Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Natural care for dry skin

Dry skin needs some care daily to avoid losing brightness and premature wrinkles from appearing.
In this article we explain what are the natural remedies of beauty to keep it hydrated and nourished and some feeding tips that will help us to provide everything you need from inside.

Natural care for dry skin

1- Why do we have dry skin?:

As we become older our body loses water, we are dehydrating, and this is also reflected in our skin, which goes off. But there are people who suffer from dry skin from young people, and in these cases it may be due to one of the following reasons:
Poor nutrition in healthy fats
Dehydration, i.e., when not drinking enough fluids
Excessive exposure to the Sun or harsh climates
Lack of facial care
Excessive use of conventional facial cosmetics

2- More healthy fats:

The first step to nourish skin from within is to incorporate high content fatty but healthy food into our diet. If we want to control our weight not we should fear, since the good fats are properly assimilated by our body without causing us fat deposits. On the other hand, the harmful fats that cause us overweight. What are?

Healthy fats:

First cold-pressed vegetable oils: olive, Sesame, coconut, sunflower, flax, wheat germ.
Dried fruits, especially macadamia nuts and pine nuts
Avocado, a fruit of high fat content
>Blue fish
Egg yolk

Natural care for dry skin

Fats harmful:

Red meat and sausages
Margarine and other trans fats
Fried and processed foods
Dairy products: creams, ice creams, etc.

Drink enough water:

There are people who have noticed more hydrated skin simply drinking about two liters of water a day, outside meals. This Council will improve the condition of our skin in a few days.
If we start the day drinking 2-4 cups in fasting will be already very beneficial, not only for our skin but our organism in general.

3- How do we care for the skin?:

While in general it is recommended to exfoliate the skin as a first step before a treatment, in the case of dry skin we must be very careful, since we could dry out it even more. We can make a facial massage with a wet washcloth and this will be enough to clean it.
Then use a facial toner and a moisturizer, steps we will follow in the evening before going to sleep.
Weekly we apply to our face also a nourishing mask.
Then we explain these steps in detail.

4- Facial toner:

Prepare your own facial toner for dry skin by mixing the following ingredients:
200 ml of water
2 tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar
A few drops of essential oil of Rosemary or lavender
Mix well and it always stir before use. We will apply it with the help of a cleaning or a cotton disk, giving soft touches in the face after having washed with fresh water.

5- Moisturizing:

If we opt for the more natural we should not use facial creams, although if they are natural at least they do not have the conventional risks, which include many toxic ingredients.
But we can actually use gardeners and all-natural products that moisturize our skin in depth:
Coconut oil: for little dry or mixed skins
Almond oil: for dry skin
Oil rose hip or argan oil: for very dry skin, wrinkled, ripe
We will apply the oil by performing a soft massage so it is well absorbed. If we have skin too bright we can use a less fatty oil, mix it with a little aloe vera gel or even eliminate that shine with the help of a towel.

Natural care for dry skin

6- Mask:

Once a week also we should apply us a mask on the face so it nourish the skin deep and let it light and strong.
We can be used also in this case ingredients of our cuisine, such as:
Well ripe plantain or banana
Vegetable oils
Brewer's yeast
Combine the ingredients you want and apply them on the clean skin. We leave to act for half an hour and wash your face well. Then we drink plenty of fluids it as we usually do.
While clay masks are very famous and beneficial, dry skin they are not suitable because they can dry out it too. Only if we have little skin dry or mixed can make it once every fifteen days, and mixing the clay with yogurt instead of with water.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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