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Dinners that will help you to burn fat

The key is in the dinner. There are many nutritionists that emphasize the importance of the dinner to take a balanced diet and not gain weight. Controlling caloric intake and choose the most appropriate foods will allow us to go down in weight in a natural way. Do you want to know more?
An adequate and balanced dinner is going to help not only to see us better physically, but in addition we will rest better at night and we will gain in quality of life. Sometimes we make quite serious mistakes, as eating very little throughout the day and give us "binge" at night, or just skip dinner because we think that so lower weight. Nutritionists tell us that it is a mistake. We have to meet each and every meal of the day, but with balance and knowing what food we put on our table. See it.

1- The importance of dinner for weight loss:

Dinners that will help you to burn fat

Why? What I have in mind?

A dinner should contribute 15-20% of the energy we need per day. It must be fair in calories and balanced, is the time of day that less energy need.
Usually the majority of the population, have breakfast and lunch soon. It is an error. The rush, work and obligations, make on occasion that we get home very hungry, and we finish preparing dinner abundant and very caloric.
We can also make another mistake: not dinner. If we do this our level of blood sugar low, so this little hypoglycemia decreases our metabolism, reducing the caloric consumption. In addition we will feel more anxiety and probably eat too much the next day.
The dinner is the last meal of the day. If we eat properly we will complete the balance of the rest of the meal of the day. A proper serving of protein and little fat, will cause our metabolism to work properly.
Never resort to dinner "meal". A snack, a bowl of cereal, and even a few pieces of fruit can make that go up in weight. Grains contain fiber, but many, are also rich in sugars. Like the fruit. Nutritionists tell us that evening meal exclusively and only fruit will bring digestive problems and not help us lose weight.

2- Dinners that will help you to burn fat:

Dinners that will help you to burn fat

Day 1:

-A little beet juice and half a block: is purifying and satiating.
-A breast of chicken grilled with lemon juice: proteins that contain lean as chicken or Turkey meat, stimulate the activation of the metabolism of your digestion and consume lots of energy (30 percent of the calories they contain). If you also add an antioxidant as a lemon juice, the combination is perfect.
-A Greek yogurt with cinnamon. You may be surprised but Greek yogurt, has a high protein content, and helps us to burn calories. If in addition we add cinnamon mixture is idea, since with only a half-teaspoon of a day mixed with food, speeding 20 times more sugar metabolic process and also to lower levels in the blood. Don't forget it.

Day 2:

-Pineapple juice
-A plate of brown rice with mushrooms, chilli (or hot peppers): Chili, Cayenne or chili peppers, lower body lipid and inhibit proliferation of fat cells. For his part, mushrooms contain iodine, and are ideal for the functioning of the thyroid and fat-burning.

Day 3:

-Red salad (ingredients are satiating, diuretic and helps us burn fat)
150 grams of sugar beets cut into small pieces.
100 grams of chopped carrot
1 stalk chopped celery
2 tomatoes, chopped
50 grams of chopped onion.
Dressing with orange juice, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, pepper.
-A slice of Turkey grilled meat.

Day 4:

-Soup celery: celery, as well as diuretic and an excellent tonic, is rich in potassium, chlorine, copper, sulfur, calcium and sodium, is a diuretic, and eliminates uric acid.
-Spinach and Turkey Salad
50 grams of spinach
1 diced Turkey Breast
2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
Season it with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and Apple vinegar.
-A small cup of grapes

Day 5:

-Carrot and orange salad
Lettuce cut into finite pieces.
100 gram of shredded carrots.
50 grams of onion
1 orange into small pieces
Dressing with lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of oil of olives, salt and white pepper
-A cut of hake: is rich in omega 3 and fatty acids which activate our metabolism.

Dinners that will help you to burn fat

Day 6 (optional):

-Cold Borscht or cold beet soup


Salt and pepper to taste
2 lemons
Sugar 2 tbsp.
1kg beetroot
Fresh herbs


-Squeeze the lemons.
-Cook the beets in abundant salted boiling water, Peel and cut into cubes.
-Reserve the cooking water.
-Process the beets adding cooking water little by little.
-Add salt, pepper, lemon juice and sugar.
 With the diet presented along these days can make combinations that you think appropriate. As a recommendation, adding that it will always be more convenient to consume raw vegetables (such as spinach), since they accelerate over our metabolism, and contain digestive enzymes that are lost during cooking. Remember also that you avoid sodas, replace them with water. And finally, remember that it is essential that you read two hours before going to sleep.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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