Thursday, August 20, 2015

Natural Juices against the headache

Whether due to tiredness, stress or a specific health problem, all often suffer annoying headaches. It is common that we resort to drugs to relieve them, but they always bring us some side effect. It will surprise you to know that there are many natural juices made from fruit and vegetables that can perfectly remove the headache would like to meet them?
Sometimes a headache is a symptom of other things that we have to keep in mind: maybe we're feeding us badly, or maybe that we suffer some type of problem. If very often suffer always is suitable that you go to your doctor; We, for our part, you can make simple remedies to alleviate its effects, but it is always convenient to know its causes.

Natural Juices against the headache

1- Guidelines to avoid headaches:

Experts tell us that at least 70% of our headaches we can relieve them while maintaining a good quality of life, i.e., caring for our food and our stress situations. Here are a few simple tips:

1. The breakfast is important:

It is essential that you start your day with a healthy dose of energy, including any juices that we are going to recommend in your breakfast, as well as dried fruit, or whole grains. It is essential that you nurture correctly so that your body has the sufficient reserves to face the day after a night without eating.

2. You avoid foods with tyramine:

Avoid all foods containing this components: dairy, the aged cheeses such as Roquefort, Brie, Feta, Mozzarella, parmesan cheese... the tyramine increases the blood flow to the brain and causes the headache.

3. Always fresh fruit:

Fresh fruit always going to help prevent headache. If you are mature, such as bananas, dried raisins, or even avocados, again appears the tyramine to cause us discomfort.

4. Avoid foods with dyes and additives:

There are foods that contain nitrites, such as ham or bacon. This element also causes headache. Also avoid all those sweets that have bright colors, these dyes are very damaging to health, as well as MSG, a substance that nutritionists say how bad and causing headache. Try to always read the composition of the food you eat.

2- Juice against headache:

Natural Juices against the headache

Juice for stress headache:

If you get home at the end of the day with a pain on your temples or on the front of your head, used this juice to find relief:

Ingredients and preparation:

1 Apple
A little cinnamon
1 teaspoon Brewer's yeast
half a cup of cool water
2 cubes
Wash the fruit well and bring them to the Blender (peeling them before). Includes yeast and a cinnamon remotely. Later add cool water and serve it with ice cubes. He drinks little by little, it is a refreshing and refreshing juice.

Juice for the headache with dizziness:

If you feel bad, if you have not eaten well throughout the day and you are dizzy, it uses this simple juice to compensate for the nutrients that your body needs.

Ingredients and preparation:

5 strawberries
A cup of watermelon
A medium mango
2 nuts
A teaspoon of honey
Half a glass of water
It starts biting two walnuts and washing and cutting the pieces of fruit into small pieces. It leads to the Blender strawberries, watermelon, and mango, also including chopped nuts. See adding water to obtain a homogeneous good juice. Don't forget to add the tablespoon of honey. All of these ingredients will help you to feel better and avoid seasickness.

Juice for fatigue and anxiety headache:

Get home exhausted, with nerves and worries who not has passed you? It hurts the neck, feel numb and tense body... If it has happened to you, don't hesitate to prepare this juice.

Ingredients and preparation:

Two carrots
A sprig of celery
Two oranges
Half a lemon
Wash well the carrots and celery, to then get the juice from the oranges and the lemon. Finally, carries all components to the mixer and get a good homogeneous juice. You will notice that it is very aromatic, it is refreshing, detoxifying and relaxing.

Juice to relieve the headache by disease:

Does besides the stomach head hurt also? Do you feel anxiety and muscle pain? If you have caught a virus or you have some sort of disease, this juice will help you to relieve discomfort both your stomach and your head. It is easy to make and good results are obtained.

Natural Juices against the headache

Ingredients and preparation:

A Red Apple
10 Blueberry
A plum
A tablespoon of flax seeds
The juice of half a lemon
Half a glass of water
Wash the fruit well, Peel the Apple and remove the seeds, as well as the plum seed. Bring ingredients to Blender without forgetting the tablespoon of flax seeds. The juice has an attractive color and is very tasty. Drink it slowly. You can take it two times a day before meals, it will help you to feel better.
Try the tasty,easy and best recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.


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