutes. Once completed this time removed with warm water and repeat about twice a week.

Homemade mask of strawberries:

A food so delicious as the strawberries also can become our best ally to fight pimples and excess of fat in the skin.


5 strawberries.
1 egg-white.
1 tablespoon honey.

What should you do?

Whisk all the ingredients to form a paste and apply it on the face with clean skin. Leave it on for 20 minutes and then remove with warm water.

How to remove pimples and blackheads naturally Routine cleaning Homemade mask Clean your skin

Homemade yogurt and lemon mask:

Yogurt and lemon are joined with their properties to offer us an excellent mask that will help us to deeply cleanse the skin to combat blackheads and the excess oil on the face.


2 tablespoons plain yogurt.
tablespoon lemon juice.


Mix both ingredients and apply the Paste on the skin and leave to act for 20 minutes. At the end of this time, remove the mask with warm water and repeat this operation once a week.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.