Thursday, August 13, 2015

Vegetables for weight loss

All the vegetables are essential in diets for weight loss or to keep us in our ideal weight, but some of them also help us to lose weight more quickly thanks to its specific properties to remove grease and liquids.
Discover what are the main vegetables so that they form part of your daily menus.

Vegetables for weight loss

1- Lettuce:

Green leafy vegetables, and lettuce in particular, are foods rich in vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, which also contain lots of fiber and are highly satiating, so it is advisable to combine them with other meals daily. In addition, lettuce has relaxing effects, which will help us to avoid the anxiety which can cause the slimming diets. We can eat it raw in salads but also cooked, in soup or mashed.

2- Onion:

The Onion is an excellent choice to include in all kinds of dishes if you want to lose weight, because helps to eliminate liquids, to avoid constipation and to control blood sugar levels.
If we don't have problems digesting it can eat it raw in salads or as a garnish, but can also take it in creams, to grilled or to make a cure-based broths of onion, which we recommend especially for people who suffer a significant fluid retention or wanting a little more debug their kidneys.

Vegetables for weight loss

3- Cucumber:

With the heat comes cucumber, a vegetable with a high content of water and very low in calories, so it's ideal for us instead of consuming other foods that get fatter us more. We will eat it in salads or as a garnish. In addition, if it's tender and green we can eat it also with your skin.
A recipe for Greek tradition that we can prepare light and delicious appetizer consists of cut the cucumber into strips and submit it along with a yogurt sauce, garlic powder, sea salt and some herb. The combination of cucumber soaked in the sauce is delicious.
We can also prepare a simple green gazpacho whisking or blending cucumber, parsley and fresh basil with a clove of garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and a bit of sea salt. A drink very refreshing and diuretic.

4- Broccoli:

Broccoli is a vegetable with many health properties, and in this case, being instead very rich in fiber, and low in sodium and calories is ideal for weight bajjar.
This vegetable helps us to fight fat and also its regular consumption helps to protect us from diseases such as cancer.
We recommend not to cook it too, so that it retains its properties. An indicator will be to continue to keep their green color and a slightly crunchy texture.

5- Garlic:

Garlic, a medicinal food that we consume daily if not feel us wrong, is not only essential for health in general but also for losing weight, since it has the property of eliminating fat deposits and fluidizing and clean the blood.
To benefit from their properties should eat it raw, for example making the famous Tibetan priest of garlic.
If we take it raw can try to eat it well rubbed on a whole wheat bread toast, which soften its effects in the stomach. We can also choose capsules or tablets that are sold in pharmacies and dietetic.

Vegetables for weight loss

6- How would we cook them?:

If you want to lose weight we will avoid always frying foods, and instead opt for steamed, grilled, baked or sauteed with a little olive oil.
In addition, we not abusing salt and will always choose instead of table salt sea salt
Finally, we can use some dressings that will help us to further enhance the slimming effects of vegetables. For example, if we use spices such as cayenne pepper or ginger, in addition to a spicy and original touch to the meal, we will also accelerate our metabolism and increase energy expenditure.
If we have trouble digesting some vegetables or us causes gas, best thing is to add a little cumin or anise when cooking them.
We can also dress with a bit of lemon juice or a few drops of Apple Cider vinegar, which helps improve digestion and burn fat.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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