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Tips for healthy eating and saving money

There are many preconceptions or taboos in relation to healthy food. It is believed that it comes out more expensive and that it is more difficult to prepare it. In addition, it is boring and that many ingredients are needed. But none of this is true. You can eat well without hurting your pocket. In the following article, you'll find tips for healthy eating and saving money with your decisions when making the purchase.

1- How to eat good and cheap?

It would seem that these two characteristics can not join, however, it is not so. Some tips for eating better without spending more:

Tips for healthy eating and saving money

Eat vegetarian once a week (at least):

Try to include at least one weekly vegetarian dinner. Leave aside the white or red meat and prefers vegetables. So you're not only saving money (the meat is the most expensive part of meals), but also will add products natural and full of proteins, vitamins and minerals to your diet. You'll be consuming less fat saturated sodium or fried. There are dozens of recipes for you to enjoy vegetables beyond salads that accompany your dishes. Panache, cakes, soups, scrambled, etc.

It minimizes the leftovers:

If you want to save money on the food, do not throw it. It seems to be a pretty simple principle, but it is sometimes difficult to put into practice. The only way that accepted the leftovers it is if we keep them to eat another day. You do not throw away the food and will save a lot of money. You can take advantage to take to work or eat (along with other ingredients) the next day. Or perhaps put in a container and take it to the freezer. One of the most easy to make with leftover recipes is fried vegetable with pasta and tuna baked.

Not so much ask the delivery:

It is true that busy life you carry throughout the week sometimes doesn't give you time to get to cook dinner and you go for call delivery. Besides that this habit is too expensive for your budget, it is not good for your health. You can make your own pizza for much less money and will not take you much time. If you consider that since the pizza you order until it arrives at your House you can spend up to an hour (depending on the service), you've already had the opportunity to make four homemade pizzas. And if you don't like much cooking, you can make more and freeze them to enjoy whenever you want.

Tips for healthy eating and saving money

Take food to work:

A very common habit is to eat anything for lunch in the office. A fast food is the first option and then a salad quick to follow with the activities. These menus are usually much more expensive that if we prepare them at home and in addition, in the case of the hamburgers, for example, contain a lot of fat and components harmful to health. Lunch is expensive in the Centre of the city, even if you go to a fast food chain. Buy tomato, celery, lettuce, carrot, eggs, tuna or chicken, corn, peas or what you like and get a delicious and nutritious salad by far less than the cost of a combo.

Plan your weekly menu:

Sunday may want only to throw you on the bed and do nothing all day and it is acceptable. But also you can take an hour or two to allow organized food for the whole week. Saving you time, effort and money! Prepare a weekly menu and get the shopping list. You will avoid buy what you don't need and at the same time, avoid repeating dishes. An additional tip: just go to the supermarket, so nobody will influence your buying decisions and there will be fewer temptations.

Buy products wholesale:

Many markets offer great discounts if you buy in amount. This can be great news for your pocket. Take advantage to buy the non-perishable foods such as pasta, rice, sugar, cans, nuts, grains, etc. The initial investment can be more expensive, however, saving you will notice it in the medium term. And it will be much easier for you because you will have available different products for cooking.

Select a generic foods:

Instead of choosing the major brands, opt for those who are not reputable, always and when to hold the same properties. Not leave you in financial ruin and you will keep eating what you like. It pays much attention to components and sizes of products. Compare the prices, even if it takes you more time going to the market. Opt for basic foodstuffs so that they never miss in your kitchen. A healthy diet consists of proteins, carbon hydrates and healthy fats. Choose oatmeal, brown rice, fish (salmon or sardines) blue, lentils, chickpeas and beans.

Tips for healthy eating and saving money

Only buy fruits and vegetables in season (and local):

Some decades ago there was no tomatoes or strawberries available year-round, they are fruits that are harvested only at a specific time. Now if we found them 12 months? First because it sells much food Chamber that has been refrigerated after harvest to sell it in another station. Secondly because you can get products imported from another hemisphere. And third, because the transgenic (genetically modified foods) do not know what is the cold, Sun, or when it is best to grow. If these reasons do not seem sufficient to buy vegetables from station, think that the deferred are more expensive. It consumes what is each time, in winter, Orange, Apple, leafy vegetables; in spring, carrot, grape, Strawberry; in summer potato, peach and tomato and autumn PEAR, melon and broccoli.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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