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Blue tea to lose weight naturally

Blue tea is fashionable. Also known as Oolong tea or black dragon, it's a variety that has received plenty of studies that demonstrates that, in fact, helps us to lose weight naturally. Its flavor is a mixture of feelings between green tea and red, a delight for the senses and for your health, that you should not miss the opportunity to try.
Blue tea has an excellent reputation among connoisseurs. It is fine and pleasant taste, with amazing properties that make it unique and exceptional, a variety that increasingly is being more well known, and that it will be easy find both shops and natural stores. It comes from the higher areas of Taiwan and China, which has always had a long tradition as a slimming drink, a healthy and natural to go little by little losing kilos. We will explain you.

1- Properties of blue tea:

The habitual consumption of blue tea, can provide us the following properties:

As you have pointed out, this variety is excellent for weight loss. According to several studies its ability to boost metabolism is higher than other varieties of tea. It allows us to burn fat in a natural way.
It accelerates liver metabolism, reducing also the cholesterol
Blue tea or oolong tea is a great antioxidant.
It prevents and improves fatty liver.
It is considered that it has good qualities to prevent several types of cancer, and to increase our defences in a natural way.
Caring for our cardiovascular system, cleaning arteries and improving our circulation.

2- Is it true that it is going to help you lose weight?

Blue tea to lose weight naturally


The latest comes from a University of Colorado, United States. The study was released in the "International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders", and it was said that blue tea prevented and helped combat both obesity and fatty liver disease.
Also, researchers at the University of Maryland Medical Center, have also concluded that blue tea is an excellent way to lose weight because of its high content of antioxidants. Higher than that in the green tea.

Why is it good to burn fat?

LK Han, the lead author of the study, says that thanks to their appropriate concentration of caffeine, stimulates the body to burn calories, also acting as a diuretic to remove liquids. In addition, your dose of catechins, excellent antioxidant, increase metabolism, and levels of oxidation and Thermogenesis, causing an effect important fat burning.
Its polyphenols, moreover, help to prevent type I diabetes, influencing the metabolism of glucose in a very positive way.

3- How should I prepare for it and take it?

Blue tea to lose weight naturally


The tea is an art, and we must learn to understand each variety to be able to take advantage of its benefits. And blue tea has specific rules that we will explain:
A teaspoon of leaves of blue tea per cup of water
Mineral water is used.
A tea that is not metal, since this material removed many of the properties of teas and infusions, if possible. The most beneficial are those of clay or earth, as used in the East.
To prepare a good blue tea, the water should be hot, between about 90 and 100 degrees Celsius. Once you've cast leaves and it has boiled, let alone stand three minutes. It is important that it is only this time because this variety of tea is oxidized rapidly.

How should I take it?

The ideal is to consume one hour before the main meals or an hour later. You must remember that the tea contains tannins, and this prevents that our iron absorption limited see if we take it immediately after having eaten, since this element does not help that we can absorb it properly. The right thing is you take it an hour before meals, either or an hour later.
You can take it twice a day. The important thing is to be consistent, take it every day. Do not include sugar in it, if you want to sweeten it, use a teaspoon of honey or a little stevia.

Blue tea to lose weight naturally

Where can I find blue tea?

Blue tea is becoming increasingly popular, so if you can't find it in the usual section of your supermarket infusions, you can search for it in natural stores. In these establishments is regular sale, they are very demanded by consumers both for treating diabetes and lose weight.
It is known as blue tea, Oolong tea black dragon. Its price is not usually very high and always gives great results. Do try it.
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