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9 ways to relax in 5 minutes

Stress, nerves and anxiety are very bad for our health. For this reason it is essential to learn different ways to relax in five minutes. Of course, because we tend not to have too much time to a massage session, a practice of meditation or yoga. An "express" solution to one problem rather than current.

How to relax in a matter of minutes?

9 ways to relax in 5 minutes


A good walk, either in the park or by a quiet, will be to relax immediately. If you are stressed in the office, for example, you can take advantage of lunch hour to stroll a little nice and nearby. Only five minutes, you need to forget about all the problems, hear the birds singing, admire a flower, etc. It can also help you to take turns to something that is in your head, as a moment of reflection.


Sure you will think and breathe all the time! But here refers to breathe consciously. This is done in the first place, paying attention to the air that enters our lungs, not only as something mechanical that you have to do to survive. Breath is life force, plays a very important role because it nourishes our body, reduces stress levels and allows to receive more oxygen. It carries out a series of deep breaths (always by the nose) If you want to relax completely. You don't have to go to a park or the middle of the field, you can calm yourself up in your own office. To help you, close your eyes and sit in a comfortable position (sitting, stop, lying, is the same). A good exercise is to cover the right nostril and inspired only by the left. Then switch and do the same. You tranquilizarás you soon.


Basically, what is recommended is "daydreaming", because this technique gives us a great relaxation. For example, if we are on a busy work day, we can think that we are on an island in the Caribbean, drinking coconut juice. Or perhaps our idea of peace is to be in the field between trees or flowers. You can also take to think about your perfect future, allowing you to reduce your stress levels. He also pays attention because in some cases, this method increases the anxiety by wanting to arriving holiday or have the House of your dreams. Imagine doing an activity that you love and that will give you serenity.

9 ways to relax in 5 minutes

Eat a snack:

On an empty stomach can increase your stress and your nerves. If you eat a healthy snack, you will feel not only satisfied, but also happy. This is because there is a great connection between what happens in the stomach and what the brain perceives. Come quiet, enjoying every bite. Choose healthy foods, such as an Apple, a cereal bar or a chocolate. Avoid greasy or high-sugar foods because you will get the opposite effect.

Care for plants and flowers:

It's a therapy actually very effective in people with high levels of stress. Plants, as well as give you pure air that you breathe better, will help you to calm your nerves. You may have only a flowerpot or several. Dedicate yourself to water the plants, remove weeds and to talk to them if you wish. You'll see that then your blood pressure will be, the same as your palpitations.

Get away from the computer:

Many hours of computer use (something that most people do) causes increases in stress and nerves. Brings as a consequence also loss of sleep, insomnia, depression, trouble sleeping, nightmares, headaches and muscle, redness of eye, etc. Try, to the extent possible, tries to take breaks from five minutes every two hours while you're in the office and when you get to your House, not passes you front screen (also included in television). Try not using the computer an hour before you go to sleep or leave it on if you have it in your room.

Search for the contact with nature:

A little sun, walking on the grass, smelling a rose in their natural habitat or a stroll along the beach. They can be more relaxing activities that exist. Those who suffer stress, nerves or depression get reduce symptoms with simple contact with nature. When you're in the city, tries to get a little "green" in a park or at least full of plants and flowers your office.

Give a massage:

You don't need to go to a massage therapist for a session of one hour (although it would be great to do it daily). If you are in a stage of your day when it seems you're going to explode, due to the load of work or the obligations that overwhelm you, you only have to give you a massage. Apply a bit of pressure in the area of your hand between your index and middle,so you can release the tensions of the heart. On the other hand, you can do massage under your thumb if you want to relax the muscles of the shoulders, neck and neck. And if you have a typical headache, nothing better than make circular movements on the sides of temples, do not forget to close your eyes.

9 ways to relax in 5 minutes

Listen to music:

Music has soothing effects on our mind. But beware, not any style. We recommend listening to instrumental, classical music or mantras if you want to calm the nerves that you face. Many people choose these options to go to sleep. Also, you can also hear a song that you like very much (as far as possible which is not slow or sad), to release certain hormones that relax automatically. You can choose to listen to music with headphones or to entire volume at home, whichever is more beneficial to you.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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