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How to use peppermint in the kitchen

It is a very popular garden herb, with a particular scent and is very easy to grow. He brings a unique flavor to our meals, whether starters, main courses or desserts, so it is an excellent idea to have a pot with Mint in the kitchen. Learn the properties of this plant and some simple recipes.

How to use peppermint in the kitchen

1- Features of mint:

It is a plant which are used the leaves (fresh or dried) mostly, but also stems. You can prepare sauces to accompany meat, red or white, drinks (from the mojito to an infusion), cream, raw in salads and various recipes of gastronomy in the Middle East.
Among the health properties, Mint is very good for the digestive system, being one of the natural remedies to consume after meals. Used for centuries for stomach pain (due to its antispasmodic properties, softeners and anti vomiting), for liver, colic for gastritis, stomach pain, to counteract diarrhea or colitis, expel flatulence to bad breath and improve digestion, as well as to absorb the fat.
At the level of the respiratory system, Mint is used to relieve nasal congestion, is ideal for pictures of flu and colds, cough and colds, bronchitis, asthma, and pharyngitis. For his part, mint helps to improve circulation of the blood, blood-thinning properties, the altitude sickness and headache. Also said to be aphrodisiac.
In external use, it helps to calm pain for rheumatism, cervical, lumbar, back, strains, tooth decay, dry mouth, wounds in the skin, itching, eczema, insect bites, vaginal infections and hemorrhoids.

2- Why use Mint in meals?

This aromatic herb is widely used in the cuisine characteristic flavor and aroma. It is known that since the Roman times it was used for dishes with vegetables and meat. It can be eaten both cold and hot. It is usual to accompany dishes with legumes such as chickpeas, beans, lentils, peas, beans, or for upholstery of red meat, potatoes, cheese and pasta with Mint.
At the same time, it is present in many desserts: ice cream, custard, liqueurs, jellies, creams and syrups. It is used to prepare infusions, mostly Morocco and the India. In addition to these two countries, the Mint is much used in England, the Mediterranean, Egypt and Afghanistan.

How to use peppermint in the kitchen

3- Mint recipes: starters and main dishes:

To make a paste of cream of peas and Mint you need:

10 slices of bacon
10 grams of butter
300 g frozen peas
1 handful of fresh mint leaves
2 tablespoons cream
400 grams of dry move
salt and ground black pepper
150 grams of Parmesan cheese
Cut the bacon and Brown in a pan with oil. When crisp, add the butter and peas. Skip and then incorporating the cream and Mint (chopped). Besides cooking pasta. When they are to give to you pour into the preparation with the Parmesan cheese. spice up  to taste.

To prepare a broad beans and Mint quiche, you'll need:

a mass for cakes
300 grams of beans
3 eggs
2 onions
half a glass of milk
10 fresh mint leaves
salt and pepper
grated cheese
Bacon or ham (optional)
It scald the beans for a few minutes, strain and reserve. In a pan put oil and dora onions cut into very thin slices. Add bacon or ham. In a bowl mix eggs, leaves chopped Mint, milk and grated cheese. Season and pour into the Pan along with the beans. Line baking pan and place the dough. Fill with the preparation and the oven takes about 40 minutes. You can add an egg on top to be more Golden.
This recipe for scrambled eggs with green beans, mint and cashew is delicious and you need the following ingredients:

400 grams of beans
half a cup of cashews
2 tablespoons cane sugar
1/3 cup of lemon juice
1 tablespoon of soy sauce
enough mint leaves
It bleaches the green beans, strain and reserve. In a frying pan with butter dora chestnuts about 2 minutes. Add the beans and saute about 5 minutes until they are crisp. Spraying with the juice of lemon, soy sauce, sugar and cooking 1 minute. Serve with mint leaves chopped on top.

How to use peppermint in the kitchen

4- Mint recipes: drinks and desserts:

A drink more than refreshing for the summer, with few calories and that can be to kill thirst should not miss side of the Mint. Be placed directly the leaves of this aromatic in a glass with tonic water or mineral and some ice and ready.
The alcoholic drink with Mint par excellence is the "Cuban mojito". To do it, you need:

1 handful of mint leaves
juice of half a lemon
1 tablespoon sugar
party ice
2 parts rum
1 part soda
Prepares in a long glass, which is placed the Mint, lemon and sugar and they are crushed. Then fill the glass with ice, poured rum measures, mixes and comes complete with soda. To decorate a sprig of Mint is placed on the edge.
For lovers of the sweet, this recipe is special: chocolate mint cake. Ingredients for 8 servings:

4 eggs
100 grams of flour
80 grams of butter
100 grams of sugar
2 tablespoons cocoa powder
180 grams of chocolate cover
150 cm 3 of milk cream
20 mint leaves
Whisk three eggs with sugar (leave a little for coverage), add the softened butter, flour and cocoa. Pour batter into pan and leads to the oven for 25 minutes. For coverage, warm the cream with mint leaves, strain and pour over chopped chocolate. Separate whisk an egg with the rest of the sugar and incorporate it into the mixture, cooking over low heat stirring constantly. Cover the dough with this and keep in the refrigerator.
Try the tasty,easy and best recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.


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