Monday, August 31, 2015

Lose weight easily eating raw foods

Every time we consume less raw foods and instead abuse flours, animal protein, sugars, dairy, etc. The most common is that we eat some salad and some fruit a day, as much, and that is not enough to have good health, since raw foods are rich in vitamins and minerals, in addition to being a source of energy and be a great help in slimming diets.
In this article you will learn what are its benefits, why they help us to lose weight easily and how you can include them in your daily menus, with some original and delicious dishes that will like the family and even if we have guests.

Lose weight easily eating raw foods

1- Choose organic food:

First of all it is important to note that to benefit from all the properties of the raw food should buy them always organic, to eat calmly even with your skin wherever possible, and to avoid the harmful effects of chemical fertilizers.
Anyway we will wash well always fruits and vegetables with baking soda and water or with a specific product.

2- What food do we mean?

When we say raw foods we are not referring to the animal, but to those of plant origin or raw vegan:

Food fermented as sauerkraut
Dried fruits

Lose weight easily eating raw foods

3- Why are they slim?

The great advantage of fruits and raw vegetables is that they are rich in water and fiber, and are therefore very satiety, so that we can satisfy us easily without the need to consume too many calories. We do not mean to eat only raw foods, but to try to form part of our diet in each meal. Ideally, that are 50% of our meals, so the rest spend it on protein, whole grains, and healthy fats.
In addition, when it comes to digesting these foods our body must spend a large amount of calories, more than that have ingested with the food, so we can concuir eat those foods slimming.

4- Many more vitality:

Most diets cause stress to our body and they are not healthy, but instead with this increase in raw foods in our diet will achieve what significantly increase our energy, as these foods provide a great vitality, thanks to its large quantity of nutrients. In addition, retain intact the vitamins and minerals that are often missed when cooked at high temperatures.

Lose weight easily eating raw foods

5- How we introduce them in the diet?

There are several ways to original and delicious of increasing consumption of raw foods unless they are bored. We propose you some:

Natural juices: If we have a blender at home, this is an excellent way to consume a large amount of raw food in the easiest way. We recommend to try different combinations such as Apple, carrot, celery, ginger, mint, pear, etc.
Gazpacho: the famous gazpacho is a juice of vegetables which we can quietly replace the first dish from our menu.
Beaten raw vegan: the milkshakes of fruits, vegetables and nuts are perfect for the family breakfast or snack, and avoid us abusing the flours and sugars.
Different salads: in addition to the typical salad green or varied we can try new combinations with other vegetables, such as for example a salad of cabbage, carrot and onion, shredded everything, and I to marinate for at least one hour with oil, Apple Cider vinegar, salt, marine and oregano. We can also include grated beet, Arugula, watercress, lettuce, nuts, seeds, Apple, etc.
Carpaccio of fruit: an original and sophisticated dessert will prepare it cutting very thin slices of fruits such as mango, pineapple or papaya. We can add a bit of honey and nuts well fine cut, and accompanied by a sweet cream of almond or oats. With this dessert we can surprise Diners and at the same time followed, including our dose of raw food in each dish.
Guacamole: If we also have guests we can prepare a guacamole or avocado oil cream and accompany him as well as carrot and cucumber sticks shaped spreadable cream.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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