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Lose weight easily eating raw foods

Every time we consume less raw foods and instead abuse flours, animal protein, sugars, dairy, etc. The most common is that we eat some salad and some fruit a day, as much, and that is not enough to have good health, since raw foods are rich in vitamins and minerals, in addition to being a source of energy and be a great help in slimming diets.
In this article you will learn what are its benefits, why they help us to lose weight easily and how you can include them in your daily menus, with some original and delicious dishes that will like the family and even if we have guests.

Lose weight easily eating raw foods

1- Choose organic food:

First of all it is important to note that to benefit from all the properties of the raw food should buy them always organic, to eat calmly even with your skin wherever possible, and to avoid the harmful effects of chemical fertilizers.
Anyway we will wash well always fruits and vegetables with baking soda and water or with a specific product.

2- What food do we mean?

When we say raw foods we are not referring to the animal, but to those of plant origin or raw vegan:

Food fermented as sauerkraut
Dried fruits

Lose weight easily eating raw foods

3- Why are they slim?

The great advantage of fruits and raw vegetables is that they are rich in water and fiber, and are therefore very satiety, so that we can satisfy us easily without the need to consume too many calories. We do not mean to eat only raw foods, but to try to form part of our diet in each meal. Ideally, that are 50% of our meals, so the rest spend it on protein, whole grains, and healthy fats.
In addition, when it comes to digesting these foods our body must spend a large amount of calories, more than that have ingested with the food, so we can concuir eat those foods slimming.

4- Many more vitality:

Most diets cause stress to our body and they are not healthy, but instead with this increase in raw foods in our diet will achieve what significantly increase our energy, as these foods provide a great vitality, thanks to its large quantity of nutrients. In addition, retain intact the vitamins and minerals that are often missed when cooked at high temperatures.

Lose weight easily eating raw foods

5- How we introduce them in the diet?

There are several ways to original and delicious of increasing consumption of raw foods unless they are bored. We propose you some:

Natural juices: If we have a blender at home, this is an excellent way to consume a large amount of raw food in the easiest way. We recommend to try different combinations such as Apple, carrot, celery, ginger, mint, pear, etc.
Gazpacho: the famous gazpacho is a juice of vegetables which we can quietly replace the first dish from our menu.
Beaten raw vegan: the milkshakes of fruits, vegetables and nuts are perfect for the family breakfast or snack, and avoid us abusing the flours and sugars.
Different salads: in addition to the typical salad green or varied we can try new combinations with other vegetables, such as for example a salad of cabbage, carrot and onion, shredded everything, and I to marinate for at least one hour with oil, Apple Cider vinegar, salt, marine and oregano. We can also include grated beet, Arugula, watercress, lettuce, nuts, seeds, Apple, etc.
Carpaccio of fruit: an original and sophisticated dessert will prepare it cutting very thin slices of fruits such as mango, pineapple or papaya. We can add a bit of honey and nuts well fine cut, and accompanied by a sweet cream of almond or oats. With this dessert we can surprise Diners and at the same time followed, including our dose of raw food in each dish.
Guacamole: If we also have guests we can prepare a guacamole or avocado oil cream and accompany him as well as carrot and cucumber sticks shaped spreadable cream.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

The best 12 homemade masks for your face

How busy is everyday life! Us is not a second to breathe between work, home, accounts, partner, children and problems that arise...! And all this turmoil is reflected in our skin in the form of wrinkles, spots and lack of brightness.
Surely wondering what to do, the reality is that you don't have time to go to the beauty salon and the best creams are so expensive that you decide to buy them do not worry! The solution is in your hands, using ingredients from your own home you can revitalize your skin and enhance your beauty.
In this article I will offer what so many months ago were looking for the best 12 masks for your face!

The best 12 homemade masks for your face

1- Why is my skin affected?

The skin is the largest organ of the human body and its first and main barrier against pathogens. Among its many features are: regulating body temperature, protect the internal structures and provide sensations such as touch and pressure. A smooth and luminous skin is a sign of health, but there are many internal and external factors that can adversely affect your appearance and proper functioning:

2- Main factors affecting skin:

Excessive exposure to solar radiation.
Excessive use of chemicals such as makeup, soaps, among others.
Unbalanced and unhealthy diet
From the aesthetic point of view the skin has been considered symbol of beauty in many cultures. Currently various cosmetics companies dedicated their efforts to find new formulas that allow rejuvenate and protect the skin. The most common form of beauty treatment are the masks.
But you don't need these masks expensive, full of chemicals, using natural products, in your own home you can make the best masks for your face.

3- Facial masks: beauty and health:

There is nothing more refreshing than a natural mask face: hydrates, removes dead skin cells, and reaffirms the lines of expression. There are several types of mask depending on the way in which it works on the skin, so you must take into account what you need to choose which prepare:

The best 12 homemade masks for your face

Types of mask according to their function:

Mask of Tensor effect: it is applied wet and drying causes a tension which promotes blood circulation and cellular nutrition.
Effect firming mask: it applies wet and drying causes a tension that reaffirms the tissues.
Exfoliating mask: Allows the Elimination of dead cells and secretions from the skin.
Moisturizing mask: Prevents the evaporation of the surface water of the skin, creating a protective barrier and favoring the disappearance of wrinkles and reaffirming facial expression lines.
Stimulating mask: It stimulates superficial capillary vessels and promotes tissue nutrition.
Effect Whitening mask: absorbs excess melanin, removing blemishes and freckles.
Mask renewal: It removes dead cells from the surface and active layer and accelerates cell renewal.
You must take into account that each person's skin has different characteristics, so the reaction to certain mask may be different also. One of the aspects that most influences the effectiveness of a facial is the type of skin, dry, oily or mixed. If you already know you need your face, keep reading because then you offer the 12 best masks for your face.

4- The best masks for your face:

Dedicated one hour of the day or night to your face, it also requires your attention and your pampering. Before apply you the mask you need, wash your face to remove the dust and sweat. Remember that you must prepare only the quantity you are going to use at the time, although sometimes it is possible to leave the mask until the next day in a stoneware Bowl in the refrigerator. You can use them every day, but it is preferable to let the skin rest for a day of means.

Exfoliating masks:

The best 12 homemade masks for your face

Mask #1: Honey and almonds

To prepare the most delicious homemade Exfoliating only need a tablespoon of honey and two almonds. Crush the almonds with the mortar until they give a very fine powder and mix it with honey, then add a teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply gently on face circular massaging you and let it dry for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water. You will feel rejuvenated.

Mask #2: honey

Do you want to have smooth and soft skin? You apply honey evenly all over your face. For fifteen minutes and then remove it with cold water. You'll see how well you feel.

Mask #3: Oatmeal and soft

The soft remaining skin after using this mask is incredible. You only need to blend or crush very well a half-cup of oatmeal and add half a teaspoon of honey, two tablespoons of milk, two drops of geranium oil and two drops of Chamomile oil. Mix well and apply this paste with your fingers by using circular massage. Leave it for 15 minutes and remove with warm water. Your skin will be as smooth as a baby's. You can add to the mix 5 drops of lemon juice if you have an oily skin.

Moisturizing masks:

The best 12 homemade masks for your face

Mask #4: fruits

Certain fruits are ideal to moisturize your skin due to its high water content. Used, for example, a banana (banana) mature and make a paste, which you use in envelope your face and neck gently. Wait 15 minutes and remove the mask with cold water to activate blood circulation.

Mask #5: cucumber

We already know the wonderful properties of cucumber: is delicious, fresh and ideal for a balanced diet. Because not imagine the changes that can be achieved on your skin, especially if you have taken too much sun in a day at the beach. Peel a cucumber and grind them well fine to a paste (do not forget to save two slices for eyes), spread it all over your face and rest for 15 minutes. Remove with plenty of cool water and see your skin fresh and moist.

Refreshing mask against wrinkles and dark circles:

The best 12 homemade masks for your face

Mask #6: Smooth face

Again the honey and egg, a mix unparalleled for beauty. Combine two tablespoons of honey with a whipped egg white. Mixed with a tablespoon of lemon juice and apply it on the face, massaging gently. You will feel like your skin is stretched. Leave it for 20 minutes and cleanse your face with warm skim milk. A delight of treatment.

Mask #7: Roses and youth

Yes, was certain that had women in antiquity, something as ephemeral as a rose preserves the secret of eternal youth. Would you try it? Crush petals five fresh roses to make a paste and leave it on your face for 15 minutes. Remove it with cold water and you will see the results.

Mask #8: Yogurt

The wrinkles speaking of experience and maturity but nobody likes, with this mask you moving them. Mix a cup of yogurt with a teaspoon of fennel seeds and crushed leaves of the same plant. The cream must be homogenous when you apply it on your face. Leave it for 20 minutes and remove with warm water. Repeat it every day and your skin will thank you.

Masks against acne, pimples and spots:

The best 12 homemade masks for your face

Mask #9: tomato

The tomato has varied effects on the skin: moisturizing, Exfoliating and tensioner. If you want to make those pesky pimples and blackheads disappear chop a tomato half and wipe your face. Leave on for 15 minutes and remove with warm water you will see the results!

#10 mask: lemon

The lemon is the fruit of a thousand uses who would imagine that it also removes stains! As well, mix a tablespoon of honey with lemon juice. Apply it with a milkweed in the skin of the face and leave it for 20 minutes. Remove the mask with a milkweed and mineral water. Be careful to clean it well as exposure to the Sun of the skin with lemon causes stains.

Masks stimulants:

The best 12 homemade masks for your face

Mask #11: strawberries

If you feel the dry skin use this magnificent natural cream to hydrate and nourish it. Crushed several of strawberries and mix them with honey. Apply this cream on your skin and leave it for 20 minutes. Remove with cold water and feels like your beauty again with renewed vigor.

Mask #12: Nourishing cream

After you exfoliate the best way is to apply a nourishing cream that stimulates your cells. Combine 1 tablespoon honey, 1 tablespoon of mineral water, 1 teaspoon of rose water and a spoonful of yogurt or milk. Apply it on your face with a milkweed and let it act for 15 minutes. Remove with plenty of cool water and look in the mirror. Insurance will notice changes.

5- Helping your skin:

Now you can already choose the mask that you prefer, but remember that your skin is a reflection of your health. To keep it soft and young you must also you have a balanced diet, take more than two litres of water a day and avoid smoking and alcohol.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

4 Tricks to make your makeup last longer

I am sure that you have ever. Exit with a flawless makeup and, after two hours, disappear. Your eye shadow, your base, blush and how not, lipstick. Would you like to learn simple tricks to make your makeup last eight hours in good condition? We will explain you.
Sometimes we devote much time to our makeup. But after few hours, either by the heat, or the sweat of our skin, makes you go blurring to disappear, blurring our eyes, and leaving us sometimes worst aspect. It is something annoying that has easy solution if you follow these guidelines you indicate below. We are confident that you will come in really handy.

1- Simple tips to make your makeup last more:

4 Tricks to make your makeup last longer

1. A good cleaning:

It is essential that before make-up, we become a good cleaning of skin by removing any traces of previous makeup. E important also that our skin is hydrated, only then will be able to properly maintain applications, shadows, bases and flushes. And do we do? Very easy to hydrate and prepare our skin is by using Chamomile. Ideal if we prepare an infusion with two bags of Chamomile with half a glass of water. Once made, leave it in the refrigerator 10 minutes to cool. Then we take an milkweed and we will clean our skin, this will re-enable the circulation, clean and hydrated. It is great.

2. Small trick after applying Foundation:

A trick that makeup artists use is that, after applying your makeup cream base, such as the BB Cream and your powder compacts to qualify Glitters, you lightly spray your face with a vaporizer with mineral water and aloe vera or Aloe Vera. Do it very mildly, as a light rain. Once done, again applying the powder compacts. In this way the makeup adheres and lasts a lot longer. To prepare this sprayer, you don't have to boil a cup of mineral water with a tablespoon of aloe juice. Mix well. Once ready, take it to the refrigerator to cool, and then, from there, to a practical vaporizer which have always at hand. You go wonderfully.

3. Trick to make your mask eyelashes longer:

Very easy and practical. Before covering your lashes with mascara or your tabs mask, apply a bit of talcum powder. Very little, but carefully, leaving a few powder in them. Then normally apply mascara and you'll see how you lasts all day unless you run and stop those classic spots that gives us a weary air.
Keep in mind also that to make mascara adhere and last longer, we must correctly remove previous remains of the mascara, and it is something that sometimes we do not correctly. If you're that commonly used masks waterproof, you should know that they are very difficult to remove, often leaving trace and what you can do to gradually lose the tabs. Be careful with them. We recommend that to properly remove the mascara, you use a mixture of two components: coconut oil and olive oil. Just a little of this mixture that the tabs are clean, hydrated and that we also favour their growth. Very easy!

4 Tricks to make your makeup last longer

4. Trick to make your lip pencil last more:

We know that lipstick is the first thing that disappears from our makeup. Talk, drink, eat... and immediately disappears from our mouth color. In the market you have type waterproof fixing lipsticks that last a lot, but are also difficult to remove. But an easy way that last longer, is taking the lips hydrated and free of crusts. How much healthier, better the lipstick adheres. An ideal way of taking care of them is to do a treatment every night. How? Applies in the first place a lip balm in them, for then, you put sugar on them. Then, take an milkweed soaked with an infusion of Chamomile and start rubbing on the lips. In this way we exfoliate them of dead skins. Very easy. Then apply a balm on them again and sleeps well all night. You will wake up in the morning with a beautiful mouth ready to apply your favorite lipstick pencil.
Apply these simple tips and you'll see how to enjoy more of your makeup.

17 drinks healing, cleansing and energizing ideal for every day

It is not the same to drink a coffee in the morning than at night, or a fruit juice at noon to evening. Each activity requires a special drink, even water for excellence always the most advisable. In the following note you will know what are the best drinks for every moment of the day (according to the objective you have).

17 drinks healing, cleansing and energizing ideal for every day

1- To make muscle:

Milk. This dairy food contains a good dose of casein and whey protein, with the amino acids essential and fundamental in order to build muscles. It is ideal if you are serving a routine to achieve this goal. He drinks milkshakes with milk before and after training.

2- To lose weight:

Green tea or juice of grapefruit. You can opt for the first in winter and the second in summer. They allow to improve the metabolism and burn fat. In the case of the fruit can be eaten alone, in fasting, every morning.

3- To recover from exercise:

Water, sports drinks or milk chocolate. The most important thing after training is drinking a lot of water to replenish the fluid that is lost through sweat. The other two options are used to recover energy, especially if the routine is very demanding.

4- To pay more:

Water, cherry juice or coconut water. Whether you have to take an exam, stay up late at work or get ready to run a marathon, these three alternatives are the most recommended. We already know the properties that have drinking water. Meanwhile, cherry juice (consumed during a week followed) will reduce the pains of exercise and back muscles. Coconut water hydrates and allows you to resist more extensive sessions.

17 drinks healing, cleansing and energizing ideal for every day

5- For muscle cramps:

Pickle juice. It may sound a little weird, but the cucumber juice is excellent for cramps or muscle, so annoying and painful spasms that occur mostly in the legs. It helps the communication between the brain and the muscles when there is fatigue.

6- For upset stomach:

Ginger with water, sugar and lemon (known as Ginger Ale). It allows to eliminate the nausea and pain in the stomach when we've eaten more or some food we not sat well.

7- For the cold:

Tea with lemon and honey. It is a classic home remedy when we are colds or flu. It allows to eliminate nasal congestion, help to expectorate the phlegm, etc. Some add a few drops of whiskey or rum to increase benefits.

8- For sore throat:

Turmeric tea. Lets keep the throat moist and reduce inflammation in that area.

9- For canker sores:

Coconut milk. You can gargle with the liquid if you have sores or mouth burns from a hot meal. You can also drink milk when it's a rash by stomach problems or infections by fungi such as canker.

17 drinks healing, cleansing and energizing ideal for every day

10- For constipation:

Aloe vera juice. It has laxative effects and is very good for inflammation. Extract a stalk of aloe vera pulp, mixed with water and drink on an empty stomach. You can also get the summary in the naturist houses.

11- For sleepiness:

Spirulina, Brown. The first is more advisable than the second, since caffeine is not at all good for the body. A small cup of coffee may be the solution once once in a while, but spirulina powder (sold in the dietary), derived from the blue and green algae, contains a lot of minerals and vitamins that stimulate energy. It dissolves in water or juice.

12- Sleeping:

Juice of cherry, hot milk or Chamomile tea. It consumes any of these three alternatives one hour before bedtime and you will see that you rest as an Angel all night. Increase your levels of melatonin, which serve to improve the sleep duration and quality. Chamomile is used to having deep dreams.

13- To lift the mood:

Lemon balm tea. You can accompany with a few drops of lemon juice. You prepare it as any infusion. It reduces blood pressure and will make you feel better, aside from depression or sadness.

14- For digestion:

Herbal tea. After eating, especially if you haven't done so copiously, drink a herbal tea, which will help you digest food better. The most recommended are Mint or boldo. For a more rapid digestion, add a pinch of cinnamon powder to your infusion.

15- To counteract spicy food:

Milk, drinkable yogurt. These two dairy can relieve swelling and feeling of fire that occurs in the stomach when we eat something with much spicy or condiments. Milk is slightly acidic and can neutralize some ingredients like capsaicin (present in curry, turmeric, ginger, cumin, etc).

16- Hangover:

Orange juice, Banana Smoothie. If you've been with the glasses and the other day it hurts the head and stomach, as well as drink much water to hydrate yourself and eliminate toxins, it is advisable to drink in fasting orange juice or a banana Smoothie (can add spinach). Alcohol reduces blood sugar and levels both drinks will return to normal.

17 drinks healing, cleansing and energizing ideal for every day

17- For dehydration:

Coconut water. Pure water is very good, but in the case of coconut water also will offer you a good amount of electrolytes and carbohydrates. Excellent for eating after exercise or excessive heat days.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

How to free your body of accumulated salt

Salt is one of condiments present in most of the cuisines from all over the world, because it is characterized by very special flavor to meals. However, investigations that have been made over the years have been able to determine that this product has serious negative impacts on health and most troubling of all is that most of people consume it in excess.
It is true that our body needs a little salt or sodium to function properly, but this does not mean that we can consume it in excess. Indeed, some experts agree that is better to remove salt from the diet and opt to purchase these doses of sodium by consuming other foods.
Excessive consumption of salt can lead over time to serious health problems such as heart disease, stroke and other problems. In addition, has been found to be one of the main causes of the fluid retention and swelling. Luckily, we can change the bad habit of eating too much salt and release our organism of that accumulated salt.

How to free your body of accumulated salt

1- Tips to eliminate the salt in our body:

Drink more water: experts recommend drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water a day, although it seems to have a reverse, water consumption stimulates the Elimination of excess fluid retained in the body and in turn drags the excess of sodium to be eliminated through the urine. This habit helps us to cleanse our body, keeps us well hydrated and reduces swelling in the body.
Remove the salt from the diet: although for many salt is an ingredient that can not miss meals, the ideal is to start looking for alternatives to enhance the flavor of food. Minimum dose of salt, preferably added to the home-cooked meals can be eaten. You must take into account that the excess salt is present in pressed meats, canned foods, canned soups, frozen food, junk food, among others. Instead of this type of food, you should start to consider adding more fruits and vegetables to the diet, since they help to remove excess sodium once digested.
Replace salt: remove the salt from the diet may be possible if we start we get to replace this seasoning for healthier options such as for example garlic, fresh black pepper, curry, parsley, oregano and Rosemary.
Physical activity: it is recommended to do aerobic exercise daily or any other kind of activity that activate sweating. When we walk, we dance, make bicycle and even when we go to the sauna, we are releasing our body of impurities and excess salt through perspiration. Just remember to take with you a bottle of water to each exercise session.

2- Parsley to remove salt in our body:

Parsley is an ingredient known for its benefits to clean the kidneys and stimulate the Elimination of toxins through the urine. We know that the kidneys play a very important role in the detoxification of the body, as they are the bodies responsible for filtering the blood to remove excess salt and any other toxic substance that enters our system.

How to free your body of accumulated salt

How can help us the parsley?

To take advantage of the benefits of parsley to clean the kidneys, we must simply prepare an infusion of parsley using a handful of parsley clean cut into chunks, which will boil a liter of water for 10 minutes. Once you are ready, let it rest and preferably consumed on fasting. The excess is poured into a pitcher and is kept in the fridge to eat several times a day every day.


To enhance the effects of the drink to remove the excesses of salt, it is important to supplement this with previous recommendations and remember that you must drink it often.
In addition to helping cleanse the body, this drink is ideal to combat water retention, prevent blood pressure and lose weight. Obviously these benefits are possible provided that a healthy lifestyle is carried.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

5 Effective fruit smoothies to lose weight

You like to lose weight healthily, without having to feel hungry at every step and without renouncing the pleasure of savoring what you eat or drink? The list of foods to lose weight does not have to be full of food and drinks without taste anything, that help you to lose weight, but also leave you with a sick or unhappy countenance by the effort you make.
There are very rich solutions to lose weight and do it with much pleasure. Solutions that can then be assumed as pure habit and start being part of your life. Within these solutions widely accepted and practiced are smoothies to lose weight. The smoothie, very popular around the world today, are a delight, are very refreshing and foodstuffs and may be consumed both before and after physical exercise.

5 Effective fruit smoothies to lose weight

1- Incorporating fruit into our lives:

Of course you know that fruits in general are rich in vitamins and minerals. Therefore, they are widely used in the production of beauty products for skin and hair. However, its truly powerful effect takes place when we consume them directly, when we eat them and incorporate all its nutrients naturally to our body. This direct consumption of fruits, in its original form or in tasty smoothies, gives you, in addition, the guarantee of truly natural components that have not been handled with chemicals, dyes or preservatives which, ultimately, also hurt our body and our health.
It may be interesting for you to know that in the specific case of the vitamins contained in fruits, they have an antioxidant effect. This means that these vitamins to counteract the effects negative of the called free radicals that are not otherwise highly reactive substances produced by our own bodies when we keep an inadequate power, submit to stress or are sedentary prey and that would accelerate the process of aging, deteriorating our cells and tissues.

2- Why are fruits a solution?

It should not be scared to have a mechanism that is harmful to our body, within ourselves as we have already said, there are solutions and among them is the consumption of fruit. The fruits have a significant amount of potassium, magnesium, bromine, copper, zinc and calcium.
In fact, you can combine fruits within your food recipes, especially in soft drinks and natural shakes. This will help you to balance your diet and to achieve not only a good figure, but also a good health.
There are studies that have shown that carry a balanced diet, including whole grain, nuts, seeds, fruits & vegetables cereals is an ideal solution to supply our bodies with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients belonging to the Group of antioxidants. This type of diet also reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease. Ideal for preparing homemade natural smoothies to lose weight are the Strawberry (or strawberry), banana, pineapple, melon and lemon. Here we suggest you five of the best smoothies to lose weight and maintain your ideal weight

5 Effective fruit smoothies to lose weight

3- Strawberry shake, to revel:

The strawberry is very complete in terms of vitamin complex. It has a high content of vitamin C but, in addition, strawberry is composed of water, fiber, potassium, calcium and magnesium. This fruit also contains folic acid, vitamin C and vitamin E. Its main recommendation of consumption is based on its richness in minerals, vitamins and iron.
For their properties and their antioxidant power is usually recommended to combat wrinkles and cellulite. How to consume it? Its flavor is power a good shake. The combination of strawberry milk (skim, if you are trying to lose weight) is exquisite and attractive, so you'll find it very easy to encourage other members of the family that they consume this fruit also. After the fruit through the mixer and get the milkshake, don't forget to strain it to remove the seeds and improve its texture. So you'll be total enjoyment.

4- Whipped banana, exquisite and easy:

Another very consumed fruit, in some countries even as accompanist of specific dishes, is the banana or banana. Banana shakes are very tasty and nutritious and appropriate for any time of the day. Each banana contains much potassium, which means that it has a high energy power. When you add milk skim in combination with this fruit you get a smoothie light and recommended to maintain weight or slimming, supplemented by exercises.
If that is your goal, we suggest that you do not add whole milk or vanilla ice cream - like offer you some recipes-, because both can become your Banana Smoothie drinks against your figure, especially if you eat it with some frequency.

5- Mixing, blending, we continue slimming...

A delicious smoothie and we recommend to anyone wishing to eat well and look great is can make it at home by mixing strawberries and bananas. Somewhat acid knowledge of Strawberry, for its high content of vitamin C, and the softness of the banana with its incomparable aroma make this shake particularly tasty. Prepare it and you will see that it will be like an injection of energy and vitality for your body.

6- The Queen of the fruit helps you manage your weight:

If you like pineapple, then you will feel very much at home consuming your own pineapple smoothies, fruit Queen. This fruit is very helpful when we are in a period of thinning or simply keep our ideal weight is part of our way of life. The pineapple smoothie is a different flavor when, instead of adding milk, add natural yogurt and a little honey. To avoid that the smoothie is too thick, you can add a little orange juice. It is possible that when you try it, you can not stop drinking it practically every day...

5 Effective fruit smoothies to lose weight

7- The fifth batter: Melon and lemon

This is a milkshake that is unique and special for the summer, with an incredible refreshing effect. It is pleasant to the palate if you prepare it with yogurt and skim milk. Don't forget to remove the seeds of the melon before pouring the pieces in the blender. A lemon top will bring a touch interesting and different to your palate.
Simple can be eat well and live better, in accordance with your figure and your lifestyle.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

Benefits and recipes with asparagus

It is a vegetable with a very particular taste and which can be consumed especially in spring. It is very nutritious and although not normally use too, is good for health, so it is vital that as you begin to add to your diet. Learn the benefits and some asparagus recipes.

Benefits and recipes with asparagus

1- Benefits of asparagus:

Many proteins and vitamins are just one of the benefits provided by this wonderful vegetable, which can be used in various preparations. It is that they have high contents of nutrients and are a source of folic acid and fiber. This means that they will keep your skin healthy and resistant. In addition, have chrome, vitamins A, C, E and K and trace elements that improve blood circulation.
At the same time, the asparagus contain a large amount of glutathione, like cabbage. this compound is known for being a great detoxifier, because it helps break down carcinogens that exist in the body. Why add them to meals can be a great way to protect ourselves from this disease.
And at the same time, they serve to keep us younger, to neutralize free radical cells that have the ability to damage and aging body. Thus delay the aging process.
Like many other green vegetables, the asparagus has vitamin B12 which helps reduce the cognitive impairment of the brain and strengthen it.
They are also a natural diuretic that facilitates the Elimination of liquids of the urinary system, ideal for those who suffer from edema or blood pressure problems.
Finally, recommended in pregnant women due to its content in folic acid, which prevents the possible birth defects and other problems in childbirth. It is this compound regulates the formation of embryonic and fetal nerve cells and not allow the baby to be born prematurely.

2- Delicious asparagus recipes:

Now that you know all the properties of asparagus, it is time that you start to prepare them and add them to your everyday meals. Learn some recipes with this wonderful vegetable:

Asparagus quiche:

For this you will need:
250 grams of flour powder free
125 grams of butter
1 egg
1 tablespoon sugar
1 pinch of salt
Mix all the ingredients until you get a dough that does not stick fingers. Then make a ball and let stand for 30 minutes.
It extends the mass and with her line a mold of 25 cm.

For the filling:

50 grams of bacon
1 bunch of asparagus or 2 cans canned
1 onion
4 eggs
8 tablespoons cream
Salt and pepper to taste
Cut the bacon in pictures and fry it. Add sliced onion for five minutes. Add the asparagus (remember that they should be cooked in water and salt with a pinch of baking soda for 5 minutes).
Beat the eggs and add 8 tablespoons of cream. Finally add the vegetables.
Finally Gets in the oven at 170 ° for 20 minutes.

Asparagus rolled with salmon and cilantro sauce:

You'll need 8 white asparagus, 8 slices of smoked salmon, water, salt, 15 grams of sugar and chives for garnish. 200 grams of butter sauce, juice of half a lemon, 2 egg yolks, 1 tablespoon of white wine, pepper, salt and a bunch of cilantro. Peel the asparagus and place them in a pan with plenty of boiling water, salt and sugar. Cooking for 10 minutes, strain and makes tuning. While you can go making sauce, melting butter and to heat water in a pan. In it you will place the wine, yolks and bates well. You slowly pour the butter until obtaining a fine cream. Add the coriander, salt, lemon juice and pepper. Wrapped asparagus with salmon slices and pour the sauce on top, garnish with chives.

Benefits and recipes with asparagus

Asparagus baked with strawberry sauce:

For 4 people, you need 24 white asparagus, 8 strawberries, 2 eggs, 75 ml of vinegar, water, 1 tablespoon sugar, olive oil, salt and parsley. Peel the asparagus and place them in cold water to release the bitterness. Spread a plate of oven with oil, place the asparagus, salpimenta and sprayed with oil. Grill for 20 minutes. Sauce wash strawberries and chop them, add sugar and vinegar, Cook 10 minutes on low heat, add olive oil and reserve. Apart places the eggs Cook in water, once it boils, 10 minutes. Studs are in a dish, sprinkled with the chopped eggs and sauce is poured.

Tissues of asparagus:

You'll need bread mold, canned asparagus, an egg, sunflower oil, vinegar and salt. Prepare the mayonnaise with an egg, salt, oil and vinegar, mixed well with mixer. Then you assemble the canapés, removing the crust of bread and a little crush to make them thinner. Spread mayonnaise and placed inside three asparagus. It connects the ends of the bread and fasten with a toothpick. Put all in a pan and grilling for 10 minutes.

Cream of asparagus with bread croutons:

For 4 people, you need 24 green asparagus, 1 potato, 8 slices of bread, 1 onion, 2 leeks, 1 sweet pepper, 1 clove of garlic, half a liter of milk, water, salt, olive oil and parsley. Soak the peppers without seeds with warm water. Then chop it. Place it in the Blender jar, season and add oil. Crush & book. Cut the bread into slices and place on a baking. Rub with a clove of peeled garlic and rub in the oil of pepper. TUESTA. Besides chop the chives and dora with oil. Cut leeks, add the peeled and sliced potatoes. Cut 20 asparagus and place them also. Season and sauté covering with milk and water. Cook for 20 minutes. You will have four remaining asparagus to Sauté in a little oil and then placed in the dishes. It serves over cream and garnish with the croutons of bread with pepper.

Benefits and recipes with asparagus

White asparagus with egg yolk:

You need 8 fresh white asparagus, 2 yolks of egg, 1 pepper, water, salt, sugar, vinegar. For the mayonnaise 1 egg, oil sunflower, lemon juice, salt and cilantro branches. Peel the asparagus and place them in a pot with plenty of water and a pinch of salt and sugar for 7 minutes. Separates two yolks, seasoned with vinegar and salt, and Bake 10 minutes. Separate put to boil the peppers in water, strained, crushed and put it in the blender. For the mayonnaise, you must put an egg and lemon juice, sunflower oil and cilantro chopped in the food processor. Powder asparagus and yolks in water of pepper and serve with mayonnaise, seasoned to taste.
Try the tasty,easy and best recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.

Masks to exfoliate lips

The lips are a very sensitive part of our body, but we don't always care for them properly. Is why they are opaque, "stuck", discolored, unsightly dead skin, etc. In the following article, you will know the best masks to exfoliate the lips and them look beautiful every day.
The dry climate, the winter, lack of moisture, consuming certain foods or drinks, Sun, pool, or ocean can damage the skin of your lips, leaving them ugly, harsh and lifeless. To avoid having to "recap" lip, don't hesitate to take advantage of these recipes for Exfoliating homemakers who will fight the signs of dryness with ingredients you'll find in your home. In addition to saving money, they will be more than good.

Masks to exfoliate lips

1- Recipes for homemade Exfoliating lips:

Sugar is one of the best ingredients to exfoliate not only the skin of the lips, which is so sensitive, but also the face and other parts of the body. It will help you to remove dry skin and delight with their sweet taste. Simply mix one teaspoon of granulated white or brown sugar and a teaspoon of olive oil. It forms a kind of paste until a texture as if it were coarse sand. It applies in both lips, rubbing and doing massage in circles, always gently to avoid alienating. Rinse with warm or lukewarm water and then apply a moisturizer to lips or a special balm, so skin stays hydrated.
The second recipe is baking soda, which together with the honey, may act to perfection on your lips. Honey is not only sweetener for your tea or dessert, but is also an excellent antiseptic, with restorative properties. To achieve more effective results, as pure as possible, that is well sugared and not liquid get honey. In addition to using less as a sweetener, you can best do their job of exfoliating. You'll get a dry, scaleless skin.
The pasta is done by mixing a teaspoon of honey, one of baking soda and a few drops of olive oil. Achieving a homogeneous mass and apply on the lips, leaving it to penetrate for a few minutes. Then rinse with warm water and a cotton cloth. Then apply some moisturizer or lip balm.
The third Exfoliating lips is made with ground coffee. It can be used similarly to the recipe with sugar. This is softer to the skin. Mix one teaspoon of coffee and one of olive oil. If you wish, you can add a bit of sugar refined for additional action. Mix well and massage on the lips in a circular motion. It let stand five minutes and then rinse with warm water. Apply a good moisturizer to lips.
Another alternative is to mix Vaseline gel, honey (sugar and organic if possible) and a teaspoon of cream for lips. This will be enough to achieve an excellent effect. Mix everything with the same amount of refined white sugar. You can add more if you want that "scraping" a little more or have very damaged lips. Softens the bath ingredients so that they integrate easier,Although the ideal is that they are cold ingredients and avoid that they dilute. Place in a glass jar and kept in the refrigerator when you are done using. Apply a small amount on the tip of your index finger and performed circular massage on the lips, gently for a minute. Then rinse off with water warm and dry with paper. Protect with a good balm with sunscreen or a moisturizing cream lipstick. We recommend it after bathing, when the lips are clean and more sensitive by the hot water.

Masks to exfoliate lips

2- Tips to care for your lips:

Do not abuse the scrubs, whether homemade or not. If you use much these treatments, the skin will dry out and instead wear them pretty, only achieve them look worse. Cracks, oozing and pain are some of the results from the excess of exfoliation. Once a week is the maximum allowed, even if the damage is severe. Other days use a moisturizer for lips (mostly lip-shaped). A cotton swab to apply, so avoid getting bacteria.
Remember that the natural exfoliants have no preservatives, so, do not last long. In any case, keep in the refrigerator no more than two weeks, always in bottle glass and capping.
Keep in mind that your lips are like little sponges. If lack them moisture and are dry, appear dead skins. When it is winter or make cold do not forget to protect them with a good balm, as well as in summer and are in close contact with the Sun.
Avoid stop language by the lips. Many women have this "tic" because it is a custom to because consider that they are more sensual. But it does do so because saliva has enzymes that can affect the delicate lip skin. And don't try to boot skins with teeth or fingers, since only you hurt the area.
Drink between 8-10 glasses of water per day, so that your whole body is well hydrated and not only the lips. Always carry with you a full bottle, heat or cold. And when you exercise or are outdoors in the summer, it increases the amount to 12 glasses a day.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

How to treat Fibromyalgia naturally

Fibromyalgia is a disease that is often mistaken for arthritis, which affects 4% of the population, especially women between 40 and 50 years of age. It produces pain in the joints and affects the muscles, but without inflaming them. In the following article we invite you to learn about what and how is fibromyalgia.

How to treat Fibromyalgia naturally

1- Characteristics of fibromyalgia:

It's a disease or pathology increasingly widespread throughout the world. It is difficult to diagnosis and early symptoms tend not to be taken into account, because it is believed that it is a bad move, bad sleep, exertion, among others.
Fibromyalgia is a chronic disease characterized by a generalized, muscle-bone pain increase in sensitivity and discomfort at certain points in the body. It is located in muscle areas without showing apparent damage to medical studies, although the patient is sensitive to changes in temperature or physical contact.
It is associated with other health problems, such as for example, morning stiffness, depression, anxiety, fatigue, headache, abdominal pain, muscle cramps, feeling (subjective) swelling or bad quality of sleep.
The causes of fibromyalgia, as well as the ways in which this condition occurs, are not yet known. However, there is some evidence in relation to the mechanisms that could lead to this problem:

Imbalance in neurotransmitters in the nervous system
Alteration in the levels of certain substances responsible for neurochemical processes
Dysfunction in the arrival of blood flow in certain brain structures
Base or genetic predisposition
Chronic or viral infections
Inflammatory processes
Muscular diseases
Depressive pictures
The most common symptoms of Fibromyalgia are headed by the widespread and chronic, pain with condition in certain areas in particular, such as the origin of the extremities, around the spine, the cervical, arms, shoulders, lumbar region, hips or thighs.
The pain is continuous, and feels more in the morning when you get up, slightly improving throughout the day, although he returned to get worse in the evening and night. The pain is aggravated if the person remains in a similar posture throughout the day (as for example in front of the computer), if he lifts weights, by climate change and the emotions.
Another frequent symptom of fibromyalgia is, many days and no relief, physical and psychic exhaustion while it is resting. There are also patients who have:

alterations in sleep
muscle stiffness
irritable bowel syndrome
intolerance to certain drugs
dry eyes and mouth
cold extremities
increased sweating
pain in the jaw
anxiety palpitations
problems with concentration and memory
muscle spasms
tenderness in the stomach
leg cramps
sensation of swelling in hands and feet
severe pain at the menstruation

How to treat Fibromyalgia naturally

2- Home remedies and recommendations for fibromyalgia:

Herbs and plants with relaxing properties of muscles are the most recommended to treat this problem of muscles and joints. Some natural recipes are:

Prepare a tea with two tablespoons of dried thyme and half a liter of water. Drink one cup in the morning and the other at the time you want or pain begin to appear (in the evening for example).
With the same previous infusion of thyme and water, fill the tub and put hot water. Immerse yourself for 15 to 20 minutes (or until the water is cool).
You soak a cloth or cotton in Apple Cider vinegar and carried out skirmishes in the area affected by Fibromyalgia and painful.
Boil a cup of water and two grams of dry bark of willow for five minutes. If you don't have this tree at home you can get it at health food or dietary houses. Drink two to three cups per day, beginning at breakfast. Willow is salicin, like many pain relievers, therefore, the pain will be reduced.
Consumed two teaspoons of powdered ginger or grated in a glass of water at temperature environment. Drink immediately. Repeat again on the day.
Boil a cup of water for five minutes and a small spoonful of herb St. John or St. John's Wort flowers. Remove from fire, cool and strain. Drink warm and repeated again in the day.
Make a decoction of 100 grams of dry ponytail in one liter of water, for half an hour. He retired from the fire, strain and drink two cups per day.
Pour in one liter of alcohol white 45 ° 35 grams of marigold flowers (dried or not). Let it rest for 15 days, meanwhile use one of the natural remedies for fibromyalgia, well covered in a glass jar. Passed this time, soak a cotton ball or cloth and applied in the zone as a compress.

3- Some tips for treating Fibromyalgia:

How to treat Fibromyalgia naturally

Eat foods high in magnesium:

Some of the choices are spinach, asparagus, lettuce, Brewer's yeast and wheat germ.

Add more selenium to your diet:

This nutrient is located in Orange, Apple, cucumber, pumpkin, garlic, onion and cabbage.

Consume more calcium:

Bring you not only dairy calcium, but also green leafy vegetables such as spinach or chard.

Eat more amount of vitamin C:

While everyone believes that oranges are a major source of this vitamin, in reality, there are other foods that can help you, such as strawberries, blueberries and cherries.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

9 ways to relax in 5 minutes

Stress, nerves and anxiety are very bad for our health. For this reason it is essential to learn different ways to relax in five minutes. Of course, because we tend not to have too much time to a massage session, a practice of meditation or yoga. An "express" solution to one problem rather than current.

How to relax in a matter of minutes?

9 ways to relax in 5 minutes


A good walk, either in the park or by a quiet, will be to relax immediately. If you are stressed in the office, for example, you can take advantage of lunch hour to stroll a little nice and nearby. Only five minutes, you need to forget about all the problems, hear the birds singing, admire a flower, etc. It can also help you to take turns to something that is in your head, as a moment of reflection.


Sure you will think and breathe all the time! But here refers to breathe consciously. This is done in the first place, paying attention to the air that enters our lungs, not only as something mechanical that you have to do to survive. Breath is life force, plays a very important role because it nourishes our body, reduces stress levels and allows to receive more oxygen. It carries out a series of deep breaths (always by the nose) If you want to relax completely. You don't have to go to a park or the middle of the field, you can calm yourself up in your own office. To help you, close your eyes and sit in a comfortable position (sitting, stop, lying, is the same). A good exercise is to cover the right nostril and inspired only by the left. Then switch and do the same. You tranquilizarás you soon.


Basically, what is recommended is "daydreaming", because this technique gives us a great relaxation. For example, if we are on a busy work day, we can think that we are on an island in the Caribbean, drinking coconut juice. Or perhaps our idea of peace is to be in the field between trees or flowers. You can also take to think about your perfect future, allowing you to reduce your stress levels. He also pays attention because in some cases, this method increases the anxiety by wanting to arriving holiday or have the House of your dreams. Imagine doing an activity that you love and that will give you serenity.

9 ways to relax in 5 minutes

Eat a snack:

On an empty stomach can increase your stress and your nerves. If you eat a healthy snack, you will feel not only satisfied, but also happy. This is because there is a great connection between what happens in the stomach and what the brain perceives. Come quiet, enjoying every bite. Choose healthy foods, such as an Apple, a cereal bar or a chocolate. Avoid greasy or high-sugar foods because you will get the opposite effect.

Care for plants and flowers:

It's a therapy actually very effective in people with high levels of stress. Plants, as well as give you pure air that you breathe better, will help you to calm your nerves. You may have only a flowerpot or several. Dedicate yourself to water the plants, remove weeds and to talk to them if you wish. You'll see that then your blood pressure will be, the same as your palpitations.

Get away from the computer:

Many hours of computer use (something that most people do) causes increases in stress and nerves. Brings as a consequence also loss of sleep, insomnia, depression, trouble sleeping, nightmares, headaches and muscle, redness of eye, etc. Try, to the extent possible, tries to take breaks from five minutes every two hours while you're in the office and when you get to your House, not passes you front screen (also included in television). Try not using the computer an hour before you go to sleep or leave it on if you have it in your room.

Search for the contact with nature:

A little sun, walking on the grass, smelling a rose in their natural habitat or a stroll along the beach. They can be more relaxing activities that exist. Those who suffer stress, nerves or depression get reduce symptoms with simple contact with nature. When you're in the city, tries to get a little "green" in a park or at least full of plants and flowers your office.

Give a massage:

You don't need to go to a massage therapist for a session of one hour (although it would be great to do it daily). If you are in a stage of your day when it seems you're going to explode, due to the load of work or the obligations that overwhelm you, you only have to give you a massage. Apply a bit of pressure in the area of your hand between your index and middle,so you can release the tensions of the heart. On the other hand, you can do massage under your thumb if you want to relax the muscles of the shoulders, neck and neck. And if you have a typical headache, nothing better than make circular movements on the sides of temples, do not forget to close your eyes.

9 ways to relax in 5 minutes

Listen to music:

Music has soothing effects on our mind. But beware, not any style. We recommend listening to instrumental, classical music or mantras if you want to calm the nerves that you face. Many people choose these options to go to sleep. Also, you can also hear a song that you like very much (as far as possible which is not slow or sad), to release certain hormones that relax automatically. You can choose to listen to music with headphones or to entire volume at home, whichever is more beneficial to you.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

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Properties of Brewer's yeast

Brewer's yeast is a fungus, a microorganism that in addition to be used in the manufacture of beer and other products such as bread and wine, has a lot of benefits for health and beauty.
In what refers especially to beauty treatments, this powerful product is widely used, since it has the ability to help regenerate skin, hair and nails. All this due to the wealth it has in - especially those of the B-complex - vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids that nourish so deep these parts of the body helping to its growth and maintaining his healthy appearance.

Properties of Brewer's yeast

1- Great supplement in the diet:

Brewer's yeast has the property offer a lot of benefits to the daily diet, this reason is especially recommended to people with problems of sugar in the blood, since it can help to reduce these levels, being also very effective when weight loss is.
Moreover, by high levels of minerals that this product has, are advised to all people who have anemia or the risk for developing it, that this product is included in your daily diet.

2- Benefits of Brewer's yeast:

It is an effective remedy for lowering cholesterol levels.
It is a very effective product to reduce the levels of sugar in the blood.
It is excellent for strengthening the nervous system, being of great help to people affected by depression and anxiety States, this is due to its high content in vitamins of the complex B.
This great product provides a good help to those who wish to maintain a proper weight, effectively reducing obesity, since to consume in a way regular helps to control appetite is a product that provides satiety.
For the athlete, it is a very valuable product, since it has the ability to help define and highlight the muscles.
This is a product that helps to control and alleviate the problems of digestion, greatly improving so complicated problems as constipation can become.
Due to its excellent quantities of nutrients, yeast is also an important product for debugging the organism, since their action removes toxins and other substances that are harmful to the majority of the systems that make up the body.
It is an effective antioxidant that helps the proper functioning of cells and all other organs of our body, providing also a good oxygenation.

Properties of Brewer's yeast

3- How should I take Brewer's yeast?

In trade we can find different forms of presentation of Brewer's yeast, which include tablets, flakes, shake and capsules which, of course, are the most effective.
The most recommended way to take Brewer's yeast is in the morning and accompanied by other food, although if you prefer be consumed several times per day and at any time. The presentation that comes into flakes should be in some fruit juice or yogurt.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

Vegetarian recipes to replace pasta, rice and potatoes

One of the major problems of those who wish to reduce the consumption of carbohydrates is the substitution of pasta, rice and potatoes. These foods have a high glycemic index, so that most diets do not include them. Fortunately, there are some options that can help you to replace your taste and texture of more healthily, as the following vegetarian recipes.

1- Cold salad of cauliflower:

Vegetarian recipes to replace pasta, rice and potatoes


1 cauliflower
6 hard-boiled eggs, chopped
3 stalks of celery chopped
1 small onion, chopped
1 cup cooked peas
1/2 Cup Greek yogurt
1/2 Cup mayonnaise
1 tablespoon mustard
salt and pepper to taste


1. Cook cauliflower until it is soft (about 15 minutes).
2. Mix the ingredients.
3. Cool the salad in the refrigerator for at least three hours.

2- Turnips stuffed with mushrooms:

Vegetarian recipes to replace pasta, rice and potatoes


12 medium fresh turnips
50 grams of butter
300 grams of mushrooms
salt to taste


1. Peel, wash and remove the pulp of the turnips.
2. Immerse the turnips for 8 minutes in salted boiling water, drain and cool them in cold water.
3. Season the inside of the turnips with a little salt.
4. Put a pan to fire low, add 20 grams of butter and turnips pulp and cook.
5. Clean the mushrooms, cut into small cubes, season with salt and pepper and cook them in 20 grams of butter until completely evaporates water givers.
6. Mixed the turnips and mushrooms cooked pulp.
7. Preheat oven to 210 ° C.
8. Fill the turnips with mushroom mixture and pulp of turnips.
9. Grease a pan with remaining butter, accommodate stuffed turnips, wash the surface with sauce of choice and put in the oven.
10. Cook until the turnips are tender.

3- Creamy cauliflower sauce:

Vegetarian recipes to replace pasta, rice and potatoes


8 cloves of garlic, minced
2 tablespoons butter
5-6 cups of cauliflower bouquets
6-7 cups of water
salt to taste
1/2 teaspoon pepper
1/2 Cup milk (you can add or remove according to your preference)


1. Skip the garlic with the butter in a large skillet over low heat. Cook for several minutes until the garlic is soft, without burning out. Remove from heat and set aside.
2. Put the water to a boil in a large pot. Add the cauliflower and covers, expected 7 to 10 minutes or until the cauliflower is tender. Turn off the heat and let the cauliflower into the water.
3. Use a slotted spoon to transfer the cauliflower pieces in the blender. Add 1 cup milk, salt, pepper, sauteed garlic and a cup of water where the cauliflower is cooked. Mix and blend everything until you have a sauce.
4. In a frying pan put the sauce and season to taste with salt and pepper. If you want a more creamy milk can be added and for a lighter sauce, water.
5. Serve the hot sauce.
Those seeking a substitute for the mashed potatoes can try this sauce with more milk than water quantity.
Remember that it is necessary to disinfect it and remove the green leaves which usually bring before cooking the cauliflower.

4- Glazed turnips:

Vegetarian recipes to replace pasta, rice and potatoes


1 kg of turnip
5 tablespoons water
2 tablespoons butter
1 tablespoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
Fresh parsley chopped to taste


1. Peel the turnips, chop them in four and place them in a large, so who believe a single layer.
2. Add enough water to cover the turnips by half.
3. Add butter, sugar, salt, cover and boil over high heat.
4. Stir occasionally until water has evaporated.
5. Sauté the turnips and stir until golden brown.
6. Add 3 tablespoons of water and wait until they are glazed.
7. Serve and sprinkle fresh parsley chopped to taste.
Eat healthy with these vegetarian recipes and not deprive yourself  textures that you like.
Try the tasty,easy and best recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.

How to do simple hairstyles at home

Sometimes you don't have time to go to the beauty salon, held a last-minute exit or do not have enough budget to change hairstyle whenever you together with friends or have a date. Then, you can learn how to do simple hairstyles at home, in a few minutes and without having to be a professional of the hair. Learn more in the following article.

How to do simple hairstyles at home

Typical and simple hairstyles to do in two minutes:

Many times we have only a little to open the mind and be guided by imagination, but in other cases, with the basics and well-known (and some variants), the results can be wonderful. The easiest hairstyles include:

High ponytail: it is more than simple to do and best of all is that it serves both for a formal event (Festival, meeting) and informal (exit to the beach with friends, disco, etc). It is a very practical and comfortable hairstyle, takes you few seconds nothing else to do it and is an easy way to change your hairstyle. For a variation, try do with straight hair and waves in motion. The bucleadora, sends rollers to change a little.
Braid: Braids have mil and a variable. It is a great hairstyle to add to your daily looks, both to leave and to go to a formal meeting because they are always well. Day by day you can also use them. If you dare, you can try a braid to the side either a sewn braid.
Mono: It does not have no time and help you look extremely beautiful on any occasion. Is super easy and sophisticated, yet elegant. So you can take it at any time, both day and night. In addition, a monkey or "impeller" have different heights and can hold with various accessories, as well as also leave loops or strands loose to the sides.
Collected with braid: is really very nice and is easy to do. Combines with a monkey or a ponytail low if you want something a little more elaborate. He collected with Braid is very elegant, ideal to go to an event or meeting at night. It is also very nice for picnics or to spend the day in the field, everything depends on the clothes that you feel.
Side ponytail: can make it directly to the side or well to raise it then lower it to where you like best. It is easy to do, quick and will keep under "your orders" rebellious hair. If you have the hair with curlers, arm them a little more to make them more beautiful. If you have straight hair, you can use the bucleadora to form waves.
Collected on the side: it is one more elegant hairstyle, easy to make and you shall be you very well on several occasions. Instead of a large monno, performs one low cost and subject with many clips. If you have bangs, you can leave more long either certain sections on the other side, loose.
"Urban waves": is one description more interesting for this hairstyle, because seeing him you will identify it without problems. It is ideal for the summer, because it looks like being relaxed on the beach with hair to the wind, without too much work to comb it and "fit it". Clearly it is a look that draws attention and you can use it to go to the office. It's some waves to the sides, without that they are even among if.
Casual Bob: Is another messy hairstyle deliberately and very informal, but which goes wonders both a party and a labor meeting. And you can look with a very short hair. Only have to cut the sides of unbalanced way, take it over on its side, shred, etc.
Monkey with bangs: A hairstyle that is very popular because it gives the feeling of being a professional in any field opposite. It is spectacular to assist civilian your best friend or a lunch with coworkers, as well as for an interview to seek employment or a christening party. The height of the monkey must be intermediate and bangs well straight but slightly desflecado.
Victorian curls: you can take a little more than time but there is no doubt that call the attention and you will be very nice. A proposal of exotic, not to pass desaparecibida and requires a large amount of fixative. Charming and captivating are the two words that you define when you see come to the party. And don't forget good-laden attachments, both earrings and necklaces.
Wild waves: for those that have good long hair, a great option is to take it loose and with some waves, which never go out of fashion. You can make them with a bucleadora or with brush and hair dryer. The important thing is that they must be natural and not super armed as if freshly sales of beauty salon.
Headbands and ribbons: maybe you don't like to do hairstyles because they are not well or have no patience. Then, you can take advantage of different accessories. The headbands well fine and a tone that combines with the outfit or 'kit' wallet, belt and shoes is the "boom" of the catwalks. You can take the hair loose or attached, but nothing too elaborate. Monkeys, ribbons or headbands you choose will take care of this. And best of all is that there are thousands of designs and models in stores to choose from depending on the occasion or your style.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

10 home remedies for arthritis and pain joint

Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints characterized by pain, swelling, deformity and/or rigidity, commonly in areas such as knees, fingers of hands, feet, wrists, elbows and shoulders, although it can also occur on the neck, back, or hip.
The most common arthritis types are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease which usually appears in the third age; While rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic and degenerative problem, which in addition to affect the joints of the fingers, wrists, knees, and toes, also affects the muscles and other tissues in the body.
This problem is more common in women who are over age 50 in men and 80% of people who suffer from it. Although people with arthritis or symptoms of this disease should consult a doctor, there are some natural remedies that can help relieve the symptoms and pain joints.

10 home remedies for arthritis and pain joint

1- Fish oil or flax seeds:

The omega 3 fatty acids contained in fish and flax seeds, are effective for treating arthritis and pain joint, since this component decreases inflammation and cartilage wear.

2- Celery:

One of the foods that can not miss on a healthy diet to relieve inflammations is celery. This food is characterized by its diuretic and detoxifying properties. In addition to remineralize the body, detoxifies it, cleanses the blood, improves digestion, lowers blood pressure, relieves pain joint and has properties that help prevent cancer. To take advantage of all its benefits, it is important to consume in juice, infusion or salads.

3- Eucalyptus:

It is characterized for its analgesic, anti-rheumatic and purification, as well as having a calming effect against inflammations. Are you must consume tea either apply it compresses or as essential oil.

4- Nettle:

This plant is characterized by its properties depurative, as well as helping to calm the symptoms of arthritis. It can be eaten in salads, add it to smoothies and you can even remove a tincture of this plant, macerating a few leaves for half a liter of alcohol at 90 ° for 10 days. The dye rubs the affected area 2-3 times a day.

10 home remedies for arthritis and pain joint

5- Ginger:

Ginger is characterized by its powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic, benefits which can be used topically to reduce the pain and swelling that occurs in arthritis. In addition, include ginger in your diet help to reduce the pain of inflammatory diseases in any of its manifestations. In this case it is recommended to prepare a ginger tea, placing a root in a liter of boiling water.

6- Turmeric:

Turmeric is another powerful natural anti-inflammatory that can help reduce the pain of joints. In this case you must dilute half a teaspoon of turmeric in a glass of water boiling, and take it twice a day.

7- Garlic:

Garlic is a food with properties anti-inflammatory, depurative and detoxifying, among others. To treat arthritis is used in different ways. The first is to eat three cloves of raw garlic a day. Another option is to crush a garlic and apply it directly in the area of pain. The last remedy is to crush a garlic, mix it with lemon juice and take this preparation in fasting the next day.

8- Laurel:

To relieve inflammation and pain in the joints, prepare an infusion of laurel. Put to boil a liter of water, when you are boiling you add 10 grams of Bay leaves and let boil 5 minutes more. Once you are ready, let stand and is applied warm to the affected area using a cotton cloth. Keep the area affected during 2 minutes and do this treatment at least 5 times.

9- Cold compresses:

They are useful to reduce the swelling and inflammation to articulate. Ideally, apply an ice pack directly into the affected joint, leaving it act for 15 minutes with a break of 30 minutes between treatments.

10 home remedies for arthritis and pain joint

10- Hot water:

To make this therapy you can use a pad of moist heat or warm towel. The ideal is to use it by applying it directly on the area of pain, which will help to reduce inflammation and has a calming effect.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

Can stress be prevented?

Stress is one of the great evils of our day. Affects very negatively in our day to day, generating problems such as anxiety or depression, insomnia, disorders of appetite, let-down defenses, nervous tics, muscle tension, etc. But that also increasingly is emerging more their influence on chronic and degenerative diseases. These are sufficient reasons to prevent it.
In this article you will learn what you can do to prevent the stress when you start noticing the first symptoms or even before, because that is the best time to tackle this problem without having to suffer its consequences.

Can stress be prevented?

1- But... What is stress?

Stress is a State of fatigue or mental exhaustion caused by being subjected to a high demand for yield beyond our means. This requirement can come from others or ourselves, consciously or unconsciously.
Stress leads to mental and physical disorders such as those which we have quoted above and usually trigger, in the long run, multiple diseases. In many cases the disease appears precisely when stress disappears.

2- Mood:

One of the first symptoms of stress include changes in our State of mind. All we can have a bad day or react badly to any situation, but when we noticed that we do so in a recurrent way, sometimes for no apparent reason, or even if it us our people around, we will have to take into account that perhaps we are experiencing a situation that is beyond us.

Can stress be prevented?

3- Physical exercise:

Formerly worked many hours a day but the job was much more physical in general. With the passage of the years, work is increasingly has intellectualized, and is precisely here where the stress arises. When the body is very tired you can retrieve resting, but when it is the mind that is exhausted, the recovery is not so simple. In addition, in many cases head still working during the night unless we can avoid it, and so it appears the insomnia and the morning cansandio.
Physical exercise is, in fact, a regulator of the nervous system, and fail to realize it can worsen a situation of stress.
Each person must find the kind of exercise that suits you according to its Constitution, age, rhythm of life, etc. You might exercise more intense, such as jogging or cycling, or more relaxed, like yoga or tai chi.

4- Appetite disorders:

The digestive system is very sensitive and is often easily be affected when our State of mind is not good. There are those who suffer heartburn or heartburn, who cannot eat because closes the stomach, who eat by anxiety, who suffer from constipation, etc. And if our digestion does not work correctly, that also will affect our well-being and mood. Therefore, before the first symptoms we find natural remedies for our trouble, and not to leave to go to more.

5- Beware of defenses:

It is very common in people living stressed that when they finally have a few days of vacation or rest, just then a disease appears to them: a cold, a flu, gastroenteritis, etc. Our body's defenses have been keeping our body while they have felt the emergency situation involving stress, but declined in when the body have been relaxed.
That is why, as usual, during the peak of stress or just before a rest period, we recommend to take foods and natural supplements that can help us to raise the defenses:

Vitamin C

Can stress be prevented?

6- To realize:

But ultimately, most importantly to prevent stress consists precisely in realizing that one is suffering from it. Many people often say they feel stressed, but the truth is that it is not serious to have days with too much work, but live with the feeling that one fails to meet what is expected of it. Sometimes a person might be stressed for reasons personal or family; us issues does not always work.
When one gives account should reassess goals you have, what their priorities, and how you can arrange to get every day what is proposed, without the necessity of living increasingly overloaded and frustrated.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.