Thursday, August 27, 2015

Prepare the seaweed agar agar gelatin

The agar agar is a seaweed with beneficial health properties and we can also use like gelatin in the kitchen, in contrast to other jellies which are sold that they are of animal origin.
We explain how cooking this amazing alga marina, allowing us to make very healthy and easy recipes regardless of other ingredients such as cream or egg. Learn how to prepare fruit gels, mousse of chocolate, sweets or a surprising Café con leche flan.

Prepare the seaweed agar agar gelatin

1- How do we cook it?

We can buy agar agar strips or powdered. We recommend the latter, since it will allow us to better control the amount we use and is easier to dissolve.
The basic way to cook it is to add agar agar powder to the liquid you want to materialize when this is still cool. We will slow to fire and we will be removing. When it begins to boil, continue stirring gently for a minute or two, turning the fire and we can already serve in a bowl. When it is at room temperature, which will still be liquid, we will keep in the fridge.
When add more agar agar, harder the gelatin. Approximately one liter of liquid we need about 10 grams for a gelatin dessert, but we recommend you keep trying until you find the ideal texture.
In addition, agar agar allows us to materialize any type of liquid without altering its taste.

2- A satiating food:

In addition, we highlight one of the main properties of this food, and it is that it is very satiating and contains fiber and not just contain calories, so we recommend it especially in slimming diets, for those people who suffer hunger attacks regularly or for those suffering from constipation.

Prepare the seaweed agar agar gelatin

3- Fruit jellies:

We can prepare fruit gelatin for dessert in very simple way and avoiding preservatives, colorings and sugar containing the commercial. Just need fruit juice and, if wish you, small pieces of fruit, which will give a more original touch to the recipe.
Put to boil the juice with agar agar, as we have shown, and will serve in cups, which we also add the pieces of fruit. Let cool and keep refrigerated.

4- White coffee creme caramel:

This flan will be very attractive to the eye and also we can present it as an original, light and refreshing dessert.
We will prepare the agar agar with slightly sweetened coffee and put it in a mold to cool. We can use a mold large and elongated or individual cups. When it is cold we will do another prepared using, equal parts milk and condensed milk, which we will add to the already set dessert. The effect will be of two colours, black and white. If we want to make it still more original, when we have coffee in the container but still liquid, we bend it slightly, placing it on any small object, and in this way it will appear studded diagonally.

5- Healthy gums:

As discussed, the amount of agar agar will determine the hardness of the gelatin, so we suggest you invent healthy sweets of different textures and flavors. We should ideally get silicone chocolate molds. For ingredients you can use edible dyes and syrups, or well, healthier still, jams or edible essential oils.
If we want a same jelly to have more than one color, first fill the moulds with a flavor and color half and put it to cool. When you are already set, we will add other liquid. We propose some combinations:

Chocolate and Mint syrup
Jam of Strawberry and milk
Marmalade Orange and orange essential oil (to taste)
If we want to we can coat the gums in sugar.

Prepare the seaweed agar agar gelatin

6- Chocolate mousse:

An easy way to prepare chocolate mousse, avoiding ingredients such as cream or egg, is to melt chocolate until it melts. We can add a bit of water, milk or vegetable drink, and briefly surrounded with agar agar. Then let cool in containers you want. We place cookies on top then, to unmold, having a base type cake.
Try the tasty,easy and best recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.


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