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Tips for healthier teeth

The smile is one of the most beautiful areas of the face and the body, you're male or female. You can fall in love, have fun, attention or radiate happiness if you smile. Then, what could be better than knowing the following recommendations for healthy teeth? Wherever you go, you'll have an irresistible smile.

Tips for healthier teeth

1- Tips to have healthy teeth (and mouth):

The mouth is one of the instruments most used daily: to eat, to drink, to speak, to kiss, to smile. For this reason, it is accurate that we keep it in excellent condition. How? With the following ideas:

Say goodbye to the stainer:

If you want to have white teeth as the advertising for toothpaste, better to leave aside certain habits or foods that stain them. Red wine, coffee, black tea, cigarettes, sauces and drinks are the worst enemies of your mouth. How much more consume them, more yellow will have the teeth.
This does not mean let them enjoy if you like both, but always with moderation (with the exception of the cigarette: where possible, should try to eliminate the Vice). After eating or drinking foods and beverages of dark color, brush your teeth. And if you want a natural bleach, are most beneficial both Apple and sodium bicarbonate.

Change the toothbrush regularly:

Dentists suggest that every two or three months we have to discard the toothbrush and buy a new one to avoid transferring bacteria to your mouth. Choose a brush that is fine-bristled to avoid damage or injure the gums, especially if you suffer from gingivitis.
Doctors recommend brushing at a 45 ° angle against the gums and always with circular movements, rather than a top down. Do not apply excessive force on the teeth.

Tips for healthier teeth

Don't forget to clean the tongue:

All we care for white and gleaming teeth that shine in the dark but not a partner as it is the tongue. Some toothbrushes have a kind of "scraper" on the back of the bristles. Use it now to remove all debris from the tongue.
During the night, saliva accumulates there and forms plaque, one of the leading causes of bad breath or halitosis. Scraping the tongue daily can also be directly with the bristles of the brush, with or without toothpaste, always gently.

Eat foods "bleach":

In addition to Apple, which is cleaner for Excellence (if you eat it raw and shell), also you can opt for celery or carrot. Always you should consume raw and eat them by cutting them with the front teeth.
Some dentists recommend leaving these foods as a last snack after lunch or dinner if it is that you do not brush your teeth.

Performs gargle with vinegar:

Apple Cider vinegar has many properties. One of them is the ability to whiten the teeth. Every morning, mix one or two tablespoons of vinegar in a glass of warm or hot water.
Use it as if it were a mouthwash or gargle. You will help you to remove stains from your teeth to whiten them, and also to eliminate all bacteria that build up between the teeth, gums and tongue.

Tips for healthier teeth

Bicarbonate, another ally of dental health:

As mentioned before, sodium bicarbonate serves for whitening the teeth and molars, especially if you eat too much food stainer. Instead of the usual toothpaste, put a little baking in the brush and cleans in the usual way.
Do not abuse nor its benefits, because it can irritate the gums if it is that they are sensitive or too scrape the dentin of the pieces. You can repeat every three days.

Keep your "always fresh" breath:

It seems that we are advertising a toothpaste, but it is not so. To know if you have bad breath can exhale on your hand and smell the "aroma" that you leave. You can also feel it in your own mouth (although some people don't realize). You can chew mint leaf, for example, if you want a more natural solution (or an infusion, which will also be good for your digestion).

Welcome to the dental floss!

There are not many people using it, but it is absolutely necessary. If you learn to use dental floss, you can remove all traces of food between your teeth, for a much more beautiful and healthy smile. At the beginning you will need a mirror to guide you, but then you can do it alone. Feel free to have a full team in the bag, the car or the office desk and use it when needed!

(Council for women) It conceals with makeup:

While home remedies and change of habit to have white and healthy teeth give result (is not from one day to the other, especially if they are very stained), you can get a coral lip medium or light red.
These shades will make teeth look whiter. Avoid very clear tones because they highlighted the yellowish color, as well as the red ones too "angry".

Baby using a straw plastic or sorbet:

As noted before, many drinks cause stains on teeth, as in the case of industrial juice or soft drinks. To prevent that tooth enamel is more and more Brown, you will have to avoid contact with the dark liquid. While it is true that beverages such as coffee, tea or wine is a bit complicated, do so at least with soft drinks.

Tips for healthier teeth

You brush your teeth two to three times a day:

The "critical moments" for brushing your teeth daily are two: morning and night. I.e., when you wake up and when you go to bed.
In the morning because the saliva dries while we sleep (and this causes caries, inter alia), causing bad breath, and at night because it is better to remove food before going to bed. And as third brushing, after lunch, to prevent cavities from forming or have halitosis.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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