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Sunday, May 24, 2015

How to know if you are allergic to food?

Although most due to food allergic reactions are mild or minor, it is also true that if products that do not make us well consumed too much, it can trigger something more serious. How to know if you are allergic to food? Find out in this article.

How to know if you are allergic to food?

1- Knowing the food allergy:

Firstly, it is good to know what it is about a food allergy. Basically, it is an exaggerated response of the immune system by eating something in particular.
It is necessary to differentiate it from intolerance to a food, which is not the same as allergy, but also be an undesirable and annoying effect at the time of digestion of food. Nor is it the same as intoxication, which is produced by a food in poor condition or by eating too much.

The products more allergies tend to produce are:

dairy products (especially milk)
peanuts or peanut
At the same time, dyes, preservatives and thickening can also cause allergic reactions. In what refers to natural products, Apple, pineapple and melon contain substances similar to pollen and allergic reaction appears to eat them raw. It can be more mild or more severe depending on the amount consumed.
The response of the body against something that does not make it good, either a bacterium, a virus, a toxin, or a food, is to defend itself. In the latter case, substances are released through the pores, for example, or the mouth or tongue swell.
The initial symptoms of a food allergy are two hours after eating the food in question. The most frequent signs include:

hoarse voice
abdominal pain
itching in the mouth
swallowing difficulty
nasal congestion
face swelling lips and tongue

2- Different food allergies:

Order to know if we are or not allergic to a particular food is important to know some specifications:

How to know if you are allergic to food?

Allergy to milk (or milk):

It is an adverse reaction of the body against the proteins which has milk. Cow's milk has 25 different, that they can be edible caseins or serum proteins. The first are the most allergic and there are three types. If a person is allergic to milk it will show symptoms during the first year of life.
In the majority of cases it is due to an inherited tendency, i.e. which is passed from father to children. Milk allergy symptoms are pruritus, Erythema, urticaria, edema in the eyelids or lips, nausea, cramps, diarrhea, dysphonia or rejection of food.

Egg allergy:

It can cause different symptoms, such as detailed above, therefore you must be careful to see at what point appear. In the case of the egg, some people suffering from allergy by its large amount of proteins.

Allergy to shellfish or fish:

The clinical picture appears 90 minutes after ingestion and is characterized by vomiting, diarrhea, hypotension, or bloating. Fish allergens are present in species such as hake, blue whiting, mackerel, bonito tuna and swordfish, as well as seafood (oysters, mussels, prawns).
Allergy arises during the first years of a person's life and appears not only to eat, but also to have direct contact with the workpiece in the House or on the market.

Allergic to certain fruits and vegetables:

They are less frequent than that of milk or fish, but it must also be considered. Genetic predisposition is one of the most recurrent causes of allergy to these foods. Also keep in mind the geographical location and the amount of protein that has each fruit or vegetable.
It has nothing to do whether food is organic or not, although it is true that in the case of industrial agriculture can generate more problems in a person who is allergic.
The peach is the species that produces more allergy, followed by Apple, pear, cherry, Plum, strawberry, kiwi, mango and pineapple. In the case of vegetables, the more allergen is tomato, followed by lettuce, cabbage, eggplant or peppers.

How to know if you are allergic to food?

Allergy to nuts, pulses and cereals:

It is more common than we think, but not everyone realizes this. It arises in the first years of life and in the case of nuts, which produces more allergies is peanut. Legumes and cereals have one incidence lower in patients.
Wheat (which is used in many preparations) may cause problems in the digestive tract, stomach or skin. And in regards to vegetables, the allergens are present in soy, lentils, chickpeas and beans.
The only possible treatment in the case of being allergic to one or more food is to stop eating them or being in contact with them. Once the cause of the allergy is detected, remove intake, even if you like it or use it enough in our menus. There are different ways to supplant food, so don't worry.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

Simple remedy to treat irritable bowel syndrome

Do you usually suffer in times of irritable bowel syndrome? Doctors still can't define exactly what causes it, but this reality so common among us, can be treated and relieved.
We know that it is a recurrent disease, which affects women to a greater degree and that sometimes is associated with stress. We spent stages that we suffer constipation, later diarrhea... then what kind of medication is the most advisable? It is clear that we will always have to follow medical recommendations. But it is not over, include also small natural remedies. From our space we recommend the following.

1- Natural treatment for irritable bowel syndrome: aloe vera with Mint juice:

Simple remedy to treat irritable bowel syndrome

1. Ingredients that I need:

We will first clarify one detail. You never auto-medicate you, nor you disregarded recommendations that give you the specialists. And keep in mind, also, that the continued use of many medications, long-term brings consequences. Problems with the liver, kidneys... solution? Taking drugs just and necessary, complementing them with everyday natural strategies.
We invite you to get started your treatment using this remedy:
Two tablespoons of gel of aloe vera (40 grams)
Peppermint leaves: 15 grams (if you have peppermint oil also can be used).

2. Why will these elements help I to treat irritable bowel syndrome?

Aloe vera: consuming aloe vera over 10 days in a row, will relieve the inflammation and irritation of the colon. It is one of the few foods that come into contact in the intestine, not to transform into gas. Its anti-inflammatory and healing properties are activated. It softens and tones. Avoid contractions that cause pain. It regulates the correct passage of stool avoiding both constipation and diarrhea. Thanks to aloe vera, will better absorb nutrients. Nor can we overlook the fact that eliminates harmful bacteria, those that we have just always getting sick.
The Peppermint: the benefits of the Mint and its appropriate treatment for irritable bowel syndrome, were published in the British Medical Journal. Menthol is what allows us for example, decrease muscle contraction, relaxing the walls of the intestine. This will be reduces pain, cramps, constipation and diarrhea. The conclusion was clear, the Peppermint stands as the most effective therapy against the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.
So and as you can see, using aloe vera will be reducing inflammation of the intestine, while the Mint, we ease the discomfort and pain.

3. How do I prepare my treatment with aloe and Mint for my irritable bowel syndrome?

We are going to take us two glasses a day. One morning in an empty stomach and another after dinner. To prepare it, it does not demand much complication. First we heat two cups of water (250 ml). When it comes to a boil, add 40 grams of aloe vera gel.
Removes well so that it is well diluted, for later, add Peppermint leaves. Instead of mint leaves, you can also include peppermint oil. But in that case we would put it when this mixture is warm and not in the fire. If we include the mint leaves is to get an infusion.
Once these elements have been mixed well and have shed their essence in water, remove from the heat and allow to cool.
We will take it always warm, at room temperature. A Cup in fasting and another after dinner over 10 days in a row. Ideal also if you keep this treatment every month. Thus, we will be purging the colon and strengthening our entire digestive system. A simply wonderful medicinal tonic.

Simple remedy to treat irritable bowel syndrome

2- Other recommendations for treating irritable bowel syndrome:

Avoid eating dairy products, foods with many fats or spices. Avoid fizzy drinks or coffee.
Eat quantities reduced over many times a day. It is best to just eat 6 times a day, for example.
It raises the consumption of fiber and vegetables.
Ideal to you prepare papaya salads.
The prune juice is very medicinal, as well as the Oatmeal with Apple.
Flaxseed is also very suitable for treating irritable bowel syndrome.
The tea of Chamomile or cinnamon to medium late, also will help you feel better,
Beets and carrots, as well as nutritional, juice acts as depuration and protector of our colon. Perfect for our dinners, for example.
Reduced to the extent that you can all your stress situations. Negative emotions, anxiety or concerns, can act as triggers of irritable bowel syndrome.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

Parsley to remove stains from skin

Sometimes our skin looks with those annoying stains caused by the effect of the Sun, or age as unsightly and unattractive. This means that we let ourselves be large amounts of money on creams and cosmetics to conceal them. But we assure you that simple remedies like parsley can do a lot for you. Do you want to know how?

Parsley to remove stains from skin

1- Remedy with parsley to remove stains on the skin:

Who don't have any to another spot on the face? On the top of the lip, forehead, under the eyes... our facial skin is one of the most fragile of our body to be exposed to the environment, to any element from the outside. The light of the Sun, pollution, the cold... not counting of course, with the inevitable effects of the passage of time.
Never it is worth having some specific cream, but it is also very suitable to learn simple and inexpensive remedies that can serve to complement the treatment. But we must be realistic, stains will not disappear completely, go to Dim, to become more smooth and less visible.

1. Why is the parsley good to remove stains of the skin?

Parsley is a plant that is easy to find that you have multiple vitamins. And not only that, also acts as a great agent of our immunity, us defends against free radicals and stands as an excellent antioxidant.
Want to know more? because there is still more. Parsley is used as essential in many beauty clinics treatment to have vitamin C, to nourish the skin, acting as a healing and stimulate the production of collagen. Parsley is a natural refreshing that we must not miss.

Parsley to remove stains from skin

2. How benefit me parsley to remove stains of the face?

It is very easy, so you can do it using two techniques:
1. The first way is to take five sprigs of parsley, crush them well and apply them in gauze. Once made this simple fillings, apply it there where you have the spots on your skin. Leave to act for 10 minutes, and then rinse with warm water. Do this every night before bed.
2. The second method requires a slightly more elaborate, but equally simple process. What do you need? You must use other essential components that will further promote the health and beauty of your skin. We will remove stains and drink plenty of fluids. To do this you need 5 sprigs parsley, five drops of lemon juice, olive oil and three slices of cucumber. Crush it all right, and obtain a new filling. Apply it with the help of a gauze or a cotton, there where you have stains. It allows to act for 10 minutes, to then also rinse with warm water. If we do it every night, you'll see how slowly you see results.
Do you think that simple? Parsley is a good ally for your face. Try it and tell us about your experience!
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

Learn how to prepare raw vegetable creams

For hot days or to take advantage of the large amount of vitamins and minerals that contain raw foods, we present several recipes for making creams of vegetables without having to light the fire.
These creams are nutritive and satiating, and help us to get energy and lose weight in a healthy way and without suffering, enjoying the taste of these recipes and without wasting too much time in the kitchen.

Learn how to prepare raw vegetable creams

1- Benefits of these creams:

They are nutritious but light, so it is the ideal Starter for weight control diets.
They are filling due to their high fiber content.
Vitamins and minerals from their ingredients by have not been subjected to high temperatures remain intact.
They are easy and quick to prepare.

2- Previous tips:

The recipes contain some ingredients rich in healthy fats, which is creamy texture which will bring to the recipe.
If we like these recipes you can try to combine the ingredients, provided that we continue adding an ingredient rich in healthy fats.
We beat the ingredients sufficient time so that the texture is uniform and smooth.
These creams will be served warm or cold. We also propose some suggestions presentation so they are the perfect appetizer if we have guests.

3- Cream of spinach and rice:

This delicious cream, mild flavor and rich in minerals, especially iron.
If this recipe cooked out would have to cook the rice and a little spinach, but in this case we use them raw. In the case of rice, we will use cream or beverage of rice, we can get in diet or natural food stores.
We beat the ingredients and decorate with some raw spinach leaves.

Learn how to prepare raw vegetable creams

4- Cream of carrot, yogurt and black olive:

This cream is surprising for its contrast of flavors. The sweetness of the carrot contrasts with the strong black olive flavor.
Thanks to its content of beta carotene, the carrot is also a medicinal food that helps us to improve the health of our skin, hair and nails, as well as to get a nice tan.
We will need a blender or powerful food processor to give a creamy texture to the recipe, so if we don't have it, we recommend to first grate the carrot.
We beat carrot grated with pitted black olives, yogurt and a splash of olive oil.
We flavor the cream with black olives and a little Rosemary.

5- Avocado and watercress:

The avocado is a fruit that is delicious and nutritious, rich in vitamins, minerals, protein and healthy fats. With avocado we can convert any recipe on a very full plate, since it has excellent nutritional values. Also in this case, you give the creamy texture to the dish.
On the other hand, the watercress are a vegetable that is rich in calcium and large diuretic properties that help eliminate excess fluids of our body.
We beat the well ripe avocado with fresh watercress, olive oil and sea salt.
Serve it with a sprig of watercress cut well small.

6- Cream of tomato and Basil:

This Mediterranean flavor and antioxidant cream is a recipe that helps us to reduce high blood pressure, cholesterol and eliminate excess fluids from the body.
Fresh basil, as well as flavoured cream, have digestive and regulatory properties of the nervous system.
We beat ripe and peeled tomatoes with leaves of fresh basil, olive oil and sea salt
We will decorate with basil leaves or dried tomatoes which we put to hydrate previously.

Learn how to prepare raw vegetable creams

7- Oats and Arugula cream:

Oatmeal is one of most complete and healthy cereals. It is very nutritious, rich in vitamins and minerals, with a high fibre content. Very beneficial health properties, as combat constipation, lower cholesterol or regulate blood pressure.
The rocket is a very anti-oxidant vegetable that also combats cardiovascular diseases, improves digestion, increases the defenses, regulates glucose levels and is a good preventive remedy of cataracts.
We'll beat oat flakes with hot water, Arugula, Sesame and sea salt or olive oil.
We will decorate the cream with a seeds (Sesame, sunflower or pumpkin).
Try this tasty,easy and best recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.

6 mistakes that are committed to wanting to lose weight

In a world where obesity has become one of the biggest problems of health in most of the countries, most people try to lose weight, and mistakes that prevent results are made in many of these cases.
Weight loss business has become one of the largest in the world, still the subject of many companies that offer products for weight loss, but in the end do not provide the expected results. Sometimes these products can be a great help to burn weight easily; However there is nothing "miraculous" can succeed by itself alone, as there is to lose weight, to take into account many other factors that influence weight.
One of the most common mistakes people commit when you want to lose weight, is limited to one thing, thinking that they will thus get result. For example someone has a healthy diet, but does not practice exercises and does not consider other important habits. You can also that they resort to "miracle diets", which while dan result at his time, if not continue with a feeding and healthy routines, plan ultimately will not work for nothing. Would you like to know the most common errors in the quest for weight loss?

6 mistakes that are committed to wanting to lose weight

1- Eliminate all carbohydrates:

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy and should never be excluded completely from a healthy eating plan. It is true that overeating them does to gain weight, but if managed well and in recommended amounts, they manage to complete their objective. To achieve weight loss without excluding carbohydrates, these must be ingested at breakfast or lunch, this form will have the rest of the day to burn them. Its consumption at night is not recommended, since this way they will become fat.
It is important to stress that the Elimination of carbohydrates in our diet can lead us to serious health problems.

2- Go hungry:

Many people stop eating, skipping meals or consume very few foods in each of the dishes, thinking that this is a great way to lose weight. What they don't know is that this is one of the worst mistakes that can commit, since in addition to creating deficiencies of nutrients in your body, they will do that it slows the metabolism and therefore harder to lose weight. It has been proven that eating small portions distributed in 5 or 6 meals a day, maintains the proper functioning of the metabolism, having the possibility to burn fat more easily.

6 mistakes that are committed to wanting to lose weight

3- Do not drink water:

Many people believe in the false myth that water makes up in weight, due to that this supposedly favors water retention. However, studies have shown that takes place on the contrary, as drinking water helps increase metabolism, improve digestion and also keeps us hydrated. What causes fluid retention is sodium in the body, so it is recommended to avoid consumption of salt.

4- Abuse of diet or light foods:

The fact that the labels say that the product is diet, light, low-fat, low-fat or healthy, doesn't mean that they are 100%. It is true that these foods have less content of fats, sugars, calories, sodium and carbohydrates; However, what many don't take into account is that this is only a percentage compared to other foods, so likewise may fatten if abused their consumption.

5- Do only cardio exercise:

Go running, do bike, jogging or, in general, do only cardio, not enough to lose enough weight. The key to good results is to combine this type of exercises with those of resistance, which help to burn more calories during the workout.

6 mistakes that are committed to wanting to lose weight

6- Make a diet exclusively:

Food plays a very important role when it comes to weight loss and maintaining a balanced weight. It is true that there are some foods that help burn fat more easily, due to properties that have. It is also true that there are certain diets that promote weight loss in a short time and with good results. But the truth in all of this is that so they give result it is very important to eliminate "junk" foods, rich in sugars and fats, diet regardless of how long lasting the diet. For example, there are diets that help burn fat in 1 or 2 weeks, it is possible if you follow it step by step, give good results. However, to make this effort in vain, after completing the diet, it is very important to follow a healthy diet and good habits of life, plan make it impossible to return to increase the weight.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Lose weight naturally with grapefruit and watermelon

There are many ways to lose weight. But as we all know, miracles do not exist and required some effort by much. Lose weight healthy way natural possible through proper diet, and fabulous accessories exist such as this natural juice-based grapefruit and watermelon that will come in very handy. Check it out!

Lose weight naturally with grapefruit and watermelon

1- Is it possible to lose weight with watermelon and grapefruit?

Maybe this option for weight loss have surprised you. But we assure you that this natural juice stands as a way to easy, healthy and affordable supplement your diet to promote the result you expect. It is very good for example to burn that fat stored in the belly. But even more so, well see in detail how will assist you in:

Based on watermelon and grapefruit juice is rich in minerals and vitamins, it acts as an excellent antioxidant and purifying our organism, reinforcing and strengthening our immune system.
Grapefruit has as one of its most interesting properties, accelerate metabolism by acting as a great way to burn fat gradually.
Both watermelon and grapefruit have a high water content, are good diuretic. As for vitamins that you can find in these two excellent fruits, are vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin B1, B3 and B6. In addition, both are rich in magnesium, calcium and potassium, i.e., help us to keep us fed and well nourished to prevent itching between hours.
Both grapefruit and watermelon are sources of dietary fiber, excellent to go little by little, losing weight because it regulates the intestinal ransito and has a satiating effect.
Another fact to keep in mind is that these two fruits are very rich in potassium and some enzymes that allow us to burn fat.
We must remember that to lose weight it is essential that we reduce the amount of sodium, that we are in control of it and that we avoid it. Grapefruit, for example, is perfect to get it. Both she and watermelon are very, but very low in calories and sodium, so they are very appropriate for use as an adjunct in our diet, as an excellent natural juice that you can not miss.

Lose weight naturally with grapefruit and watermelon

2- How to lose weight with grapefruit and watermelon:

Well, first we have to be clear about the following guidelines:

This natural juice grapefruit and watermelon will serve as a complement in our diet.
We will take one liter of this juice daily: breakfast, before lunch, afternoon and before dinner.
Follow a diet low in fat, but rich in fiber, vegetables, fruit and cereals. Ideal salads with a bit of protein, such as chicken breast of chicken or Turkey, salmon... Perfect to accompany salads with a bit of fruit like papayas, as well as nuts. Vegetables boiled with a little olive oil and Apple Cider vinegar, also is very successful. Remember, as you know, do some exercise, just half an hour a day.

Lose weight naturally with grapefruit and watermelon

How to prepare my juice grapefruit and watermelon?

We need the following:
Three grapefruit
Two glasses of water
Our goal is to get a liter of juice, so more or less you should calculate the size of Grapefruits and the cut of watermelon so that they allow you to obtain this amount. We will not have rather than Peel the grapefruit and remove the seeds and skin of the watermelon. Carries the fruit to the blender and add water vessels - removes or adds to achieve a liter. Very easy as you can see.
This juice will last in good condition throughout the day, since the grapefruit has the property to maintain its active ingredients in perfect condition for quite some time. Keep the juice in a glass bottle and take it to the refrigerator. In the morning try to take it at room temperature and in an empty stomach. One hour after breakfast with normality. Ideal, for example, a bowl of oatmeal with a piece of fruit.
Before lunch, at least half an hour before, takes a new glass of juice. In the afternoon, next one takes, perfect if you combine it with some nuts or a comprehensive toast with olive oil. To end the day, uses the last glass half an hour before dinner. If you follow this pattern for at least a month, and combine it with a proper diet, you'll see as you get good results.
Comment you also that this juice is also very suitable to go out and do sports. In those day for example you go to walk, it's great to get a pair of glasses in a bottle. It will act as a good drink energy rich in minerals and vitamins can restore your needs and balance your body. You will keep you very well until you get home.
Do not hesitate, grapefruit juice and watermelon is a good ally to lose weight.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

Three healthy and easy recipes with papaya

The papaya. Delicious and a natural treasure to our scope. Do you know how many possibilities offer us this medicinal fruit? Discover with us three magnificent recipes that you'll love to try.

1- Salad with papaya:

Three healthy and easy recipes with papaya

What do I need?

Ingredients for two people:

Average green papaya
4 cooked prawns
A lemon
3 tomatoes
5 small pieces or chopped lettuce leaves
1 clove of garlic
1 fresh chili
3 nuts to small pieces
1 bunch of cilantro
A grenade Granites
Some, for example soy sauce (optional)

How do we do it?

1. We will start itching well next to the chopped chili garlic clove. Chop them well and Add shrimp to this bowl to catch the flavor. We have to peel the prawns, remember, also by removing the head.
2. The following will be adding the lemon juice so that it catches the essence. Now, we are already going to papaya. Cut it with a knife into small pieces, and adding them to this bowl for all, little by little, to get the same flavor.
3. Cut up tomato, and put together the pieces of lettuce and cilantro leaves. Do not forget nor nuts, since they provide a delicious, tasty and healthy detail.
4. You have it ready. Now if you wish and your taste, you can add a bit of soy sauce, but is optional. You'll see how you like for your lunch.

2- Antioxidant-rich dessert: papaya and red tea

Three healthy and easy recipes with papaya

What do I need?

Ingredients for 2 people:

1 papaya
10 g of you red rooibos
750 ml water
2 scoops vanilla ice cream
5 drops of rose water

How do I prepare it?

1. This exotic dessert you'll love. We will begin taking the 750 ml of water to a boil. Once hot add 3 Red roiboos tea bags. It is delicious and one of the richest in antioxidants. Let stand and set aside it.
2. Now already cut papaya into small pieces and put it in tea, for leave to macerate for a couple of hours. After this time, add 5 drops of rose water and mix it well.
3. Now choose a dish or a drink. There are who prefers to pass it through the blender and get a juice where to add the vanilla. In this way, is a homogeneous beverage. But there are who prefers to put everything in a bowl, there where the pieces of papaya, tea will be red around, and vanilla over balls. The set of colors is very attractive. You'll love it.

3- Papaya pastry:

Three healthy and easy recipes with papaya

What do I need?

A sheet of puff pastry
An egg.

For the papaya cream:

2 ripe papayas
Juice of 1/2 lemon
1 envelope gelatin.

For cream:

250 ml. of water 100 ml. cold soak gelatin
300 grams of low-fat cheese
A little vanilla sugar
Powdered sugar to get the puff pastry, as you see in the image above.

How do we do it?

1. We start by cutting the puff pastry into strips of 2 centimetres wide. The egg it will use to paint the plates, remember that you don't have more than beat it and use a brush to paint the slats.
2. So get a new original way can use some molds so they are shaped Cone (as you see in the image), are where we rolled pasta and moulds which can then remove seeing how is a little hole in the middle where you enter the cream. We bake them at 180 ° C for 20-25 minutes. We unmold them and let them cool.
3. We are now going to cream. Cut the papaya into small pieces and pass through the Blender to puree along with the cheese. It is delicious. We add also a little bit of vanilla sugar.
4. Let us now to gelatin. You know how to prepare: soak the gelatin in the 100 ml. cold water. Meanwhile, in another bowl put the lemon juice and the 250 ml. of water remaining so they boil. When it is hot, it will be time to drop the mixture of gelatin and water. Very easy. Stir well until it is already consistent.
5. It is time to mix the gelatin with cream cheese and papaya. Try to make everything very consistent.
6. Then, with a sleeve pastry fill the pastries that we had done with her. Finally you do not have to cover with the sugar sprinkled on top. It is a fabulous dessert, try it.
Try this tasty,easy and best recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.

Ways to use honey as a beauty treatment

Honey is an ingredient that is full of properties for the health which since ancient times has been the basis of many treatments to relieve different health problems. In addition, this ingredient is considered to be the healthiest sweetener that can be found and is an excellent ally of beauty.
Are all the amazing benefits that honey has, for both the skin and hair; by its properties works as a natural moisturizing, combat aging, fight bacteria, eliminates dead cells, among others. There are several ways to use honey in the beauty and the results are truly amazing. If you want to know how to get all their benefits, we invite you to continue reading this article.

Ways to use honey as a beauty treatment

1- Moisturizing mask:

Honey is one of the best ingredients to moisturize skin naturally and for a long time. It is ideal for those who suffer from dry skin and want to have a soft and smooth skin.

How to do it?

Clean the skin well and spread on it a tablespoon of honey making gentle circular massage. Leave to act for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse with warm water.

2- Pores Cleaner:

Pure honey enzymes help to deeply cleanse the skin and naturally clarifies the pores. This ingredient combined with jojoba or coconut oil is ideal to keep the skin free of bacteria that can lead to imbalances of skin and rashes.

How to do it?

In a bowl mix one tablespoon of raw honey with two tablespoons of oil jojoba or coconut oil until the ingredients are well integrated. Once you are ready, apply it on the skin clean and dry, making circular massages avoiding the eye area. Leave to act for 15 minutes and rinse with warm water.

3- Gentle exfoliant:

Honey is loaded with antioxidants, enzymes, and other nutrients that nourish, cleanse and deeply hydrate the skin. This ingredient combined with a little baking soda form a very effective natural exfoliant that removes dead skin cells and allows new cells to arise for a radiant complexion.

How to do it?

Mix two tablespoons of honey with 1 tablespoon of baking soda in a bowl and stir well to combine the two ingredients. Wash the face with lukewarm water and gently rub the scrub on the face by gentle circular massage.

Ways to use honey as a beauty treatment

4- Attenuate scars:

Honey has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce the appearance of scars and increase healing and tissue regeneration. For its moisturizing properties, this ingredient revitalizes the skin cells and promotes their recovery to reduce the appearance of scars.

How to do it?

Mix a teaspoon of raw honey with one teaspoon of coconut oil or olive oil in a bowl. Once the ingredients are well integrated, apply on the affected area of the skin and makes gentle circular massage with the fingertips for 2 or 3 minutes.

5- Treatment against acne:

Honey can be one of the best allies for those who suffer from excess fat on your face and acne. The antibacterial properties of this ingredient, fights the bacteria that can lead to breakouts. But in addition to this, it also calms redness and irritation.

How to do it?

Apply a small amount of honey directly on the pimple acne leaves and act of 15 to 20 minutes. Beam the treatment 2 times a day, preferably every day.

6- Conditioner for hair:

If you need your hair to enhance their brightness, honey is the best ally you can find. Their enzymes and nutrients act deeply and help you get that shiny hair you both want. To promote their properties on the hair, we will combine the honey with coconut oil.

How to do it?

Mix well two tablespoons of honey with four tablespoons of coconut oil and apply it on the hair from root to ends. Let the mixture stand for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water.

7- To clarify the hair:

The enzyme glucose oxidase in the honey slowly released hydrogen peroxide), an ingredient known to clarify the hair naturally.

How to do it?

In a bowl, mix three tablespoons of honey with two tablespoons of water, and apply to wet, clean hair leaving Act an hour. Rinse well in the usual way and repeat the procedure 2 times a week for best results.

Ways to use honey as a beauty treatment

8- Moisturizing of eyelashes and eye makeup remover:

Make up Remover for the face most often irritate the eyes and even the skin. If you are tired of this, then you can prepare your own homemade makeup remover based on honey, that not only cleans your face and eyes, but it softens and nourishes the lashes.

How to do it?

In a small bowl mix a teaspoon of honey and 3 teaspoons of castor oil until the two ingredients are well integrated. USA mix every night to remove eye make-up you and at the same time nourish lashes.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

Why does the back hurt us?

Unfortunately, it is very common to suffer back pain. Sometimes in the lumbar area, others on the dorsal, especially between the shoulder blade and spine, or cervical and the trapezoids. They are annoyances that worsen or improve according to our routine, and are usually difficult to cure.
In this article we give you some answers so that you find the cause of your back pain, as well as some tips so that you can naturally treat and improve your quality of life.

Why does the back hurt us?

1- Discard lesions:

First we have to do as long as we feel pain for several days or weeks is go to the doctor so that you discard any type of injury, especially if we have suffered a concussion. This is the first case that we must bear in mind.
If there is no apparent injury or is a chronic problem that we carry with us for a long time, we will then pass to consider other issues such as which they are then in order to find which explain our situation.

2- The back and the emotions:

One of the causes that are related to back problems, while many people do not believe in it, is the living subject for a long time to some kind of negative emotion that has been causing tension continued in a back area and has finally become chronic.
In this case, how much more stress or emotional tension we suffer, more it hurts the area. And not always nervous people, suffer from it since in many cases it happens that the person is suffering inwardly without showing it, and precisely why it hurts.
These are the emotions that are related to the different parts of the back:

Rhomboid: rabies.
Trapezes: disability and frustration.
Cervical: excess of liability.
Dorsal: fear.
Lumbar: frustrations.
If we want to treat back problems and related emotions we have to take into account that we have to change something in ourselves. We can always go to a therapist or take any natural supplementation that help us.

Why does the back hurt us?

3- Back and organs:

Another explanation that we can give back problems is that they are a reflection of an inflammation of the organ that is close to this muscle, which would be causing excessive pressure on the area to be inflamed.
This is the correspondence of areas and organs:

Right trapezius and right dorsal: liver and gallbladder.
Left trapezius and dorsal left: Lung and stomach.
Cervical: heart.
Lumbar: kidneys (uptown), intestine (middle) and reproductive (sacral area).
If other health issues confirm that indeed some of those bodies may be weakened (not have why having a disease), then treatment must take into account the balance of this body.

4- Natural remedies:

In addition to also look for the cause we can deal directly with these natural remedies pain:

Analgesic and anti-inflammatory herbal teas with turmeric, willow or Devil's claw.
Application of local heat with the help of a bag of hot water or electric mat.
Application of poultices of clay or ginger.
Application of anti-inflammatory creams based on arnica.
Supplementation with flowers of Bach or homeopathy.

Why does the back hurt us?

5- Beneficial therapies:

Finally, an essential part of the treatment must be external and manual labor in the area at the hands of a professional, continuously until we improve or promptly when we have pain.
We especially recommend the massages to relax the area, but better still if we can be tracked with a good osteopath or physiotherapist who will help us understand the physical imbalances that we suffer, since sometimes we can improve them significantly changing unconscious habits.
We also recommend therapy with suction cups or cupping, since it works taking into account inflammation of nearby organs, such as we have indicated previously.
Finally, in recent years it has become fashionable therapy the kinesiotape or neuromuscular bandage, which uses an elastic adhesive tapes of very bright colors so let's noticing a great improvement in a natural way, with the same movement of our body. Many athletes are using this technique, which shows its great effectiveness in pains and injuries of all kinds.
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12 Consequences of not sleeping well

Scientific studies more and give more evidence that not sleeping well can affect our daily lives and our health. There are multiple consequences, both physical and psychological, when we fail to have a good night's sleep.
According to experts, a person should sleep between 7 and 8 hours a day to maintain optimum physical, emotional and mental state. However, changes in the lifestyle of today have done that I will spoil much the quality of sleep and the ideal time to rest.
So you know all the effects that you can suffer when you don't sleep well, then we give you a list with 12 consequences which has not sleep well.

12 Consequences of not sleeping well

1- Want to eat in excess, and anxiety:

Lack of sleep is related to the desire to eat excessively, especially in the evening when metabolism slows. As a result, we increase the consumption of calories and carbohydrates, which will make us gain weight more easily.
When we sleep not enough we also have more tendency to want to eat food more quickly, even if we don't actually feel hunger.

2- Higher risk of having an accident:

According to an investigation carried out by the National Fund of the dream of United States, people who fail to sleep at least 6 hours a day, triple the risk of having an accident with your car by driving with sleep, due to effects on the eye coordination. And if you don't have some kind of vehicle to have an accident, anyway it will suffer the effects still more awkward.

3- Weakening of the immune system:

When we don't have a good night's sleep and prevented our body to rest properly, our immune system it is weakened, and as a result, we have more prone to colds, colds and respiratory infections.

4- Uncontrolled emotions:

When we don't sleep well the emotional parts of the brain are most active, 60%, causing us to more uncontrolled and inappropriate reactions. A study conducted by the University of California and Harvard Medical School in 2007 might as well try.

5- Less physical attractiveness:

There is no doubt that a good night's sleep is key to look better physically and keep us in shape. As evidenced by several investigations, when we don't sleep well, we have a more decayed appearance, which is especially reflected in our face. Over time this can worsen and lead to premature aging.

12 Consequences of not sleeping well

6- Weakening of the brain tissue:

Spend only one night without sleep can times the weakening and loss of brain tissue. This is calculated by the blood levels of two brain molecules, which tend to increase due to brain damage.

7- Poor memory and concentration problems:

The fact not rest enough and have a dream little repair affects our ability to concentrate and makes us more forgetful. At the same time, this problem may affect our capacity for learning and retention of concepts.

8- It increases the risk of a brain hemorrhage:

In the long run, not sleeping well and have poor sleep habits can increase the risk of having a stroke, especially in adults and the elderly.

9- Risk of obesity:

In addition, our anxiety about food increases during those hours in which we can not get to sleep. Numerous studies claim that not sleeping well affects metabolism and hormones as ghrelin and leptin, which regulates appetite, change their levels considerably.

10- Increased risk of cancer:

Although it seems to have nothing to do, investigations have determined that people who do not sleep well have greater risk of colorectal polyps, which can be evil with the passage of time. In addition, other studies have linked it with the development of breast cancer.

12 Consequences of not sleeping well

11- Heart disease:

A study published by Harvard Health Publications says that lack of good sleep is associated with increased hypertension, obstruction in arteries and cardiac problems.

12- Less life expectancy:

Sleep well is synonymous with quality of life and more years. This was revealed in an investigation of the journal Sleep, which for a long time was devoted to studying the bedtime of 1 741 men and women habits. It was determined that those who slept less had a higher risk of dying at an early age compared with those who slept well.
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Accelerating the metabolism to lose weight easily

Metabolism is a series of chemical reactions through which the energy that we consume through food become a sort of fuel that allows every cell and organ of our body to function properly. You have an 'active' metabolism promotes weight loss, since this process allows that our body effectively burn calories that we consume.
People who eat little, lead a sedentary life, consume unhealthy foods or suffer some health disorders, like thyroid problems, tend to have a slower metabolism, which, consequently, will prevent that the Agency well processed sugars, fats and calories, making at the same time that accumulate in the organism forming localized fat, cellulite and more weight. The good news is that by slightly changing the habits of life and following some recommendations, we can activate the metabolism and begin to lose those pounds, that have accumulated due to a slow metabolism. Start to speed up your metabolism?

Accelerating the metabolism to lose weight easily

1- Having good eating habits:

Most people that increase in weight due to their slow metabolism, is because of bad eating habits. It is true that foods with high levels of fats and sugars do we gain weight in a short time; But beyond the type of foods, there are also other eating habits that influence weight gain and the functioning of the metabolism.
As what we want is to speed up the metabolism, to begin with we must bear in mind that breakfast plays an important role in its operation. Many make the serious mistake is skipping breakfast, either for lack of time or because they have bad belief that this is a good way to lose weight. The truth is that the breakfast is one of the most important meals, because it helps to activate the metabolism to work correctly during the day.

Importance of a good breakfast:

Breakfast is one of the best habits that we may have to accelerate metabolism and weight loss. Always said that it is the most important meal and is the truth; When breakfast our metabolism is activated and starts to burn calories from earlier, but also,It also causes a feeling of fullness during the day, which will prevent anxiety attacks later. In this sense, it is very important to note that breakfast must be maximum 1 hour after waking up, since if consumed then he will lose these effects.
A good breakfast should include proteins such as egg, antioxidants like fruits and high content of fiber like whole grains, fruits and vegetables, among others.

Accelerating the metabolism to lose weight easily

Eat several times a day:

The other key to take advantage of the power to speed up the metabolism, is eating healthy at least 5 times a day. This method to speed up the metabolism is proven, as when we eat, our body goes into a State of alert as a defense mechanism, reserving the most possible calories to the absence of food. The feed us well in small portions a day, makes our metabolism work constantly while all the nutrients are processed.

2- Exercise constantly:

You have a good workout is key to staying healthy, accelerate metabolism and lose weight. As in this case the goal is to speed up the metabolism, it is very important to combine cardio with resistive exercise, as for example, which are made with weights and machines in the gym.
Studies have shown that devote at least 40 minutes daily to an exercise routine, is the key to speed up the metabolism.

3- Drink more water:

Staying well hydrated is another key to speed up the metabolism. Drinking plenty of water is ideal to cleanse and remove toxins from the body, thus avoiding the accumulation of fat. According to research, drinking water can increase by 30% metabolic rate during the next hour, so burning 24 calories.

Accelerating the metabolism to lose weight easily

4- Eat more spicy food:

Spicy foods generate more energy spending for the sake of causing a warming effect, because this energy combustion is accelerated and act as a "fat-burning" in the process of digestion. He began to include more spicy frequently in your meals, such as curry, Cayenne, black pepper, cumin or turmeric, pepper among others.
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Benefits of dying you with henna

Henna is a completely natural product, similar to clay, allowing to dye our hair while strengthens it and brings multiple benefits, avoiding also the harmful effects of conventional dyes.
In this article you will learn all the secrets of henna, as well as how to use it and where to get it.

Benefits of dying you with henna

1- What is henna?

Henna is the Arabic name of a shrub, known as Lawsonia inermis, which is made with a famous and ancient natural dye mainly reddish.
Henna which is marketed as dye comes from the part of the leaves, which are dried and pulverized. This powder is that apply on the hair to dye it, although it is also used always as a dye to tattoo the skin naturally.

2- Benefits for our hair:

Henna is a product of completely vegetable, without any added substance and offers the following benefits for the health of our hair:

Not it bleaches the hair, so it does not spoil it
It gives a very natural color hair
It brings thickness and strength to the hair, so it is especially recommended to people who have fine or brittle hair
After its implementation, the hair looks brighter
The duration of the dye lasts approximately three months, and it fades gradually, so we will not notice abrupt changes in our hair
It covers gray hair
Henna gives a reddish color, but is marketed at present combined with other plants to offer other color varieties. There is also a neutral henna, i.e. colourless, for use as a hair mask
It can be used with the frequency that you want.

Benefits of dying you with henna

3- Dangers of conventional dyes:

If we use the henna, in addition to benefiting from everything that brings you to our hair, also avoid the harmful effects of conventional dyes, which contain peroxide and ammonia, two chemicals that damage the hair, causing the following symptoms with prolonged use:

Irritation of the scalp
Imbalance of tallow, generating an oily or dry hair
Hair loss
Too thin and looking brittle and damaged hair
Split ends

4- How is it used?

Always follow the instructions that indicate the product.
In general terms, we follow the following steps:

Mix the henna powder with lemon juice until obtaining a homogeneous paste and spreadable. Lemon juice will help the henna color is set better.
We will leave this mixture in a bowl, covered with plastic, at least eight hours rest. We can leave it prepared before going to bed and use it the next morning.
Well we wash our hair, conditioner, unused and dry it with a towel.
We will divide the hair into sections and we will be applying the henna paste from the roots throughout the hair, covering it well.
Once covered, will engage the head with a cap of plastic and, above, with a towel, which will maintain the correct temperature.
We leave to act for at least one hour, or according to the product instructions.
We wash the hair as we usually do.
As we said at the beginning, the henna is also a tint to the skin, so during use will be essential to wear gloves to avoid further stains difficult to remove.
Also avoid is stain the skin of the forehead getting a little petroleum jelly just on the edge, before applying the henna.
Finally, we will monitor all clothing or towels that come into contact with henna, since he colorized maintained them easily.

Benefits of dying you with henna

5- Where do you buy?

The henna we find in health food stores, natural food stores and some Arab shops. Also you can get on the internet.
We should choose a henna quality, ensuring that it does not contain chemical ingredients, but only of vegetal origin, since nowadays many products that contain henna among its ingredients but are not natural are marketed. We must look well if we want pure henna powder either a dye containing henna, since they are very different products. In this article we referred to the pure henna powder.
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4 Ways to make delicious oranges in the morning

Oranges are a natural treasure of vitamins and minerals, delicious, healthy and perfect for eating your breakfast. Are they already part of your diet? We are sure that it is so, and therefore, we offer you four original ways take orange in the morning. Take note!

1- Option 1: Orange with mint

4 Ways to make delicious oranges in the morning

What do I need?

2 oranges.
1/2 glass of water.
A bit of ice.
A tablespoon of honey.
5 mint leaves.

How do I prepare it?

It is one of the healthiest ways take orange in the morning. The fact of combining orange with Mint gives you a natural remedy for inflammation, to improve your digestion, your respiratory health and circulatory health... It is excellent.
You'll get a whole complex of vitamins and minerals ideal to start your day in the best possible way. But how do we prepare it? Easy, very easy. We will start making Mint infusion. We will use the half glass of water boiling to carry out the decoction. Once ready, book.
Let's go for the juice from two oranges. Once obtained, mix it with the infusion of mint and adds two ice cubes and a bit of honey. It is refreshing and so delicious you will want to take each day.

Option 2: Orange, beet and carrot

4 Ways to make delicious oranges in the morning

What do I need?

1/2 beet.
2 oranges.
1 carrot.
1 cup (250 ml) water.

How do I prepare it?

Imagine the delicious flavor of this natural juice. It is a perfect combination of exquisite to take at least once a week. It has cleansing properties and a high energy and vitamins, without ignore your recommended dose of fiber.
You should also know that it is very satiating and that, together with, for example, a bowl of oatmeal, or even a toast with an egg, will give you a way to start the morning. You will take you in perfect condition until lunch, without causing the typical eagerness to chop.
It is very simple to prepare it. Only you have to first get the orange juice for later, make a Smoothie with beet and carrot. Try it it all well homogeneous and do not worry if some pulp, is very good. Chew the pulp slowly to get as much fiber.

Option 3: Orange, oatmeal and bananas

4 Ways to make delicious oranges in the morning

What do I need?

3 tablespoons of oatmeal.
1 banana or a banana, what you like best.
1 orange.
1 glass of water.

How do I prepare it?

Another excellent option to take orange in the morning. This smoothie is very energetic. We recommend you to those days on which, for example, you wake up with headache. You'll get potassium, iron, rich vitamins and proper nutrients to revitalize us.
There is who is not fully convinced of the banana and orange make a good combination, but we assure you that together constitute a vitamin shake very suitable even for children. It is perfect.
For example, you can start preparing the oats. Ideally, you'd stop it a time to soak, then take it to the fire with a little water so it thickens. Add honey to achieve a rich porridge.
The next step? We will, as always, get the orange juice. Then with Blender we process the banana, after already mixing the components. Try to be a good homogeneous mixing.
Since we had already put honey on the oatmeal, it must be sweetened enough. Even so, if you notice it a little bit strong, you can add a little more. We assure you that it is delicious, and perfect to drink just sitting and relaxing with the family try it!

Option 4: Smoothie orange, melon and walnuts

4 Ways to make delicious oranges in the morning

What do I need?

2 oranges.
2 cut melon (which most like and are seasonal).
5 nuts.

How do I prepare it?

If you haven't tried it, then you don't know even the taste of one of the most delicious, healthy and nutritious smoothies that exist. It is soft, strokes as digestive, there will be no week that don't want to prepare it again and bittersweet. It is one of the most original ways to orange in the morning.
Prepare it does not have any complications. We get the two orange juice for later, go to the blender and mix two melon slices and walnuts. Mix very well and take it freshly made. If it is fresh, much better. You know that cool drinks more accelerate our metabolism and help us to lose weight.
Do you dare to try these as original forms take Orange?
Try this tasty,easy and best recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.

Soups and creams diuretic for water retention

Many people suffer from fluid retention, especially in the legs, arms, belly or face, a problem that also worsens the health of joints. To combat it we can do natural treatments based on natural remedies, diuretics, i.e. to help us remove this excess fluid.
But as no treatment is really effective if not we accompany a good diet, in this article we provide some recipes for soups and creams that naturally help improve this annoying condition.

Soups and creams diuretic for water retention

1- What do we do with salt?

One of the more worsening fluid retention is salt, especially if it is refined salt or salt table. Consume small amounts of pure salt (sea salt, grey salt, salt of the Himalayas) is healthy, but in this case we recommend a much more natural, equally tasty and also medicinal alternative: seawater.
Every time we find more stores of natural products and even supermarkets that sell it for its medicinal and culinary use, since water marina has a high content of minerals beneficial to our health. And in our case, does the kidney to expel water twice. It is diuretic, but rather balancing, that does not entail risk of dehydration, provided we take it properly.
For this reason it will be excellent seasoning for our soups and creams, but we always use it not overdo it, because you also have laxative effects.
We can also use some spices to flavor dishes.

2- Cream of lettuce and fennel:

Did you know that the lettuce can also be eaten cooked? And so also is more digestive? Lettuce has great diuretic properties, but also helps to regulate the nervous system, so this is a cream ideal for dinner, since it helps us to relax before going to sleep.
Fennel, with its special flavor, will give a fresh touch, will boost the digestive effects of this cream more and help us remove extra fluids.
We will use dark lettuces, always avoiding the variety iceberg, which contains fewer nutrients.

Soups and creams diuretic for water retention

3- Cream of asparagus:

Wild asparagus are a delicacy. Tend to cook on the grill, to grilled or in scrambled eggs, but there are also who prepares them in the form of cream.
You can also use white asparagus, but the asparagus are tastier.
We will use raw asparagus, which we wash and clean up well.
The sauté some garlic and a couple of Bay leaves, and then add the broth and a little cream or vegetable cream.
If after crushing it all fibers remain we recommend the cream through a fine sieve or food mill.

4- Celery and artichoke soup:

Celery is one of the more diuretic vegetables that we have, and thanks to its delicate flavor, although we propose it for this recipe it is true that we can include it on any soup or cream. To have it always at hand we can even chop it and store it in the freezer.
We can also eat it raw in salads and even dry its leaves, crush them, and mix with salt Marine to have always list a herb salt.
Artichoke has so many beneficial and cleansing properties that should consume it whenever we can. Besides being diuretic also improves our liver function and is a very satiating food, so it is ideal for weight control diets.
To make this cream we'll remove toughest leaves from artichoke to leave only the heart of the fruit. We can remove celery, to prevent fibres before whipping the cream also.

Soups and creams diuretic for water retention

5- Cream of onion and eggplant:

The Onion is a powerful diuretic which helps us to clean our kidneys and prevent annoying urine infections. In addition, thanks to its taste we can also use it in all kinds of soups and creams.
In this case it will allow us to enhance the flavor of the eggplant, which is also a diuretic, antioxidant and helps reduce cholesterol.
Prior to cooking, we wash and cut Eggplant Scarlet prawns, and put it on soak with water and salt sea for an hour. Then we drain it well.
We will fry the onion, add the Eggplant and cook after the preparation.
We can add a little vegetable oats or rice milk.
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How to combat the infection of the sinuses in 5 days and get rid of the headache

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the sinuses that occurs as a result of an infection caused by a virus, bacteria or fungus. The sinuses are hollow spaces through which passes the air, which are located at the back of the front, the bones of the nose, the cheeks and eyes.
When a person has a healthy sinuses, it doesn't frequently have sinusitis, since it has the absence of bacteria and microorganisms. On the other hand, when these openings of the sinuses are blocked or accumulate too much mucus, bacteria and other microorganisms have an environment suitable for multiply, generating in turn pain and inflammation.

How to combat the infection of the sinuses in 5 days and get rid of the headache

1- In what situations can cause sinusitis?

As we already mentioned above, sinusitis can be produced by blocking the sinuses which can harbor viruses and bacteria.
It may also occur when the hairs of the paranasal sinuses fail to remove mucus in proper form, as a result of different conditions.
The opening of the sinuses may be blocked by excessive mucus production that usually occur when a person suffers from colds or allergies.
Sinuses can also be blocked by a deviated nasal septum, a nasal bone spur or nasal polyps.

Risk factors that increase the risk of sinusitis:

Suffering from allergic rhinitis or hay fever.
Diseases that prevent the correct operation of the Cilia.
Sudden altitude as, for example, to the fly changes in aircraft or diving.
Cystic fibrosis.
Weakness in the immune system due to HIV or chemotherapy.
Go to daycare.
Facial bone abnormalities.

How to combat the infection of the sinuses in 5 days and get rid of the headache

2- What symptoms have a person with sinusitis?

When it is acute sinusitis can last less than 4 weeks and result from a cold that does not improve or that worsens after 5-7 days. In cases of chronic sinusitis, it is very important to see a doctor already that the swelling and inflammation of the sinuses can last up to three months. The symptoms experienced by a person with sinusitis include:
Bad breath or loss of sense of smell.
Malaise and fatigue.
A cough that gets worse in the evening.
Congestion and runny nose.
Sore throat and postnasal drip.
Acute headache.
Facial tenderness.

3- Natural treatment to combat the infection of sinusitis in 5 days:

One of the symptoms most common and recurrent among patients suffering from sinusitis is the pain of acute headache or tension in the upper part of the nose, above the eyebrows. There are various painkillers to alleviate this symptom, but not in all cases they tend to be effective. For this reason, today we want to share with you a natural treatment that uses an ingredient with properties to relieve the symptoms of sinusitis, especially the headache.

How to prepare this natural treatment?

To make this natural treatment you'll need a good amount of Apple Cider vinegar and horseradish. You must put the horseradish in a jar and pour over the vinegar. Marinate this mixture for 10 days at room temperature and shake occasionally.
When you have passed the recommended time, open the bottle the deeply inhaled the smell of Horseradish for 5 minutes. That same night, dip a cloth in the liquid and put them on the forehead to relieve annoying headaches. This same treatment is performed during 5 days in a row and will be more than enough to significantly reduce the symptoms of sinusitis.
Another quick and easy option is to put to boil some water with grated horseradish and then do a steaming when it is well boiled. To do so, poured the resulting water into a container, cover your head with a towel and breathe deeply for a few minutes. This spray will also help noted sense of immediate relief.

How to combat the infection of the sinuses in 5 days and get rid of the headache

4- What is best avoided if you suffer from sinusitis?

If you suffer from sinusitis, you should avoid travelling by plane, very hot temperatures, as well as the very cold. Avoid sudden changes in temperature and bad habits like smoking. It also recommends vaccinated against influenza annually, wash your hands thoroughly whenever necessary and avoid the consumption of antibiotics that have not been prescribed by the doctor.
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5 tips to look an attractive and healthy look

As they say, look, is the mirror of the soul. Not only the beauty, but also our health and our State of mind is reflected in our eyes. How to care them? How to get always look a look young and bright? We give you five simple tips that will be of great help.

5 tips to look an attractive and healthy look

1- Simple keys to achieve a sexy look:

What is what tends to prevent our eyes shine with health and beauty? Mainly tiredness, those dark circles which inflamed our face with fluid retention, that shadow that always seems to appear in the morning. The passage of time also blurs a bit the balance of our skin with these minor wrinkles... and what about those days when eyes are reddened and us escuecen? or those tabs that sometimes we fall and do not appear as deep as we would like?
Indeed, these and many other reasons make that sometimes we can not look a look as attractive as we would wish. But don't worry, we give you some remedies easy to follow that they will be of great help. We take note? Excellent!

1. Potato for puffy eyes:

We are sure that you have also experienced one of those days when we got up, and look at us in the mirror we discovered an annoying swelling which gives us an ill, dull and unhealthy air. The eyelids are swollen, also swollen bags below. To get this swelling there is no choice but easier to catch a small potato, peel it, wash it and split it into two halves. We apply after each half in the eyes for 15 minutes. They are magnificent to reduce fluid retention and swelling. Then you don't have to rinse with warm water.

5 tips to look an attractive and healthy look

2. Sexy and thick eyelashes:

Do you have a special event? Would you like to show off a sexy look where framed spectacular eyelashes? Then don't miss this simple tip. You will need 50 grams of Vaseline and 25 of castor oil. Mix both ingredients in a little boat, and each night, will apply ourselves in our tabs a week. You'll see shortly, the growth of your eyelashes and her health has improved dramatically. If you do it every day you'll see the results.

3. Mint for the dark circles:

These dark spots which sadden our gaze. We went out to the street and people ask us if we are ill or are sick. How can we avoid it? Do we use always layers and layers of makeup to cover dark circles? At all. This remedy is very easy, you will not need more than five mint leaves. We put in Bowl and crush them well until you get a kind of filling. Then, put the bowl in the refrigerator 15 minutes before it is really cool.
Once passed this time, apply it under the eyes, dark circles for 15 minutes, this mode, re-enable the blood circulation and reduce that so typical dark color. It is a simple and effective remedy that is worthwhile to follow in those days in which we see the typical dark circles on the face.

4. Remedy for the red eye:

Red eye is a common reality in our day to day. Either due to an allergy, or excessive hours in front of the computer, or to have them too dry, is something that no doubt, as well as painful muddies the attractiveness of our gaze. To relieve it we must first use a damp cloth and fresh that we apply on our eyelids. In this way we clear a little our eyes and get rest.
The second step will be to prepare a cup of green tea. Put in boiling a cup of water and add two green tea bags. Green tea is a great antioxidant and rich in vitamin C, excellent for reactivating the circulation, which is well suited to relieve that blood in the eyes, that inflammation. Once you have come to a boil, put content in the refrigerator to cool, to then apply each sachet in the eyelids. Keep your eyes closed half an hour and have a rest.

5 tips to look an attractive and healthy look

5. Remedy for the crows feet:

Crow's feet, small fine lines that look small by the passage of time. Give us a small air of fatigue that sometimes, we try to hide with makeup. But a simple way to reduce them is moisturizing that around our eyes so that it recovers its original elasticity. It is a remedy that we follow every day and with which we will obtain nutrients and essential vitamins to soften those fine lines.
What do you need? Easy, single aloe vera and cucumber. Every night prepares a teaspoon of aloe vera and cucumber two slats. Drill it well until you get a homogeneous mixture. We have to apply it around the eyes for 15 minutes. Past this time us well rinsed with lukewarm water. You will see that you look good in the mirror.
Do not hesitate to follow these simple tips to enjoy a look radiant and healthy.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.