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Revitalizing salad for liver: delicious!

If you are lover of salads, you should not miss this excellent recipe. With these healthy and nutritious food, you will be able to protect your liver and promote its functions. Are you going to lose? Notes on how to prepare it and enjoy it with your family.

Revitalizing salad for liver: delicious!

1- What is "revitalizing" the liver?

As you have said on other occasions in our space, the liver is vital "laboratory" of our body. Performs many other functions, from Debug to metabolize vitamins and proteins. Then why not revitalize it every time?
To do this, we have to detoxify these harmful elements stored in the liver and which hinder their function. Keep in mind that having to be processed from fats until metals makes that, sometimes it clicks and unable to optimally run your task. If we allow you to debug and to eliminate such harmful elements, we help you be stronger.
There are natural elements that act as excellent hepatoprotectors. Vitamins and antioxidants present in fruits and vegetables that help you do your job, allow you to eliminate toxins, heal and be protected.
Symptoms that indicate that we have a liver that needs debugged are as follows: feel bloated, having bad breath, yellow tongue... Changes in the urine or feces are also indicative. We can try this by changing your diet and following healthy lifestyle habits. It is worth to keep that in mind.

2- Revitalizing salad for liver recipe:

The following salad is ideal for one or two times a week. It contains vitamins essential to this body, adequate protein and phytochemicals excellent for debugging, and strengthen it.
More appropriate would be eating this salad at lunch. As you know, always depending on what food say it, sometimes, at meals, which are not digested very well. You need to be you that you see if these ingredients in the salad feel you well at night, although they usually tend to be suitable.

What do I need?

Revitalizing salad for liver: delicious!

For salad:

A portion of red cabbage.
A bowl of cabbage well chopped.
A small grated carrot. Sure it is fresh and raw.
A cup of spinach cortaditas and small.
3 nuts into small pieces.
Half avocado into small pieces.
A little chopped parsley.
About 8 raisins.
2 carrots roasted with cinnamon. They are easy to do: once cooked, you take them to the oven with a little cinnamon and a touch of butter, and they are exquisite.
A bit of fennel.
Medium PEAR into small pieces.

For the dressing:

A bit of Apple Cider vinegar.
The juice of half a lemon.
A little bit of turmeric.

Revitalizing salad for liver: delicious!

How do I prepare my revitalizing salad?

It is very simple. As you can see, there are wonderful to take care of our liver elements. Both the cabbage, red cabbage or cauliflower, for example, allow us to stimulate the activation of key enzymes in the liver, ideal to eliminate toxins and revitalize.
Avocado, for its part, contains numerous nutrients that enable us to produce glutathione. Glutathione is an element that helps our liver to clean better the harmful toxins. And what of our dressing? Turmeric is one of the most effective medicinal plants to maintain a healthy liver, since strengthens it and stimulates the production of bile.
To prepare it you don't have to clean all the food. Short to small pieces of cabbage and cabbage, as well as spinach. It would be appropriate also that you had prepared the carrots already baked with cinnamon. This combination will offer a very intense flavour your salad and will take care of your liver.
Grate the fresh carrot and chop the walnuts. As you know, they are perfect to detoxify our liver from ammonia, thanks to its arginine. Then chop the parsley, cut the half avocado into small pieces and mix well in a bowl or a bowl.
Do not forget also the PEAR. It is healthy and healing for our liver. It is a great detoxifying, ideal for removing liquid and very suitable if you suffer from, for example, fatty liver.
Once included all the ingredients in the bowl, it applies the dressing. Apple Cider vinegar is very healthy and healing, as well as lemon juice. It is a treasure of antioxidants and vitamin C, perfect for revitalizing the liver. One teaspoon of turmeric will culminate a dish so healthy as our liver protector.
Remember, this salad is healthy for the whole family. You be right if you prepare it one or two times a week. Do you decide to do it today itself?
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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