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How to remove the bacteria from your hands naturally

Did you know that a surface having more number of viruses and bacteria are the hands? So, because they are in contact with anything else, both clean and dirty. For this reason which becomes vital, at any age, learn to wash them properly. In this article you will learn how to remove the bacteria from your hands naturally.

How to remove the bacteria from your hands naturally

1- Wash your hands: anytime, anywhere

Hands are the most active parts of our body. They are in constant contact with hundreds of objects, they have the ability to clean, Pat, work, Cook, play, etc. For each activity carried out, hands "are" with millions of bacteria and viruses that can transmit various diseases.
Although some bacteria are harmless (not harm) have to worry about which have the capacity to get sick. The most effective way to eliminate the bacteria from your hands is washing. Since we are small we must have that habit. And if we have not incorporated it, doesn't matter, it is always a good time to change.
In the course of each day, the germs and bacteria accumulate in our hands. And the problem is that after we played the mouth, nose, eyes, etc. This is how viruses enter the body. While we wash our hands whenever we feel them dirty, is especially advisable to do so before preparing food, treat wounds, or handling contact lenses.
It is also good that we wash us hands after prepare food with raw meat, go to the bathroom, changing diapers, touch an animal (even our mascot), take out the trash, blow your nose, sneeze, handle chemicals, clean shoes, travel by public transportation and play money.

2- What are the steps for hand washing?

It may perhaps seem something unnecessary, however, most people do not know how to wash hands properly, in order to remove bacteria or viruses. A good habit of cleaning, don't forget it, is the first step to avoid certain contagious diseases such as colds.
The steps to wash your hands properly are:

Wet with a good amount of water. It should be warm, not hot or cold. Because in addition to kill bacteria, can reduce irritation that produce some industrial soaps. Close the tap to save water unnecessarily.
It uses SOAP. It is not necessary to be antibacterial, because the function is to remove the germs. You can make your own homemade soaps, used that do not have perfume, which are liquids, gel type or even in foam.
Get much foam. With the tablet of SOAP or the product in your hands, you well riot hands, with an emphasis on the tip of the fingers and palms. Don't forget to wash under their fingernails, at the wrists and between the fingers. This step must meet it for 20 seconds so that SOAP can do their work.
Rinse well with a bit of water, until the SOAP has been removed completely.
Dry with a clean towel, which must be changed regularly.

How to remove the bacteria from your hands naturally

3- Homemade recipes to make SOAP:

If you want to eliminate the bacteria naturally, you're allergic to the scents of soaps or wish to make him an asset to the environment or to your economy, you can put hands to work and make homemade soaps.

Recipe # 1 for homemade antibacterial soap:

You will need a pill or bar of white SOAP, those that are used for washing clothes, for example, have no perfume (they are neutral), essential oil (which you like), a grater for cheese, a pot, a glass bottle and a wooden spoon.
Using the grater, shred all the white SOAP and place it in the pan.
Melt over low heat, stirring well with a wooden spoon, since thus eliminating the lumps.
Add 30 drops of your favorite essential oil and stir well.
If you want you can choose between the oils of lavender, Rosemary, lemon, tea tree, clove, eucalyptus, which have antibacterial properties.
Pour, once it has cooled, in a glass jar.
It will solidify and will take the shape of the container. To use, remove with a spoon.

Recipe # 2 for homemade antibacterial soap recipe:

In this case, the precise ingredients are:

70 ml of ethyl alcohol
20 ml of Witch Hazel
teaspoon of glycerin
two different essential oils (the nominees before either)
a container of plastic or glass with lid, with a capacity of 100 ml.
Mix ingredients (essential oils are placed to 20 drops each of the chosen two).
Shake well until you form a homogeneous mixture.
Stored in a dark, dark well site.
When you are going to use, you only have to shake a little.
Place a good amount, rub with your hands for 30 minutes.
You can store it for a year.

How to remove the bacteria from your hands naturally

Recipe # 3 for homemade SOAP recipe:

Using remains of soaps that you have been, you can make new soaps and take advantage until the last gram. Each time that it is ending a Tablet, place it in a container. When you have several bits, you can take advantage of to prepare a homemade SOAP. If you want to become liquid soap, for example, mix 120 grams of remains of SOAP 1 liter and a half of water. It leads to fire until everything is melted and smooth. Let stand for 12 to 24 hours and is now ready for use.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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