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Thursday, July 30, 2015

7 Bad habits to lose weight

Weight loss is a challenge that involves many habits, much discipline and willpower. While a balanced diet and certain foods promote weight loss, it is very important to take into account other aspects that influence much in this process and that complement the diet to give the expected results.
If you're that he spends all the time in the gym and keep a healthy diet, but you fail to obtain the weight that you want, you are probably committing an error in your process by losing weight and for this reason your balance not tells you what you both want to get. Here are the 7 worst habits you might have while you're slimming; If you identify any of them it is possible that there is where you are wrong and you better start correcting it.

7 Bad habits to lose weight

1- Little water:

Water plays a very important role in our body since in addition to keep us hydrated, favors some functions such as the regulation of metabolism, the Elimination of toxins and waste that the body does not need. When we do not include a good amount of water in the diet, the body will be less efficient in burning calories and will not do the Elimination of fat to lose weight. Recommended is to include in the diet at least 2 litres of water a day.

2- No breakfast:

Okay that many diets recommend eating certain foods in fasting to activate the metabolism and assist in the process of thinning. However there are those who make the mistake of skipping breakfast just for the fact of having eaten another type of food prior in order to lose weight. It is very important to consume breakfast since this meal promotes metabolism, gives energy and helps you start the day in the best way.

3- Reduce the number of meals:

When the number of meals a day it is a grave mistake when it comes to weight loss. Make only two or three meals a day strictly slows down metabolism and as a result won't have good results. It is ideal to divide meals in small portions of 4 to 6 times a day. Obviously the food should be healthy, avoiding sugars, excess salt and foods high in bad fats.

7 Bad habits to lose weight

4- Limited exercises:

You are more than clear that to obtain good results when it comes to losing weight is very important to combine the diet with a good exercise routine that favor the functioning of the metabolism and elimination of waste. There is who for more exercise they do fail to lose weight or make it in an inappropriate way. The error is limited to exercise and do only aerobics, for example, walking, get bike, among others. For results, it is important to combine aerobic exercise with weight training exercises.

5- Quick meals:

When you don't take the time to chew food, well you'll feel less sense of satiety and as a result are going to want to eat more and more. This bad habit avoids that your body can digest food well and as a result will be more difficult to lose weight. It is also little recommended to eat TV, using any technological device, having poor posture or any type of distraction.

6- Not good sleep:

Those who fail to rest well tend to suffer more anxiety and as a result fat more easily. Sleepless nights tend to alter the production of appetite regulating hormones and want to eat more. It is important to have a break from the lower 8 hours straight and without interruptions.

7 Bad habits to lose weight

7- Stress:

Stressful situations are the worst enemy in the process of wanting to lose weight. Such situations often generate anxiety and as a result are going to want to eat more than normal and you will be almost impossible to keep a healthy diet. Studies have shown that high levels of stress increase the production of cortisol, which makes the body to store fat instead of eliminating them. It is very important to learn how to control both the stress and anxiety that this may cause. If for some reason you are inevitable to avoid a situation, the option is to soothe anxiety with a water bottle, some fruit and a yogurt healthy food.
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Infusions to relieve tension-type headache

All have suffered ever annoying tension-type headache. They usually appear in those moments in which the muscles of the neck and scalp is stressed, because of the stress, fatigue or anxiety. Resorting to painkillers not always is adequate, since sometimes they can aggravate the pain. A resource simple are no doubt them herbs natives and infusions. You indicate which are the most appropriate.
One day of more heavy at work, personal problems, or keep our head in only one position for a long time without moving, can lead to this type of headache. Indeed, on occasions up to the temperature of the rooms where we are can cause these kinds of headaches, which are characterized above all by a pressure on the temples, dizziness, dry mouth, exhaustion...

1- Infusions for tension-type headache:

Infusions to relieve tension-type headache

Infusion of Chamomile, Rosemary and Basil:

This mixture of plants suggests an ideal and very successful remedy in the event of tension headaches. They have great analgesic, calming and soothing effects that in addition, facilitate the activity of the liver. We will have to take it twice a day. The first in fasting, nothing more to get up, and the second half late. Ideally, take this mixture at least for a week, since usually headaches generally last more than one day, thus mitigating its impact, relaxing.
To prepare the infusion just take a sprig of Rosemary, two leaves of Basil and three flowers of Chamomile (or sachet of infusion marketed) bring them to a boil with 1 cup of water, let stand for 5 minutes and accompany it with a teaspoon of honey.

Infusion of mint and Jasmine:

Mint and Jasmine make up an excellent combination so delicious as healthy. They have sedative and soothing principles that relieve headaches and headaches. Its principles are well known and used as relaxing muscles and nervous system, that is why you should not miss the opportunity to try it. Ideally these infusions is to take them twice a day, as before you have pointed out, breakfast and half late.
For its preparation, you must use three leaves of mint (or a bag of infusion). You can find Jasmine in health food stores or natural shops where sale is common. Boil a cup of water with these plants and then allow to sit five minutes drink it slowly.

Infusion of Eggplant:

It may surprise you. An infusion of Eggplant for tension-type headache? Indeed, Eggplant has a moisturizing effect on our organism, we oxygenates and cleans our blood, favoring also the circulation by eliminating tensions. You have to take it once a day and after the main meal cold. If you do it for five days you will notice its effects.
To prepare an infusion of Eggplant, you must put to heat half a liter of water in a pan, and add a medium Eggplant into slices. Heat to simmer for half an hour, so that the cooking is complete, leaving to stand for 15 minutes. Then, filter the water obtained, that will be what we're going to take. You put it in the fridge half hour and, when take you it you can add a little honey. If one day you suffer much headache, you can take it up to 3 times in the same day, but half cup on each occasion and drinking slowly.

Infusions to relieve tension-type headache

Lemon balm infusion:

It is perhaps the best known plant to relieve headaches, whether by fatigue, stress, or illness. It has soothing and anti-inflammatory, properties being very suitable for our central nervous system. You can take two cups a day at the time you want, but to control its appearance would be muya appropriate to take it both at breakfast and before dinner. Taste, moreover, is very refined and pleasant.
You can also find melisa in your usual supermarket, as well as in specialized herbal infusions. Boil a cup of water with it, allow to sit 5 minutes and drink it slowly. You know that the way in which we take the Teas is also very important. It is not drinking them as who ingests a drug, requires that you seek a moment to yourself, in tranquillity. Very successful would be for example take these infusions after a hot shower. You take a seat and view drinking small SIPs without any hurry. It is your personal time and you should take advantage of it.
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Benefits of calendula for health and beauty

Known for their yellow and orange colors, calendula is an herbaceous medicinal plant in gardens and parks. It has properties more than interesting, both for the medicine and aesthetics. Discover the benefits of calendula for health and beauty in the following article. Used from thousands of years ago and the Egyptians considered her a miracle plant. It was also used by the Romans and the Greeks to cure diseases.

Benefits of calendula for health and beauty

1- It is healing, antiseptic and allied to the skin:

Calendula is used to heal wounds, stimulates the healing action and regenerate damaged skin, as well as allowing produce more collagen (vital for the skin to recover). It is used, then, for scars, but also for the hands and cracked feet, sunburn, psoriasis, dermal irritation, scratches, the eczema, dry lips, acne, ulcers or oral herpes, among others.
To benefit, you must mix two tablespoons of fresh petals in four tablespoons of wheat germ oil and then applied to the skin. Some also perform an infusion with a handful of leaves and water boiling, which allowed to stand and placed as a poultice. Calendula also serves to heal sores when applied as a compress or promotion.

2- Perfect friend of babies:

Calendula has emollient, softening and soothing, properties due to its content of beta-carotene, phytosterols, salicylic acid, among others. All this may make a wonderful ally for mothers, because it allows to relieve irritation of the diaper, very common and typical, especially in the summer.
You can get in the market or homeopathic pharmacies creams and cleaning wipes whose base is this plant. A cold infusion of Marigold and water can also be applied to the affected areas.

3- It is anti-inflammatory:

Calendula is used to reduce the inflammation that occurs in the mouth (such as sores), it is also good to cure gingivitis and pharyngitis, is an excellent home remedy for tonsillitis and ulcers in the duodenum or stomach. It is needed an infusion gargles cold or warm several times per day. The mucilage present in the plant will alleviate and mellow after the inflamed tissue.

4- It allows to regulate the menstrual cycle:

Calendula flowers are used to prevent and treat spasms produced in women because her menses. This is because they are rich in flavonoids, which have the capacity to repair them blood vessels and improve blood circulation; It also serves to treat amenorrhea and irregular menstruation. At the same time, the essential oil of Marigold is very good as a fungicide, which can be used in certain vaginal infections, as it is the case of the candiadisis.

Benefits of calendula for health and beauty

5- It relieves eyestrain:

The use of calendula in form of packs allows you to combat the symptoms of red, or tired eyes due to the screen of the computer or television, Sun or exposure to irritants such as smoke. At the same time, it allows to combat conjunctivitis and eye inflammations, since it has antibacterial and antiviral properties.

6- It fights fungi:

As stated before, calendula is a great fungicide, being one of the home remedies for older fungi that exist. The extract of calendula is used to cure fungal infection of the skin and the so-called "athlete's foot". You can also apply a WAD of cotton soaked in tea of calendula in the affected area.

7- Reduces digestive problems:

Drink an infusion of Marigold is an excellent remedy in those who suffer from problems such as ulcers, gastritis, vomiting, indigestion, and the like. This is because among its compounds is one with proteins that treat inflammations.
Calendula has choleretic effects, i.e. that stimulates bile output to the digestive tract, which improves the process of digestion. For this reason, it is recommended to drink a tea made with a tablespoon of calendula per cup of water after meals.

8- Benefits of calendula for aesthetics:

This wonderful plant can be used without problems in all skin types, even the most sensitive. Three recipes so you can take advantage of its benefits. Enjoy them!

Facial cleanser with calendula:

Apply every night to remove the eye makeup and face. Place the petals six flowers of calendula, a tablespoon of cocoa butter and six tablespoons of oil of almonds in a saucepan. Put a Bain-Marie stirring well so that everything is integrated, for five minutes. Extinguishes fire, strain and pour into a clean, dry bottle. This cream can be kept for six months, it is not necessary that you place it in the refrigerator.

Burns of calendula oil:

This recipe serves only to home and superficial first-degree burns. Let marinate a handful of flowers of calendula in a liter of olive oil for 40 days. Place in a warm place, that does not have direct sun exposure.

Benefits of calendula for health and beauty

Moisturizing lotion calendula and roses:

It serves to moisturize the skin. Put some petals of roses and marigolds (in equal parts) in a bowl. Cover with hot water, cover and let stand overnight. Morning strain and pour into a clean, dry bottle. Cover and place in the refrigerator. Apply on the face or where you want by embedding a swab in the liquid.
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5 medicinal plants which improve blood circulation and the heart health

Circulation problems occur when blood vessels lose elasticity, causing it hinders the flow of blood by our body. This problem may be the product of having high cholesterol, consume too much salt, not taking enough fluids and, in general, leading a sedentary lifestyle.
When a person suffers from poor circulation, it runs a high risk of heart disease. Often also experience other common symptoms such as, for example, cooling of hands and feet, feeling of heaviness in the legs, dizziness, veins varicose veins, cellulite, or night cramps, among others. Fortunately, if we take measures in time and help our body in its functions, we can prevent circulation problems and thereby improve the health of the heart.

1- Why use medicinal plants to improve blood circulation?

Phytotherapy is a medicinal method used since ancient times for different purposes. In the case of the improvement of blood circulation, focuses on the use of plants with properties that help decrease coagulant, blood being purification, help us to combat fluid retention and eliminate the toxins present in the blood. Vasomotor properties help protect the blood vessels and provide them with greater flexibility.

2- What are the plants to improve blood circulation and the heart health?

5 medicinal plants which improve blood circulation and the heart health


Garlic has properties antithrombotic which prevent the formation of clots in the blood and helps to improve blood flow. This is because to alliin content, as well as its sulfurous components.

How to consume it?

Eating half a gram of garlic tincture a day.
Eat a raw garlic in salads.
100 grams of garlic at 400 grams of alcohol of red wine marinate and consume half teaspoon before going to sleep.

Meadowsweet (Filipendula Ulmaria):

Its main benefits are their high levels of flavonoids, including quercetin, rutin and the hiperosido. It is ideal for improving health blood and veins, thanks to its powerful antioxidant effects.

How to consume it?

Prepare an infusion with two teaspoons of leaves and flowers and drink three times a day. It should not reach boiling.

5 medicinal plants which improve blood circulation and the heart health


It is a powerful purifying plant that helps us to efficiently eliminate fluids that are retained in the body. For this reason Dandelion is also a great ally of good blood circulation.

How to consume it?

Prepare an infusion with leaves of dandelion and eat three times a day.


Like the previous plant, horsetail is known for its powerful diuretic effect which helps us to eliminate retained fluids. Remember that fluid retention impair circulation and heart problems can bring.

How to consume it?

Add 100 grams of dried plant per liter of water and performed a decoction for 30 minutes. The resulting infusion taken twice a day.


Willow bark contains salicylic acid, which is one of the active ingredients of aspirin, which is used as a medication to improve blood circulation and prevent heart attacks. Willow has anticoagulant properties that help to prevent the formation of thrombi or clots in the arteries inside. The consumption of this plant helps to improve blood flow, and at the same time prevents cardiovascular problems such as, for example, stroke, atherosclerosis, heart attacks. In general, it helps address problems resulting from poor circulation.

5 medicinal plants which improve blood circulation and the heart health

How to prepare it?

Willow is a great alternative to aspirin that sold in the pharmacy. To take advantage of all its benefits is enough to prepare an infusion of willow. We will use a teaspoon per glass of water Willow bark. We will drink a glass of this infusion every two days. Remember that it is very important to consult the contraindications of the plant to find out if there is a problem in consuming it.


Before you start to consume any of these plants infusions, ideally prior consultation with the physician, especially if drugs are being taken to treat poor circulation.
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10 habits that you must renounce to be happy

Everyone is clear that we cannot be happy all the time and will get certain situations where the sadness will be inevitable. However, many times we are unhappy not knowing that happiness depends on our choice to be happy.
The modern way of life, customs, limits, fears, difficulties and many other things can represent an obstacle to feel happy. However, in the middle of everything, life always gives us a reason to feel happiness and all those emotions that we soothed and give sense to our days; the only thing we have to do to enjoy it is to give up certain habits and actions that are those that prevent us from feeling that happiness.
Then you leave 10 habits that you must resign to begin to be happy.

10 habits that you must renounce to be happy

1- Not paying importance to that will tell:

Perhaps this is us makes it difficult for a bit, since we are social beings by nature and have fear of rejection. However, trying to please others and worry about what they think of our lives is a real loss of time and energy. Always keep in mind that they think it is not your business.

2- You can not always be right:

We all like to be right and sometimes we are aware that we have it. However, we can not always be right, and the wisest thing is to accept that we are wrong. People who always want to be right often finish with great relationships, suffer more stress, and it also affects those around him.

3- No more worries:

The concerns can lead to problems such as stress, anxiety and depression. Do you think it is worth spending your energy on something that you don't want to happen?, it is true that there are things that are inevitable, but worry is not the solution. Learn to have confidence and remember that everything in this life has somehow.

4- Say goodbye to insecurity:

In this world there is someone who can think like you and have the qualities that you stand out. Avoid compare yourself to others, trust in your talents and also the ability to achieve what you propose. If someone makes you a negative comment, ignore it and get things as they seem more you.

5- Waiving your need for control:

Disclaimer to that feeling of wanting to control everything that happens to you around. Remember that each who is as he likes to be, that everything is as it should be and that you only need to worry about your life. Get rid of everything produce you the desire for control and you will see that you will feel happier.

10 habits that you must renounce to be happy

6- Leave the past behind:

All have had bad experiences in our life and trauma can be very painful to remember them. Every experience in our lives has left us a lesson and part leave wounds back is to learn and become stronger.

7- Money can not buy happiness:

Work too much more money, do something incorrect for the same reason, or in general believe that to be happy you need money, it is an error that may prevent us to enjoy true happiness. It is true that money makes an important part of our lives and that with him we can pay many things that pleased; However, no worthwhile move life struggling to get more and more money, without knowing that true happiness is in love, family and the good experiences with loved ones.

8- Don't complain more and looking for a solution:

You stop complaining about your life, for your work, for your family, for your partner, and in general for all what is puts you in the day to day. If you are dissatisfied with something you are looking for the way to remedy this or simply waiving it.

9- Don't let fears you slow:

It is normal to feel fear and everyone at certain times of our life has sense of fear. However, we cannot allow fear to become an obstacle to do the things we want or to take advantage of the opportunities presented to us. It is better to take risks and assume those fears with fortress.

10 habits that you must renounce to be happy

10- Renounce the wrath and pride:

Anger and pride are two that you bitter, that damage your relationships and feelings that make you unhappy. Let forgiveness to invade your heart and get rid of those negative feelings that do not let you be happy.
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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Food that caring for your heart health

What about keep your heart health? Do you take care of your lifestyle habits for have a heart healthy and strong? As you may know, food is a key piece to be our basic functions optimized. Low levels of stress and some exercise are the basic guidelines. Today, we invite you to know 8 foods that will do much for your heart.

Food that caring for your heart health

1- Almonds:

Do you now have a good handful of almonds at home? Then do not hesitate, consumes about five a day and take care of your heart. But that Yes, you do not add them salt, thus become a very harmful food, since it is usual that they sold us as snacks with a high salt content.
But almonds by solo and natural, allow us to reduce bad cholesterol, prevent arteries become stiff and blood pressure to rise. Without forgetting that are rich in magnesium and healthy fats have omega 3 and fiber.

2- The oats:

Delicious and essential to start the day. Oatmeal is rich in beta-glucan, a soluble fiber that allows us to reduce the bad cholesterol or LDL. It is wonderful for our digestive system, to lose weight and maintain blood glucose levels stabilized. Do not hesitate, it is ideal to start the day with a piece of fruit and a cup of coffee, for example. Would you like?

3- A Greek yogurt:

Greek yogurt is the milk that less lactose available, but at the same time, it is the richest in mineral calcium and potassium, which helps regulate blood pressure. You'll find a good dose of vitamin D which also allows us to best synthesize vitamins. It is also very suitable to raise the defenses and take care of our bacterial flora.
Greek yogurt is, so to speak, a suitable mediator for good general health and allow that vitamins are better for our heart health synthesize.

Food that caring for your heart health

4- Citrus fruits:

Rich oranges, lemons, kiwis or handles. Why are they good for our hearts? Basically because they have carotenoids and flavonoids, rich antioxidants that reduce blood pressure. Without forgetting that they have enough in pectin fiber, perfect for eliminating toxins and reducing cholesterol. Vitamin C is essential to maintain a strong and healthy heart, take care of the blood pressure and prevent inflammations.

5- Fruits of the forest:

Do you have opportunity to purchase fruits of forest in your city? If so do not hesitate, they are the most effective remedies to get excellent heart health. As the tasty blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries, fruits have a natural treasure of basic nutrients to take care of our heart.
Vitamin C is found in very high amounts, a perfect natural antioxidant for veins and arteries, preventing many heart disease. Nor can we forget that the fruits of the forest have a magnesium and potassium which regulate high pressure very well.

6- Extra virgin olive oil:

Olive oil is the natural treasure used since ancient times that will never be missing in our lives. Its essence is a medical conglomerate of rich polyphenols, these antioxidants that allow us to protect the blood vessels, avoiding that they harden, until atherosclerosis, for example.
It allows us to reduce the bad cholesterol or LDL and keep in good condition our blood pressure. Olive oil, also a staple of the healthy Mediterranean diet, that will allow you to live more years and in a good health. Then add it to your dishes, to your salads... and perfect to start the day with a toast with a few drops of olive oil for example.

7- The salmon:

It would be advisable to take it about twice a week. We know that it is not a fish of the cheap, of course, but having it on a regular basis in our diet is another way that effective care for our cardiovascular health. Do you know why? Because it is a natural source of fatty acids omega 3. Avoiding us, for example, the classical inflammation of blood vessels and the risk of clots.
Nor can we forget that it will allow us to reduce the rate of triglycerides in the blood, balance blood pressure, prevent arrhythmias... etc. It is tasty, easy to make and is one of the richest in omega-3 fish. It is worth so keep that in mind.
It should be a food in the diet of our children, because in addition to its benefits to the cardiovascular level, Omega 3 fatty acids improve the concentration and the level of attention, being a basic complement to children and school-age people.

Food that caring for your heart health

8- The avocado:

The avocado is also very beneficial, but that Yes, it is suitable to not overdo their intake. One piece a day for example would be sufficient. This fruit has a high amount of monounsaturated fats and fatty acids omega 6, perfect for our heart health provided that we not meet, given their energy intake. Like olive oil, this is beneficial for the reduction of the maintenance of the HDL and LDL levels. Very healthy and tasty.
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7 Foods that fight fat

Remove the fat from our body can be a complicated task. However, there are some foods that help us to eliminate it quickly because they speed up our metabolism and improve our health in general. It is for this reason that here are 7 foods that fight fat.

7 Foods that fight fat

1- Green leaves:

All those vegetables that have Greens, such as spinach or Swiss chard, are very good for our health and, in particular, to burn fat from the body more quickly and effectively. These products are an important source of fiber and nutrients that our body needs to work better. They are also rich in vitamins and antioxidants that prevent diseases such as cancer, cataracts, heart attacks and memory problems.
A recommendation in this regard is to eat those vegetables that are fresh and tender leaves that have a dark green color and are not wilted or yellowish. To store them enough to place them in a plastic bag in the coldest part of the refrigerator. Moreover, the best way is to consume these products at not later than five days after you have purchased.

2- Legumes:

Legumes are another of the foods that help burn fat. Indeed, they are the type of food containing more fiber in its interior. One of its major benefits is that they help to control blood sugar levels. They are also an excellent source of potassium and important minerals that prevent dehydration and the risk of high blood pressure (better known as hypertension), as well as infarcts.
Legumes have been, throughout history, one of the most important foods for the human being. That is why today we have a wide variety of products of this type, which can be cooked in many different ways. In this regard we must mention beans, beans, lentils, beans, chickpeas, beans and soy.

7 Foods that fight fat

3- Garlic and onion:

Garlic and onion contain phytochemicals that destroy fat deposits that are housed in our body. In case outside little, also diminish our cholesterol levels, some viruses, bacteria and fungi, in addition to prevent the appearance of certain cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks. Therefore, newspaper of this kind of food consumption is helpful for burning fat.

4- Chile:

Chile is a food that brings many benefits to our body. Although not liked by all people, moderate consumption of this product helps us burn fat quickly because it speeds up our metabolism, in addition to maintaining optimal levels of blood sugar. Likewise, chile is a very effective natural antiseptic because it contains high levels of vitamin C.

5- Turmeric:

Turmeric is a tuber of tropical origin, very similar to the sweet potato and cassava which has a slightly spicy flavour and that tends to be widely used in the cuisine of the India. This product is famous for its high content of beta-carotene, antioxidants that slow down the process of aging caused by free radicals. In addition, turmeric is of great help to destroy our body fat deposits, speeding up our metabolism.

6- Cinnamon:

Cinnamon is another common food that has interesting properties for our health. Recent research in the United States claim that eating a little cinnamon with our food helps metabolize twenty times better the sugar in the blood of our body in comparison with food that is not seasoned with this product. Remember that the excess sugar in the blood is a risk factor which considerably increases the fat. It is best to take a cinnamon tea every day.

7 Foods that fight fat

7- Lemon:

Finally, the lemon is a fruit that helps to burn body fat. This is because lemon is considered a very effective thermogenic. This means that consume this citrus in hot water accelerates the process of burning fat in our body. Therefore, the recommendation is to drink lemon tea on an empty stomach in the morning. As we know, the lemon also contains high amounts of vitamin C, which is good to prevent respiratory illnesses.
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The best tonic astringent for oily skin

Many times you may have asked yourself why your skin sometimes is so oily, and the answer is simple and easy. Oily skin is a manifestation of an accumulation of sebum in the skin. And it is that you apart from being aesthetically unpleasant, because many times it accumulates in highly visible places, like for example your hair, your face; It can be harmful to your health, since if not given a good treatment, you can end in more negative consequences, as for example creating Seborrhea, hair or acne and pimples on your face.
You must take into account that greasy skins need more care and cleaning to dry skin, and it is that if you're oily skin and you are not cleaning you constantly, your pores, is for example not allowing the normal oxygenation of the skin.

The best tonic astringent for oily skin

1- How to identify which group of skin belong?

Pores are one of the most common symptoms in people with oily skin. Also have too much accumulation of 'oil', due to Sebaceous secretions, and never missing in this type of skin, pimples and acne.

Main causes of oily skin:

The age, because there is increased production of grease in stage of adolescence and youth.
Food also plays a decisive role in the fat in your body, a diet poor in natural and vegetable foods will also produce a greater amount of fat.
Obesity, and as we know, this condition is excess fat in the body.

2- Natural astringent for oily skin:

The best tonic astringent for oily skin

Calendula tonic:

The Marigold is one of the best flowers to clean grease from your skin. What you should do is an infusion of 5 tablespoons of these flowers in half a litre of water. Once already, let it stand until the liquid is completely cold, leave it a couple of hours as well, and then pass it to a previously sterilized container. You apply it with clean cotton whenever you want, especially at night.

Tonic of daisies:

Daisy is one of the flowers with more timing case properties. You can make one of the best tonics and easier to prepare to cleanse your skin. To do this, you need 5 tablespoons of these flowers, once are dry you trituras them, you put them in a clean container, apply you 12 tablespoons of clean water and two teaspoons of alcohol, it is preferable to use mineral water.

Tonic lemon:

Due to its antiseptic properties lemon is perhaps the best natural for all types of oily skin astringent. Applying through gentle massage half a lemon, an once-daily, your skin will look more clean, free of impurities and totally renewed. He is recommended to use only at night.

The best tonic astringent for oily skin

Tonic of cucumber and green tea:

In one cup of hot water, you make an infusion with a packet of tea. Then you pelas medium cucumber and you trituras it until it is as pure, then mixes it with tea to an average temperature. Once this done, leave to settle for a few minutes this mixture, then press strongly with a spoon to extract as much liquid as possible. Finally depositing it in a clean container, you put it in the refrigerator 5 days, and then you apply every night in your skin, this will help to keep it clean and free of grease.


It is very important to have the best care with your skin and your hair, not only to look beautiful, but also to be healthy. Do not forget, Furthermore, take care of your health by means of a balanced diet. Nice day!
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Food and medicines for a perfect Tan

At any time of the year it is very healthy to take the Sun daily, always avoiding the hours of maximum radiation, mainly for health reasons, but also to have a good look.
In this article you will learn the food you should consume often to protect your skin from the inside and get a Tan, nice and healthy, as well as some remedies that will help you also to take care of you from outside of the most natural way.

Food and medicines for a perfect Tan

1- Beta carotene every day:

Many times we have heard that eating carrots is good to have a nice tan, and that is precisely because of its content of beta carotene, which function as a cream sun protection but from the inside, protecting our skin from UV rays and favoring a beautiful color of our skin.
We found beta carotene in fruits and vegetables yellow, Orange and red, for example:

Carrots: the carrot with Apple smoothie is a delicious proposal to start the day
Pumpkin: baked or cream allows us to complete a lunch or dinner
Sweet potatoes: similar to the potato, we recommend cooking it in the same way. in tortilla, fried or baked.
Peach: both natural and syrup you can resolve a snack
Apricot: Dried apricots are a solution to eat anytime, anywhere
Cherry: we include cherries, in addition to eating them natural, in cakes and biscuits
Tomato: If the tomato is good we don't produce it in a complicated way. Seasoned with oregano, olive oil and sea salt is a very healthy accompaniment. The tomato sauce is also very nutritious when it contains no preservatives or additives.

2- Antioxidants to prevent aging:

The Sun is very healthy, but in the long run, if we do it properly, we can notice how our skin ages faster, appear spots, wrinkles, etc. Therefore, we recommend to hydrate and antioxidarla from within, so that despite the passage of time held firm and nourished. Some of the most antioxidant foods are as follows:
Grapes, including seeds
Granada, to be drunk alone or to give an original touch to salads or other dishes
Avocado: this delicious fruit is highly rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidant
Spirulina: this alga is a super food that we can take every day as a supplement to raise our defences and prevent anti-aging
Fruits such as blueberries or blackberries

Food and medicines for a perfect Tan

3- Massage with sesame oil:

Sesame oil, widely used in natural medicine of the India, not only is very nutritious and helps us to care for our skin but that also protects part of the Sun's rays, so it is an oil ideal for massaging your skin regularly. In addition, it is a very beneficial oil for massage.

4- Cold showers:

To tone our skin and relieve it of excess heat that can cause the Sun, a simple remedy is the shower with cold water, or at least always end the shower with cold water. We will notice our firm and rejuvenated skin, and in the long run it will help us to enhance our own defense against solar rays.

5- Exfoliation before the Sun:

For the Tan to be uniform and pretty also should exfoliate weekly our skin, always before the Sun, in order to eliminate dead cells that impede a good color to our skin. For this purpose we can use sea salt and massage us skin in the shower, making circles, and by rinsing with water or warm then cold.
After the Peel always we drink plenty of fluids our skin with sesame oil, moisturizing creams the same sunscreen.

Food and medicines for a perfect Tan

6- Aloe vera for redness:

Sometimes we can overdo our exposure to the Sun, and it is therefore important that as soon as we can we give to our skin hydration which has lost. Aloe vera is ideal for this purpose, a plant that we can be applied directly or in gel, calm and nutria our skin, healing also possible redness.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

Natural home remedies to quit smoking

All people who smoke know how hard that is to stop smoking, because although there is the intention to do so, this habit creates a strong addiction that is very difficult to combat. Today there are thousands of people around the world who are looking for ways to quit smoking and improve their quality of life.
Cigarette smoking can cause serious impacts on health, since it is the main cause of cancer of the lungs, mouth, larynx and esophagus. It can also cause damage to the gallbladder, kidneys, pancreas, and the cardiovascular system, among others. All these problems are derived from the impact that the composition of the cigarette has on our health. Several studies have found that these toxic substances affect both smokers and those who surround him and support the smoke.
People who want to quit smoking tend to fear much for withdrawal that occurs one time is suspended the supply of the drug. However, although it is something that the person will feel recurrent, can be overcome in a matter of one month or maximum two. Obviously the cases vary according to psychological dependence of each person. Still have you not stopped smoking? If you it is difficult to quit smoking, then you share the best remedies to support you in the process of letting cigarettes.

Natural home remedies to quit smoking

1- Licorice:

When anxiety smoking sits is recommended to suck a piece of licorice root. This is very appropriate since it mimics the habit cigarette sucking reflex and above all have properties that help detoxify the body, at the same time causing displeasure by tobacco.

2- Sunflower:

Sunflower seeds are ideal to combat the compulsive urge to smoke when you are going through withdrawal. Ideally, eat raw seeds, but they can also be consumed through other recipes.

3- Chamomile:

The infusion of Chamomile can be quite useful in the cycle of quitting. In addition to helping us control anxiety, also helps to treat vomiting that occur when we stop smoking. To prepare it just mix one teaspoon of flowers of Chamomile in a cup with boiling water, let stand and drink it twice a day.

Natural home remedies to quit smoking

4- Valerian:

Thanks to its sedative properties, Valerian helps to reduce anxiety and irritability of the smoker, since it helps to relax and sleep better. It can be consumed via capsules or infusion. For the latter, mix 15 grams of the root of the plant in water and let stand overnight.

5- Juices of fruits and vegetables:

The consumption of fruits and vegetables can not only help us to control the desire for smoking, but that is a great help for the cleaning of our body organs, which are those who work to combat free radicals and eliminate most of the toxins that have accumulated in our body due to this terrible habit. You can prepare juices of fruits such as apples and grapes, and complement them with vegetables such as carrots, celery, onion, spinach, among others.

6- Ginger:

A very effective remedy to control the desire to smoke is to chew a piece of ginger root. It may for many not be pleasant for its spicy taste, but keep in mind that it is quite effective.

7- Garlic cure:

Garlic is a very healthy food that can help us to cleanse the body, at the same time helping us in the fight against the bad habit of smoking. The "garlic cure" consists of eating two raw garlic in fasting, other two garlic and a cup of lemon juice before lunch and other two garlic before dinner. This treatment is very good, but it is not suitable for people with low blood pressure or who consume blood-thinning medications.

Natural home remedies to quit smoking

8- Oats:

Oats water has properties that benefit us in many ways, especially when it comes to clean the body and take care of our health. This remedy, which is also used to lose weight, is ideal to combat free radicals and eliminate substances that accumulate in our body due to cigarette smoking. To prepare, mix two tablespoons of oats ground into a cup of water, which is boiled and consumed after meals. In addition, it also helps to control the symptoms of withdrawal.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

3 healthy breakfasts that you'll love

As we all know, but there are still many people who do not practice it: breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and we never pass it up. It is true that on occasions the rush and our obligations, they prevent us to sit calmly and take proper nutrients, but we must make a small effort. What if we start today the same with these simple recipes?
Our breakfasts must contribute 25% of energy that we need to face the day. It is essential to take proper nutrients to compensate for all that night in which we have not consumed anything. A healthy diet, varied and balanced in our dishes in the morning will help you leave the House with more strength and courage. We must also correct the idea that to lose weight, it is best to fast. On the contrary, surely when you arrive noon demos a binge to offset the anxiety, and this is not healthy. Let's see then some simple recipes to make your breakfast, one of the best moments of the day.

1- Bowl of cereal and berries:

3 healthy breakfasts that you'll love


Prepare a bowl or a large Cup. It dropped a handful of integral Instant Oatmeal. Then add half a cup of soy milk or water, what you most like.
Then, let's start putting the berries: blueberries, strawberries, raspberries... If you cannot get them or at the moment they are too expensive, you can wear plum or Red Apple...
Now let's add the nuts such as ten raisins and two chopped walnuts.
Eat it slowly and chewing well.


With this type of breakfast you'll receive a contribution more than excellent fiber and antioxidants. The fruit is a great macronutriente, as healthy as tasty; oats, on the other hand, provides carbohydrates. Regarding the nuts, they will offer you excellent antioxidants such as resveratrol and phenolics.

2- Whole Turkey and avocado sandwich:

3 healthy breakfasts that you'll love


Another of the most varied breakfast and healthy is what we are presenting now. A Turkey sandwich and a glass of orange juice.
The first thing is to prepare the sandwich, always with whole-grain or whole grain bread. Add a slice of ham or Turkey luncheon meat (they have less fat), a teaspoon of olive oil, and a few small pieces of avocado. We assure you that the mixture is delicious. Chicken can also be used if preferred.
Do not forget to prepare the juice from two oranges for this breakfast.


The grains of this sandwich will leave us satisfied for more hours. We will have vitamins, minerals and proteins. In addition the avocado has a high content in vitamin E, is good for lowering cholesterol, and helps us to better absorb all the nutrients of this breakfast, including excellent antioxidants in orange juice. It is a very healthy choice.

3- Fruit salad, roasted with honey and white tea:

3 healthy breakfasts that you'll love


Maybe that at first glance it seems excessive, but it is not. With this type of breakfast you'll get an excellent supply of antioxidants and vitamins. To do this go preparing a not very large bowl where we will put the pieces of fruit.
No doubt for breakfast ideally a small kiwi, a small Apple, five grapes, and two strawberries. As you can see, the key is in the variety and the benefits of these essential fruits.
We will then prepare the toast. It must be comprehensive and not very large, it dropped one or two teaspoons of honey.
We will now prepare the white tea. This variety of tea is healthier even than green tea, so we recommend it to you. You can find it in natural stores, it is much appreciated and will be very beneficial. Remember that after boiling it in a cup with water, let stand only 5 minutes


A very suitable choice for your breakfast. With it, you'll benefit from healthier fruits, the have more antioxidants, and they take more care of your health. Honey, on the other hand, is an excellent antiseptic, healing, and strengthening of our immune system that you must not miss. For his part, white tea, is an ally more than wonderful for protection against free radicals, since as I've said before, it is even more powerful than green tea.
Try the tasty,easy and best recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.

Lose weight with bitter orange

Do you know the bitter orange and its benefits? Surely little heard of it despite being very similar to the traditional Orange, have less famous, but equally has benefits that favor much health. One of the properties that most the attention of this citrus fruit, is its ability to make lose weight; its capabilities will help burn fat, improve metabolism and becomes an ideal ally for weight loss.
The bitter orange is also known with the name of Citrus aurantium, is originally from Syria and Africa, although currently it is also grown in the Mediterranean. Unlike the sweet orange, this fruit as its name implies, is more bitter and not as suitable for constant use. Despite this, its weight loss properties have spread around the world and for this reason it is becoming a very desired food.

Lose weight with bitter orange

1- Benefits of bitter orange for weight loss:

Several investigations have seen that bitter orange has properties that promote weight loss, since they favors fat burning and disposing of waste not needed by the body. The main benefits which has bitter orange for weight loss include:
It increases metabolism.
Help to burn fat located.
It promotes digestive performance, helping to alleviate problems such as constipation, due to its laxative power.
It is cleansing.
Combat fluid retention.
Increases caloric expenditure, so that our body reduced the level of calories significantly.
It gives feeling of satiety and thanks to this will avoid eating at all times.

2- How can I eat the bitter orange?

One of the most common forms of the benefits of the Orange bitter to lose weight, is through the preparation of tea.


4 sour oranges cut into halves.
1 litre of water

What should you do?

Please enter in a pot the liter of water and 4 bitter oranges cut into halves (with shell). Put to fire and boil for 10 minutes. Once pass this time, strain and drink the water several times a day, preferably during the three main meals.

Lose weight with bitter orange

Other uses...

The bitter orange is also used as a condiment, as well as in the preparation of jams and liqueurs. While its consumption may vary, continues to be of great benefit to health, although in the case of their benefit to lose weight, the most recommended is the infusion.

3- Is it possible to lose weight only with bitter orange?

Like many other products and plants for slimming, bitter orange alone should be used as a supplement to help enhance the slimming effects in the body. This fruit can help you to burn fat through the activation of the metabolism, elimination of retained liquids and better digestion. But to make it work with favorable results, it is important to take a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and foods with fiber. Also avoid the consumption of junk food and daily physical activity should be increased.

4- Side effects of bitter orange:

The consumption of bitter orange must be moderate, since its stimulants can increase blood pressure or increase the heart rate. It is contraindicated for people with cardiovascular problems; their consumption is not recommended if medications of any kind, are eating since it can have negative reactions in the body.
The increase in blood pressure that may result in the consumption of Orange bitter, may cause other health problems such as headaches, migraines, dizziness, fainting, and even has come to be associated with sudden death or heart attack. It is recommended to make a consultation with a specialist, before deciding to lose weight with bitter orange.

Lose weight with bitter orange

5- Where do you get bitter orange?

Bitter slimming Orange fame have turned it into a product that can be found more frequently in the market, be it fruit, in essence or in capsules. In some places you can find it dry and ready to BREW tea. If you decide to buy the full fruit, keep in mind that its bark is where most properties are to lose weight and is therefore the most recommended an infusion. In supermarkets, it is not so common to find this product, although now many places thus offer it. If you are interested in purchasing it, surely in a health food store or herbal, you'll find it more easily.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

How to speed up metabolism and lose weight?

It's no secret that for many of us, have problems when it comes to exercises (because out us easily, for example), or worse still that in Christmas holidays increase weight too easily; but when it comes down it is all an ordeal. No?
The important thing is to have good health and thus go getting a body aesthetically very suitable for us; If we can control our metabolism we can get become very active physically, that will lead us to have a higher self-esteem, fewer episodes of depression and more vibrant against the tasks that arise us daily. We're going to really feel assets!

How to speed up metabolism and lose weight?

1- Why accelerate your metabolism?

Perhaps this is a question that comes to us all and here we have the answer. More fast your metabolism you have, more fat will burn your body or more force will have to allow you to do so. If you usually have a metabolism slow by nature no matter if you eat pills or do other things like diets to lose weight, this will be futile. Therefore it is very important that you apply what you listed below in this article.

2- Recommendations to speed up your metabolism and lose weight:

Breakfast daily:

Breakfast helps us to wake up our metabolism, this form will spend more calories throughout the day. Breakfast helps us keep our glucose and insulin levels constant and thanks to this you will be able to resist other types of less healthy foods in the rest of the day.

It controls your fat levels:

Scientific studies have shown that more calories eating low fat foods burn. It is recommended to consume foods rich in protein and carbohydrates which cause greater calorie expenditure, being much higher expenditure than by fat-rich foods.
This may be the explanation for why some people who eat few foods not slim; since they eat few foods, but what you consume as it is richer in fat than in proteins and carbohydrates.

How to speed up metabolism and lose weight?

Trains in fasting:

With this recommendation must have a strict care, since they usually do professionals with medical supervision; We recommend doing so on weekends and very good controlling your appetite, so you won't have to work very exhausted and famished.
This training is performed to reduce the reserves of glucose or muscle glycogen, thus resorting to fats such as reserves for energy during exercise.

Say no to low-calorie diets:

If you want to lose weight, the idea is to spend more calories than you consume at the end of the day. Eating helps expend energy absorbing, transporting, storing and metabolize food; This generates a so-called thermal effect and increases metabolism at rest between 8 and 16% for the two or three hours after every meal. So the idea is to eat good shape so that your metabolism is slow, because if you don't eat properly the body it will not burn fat acumulad and not you come down in weight as you want.

It is well distributed daily meals:

Apart from eating breakfast, lunch and dinner; adds further "four" hits to your diet, so ensure a power and will increase the energy that is spent in the combustion of food, increased as well your caloric expenditure to keep the metabolism high. Of course, we do not eat heavy things in the Middle, they are recommended foods low in calories and high in fiber.

Drink plenty of water:

Water helps to clean and remove toxins which can favour accumulation of fat (it is as if it had a magical effect on us).
Hydrate ourselves correctly can increase by 30% your metabolic rate during the next hour, doing so you burn calories 24 approximately.

How to speed up metabolism and lose weight?

Add spicy:

Add to our meals spicy foods such as curry, cayenne pepper, black pepper, cumin, and others, helps to shoot the speed with which the body burns fat; Since these foods cause a greater expenditure energy simply to generate heat, which accelerates the energy burning of food.

Build muscle:

It is not necessary that you're a person with advanced physical culture or a fan to the gym. You can lift weights at home every day, without that is very intense exercise, gradually get muscle and this will help you burn fat, and therefore lose weight.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Masks to reduce freckles

Women like to have skin clean, smooth and free of any stains. However, there are some problems such as acne, scars and freckles that prevent our skin look as we wish. Freckles are a feature that makes its wearer look cute and unique. If you're that prefer a clean and smooth complexion, you may try any of the following masks to reduce freckles and eventually, perhaps, disappear them.

Masks to reduce freckles

1- What are freckles?

It is important to understand what are freckles since many women feel concerned about its presence. They are only small brown spots that can appear on the skin of the face, arms, and shoulders. They often develop when we spend much time under the Sun and have a very sensitive skin. Freckles are the result of the excessive production of melanin in our skin cells. Many people believe that remove or lighten freckles is impossible, but with care, and the right products can achieve.

2- Lemon mask:

The lemon is a very powerful citrus against freckles and spots caused by the Sun. You must cut and get the juice of a lemon. Once we have the juice in a Cup, take a bit with a cotton ball or swab and apply in areas where we have freckles. After 15 minutes, you should wash the skin with lukewarm water and neutral SOAP and apply a moisturizer with sunscreen.
With lemon, we will see effective results within four weeks, but it is very important to limit your exposure to the Sun. We must also be careful that lemon not between the eyes since this can be very dangerous. The moisturizer is required to prevent drying of the skin that is in contact with the lemon.

3- Strawberries with honey mask:

Strawberries are also a good option to reduce freckles. We cut 4 strawberries into small cubes and add a teaspoon of honey, then we need to create a mask that is uniform. Apply the mask on the skin with freckles and leave to act for 15 - 20 minutes. We then rinsed with warm water and neutral SOAP.
This mask gives us the possibility of reducing freckles while moisturizing the skin thanks to the honey. However, it is important to keep away from sunlight and always use a sunscreen that is at least factor 60. The effects of this mask is begin to see the first month.

4- Aloe vera with peaches:

Aloe vera is known to be an ally of the skin. For this mask we need Cup of aloe vera gel and a ripe peach. Peaches should be cut into small pieces, so that it is easy to create a mask with aloe vera. Once we have the well-made mixture we apply on clean skin, focusing on areas with freckles. Let it act for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water. If you have a skin that tends to be dry can be a little cream, otherwise, the mask will leave a very soft skin.
The peach and the aloe vera have excellent properties that reduce freckles and sun damage. This mask also has the ability to reduce dryness, closing the pores of the skin and leaves a rich aroma.

5- Mask of oatmeal with milk:

For this mask, we need 30 grams of natural oat flakes, and 4 tablespoons of milk. Put the ingredients in a saucepan or skillet and expect to boil about 7 minutes. When it is ready we turn off the heat and add 3 teaspoons of honey in the mix. We must stir the ingredients and wait until it is warm or cold, as you prefer. When the temperature in that we want to apply the mask on the areas that present freckles and leave to act for 10 minutes. You must rinse with warm water.
This is a fairly effective and soothing mask for skin. Its effects are visible from the first few weeks and help to greatly improve skin.

6- Fruit mask:

The fruits are not only to eat, we can also make their properties from the outside of our bodies. 2 teaspoons of honey, 2 strawberries, a slice of papaya, cucumber and slice of pineapple we need for this mask. We must create a mixture with fruits and add the honey. When mixture is completely homogeneous we apply it on dry skin and cover with a towel. We must wait 15 minutes and rinse with warm water.
With this mask, the skin takes advantage of all the benefits of the fruit directly. Since it can be a bit tricky to hold the mask in place because of the properties of the fruit is that we use honey. After using this mask, we must apply a cream with sunscreen and avoid exposure to the Sun's rays.

7- Care to be taken to avoid the appearance of freckles:

Although many people consider that freckles are a feature that brings some beauty who possesses them, also find people who prefer not to have them. If this is your case, have to remember that freckles appear because of melanin the body produces to be long under the rays of the Sun. If you want to avoid that continue to appear you must apply a Sun protective factor 50 or 60 every two hours if you are away from home, use hats and keep your skin hydrated.
These masks will help you to reduce the amount of freckles, but if you do not follow the recommendations given previously, the effects will be reversed. Each mask takes 3-5 weeks to have visible effects, so do not get discouraged if you don't see immediate results.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

Tips for health and beauty with coconut oil

Coconut oil has been used traditionally in many cultures for health reasons both aesthetic issues, and increasingly is becoming more fashionable thanks to its numerous benefits.
In this article you will learn all that you can do with coconut oil and how you can help to moisturize your skin and your hair, take care of your teeth, weight loss, cooking healthy and original way, cleanse the body of toxins, among others.

Tips for health and beauty with coconut oil

1- One of the best oils for cooking:

Together with olive oil, coconut oil is one of the best oils for high temperatures, unlike the majority of vegetable oils, that with the heat generate substances toxic to our body. Coconut oil is even more beneficial than the olive if you want to use it for frying or baking. In addition, its flavor sweet and exotic will allow us to test new flavors with recipes always.
We recommend always using extra virgin coconut, the best quality oil. If maintain you a cold temperature it will solidify, but with the heat it will return to its liquid state.

2- A healthy fat:

Many people believe diet should eliminate fats from the diet, but nothing is further from reality. We have to do is to choose healthy fats, i.e., natural fats that have not been processed (oil vegetables first pressure in cold, dry fruits, avocado, butter, etc.) and reduce the consumption of those that are harmful (fried, industrial pastries, junk food, etc.). In this case, coconut oil not only non-fattening us but it helps us burn fat deposits that we accumulate in the hips, buttocks, calves, arms, abdomen, etc.

Tips for health and beauty with coconut oil

3- Ideal for normal, mixed and oily skins:

Coconut oil has a creamy, but not overly fat, texture that penetrates very well on our skin without leaving shines, so it is ideal for normal, mixed skins (with dry and oily areas) and fats. In addition, if we use it daily, coconut oil will be regulating the sebum of our skin and balancing it, to make our skin more homogeneous, large and luminous.
In the unique skins, that is not recommended is that are too dry. Not because it is harmful, but because it won't possibly be enough I fatty. You can use this oil not only in the skin of the face, but also in the entire body. Thanks to its soft and delicious aroma, and that is a natural food, we can have total confidence in this product as a daily moisturizing lotion.

4- An excellent massage oil:

As we have said, coconut oil can also be used on the skin of the whole body. Not being overly fatty allows us to massage the body without getting dirty or greased us too well, and also penetrates easily into the skin.
In addition, we can combine it with a few drops of essential oils to achieve specific effects:
To relax: with lavender essential oil
To improve circulation: with Rosemary essential oil
To improve mood: with orange essential oil

5- Purify the body easily:

In this article we explain how can perform a cleansing of the body doing some daily rinses in fasting with sunflower oil, while we remember also this article because we can also use extra virgin coconut oil. In this way we can prevent and combat all kinds of mouth problems (caries, gingivitis, tartar, sores etc.) and also eliminate toxins through the mucous membrane of the mouth.

Tips for health and beauty with coconut oil

6- A homemade toothpaste:

Do you know with coconut oil you can prepare your own homemade toothpaste and only with natural ingredients? You can simply mix 50 ml. of coconut oil with the following ingredients:
10 g of pure stevia powder.
10 g powdered cinnamon of Ceylon.
3 drops of tea tree essential oil
3 drops of peppermint essential oil
Mix well the ingredients with a spatula and keep it in a small glass jar.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

Uses of apple vinegar as beauty treatment

Apple Cider vinegar is traditionally made with fermentation of sugars, either Apple juice or cider. It is characterized by Malic acid, which provides you with both its value and the smell with which we identify ourselves. This product, in addition to being inexpensive, is also very versatile and many applications that we can give you both in food and in medicine, home and beauty.
Surely in your kitchen you have a bottle of Apple Cider vinegar because you like to include in your diet. but so don't limit yourself only with its use in the gastronomy and medical, today you want to publicize many of the uses that have this powerful ingredient in your beauty.

Uses of apple vinegar as beauty treatment

1- Vinegar for hair:

This ingredient so inexpensive and easy to find on the market, is one of the best allies to maintain the good health of the scalp, since your application helps to regulate the pH and also prevents and eliminates problems such as dandruff. Its properties help to clean the hair follicles are clogged and prevent the normal growth of hair.

What should you do?
Dilute a cup of Apple in two cups of water, distilled vinegar, and put the mixture in a spray. Once you are ready, you wash the hair in the usual way and in the final rinse, apply prepared with vinegar water. Ideally, apply the vinegar in water through hair and leave on for 10 minutes. You must avoid the use directly on hair, since it can have allergic reactions to the scalp. It is not recommended for dry, damaged or dyed hair.

2- Acne and spots on the skin:

Vinegar has antibacterial properties and certain acids that help destroy the deposits of fat in the skin. Thanks to these properties, it is ideal to combat the problem of acne and excess fat in the skin. But it also has whitening effects that can help reduce stains on the skin. It is important to use this product with caution to avoid adverse reactions. As in the previous case, is it should be diluted in water and then applied to the affected area of the skin.

Uses of apple vinegar as beauty treatment

3- It prevents aging and keeps the skin healthy:

This powerful ingredient promotes the regulation of pH in the skin, helping to remove dead cells and promote better circulation. These properties regenerate skin tissues, favor the Elimination of impurities and, this, prevents premature aging, allowing to make the skin look healthy. For this, the only thing you have to do is to dilute a tablespoon of vinegar in 5 of water and apply it on the skin.

4- Curator and disinfectant:

It is ideal for healing small wounds or soothe itching in the skin. For this you only have to add a few drops of vinegar in your bathroom or mix them into the liquid soap. Its properties will help you to prevent possible infections in small wound and in addition it will help it heal more easily.

5- Keep fit:

Apple Cider vinegar is an ingredient that is full of properties for health and beauty. Many famous agree that his trick for staying in shape is to drink in a spoonful of vinegar diluted in a glass with water fasting. Insurance not only will help you to stay in shape, but that you can also take advantage of other health benefits. Keep in mind that for any reason you drink vinegar undiluted because it can have side effects.

6- Cure nail fungus:

The antibacterial properties of Apple Cider vinegar, are ideal to combat the fungus on nails, and possible infections that may occur as a result. For this the ideal is to submerge your feet in a cup of vinegar diluted in two of water and leave for 15 minutes.

Uses of apple vinegar as beauty treatment

7- Natural deodorant:

Apple Cider vinegar helps to balance the pH of your skin and this also works as a natural deodorant. Its soft smell sometimes can be uncomfortable, but as we dissolve it in water this is reduced and will be less annoying. The only thing you have to do is mix a tablespoon of vinegar in water 3 and apply the mixture with a cotton ball.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

Natural recipes to reaffirm the sagging skin

The sagging skin is a natural process that is taking place as the years pass, as well as also if we fat and thinned sharply. It is more evident in certain parts of the body like, for example, below the jaw and arms.
While the sagging skin is not never removed completely, you can improve your appearance. How? Natural recipes to firm sagging skin, avoid the loss of elastin and collagen.

Natural recipes to reaffirm the sagging skin

1- Home remedies to reduce sagging:

There are quite a few remedies that you can perform at home to recover the natural texture of the skin. Get rid of sagging skin and look younger with these home remedies is quite simple.

Egg white mask:

Mix a white of egg with 1 tablespoon of Thyme oil and applied as a mask on the face. It is one of the most effective remedies for the sagging skin and wrinkles.
Egg stimulates the production of collagen and Thyme oil helps rehydrate skin. This combo serves so that the skin is not "loose".

Banana mask:

A face mask made with mash a ripe banana, one tablespoon of honey and one teaspoon of olive oil helps to firm the skin and provides an instant shine. It also helps to lock the moisture that helps lift sagging skin and regulates the production of sebum.

Paste of turmeric and water:

Make a paste of turmeric with water and apply evenly over your face. Let it dry for 15 minutes and wash with cold water. This remedy is effective when repeated several times a week, to ensure that the skin recovers its elasticity.

Strawberry and yogurt face mask:

Crush a few strawberries, add a few tablespoons of yogurt and mixture to make a paste to apply it on the face. Leave to act for a few minutes and lava. This combination acts as a wonderful toning and helps tighten sagging skin. In addition, it improves blood circulation and brings a fresh new look to the face.

Tomato juice:

Squeeze the juice of a fresh tomato and applied on the surface of the skin, using a gentle circular motion. Massages for about five minutes and then wash with cold water. Constant application of tomato juice will help you to reduce sagging of the skin at the same time, ensures the reduction of pores and leaves skin bright.

Natural recipes to reaffirm the sagging skin

Mask of sandalwood:

Make a paste of sandalwood pure water and with it exfoliates the skin, applying some pressure. It will serve to restore its natural glossy look. The Sandalwood is one of the most incredible natural treatments, since it helps to eliminate acne, dry spots, oily skin, sweating and much more.
Instead of buying the Sandalwood powder, it is advisable to rub directly against a solid mortar stick or a rough surface with water to make the dough.

Exfoliation of the normal skin:

Relax in a long hot bath with sea salt. This helps to tone the skin and also match the tone. It does this for a week to get rid of sagging skin, stimulate the muscles and restore the youthful appearance that you had before.

Geranium essential oil:

This essential oil has some wonderful properties when it comes to improving skin conditions. Some women have to endure a skin oily, prone to acne or blackheads even in adulthood. When this is combined with the aging of the skin, it looks dull, neglected, flaccid.
If this is your case, geranium essential oil will help you. This lovely product has many advantages (reaffirms skin, regulates sebum production, reduces acneicos outbreaks and softens wrinkles). Simply apply a few drops on the face using a cotton ball or mixed with cream that you use regularly.

Essential lemon oil:

The aroma of lemon is generally associated with freshness and energy. Exactly so, how your skin will look after applying the oil. The lemon is a wonderful citrus that can be used in more than one application, due to its harmless but strong antiseptic properties. If you've used antibacterial soaps before, you probably know that then the skin is dry and cracked.
The essential oil of lemon, on the other hand, reduces sebum production without damaging the skin, tightens pores, softens the wrinkles and reaffirms the skin. It is applied with a cotton ball or mixed with water and sprayed on the affected area.

Natural oils:

There are some natural oils that can do wonders for your skin (in addition to the lemon). All have the power to leave it soft and firm and give a wonderful, more youthful glow. Some of the oils more popularly used for the sagging skin are: grape seed oil, almond, coconut and avocado.
You can use them in different ways, the simplest is to spread a very thin layer on the face and massage until it is absorbed by the skin. You can also combine them with Shea butter and vitamin E, or mix with your favorite moisturizers.

Natural recipes to reaffirm the sagging skin

Exfoliating with baking soda:

Mix baking soda and water warm until obtaining a fine paste and applied with a movement through all of your skin. Baking soda is a great Exfoliator that helps reduce fat and acne problems, makes the skin look smoother, tightens pores and softens wrinkles. If your complexion looks tired and listless, use baking soda toothpaste to help you rejuvenate immediately.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.