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How to cut the nails and prevent that we embody

Nails is a habit that must be constantly both for beauty and health and hygiene. Long fingernails can be a danger, not only for the fact to hold soils and bacteria including but because of the risk that exists that they embody and become a real nuisance which possibly will generate much pain.
Keep the nails to a good size will help us look hands and feet aesthetically good and healthy, but additional to this will prevent that they suffer from pain. No need to invest large sums of money in manicure and pedicure in the salon, since if we learn how to trim nails correctly, we ourselves can do it unless we take a long time and it costs us nothing.

How to cut the nails and prevent that we embody

1- How to cut toenails correctly?:

Short nails is very simple, all we need is to have the necessary tools and all the available to do it properly.
Cuticle remover.
1 orange stick.
1 pliers or clamp
1 carton thick lime.
1 straight nail clippers and normal one.

Before cutting the nails:

It before cutting the nails, is to soak in warm water, to soften thus nails and easier to cut them. Recommended is to soak your nails at least 15 minutes. Then keep in mind that the nails of the feet are different from the hands and for that reason you should pay close attention to how to cut them in each case.

2- Fingernails:

When you're soaking your hands before cutting, apply a little SOAP Exfoliating and massage you for leaving them soft, clean and free of any dirt.
Apply some cuticle Remover on that part where is born the nail and then ends up soaking.
Using the Orange stick you are going to take off the cuticle of the nail very carefully and with its flat move it back.
If you have excess cuticle or annoying skin, you can use the tweezers or pliers to cut them. You can also use this element to open space between the nail and finger.
It takes the normal clippers and cut your nails shaped curved or straight, leaving at least 3-mm distance to protect your fingers.
Finally smooth nails using a file and giving them the way you want.

How to cut the nails and prevent that we embody

3- Toenails:

Just as with your hands, you are going to soak your feet, apply cuticle remover, Exfoliating soap and repeat the procedure to remove those excess cuticle and that can be done around the skin.
Once the previous process is completed it is time to cut and in the case of the feet must be careful, since these tend to be more exposed to incarnate. A straight nail Clipper, should in this case be used since nails should be cut in a square, without leaving jagged edges or corners. It is also important to leave at least 2 mm of distance to protect fingers.
Finally we can gently file the nail, but without losing the square form which gave him with the Clippers.

4- How to avoid nails it embody?:

Usually toenails occur in the foot and are the product of a bad cut of the nail, the use of tight shoes or tipped, play soccer and even by genetic inheritance. It is important to act in time against an ingrown nail, since they can become quite annoying and painful, something that could even result in surgery.

5- How to treat an ingrown nail?:

When a nail is embodied, most likely the area take a red, swollen, there will be an infection and even pus. It is recommended to soak the foot in warm water mixed with coarse salt, so soften the area affected by an ingrown nail and thus more easily lift the nail using tweezers or pliers to cut it and avoid that it embodies again.

How to cut the nails and prevent that we embody

6- Prevent ingrown nails:

Avoid ingrown nails to appear is something we can do easily with our daily habits. If you've already gone also, ingrown nails problem it is important to follow the following recommendations:
Constantly cut the nails of the feet.
Soak nails so that they soften.
Avoid the use of tight shoes and high heels.
Do not use shoes.
If it is not able to cut nails properly, see where a professional.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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