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How to prevent and treat pain in shoulders

People known as "shoulder" are a set of joints, tendons and muscles that allow the arm to move in different directions.
This mobility, without a doubt, is priceless. When there is compression of the tissue or bone structures is when it starts to bother. This article learn how to prevent and treat pain in the shoulder.

How to prevent and treat pain in shoulders

1- Shoulder pain: what to know:

That mobility as important that they provide us with the shoulders can be resentful, for example, to load much weight, sudden or repetitive movements, etc. The pain can appear for something in particular and leave, or be continued and repeated every night.
It is good to know that the shoulder is made up of three bones: the humerus, scapula, and clavicle. The glenoid cavity, which is rounded, meet the bones with the tendons and muscles. The tissues of the area are called rotator cuff and its function is to meet the head of the humerus bone and at the same time joining the scapula with shoulder.
Problems, discomfort and pain in the shoulders can be divided into:


It is an inflammation of the bursae (bags) full of liquid lubricant that help move the shoulder. They are a kind of cushion between the bones and soft tissues. They serve to reduce friction when moving arms.
Overuse of the shoulder inflames the bursa located between the rotator cuff and part of the scapula (acromion). Bursitis is characterized by the inability to perform daily activities such as brushing hair or dress.


It is associated with bursitis because it is also an inflammation, but in this case, a tendon, a kind of cord that connects the muscle to bone. With the passage of the years, it can be divided in two. Tendinitis can occur in several tendons and in the case of the shoulders, in the four that are in the rotator cuff and biceps.
Inflammation of the tendons can be acute (when you always the same movements with shoulder above the head) or chronic (due to certain degenerative diseases, such as arthritis, as well as repetitive wear).


They also occur in tendons and you might be too repetitive and sudden movements, sudden injury or aging. Tear may be partial or complete. The tendon of the biceps tendon and rotator cuff injuries are the most frequent.


It occurs when the acromion pressed soft tissue, to lift your arms away from the body. When you are performing the movement, the upper part of the shoulder blade is compressing bag and rotator cuff tendons. It can cause tendinitis or bursitis, much pain and limiting movement.


This happens when the head of the bone of the arm out shoulder cavity in forced manner, as it can be with a punch, fall or injury. Also referred to as displacement and can be partial (subluxation) or full. Once the bone back to its correct place you can generate discomfort in doing a specific movement.


If it hurts one or two shoulders also can be due to arthritis. One of the most common types is given by the wear and tear. The symptoms are inflammation, stiffness and pain and begin to middle-aged.
It unfolds slowly and gradually will limit movements. It may be also associated with sports or occupational injuries, as well as tears in the rotator cuff.

How to prevent and treat pain in shoulders


It is when the bones are broken. In this case they can be the clavicle (collar), humerus (arm) or the shoulder blade (scapula). When the patient is greater is due to a fall and when you are younger can be caused by a high energy injury, such as a collision with a vehicle or a contact sport. They cause acute pain, bruises and inflammation. You must put a plaster and sometimes resort to surgery.

2- How to remove pains in shoulders:

Exercise is the best way to treat, prevent and improve pain in shoulders:

Front lifting movement:

It uses a band of resistance, which will help you to strengthen your flexibility. Holding one end to a Cabinet or door, so she is at the height of the waist. Strip as much as you can, keep the rigid arm until it rests almost parallel to the ground. Do not lift the arm rather than the height of your ear.

Shoulder lifting:

It is similar to the previous exercise, also requires a band. Take one end by hand and placed on the belly. Take the other end with your free hand. Opens and closes the arm until it is parallel to the ground, hold a few seconds and returns to the starting position.

Lift back:

Hook the belt on one of the legs of the table. Go straight to the table. Take the other end of the belt with your hand and stretches the arm backwards, unless it exceeds the line of the shoulder (or where you can).

Cross body rotation:

The band also at the table, put you away and take it with the hand that is far away. Bend the elbow and place it close to the body. The only thing that you must move is the doll out. Even if the shoulder does not move, you will be strengthening throughout the arm.

How to prevent and treat pain in shoulders

Weight lifting:

You don't have to go to the gym and take the greatest weight. You can do it with a package of rice, for example. Or a half-liter water bottle filled with sand. Raise the arm above the head, the more stretched as possible and low flexing the elbow.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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